I'm working on a campaign with The Thirst Project (thirstproject.org) to build a freshwater well in Swaziland. This well will get clean water to 500 people, indefinitely. Crowdrise.com/michaelwelchact

Proof- https://twitter.com/MichaelWelchAct/status/362673352248270848/photo/1 http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0919616/

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MikeWelch17 karma

Thanks guys! That was fun. Visit crowdrise.com/michaelwelchact Follow me if you want @MichaelWelchAct See you next time. :) Best, Mike

ZoeEvans9615 karma

I think this Thirst Project campaign is absolutely brilliant! Thank you for trying to make the world a better place, Mike!

MikeWelch5 karma

Thanks so much.

deedee5014 karma

well done on the water project and bringing it to peoples attention, who is your fav actor and in what role?

MikeWelch18 karma

My favorite performance is probably Brando in On the Waterfront. Fav actor... idk, Edward Norton is always my fallback choice, but I like a lot of actors.

PounderMcNasty11 karma

I never saw Twilight, was it good?

MikeWelch19 karma

Depends on what you're into. I think it's good.

PounderMcNasty27 karma

Mostly I'm into weed and strippers.

MikeWelch60 karma

Ah! Then may I suggest another film of mine, Hansel and Gretel Get Baked. No strippers unfortunately, but plenty of weed good sir. Plenty of weed...

PounderMcNasty19 karma

"A brother and sister battle a witch who lures teenagers into her suburban home with her special blend of marijuana where she then proceeds to kill and eat them to maintain her youth and beauty."

Hell yeah I'm gonna watch this! Thanks!

MikeWelch20 karma

No prob, hope you like it. Any strippers you'd like to recommend to me?

PounderMcNasty11 karma

Kandy Twinkle-Tits at the Spearmint Rhino in Vegas.

MikeWelch15 karma

Duly noted.

Radar123011 karma

Do you keep in touch with any of the Twi cast?

MikeWelch19 karma

Yeah. Justin and Christian mostly. Kristen got in touch recently because of the campaign.

MileyRay-XO-8 karma

On a scale from 1-10, how cute are KStews feet and would you suck on them?

MikeWelch16 karma

You know, I never got a good look at her feet. But I'm sure they're very dainty and lovely.

MileyRay-XO-1 karma

They are.

MikeWelch29 karma

Hope you get to have your way with them one day...

DoobieRoller10 karma

Not a question, but important none the less. If you ever run into Bob Saget, you tell that SOB that I'm looking for him. Thanks.

MikeWelch10 karma

Will do.

cathode-ray-tube9 karma

I am creating a reddit account so that I may say this.

Joan of Arcadia may be my favourite television show ever. It was well-written, well-acted, dramatic, poignant, funny, and everything else that is good. More than that, Joan of Arcadia first showed me the artistic potential of the television medium, and therefore holds a special place in my heart.

I'm currently rewatching the show on DVD for the first time in almost ten years, and I'm so thankful that it still holds up as excellent television.

Mr. Welch, thank you so much for being a part of such a wonderful show.

I don't really have a question here; I just needed to seize the opportunity to tell someone involved with Joan of Arcadia how wonderful the show is, and how I love it so.

MikeWelch14 karma

Well I'm glad it was so meaningful in your life. Ultimately, that's what you strive for in storytelling of any kind, to make those kind of connections. So thank YOU for validating what I've dedicated my life to and giving me the fuel to keep doing it. :) I really loved that show too and I'm glad it still holds up. Thanks for taking the time to write that, really means a lot.

MileyRay-XO8 karma

Is mayonnaise an instrument?

MikeWelch22 karma

If you slap at it, might make for an interesting percussion. Otherwise, no.

YourMumsAnus9 karma

I will now attempt to slap mayonnaise.

MikeWelch30 karma

God speed.

Frajer7 karma

What made you interested in bringing people freshwater?

MikeWelch40 karma

When people don't have local access to clean water, they have absolutely no shot at a decent life. They WILL get infected with all sorts of terrible diseases and parasites. Women and kids sometimes have to walk up to 8 hours a day hauling up to 88 lbs of dirty water, giving them no chance of employment or school. Clean water transforms every single element of life and community development. Disease and child mortality drop 80-90% overnight. I could go on and on... It's a simple and important cause and it's actually SOLVABLE. That's why I like it.

uknowuluvit7 karma

You...good lord you're good looking. Also, big fan of twilight. <3

MikeWelch12 karma

Thank you and thank YOU. Made my day :)

ThatsSplendid6 karma

Need any help?

MikeWelch12 karma

Yes please. Go to crowdrise.com/michaelwelchact and donate $10. Thanks. :)

issymorris6 karma

What was your favourite Twilight scene to film? What was it like working with Rob and Kristen?

MikeWelch13 karma

My favorite thing to film was the movie theater sequence in New Moon. Rob and Kristen are cool kids. I really like em both. Didn't get to actually work with Rob too much, but I loved working with Kristen. She's bad ass.

onionleekdude6 karma

Which do you think is more important, Oral Hygiene, or Genital Hygiene?

MikeWelch31 karma

WOW! That's tough... Oral hygiene because EVERYONE has to suffer through that. Only a select few have to deal with your stinky nads.

Nous175 karma

How is it to be famous? Is it not annoying to have always people around you (fans etc.)? Or are you not that popular ;) Also I wonder what you do on a daily base on a set of a movie? How much of the time are you acting and that kind of stuff :) Btw nice project to get clean water.

MikeWelch12 karma

I don't really think I'm that famous. It's not annoying at all. I like people.. On set, very little time is spent acting. You're mostly just waiting around.

Nous173 karma

That must be boring! But your famous enough because everyone who has seen twilight knows you ;)

MikeWelch9 karma

Sometimes it's boring, but I love it more than anything. Even grilled cheese sandwiches. And I don't love ANYTHING more than grilled cheese sandwiches.

ZoeEvans964 karma

How was it filming the Twilight Saga? ♥

MikeWelch7 karma


Nous173 karma

What is the worst thing that happened to you on a set of a movie?

MikeWelch6 karma

Having no air conditioning for a few days while making a movie in the swamps of Louisiana in the middle of summer. Not fun.

screwthebankiworkfor3 karma

I was a huge fan of both Joan of Arcadia and Twilight but it took me am embarrassingly long time to figure out you were in both (found out via IMDB). Was it the glasses? The hair? Growth spurt? What was I not seeing?

MikeWelch9 karma

I looked a lot different at 15. Don't beat yourself up.

screwthebankiworkfor3 karma

Any particular funny or poignant memories from shooting Twilight or Joan of Arcadia that you care to share?

MikeWelch8 karma

On Joan, Amber Tamblyn would constantly twist Jason Ritter's nipples- to the point where his gf at the time had to get involved. They started to look pretty gnarly. Hope they've healed by now.

screwthebankiworkfor3 karma

Bahahahaha!!!!! That's awesome. Amber Tamblyn is the best.

MikeWelch11 karma

Yeah she really is. I can't believe she married David Cross. I don't think I'll ever get over that.

Jess25_3 karma

Do you have good memories of the twilight convention 3 years ago in Paris ? It was really nice meeting you. You were so kind and funny with all of us.

MikeWelch9 karma

Thanks. Yeah I had in incredible time in Paris. It's PARIS! What's not to love. You guys were awesome too, that was prob my fav convention.

Lilylover123212 karma

how was working on star trek? what has been your favorite film you have worked on? How long will the Thirst Project take?

MikeWelch4 karma

Star Trek was my very first film when I was 10. It was pretty overwhelmingly awesome. I knew at that point, this is all I wanna do in my life... All the Boys Love Mandy Lane was probably the most fun I've ever had working on a film... Thirst Project won't stop until the global water crisis is over. This current campaign officially ends on 08/07 because that's when our contests end. But I'll leave it open until we raise all $12K and get this well built. We're very close.

virgilturtle2 karma

Hi Mike, did you have any scenes with my cousin, Toni Trucks?

The Thirst project looks great! Thanks for your charitable work.

MikeWelch3 karma

No, didn't work with Toni. Thank you. :)

[deleted]2 karma


MikeWelch6 karma

Thanks.. I don't mind the hate, it's part of the deal. No hate in person. Just anonymously online. :)

ZoeEvans962 karma

You should really visit the UK sometime soon so I can meet you! :)

MikeWelch5 karma

I've been there a few times. Next time, meet me at the big ass clock.

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MikeWelch4 karma

I did a play with one of the founders of Thirst Project. He told me about it and I was hooked.

Potential_Energy2 karma

What is the makeup process like to make the characters look pale?

MikeWelch9 karma

They just gotta put some pale makeup on em. Prob takes a little longer than regular make up. The real pain in the ass were those thick contacts to make their eyes look vampire-ie. Those are not pleasant.

izzyjewles2 karma

Hiii. What was your favorite scene in the twilight movies?

MikeWelch3 karma

The end of BD part 2 was pretty incredible. I didn't see it coming.

guttermott2 karma

now that I know that you are in a pot filled movie I have some questions.

how much pot was there?

did you have to shoot in a legalized state or did everyone had a green card or something?

thanks for doing this AMA btw

MikeWelch2 karma

No problem.. There was no real pot on the set. That's not legal. :)

Frostedmug2 karma

Did you enjoy filming in Kentucky for Unrequited? I lived in Lexington around the time it was in production but haven't been able to find it anywhere to give it a viewing. I did see a few favorable reviews on your performance tho so props to you!

MikeWelch3 karma

I LOOOVED KY. Had such a good time... I don't think the movie was ever released. I'll keep you posted if it ever sees the light of day.

alwaysgetsme2 karma

so how many of these questions are you and/or people you know trying to help you promote stuff?

MikeWelch27 karma

Haha. I didn't put anyone up to asking me anything in particular. That's deviantly brilliant though. Next AMA, I'll have my mom create 50 fake accounts and ask me a bunch of self-promoting questions. Thanks for the idea.

Radar12302 karma

I love it when actors use their celebrity to help others. That being said, how close are you to making this well in Swaziland happen?

MikeWelch5 karma

We've raised about $9K and we need $12K.

Radar12301 karma

Do all the donations have to be mailed in, or do you have a link to donate with PayPal, or credit card?

MikeWelch3 karma

To donate online, go to Crowdrise.com/michaelwelchact and use a credit card. Or you can send a check to Thirst Project here: Thirst Project- Michael Welch Campaign, 468 N. Camden Dr., Beverly Hills, CA, 90210. Thanks. :)

TheDuskDragon1 karma

Is it a coincidence that you're in an upcoming movie called The Well?

MikeWelch4 karma

Ironically enough, I met the producer of The Well at a Thirst Project event. When that film gets released, I'm sure we'll do some kind of cross promotion.

gambianroulette1 karma


MikeWelch5 karma

Haven't been yet. I've had to cancel twice. Gonna try again this December. People from the organization go there constantly.

Jess25_1 karma

What was your favorite experience as an actor ?

MikeWelch2 karma

When Paulie Walnuts from The Sopranos told me he was a big fan of Joan of Arcadia and of me personally. Sopranos was my fav show at the time so that was pretty badass.

Jess25_1 karma

If you were granted three wishes, what would they be ?

MikeWelch7 karma

Mo money, less problems... And clean water to every human being on the planet. :)

sabanerox1 karma

Which character did you play?

MikeWelch9 karma

Mike Newton. Her high school friend who asked her out to prom and shit. I was the white guy in her little group of high school friends.

sabanerox-1 karma


MikeWelch11 karma

You're welcome

screwthebankiworkfor0 karma

Yeeeeeeah ama!!! Donation coming shortly :) Mike, I'm a huge fan of Twilight fan fiction, but there are certain tropes that are frequently used - one is that the Mike character is some sort of lecherous, terrible guy, often an evil ex of Bella's (you don't want to know what they say about Jessica). I feel that he's a regular, hot-blooded dude, who maybe does have a crush on Bella, but actually stands by her as a friend when she's going through some pretty heinous shit in the second book. Do you have any insight?

MikeWelch6 karma

You seem to know as much about it as anyone... I agree with you. As far as the fan fiction goes, people can change the characters however they want. That's the fun of it I thought. That, and putting them in strange sexual situations. And so was born 50 shades...

Annie_P140 karma

Two questions: 1. What makes you laugh? 2. Are your feet ticklish?

MikeWelch2 karma

My pits are more ticklish than my feet. Just ask my evil gf... Jim Carrey, Python, Tosh, Carlin, Stanhope, Regan... Pretty much everything makes me laugh. I'm an easy target.

Jartsy0 karma

Quick! What color is my underwear?

MikeWelch6 karma

Black with grey trim.

Jartsy4 karma

Oooooooo! So close...

MikeWelch5 karma

What was your guess, pink? I almost went with pink....

Jess25_0 karma

In which all time movies you would have loved to play ?

MikeWelch2 karma

Godfather. If I were Italian of course.

hanni90-2 karma

is justin pattinson an asshole? taylor lautner? kristen stewart? do you think twilight helped push your career or do you think it ruined it? do you think you can be taken seriously as an actor after being in a series like twilight? do you smoke marijuana?

MikeWelch8 karma

I don't know who Justin Pattinson is. If you meant Rob Pattinson, no, he's a good dude. Twilight definitely helped my career. I've never lost out on work because of Twilight, so no, I'm not worried about not being taken seriously as an actor. I've been acting for 15 years, people know I'm serious about it. I don't smoke weed anymore. I did for a few years but I haven't since 2009.

DiarioTwilight-3 karma

Hi Mike, thanks for taking the time to talk about here.

1) Could you send greetings to the followers of @DiarioTwilight?

2) What are your next goals to accomplish?

Greetings :)

MikeWelch2 karma

Greetings!! I just want to keep working. Making movies, tv shows, plays, doesn't matter to me. I love it.

issymorris-3 karma

What got you into acting? Also please could you follow me on twitter (@tallplumpproud) My brothers birthday is on the same day as yours! You wished him a happy birthday! x

MikeWelch3 karma

I always loved performing as a kid, but the thing that really kickstarted it for me was Ace Ventura Pet Detective. As soon as I saw that I knew, I wanna do THAT for a living.

ZoeEvans96-4 karma

How was it working with Kristen Stewart? P.S. Could you follow me on Twitter (@Twilighter96) Love you! ♥

MikeWelch9 karma

I love Kristen. She's one of the best actors of her generation. I've felt that way since Panic Room.

chicago_breed-14 karma

CRAZY TIMING! You have a new film coming out and you do an AMA on reddit. Great career move! Seriously...wish it was that easy for me.

MikeWelch7 karma

Why thank you. I don't need no stinkin' publicist.

dankine-20 karma

Is this your way of apologising to humanity for your part in twilight?

MikeWelch15 karma

Heeawl naw! I didn't write it. So if you didn't like it you can't blame me. And if you did like it, you're welcome for being a part of something so special in your life. I can't lose! Na na :P

dankine-18 karma

You already lost by being associated with it I'm afraid.

MikeWelch21 karma

You already lost by being associated with your face. :)

MikeWelch18 karma

I'm just kidding, we're all friends here. I'm sure you're very affable in real life.

screwthebankiworkfor7 karma

"People like things that I don't like and that's not okay" lol okay

dankine-11 karma

Kinda missing the point but I don't really expect you to understand.

MikeWelch10 karma

Hey, leave ScrewTheBankIWorkFor alone! ScrewTheBankIWorkFor is a personal friend of mine. And PS, Fuck that bank you work for!