Self explanatory!

Edit: Just sent proof off to the mods!

Edit 2: I haven't been working for that long, nor am I working for much longer, I just thought this has given me a lot of insight to something I would never normally experience.

Edit 3 8:09PM PST: Heading off to work guys! Questions are still kinda coming in, so I'll answer anything else when I get home! I'm usually too wired from red bull to fall asleep right away...

Edit 4 3:18AM PST: I'm going to bed. I answered everything worth answering from while I was gone! If the questions keep coming, I'll keep answering.

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13ig13oss66 karma

You say your a math major, can integrate my natural log?

NotAStripper_95 karma

If you integrate my parts

13ig13oss42 karma

How I would love to lie tangent to your curves :)

jacob801523 karma

Squeeze my Theorem while I poly your nomial.

13ig13oss17 karma

I hope you know set theory because I want to intersect you and union you.

jacob801517 karma

I really wish I was your second derivative so I could fill your concavities.

fr00bl3t75 karma

I wonder, at what point, do you motherfuckers realize you're replying to other guys on reddit and not OP.

NotAStripper_35 karma


0x17 karma

How many nerds do you serve a day?

NotAStripper_18 karma

Not enough to ask/care/appreciate my major(s).

roastedbagel63 karma

OP is verified.

NotAStripper_35 karma

Thank you <3

OhBlackWater55 karma

ITT: people who want to see you nude, myself included.

How do you feel about that?

NotAStripper_56 karma

Honestly, I'm still in the stage where it's flattering that many men want to see me dance, but it doesn't go much beyond flattery.

The_Evil_Within19 karma

I've seen three kinds of waitresses in the strip club business...

  • Jealous of the money strippers make, and they end up trying stripping
  • Jealous of the money strippers make, and they end up bitter, looking down on the customers as losers and the strippers as whores
  • Envious of the money strippers make, but realize they're not comfortable taking off their clothes for money and continue to be waitresses.

1 and 3 are fine... if you're starting to turn into 2 quit the business ASAP. You don't want to be 2.

NotAStripper_10 karma

I'm happy with the amount of money I make. It's a side job, not a living.

Viro_Lopes53 karma

Has anyone come in with a fedora and tried to educate anyone?

NotAStripper_29 karma


ToasterOnASpaceship50 karma

Do the customers ever try to make a move on you? If so, how do you deal with this?


NotAStripper_113 karma

I was arranging a surprise lap dance for a bachelor with some of his friends, and one friend tried to grab my ass. I grabbed his hand, moved it, looked at him and said something along the lines of "That's not okay." He was apologetic and respectful thereafter.

angelic_devil41 karma

RIP your inbox...

NotAStripper_70 karma

Hence the throwaway....

Hbdarkman40 karma

Have you known of sexual acts or even intercourse to go on in the club? And if so is it something that you would have to pay a lot for or just get the girl to really like you?

NotAStripper_45 karma

I've been working there for a really short time, but I've heard of it happening in the past. The dancers get terminated if they're caught.

I don't know how it really works. I think if the dancer is willing to do it, it might not matter who it is as long as they'll pay whatever the dancer asks. But to be clear, this does not happen here; girls get caught and fired.

darth_noob37 karma

Do you ever see yourself becoming one of those old female pimps who smoke using those overly long cigarette holders?

NotAStripper_83 karma

Haha not so much the pimp part, but those cigarette holders just look so classy. Unfortunately lung cancer isn't as classy as the cigarette holder.

1minuteman26 karma

are you naked? and where is this club?

NotAStripper_47 karma

I am not naked no, I wear skimpy outfits but all of my areas are covered!

Nomsfud111 karma

Aaaaand no longer interested

NotAStripper_62 karma

That's what the other girls are for <3

kroatia0425 karma

Are you going to school and if so what's your major?

NotAStripper_53 karma

Yes! I'm an incoming sophomore and I'm double majoring in psychology and math!

AnB8512 karma

I would like to have a long math debate with you.

NotAStripper_17 karma

Please do

beaverteeth925 karma

You may be the only person I've ever heard of to do that as a combined major. It's a great skillset. Any desire to go into statistics or data science?

NotAStripper_9 karma

Not really... I'm not a fan of stats but I am taking a calc-based stats class this semester so we'll see if that changes my mind.

A_Huge_Mistake4 karma


Confirm/ deny?

NotAStripper_5 karma

In my personal opinion, confirm.

storm18121 karma

What is the pay difference between being a skimpy waitress and a full on stripper?

NotAStripper_22 karma

I get hourly pay, they don't. The girls get tips from the stage, and the majority of what they make from dances.

Drift-Bus19 karma

Don't you hate pants?

NotAStripper_23 karma

So much.

weezy9119 karma

Do you ever feel uncomfortable? Or are the patrons that come in respectable?

NotAStripper_23 karma

Everyone's different. Most that talk to me do so in good fun. Nobody's ever been overtly disrespectful to me since I've been working (which is a fairly short time).

Pupettoloco19 karma

Whats the best way to approach a strip club and not seen creepy as a first timer?

NotAStripper_27 karma

Sorry to say, but it's all about age and appearance.

Just from my initial impressions it basically goes like this: The least creepy customers are those that come in groups of friends or bachelor/bachelorette parties. The creepy customers are the ones that immediately ask me if I dance or if I will give them a dance.

Barboron15 karma

After working there, how would you say your perception of the dancers and that of the clients may or may not have changed? Be it for the better or the worse.

NotAStripper_21 karma

Some of the dancers are really cool and I like them a lot. A common perception is that they're not "real" people, and I don't think I ever thought about it before, but it's definitely different seeing their personalities. Customers are just as to be expected, and not all are gross. Everyone likes to see some titties, I don't blame them for coming in.

morgan_freemun15 karma

In my state if it is a fully nude club then they can't serve alcohol, so they're called juice bars because the only serve fruit juice and pop. Does your club serve alcohol?

Also, the fully nude clubs (I've never been to one, only heard from friends) have a very unattractive staff of strippers compared to the strip clubs that serve alcohol. How would you rate the hotness of your strippers?

NotAStripper_27 karma

We only serve soda and water!

All of our dancers are very different looking (from each other, that is). I can't say any are particularly unattractive, but the majority are pretty hot.

socksninja5512 karma

have you heard of the clermont lounge in atlanta, ga, usa? and do you strive to work there?

NotAStripper_13 karma

I haven't, and no. This is a short time job for me to make some extra money.

PickPikmin12 karma

What is the most embarrassing thing to happen to you on the job?

NotAStripper_30 karma

I counted someone's change wrong, and gave them a lot extra by some stupid flustered mistake. I had to interrupt the guy while he was getting a dance to make sure he wasn't going to spend all of that extra money and ask for it back.

PickPikmin20 karma

I'm willing to bet that was a lot more embarrassing to you due to your math major! ...Or was the interrupting the embarrassing part?

NotAStripper_23 karma

Both....... It was horrible. And I have anxiety so my hands were shaking for a good 20 minutes after I realized what I had done.

InfanticideAquifer20 karma

Math major =/= good at arithmetic. You'd be surprised how quickly basic math skills can deteriorate when you don't do anything less "advanced" than calculus.

NotAStripper_20 karma

This is so ridiculously true. One of my kind of coworkers relentlessly made fun of me for it... I had to explain to him that I will be getting a college degree in mathematics, not counting.

ratguy12 karma

Why is it that the waitresses at strip clubs are more attractive than the girls on stage?

NotAStripper_19 karma

Because I get you in the door; if I weren't attractive, would any customer want to pay to see what else we have?

subliminal_upvote10 karma

How's the pay? Also, what's the minimum age?

NotAStripper_15 karma

Pay is decent... I get $10/hour which is just above minimum wage. I also make good tips. One must be 18 to work here.

silvertone625 karma

Wow that's nothing! I mean- it's like average for a restaurant. Were you expecting to make more? Is that why you're leaving?

GrindyMcGrindy12 karma

$10 an hour isn't average for a restaurant. That's way over what a typical waitress makes.

NotAStripper_7 karma

Depends on your state.

NotAStripper_5 karma

I was hoping to make more, not expecting. And no, I got the job as a temporary position.

HansChuzzman10 karma

Your pops know?

NotAStripper_16 karma

Nope and we're keeping it that way.

jace539 karma

How are your tips? Are they as good as the talent?

NotAStripper_20 karma

On average, I've been making around $20-30 in tips regardless of it being busy or fairly dead. Tips for the dancers depend more on how busy it is. They've told me they can make $0 one night but $150 another.

fatalXXmeoww17 karma

$150 a night is low for a stripper, isn't it? I made that much as a waitress.

NotAStripper_11 karma

Not from what I've heard from them. That's about average for a "good" night. Keep in mind when they're not giving dances, they're generally getting ones, and that doesn't add up too quick. Last night I know one of the dancers made over $50 in ones.

jace535 karma

Thanks. Do well in school, live a good life.

NotAStripper_9 karma

That's the plan! This is just a means to a much more rewarding end.

PounderMcNasty22 karma

Aww....I just love happy endings!

NotAStripper_17 karma

I should have seen that coming after reading the masseuse ask reddit...

TCrew28 karma

How would you feel if a family member or friend walked in? And have you told them your job and do they approve?

NotAStripper_16 karma

My mom knows and is supportive; she's even said she's proud for how hard I've been working. I haven't really told anyone, but if people were to find out, there's nothing I'm doing that I would be ashamed to take ownership of.

Tishian7 karma

Has any patron ever pooped during a lapdance?

NotAStripper_3 karma

Not that I've heard of.

Rocker2327 karma

Weirdest costumer you have had to deal with?

NotAStripper_15 karma

I'm not really the one that "deals" with the weirdos, but I see men leave quickly while buttoning their pants or buttoning their shirts. To clarify - that's allowed while giving a dance depending on the dancer's comfort, what's not allowed is when a customer slowly slides his dick out of his pants.

Edit: Grammar.

Asshole_Salad4 karma

Wait, the customers can unbutton their pants while getting a dance?

NotAStripper_3 karma

I suppose... I've heard of it happening. I think the dancer stops them when they start showing their dick, but as long as everything's still in their pants, I think it's allowable.

KamRogg6 karma

are the strippers friendly?

NotAStripper_14 karma

Some of them are! Some don't really give me the time of day, others say hi in passing, and some I actually enjoy talking to when there's not much going on.

muffystjacques6 karma

Are the girls catty or supportive of one another, generally speaking? I've always hoped that there's a really badass stripper camaraderie within clubs, looking out for each other, especially new girls.

NotAStripper_5 karma

Certain girls are friends with certain girls and depending on the club it can get catty, so I've heard. I don't know / haven't experienced my club being catty but it's clear that certain girls are friends with certain girls.

Orangeamp5 karma

What are your aspirations for the future?

NotAStripper_15 karma

I'm not entirely sure, but as of now, I'm interested in psychology research and utilizing my math knowledge to potentially developing an advanced formula for behavioral prediction.

guyswtf6 karma

advanced formula for behavioral prediction

Why not neuroscience?

NotAStripper_9 karma

You're right, why not? I wanted to do that initially but my mom discouraged it because she knows I'm lazy but my path might go that way.

bassjet4 karma

Have you ever met a guy that you've really liked at your job?

NotAStripper_11 karma

My boss is awesome! He's a great guy and has been really awesome to me this whole time. As for customers, no. But some are actually fun to talk to.

usrevenge4 karma

how long do you plan on working there? or is this your career plan?

NotAStripper_8 karma

I'm working for about two more weeks before I head back to school. I might pick it up when I'm home, but it's by no means a career or even a long term job.

Book83 karma

Do the strippers use drugs?

NotAStripper_2 karma

My manager tries to get rid of the girls that get into hard drugs, but as long as they have their shit together, he lets some weed slide, especially considering the uprising of its legalization.

Soliz_2 karma

ever go home with a customer?

NotAStripper_27 karma

Ew no. My boss walks me to my car every night.

firechaox1 karma

How do you go about getting one of these jobs? Just a straight up ad? (not because i want one of these jobs- i don't think i'd get it on account of me having a penis and all that)

NotAStripper_2 karma

Craig's List.

OldLordBrocktree1 karma

Are you using the money to pay for college? If so, aren't there other jobs that pay a little bit more than 10$ an hour? Just curious..

NotAStripper_2 karma

This isn't my only job, it's just something I picked up on the side, and yes, I'm using the money for college expenses.

maxbenoit1 karma

What level of cleaning goes on day-to-day in your club, especially in areas where alcohol (food?) is consumed? Would you/do you eat there?

NotAStripper_3 karma

I don't know how often this happens other than by me, but I occasionally clean the mirror behind the stage, the pole, and the stage floor. I clean the tables every night.

Dowew1 karma

What the strangest request a patron has asked for?

NotAStripper_2 karma

A guy asked for a hug last night and I thought that was weird and obviously didn't.... It was in response to my refusal to sit on his lap.

Anthem401 karma

What is the strangest thing that you have heard of the dancers at your club doing with customers, on or off the night club property.

NotAStripper_2 karma

I've only been working for a short time, but honestly, the club seems very clean. If they do anything they shouldn't, I doubt they'd share it with me.

Anthem406 karma

In that case, just wait until you've been working there longer. My roommate used to have your job, and I will leave it at that =)

NotAStripper_2 karma

Haha thanks I'm sure I'll see some interesting things eventually!

spudmcnally1 karma

do you feel like this is something you will regret doing when you look back on it in your later adulthood?

NotAStripper_2 karma

There's nothing to regret about it.

IceDild01 karma

How do people react when you tell them you work at a strip club?

NotAStripper_4 karma

I've only told two people -- my mother and my boyfriend, both of whom knew about my considering the job before I decided to really take it. My mom was supportive with me after ensuring that everything I did was in my comfort zone, and remains very supportive by helping me balance late nights with my other jobs and activities. My boyfriend is supportive, but rightfully apprehensive, about it.

scoot23ro1 karma

i think it's weird seeing people eat at the strip club buffet while watching strippers! what your thoughts on this

NotAStripper_2 karma

We don't have food, nor have a been to a club that does, so I can't really weigh in.