Hi Reddit. I'm Lanipator of Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Z Abridged. I voice Vegeta, Krillin, Piccolo, Shenlong, Master Roshi, Raditz, Mr.Popo and others that at the moment aren't coming to mind. We just released episode 36 on youtube and our website: http://teamfourstar.com

You may have also recently seen my fiance Erika and myself appear in the following post http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/1iuztd/tried_to_get_a_photo_of_our_proposalnailed_it/ As well as on the Today Show and ABC news relating to that post for god only knows what reason.

Anyway Ask away.

EDIT: Alright guys it's about 2AM over here and I do have to work in the morning (unfortunately) So I must bid you all adieu. Thank you all for the wonderful questions. Good night :)

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TheRandomSam365 karma

Who is the funniest character and why is it Nappa?

Lanipator288 karma

Because Nappa

obrienb2136 karma

how does it feel to be the 2nd most recognizable vegeta for me?

Lanipator167 karma

Feels good man

Burgerburgerfred103 karma

Are you going to make a Kai episode for the second season like you did with the first?

Lanipator117 karma

We do plan to yes, it's just a question of finding the time to write out the script for it.

BnGamesReviews95 karma

Do I need an Adult?

Lanipator183 karma

It's ok, I am an adult

maltrab94 karma

How does it feel to finally get to do a Super Saiyan scream?

Lanipator138 karma

I'm not gonna lie I was so psyched to do it going in to it. and when I was finally able to listen to a preview of the scene I had the stupidest fanboy grin on my face.

Serrata93 karma

I'm not good at questions, you probably get asked this a ton. What episode are you most proud of?

Lanipator220 karma

At the moment the latest one. I'm not going to lie this is actually the episode I have been looking forward to for the longest time. Vegeta Vs Android 19 is actually one of the biggest reasons I wanted to play Vegeta. I had the biggest stupidest fanboy smile on my face as I was watching the finished product. Kaiser did a great job editing it. I'm very happy with it.

ed_samson77 karma

Nick, you play an amazing Vegeta and it's because of that I've got hooked to the series.

I must ask, based on TFS' Summer Update video, what is the rate you guys will put out episodes? Currently, it would be once a month, so, will it be twice a month, or every other week?

Lanipator66 karma

At the moment we really want to try to stick to One episode a month, plus some supplimentary material like deleted scenes Two Saiyans Play etc. Those don't tend to effect the rate at which our episodes come out, since we usually record those or make those on nights not dedicated to scripting.

CTWilkinson166 karma

Is YYHA completely dead?

Lanipator56 karma

Dunno honestly lol. Every now and then I do have the urge to work on it, though the problem is having that urge line up over a time when I actually have time to work on it. ;

Selachian62 karma

How far into the series is DBZA going to go. All the way up to the Buu Saga? DBZGTA?

Lanipator117 karma

As it is right now we at least want to try to get to Buu because of all the potential for parody we have there, but like anything I can never actually say when it will end. It's possible we go all the way through DBZ and DB and DBGT but there is always the potential that something happens to make us stop after Cell :/ At the very least we do plan to finish Cell though.

maltrab61 karma

Who would win in a fight? Alucard or Mr. Popo?

Lanipator166 karma

What do you think those eyes are when Alucard unleashes his power restraints?

OdinPwnsGsus59 karma

mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE

Lanipator82 karma

no mine.

Vulpine51 karma

Love DBZ Abridged - many thanks and applause go to the whole team for making something so consistently funny.

What made you want to use DBZ? Was it a collective decision among Team Four Star or did one person suggest it and the rest think it a good plan?

Lanipator58 karma

It was actually Taka and Kaiser who came to me with the idea since way back then, about 5 years ago, MasakoX Vegeta3986 and myself were currently going through the DBZ movies and making parodies of them. But they approached me about the project and we decided to form the whole team around it.

MangoScango48 karma

Hey! Been a huge fan since day one, is it weird if I prefer your release to the official?

The pacing is better, the voice acting is pretty damn good (especially your Vegeta ;), Kaiser does a wonderful job editing, and it's consistently hilarious in a way that still fits the spirit of the show.

Oh, and we're gonna get a Kai Abridged 2, right?

Lanipator60 karma

It's not bad to prefer one over the other, especially if you just want comedy. Though if pacing is an issue I would definitely reccomend picking up DBZ Kai, it's dub and pacing are FAR superior to the original (trust me I've had to watch all of the Freize Goku episodes of the normal dub three times through @.@)

Jas0nMB46 karma

Have you guys already cast the voice for Hercule, or is there an opportunity to audition?

Lanipator69 karma

We do have someone tentatively cast at the moment yes. And unfortunately we don't usually hold open auditions for the show :/

addaone43 karma

How hard is it for you and Taka to stay in character during the Two Saiyans Play videos?

Lanipator65 karma

After working with the guy for so long it's actually not that hard. We both seem to work really well with improving off one another.

greyman8841 karma

Really big fan of the DBZ Abridged series, so thank you for the laughs.

How did you guys manage to turn Mr Popo into such a bad ass? How important was it at the beginning of the series to sound like the English voice actors, do you attribute that to adding to your success? How fun is it to play some of the best characters from the series?

Lanipator87 karma

It's never been horribly important to us to sound like the Dub cast, some characters just turned out that way COUGHVegetaCOUGH. We just want to make something that sounds and looks as good as possible.

As for Mr.Popo the whole thing about him being and over powered monster kind of started when I found this clip of Goten and Trunks waking up on the look out. They see Mr.Popo and go super saiyan and try to take him down. And Mr.Popo just blocks the incoming attacks of 2 Super Saiyans (even if they are young) like they are nothing.

CrackaBeTrippin41 karma

So whatever happened to Vegeta3986?

Lanipator59 karma

He and the group drifted apart due to personal reasons. I wish him the best of luck though :)

DrJeans41 karma

So now that Nappa is alive again, will he be making brief appearances during the Android/Cell Saga?

Lanipator51 karma

Not sure yet lol. We don't have any big plans if that is what you are asking.

Mr_Jpg40 karma

How long does an episode take to make from concept to release?

Lanipator55 karma

Usually about a month but it really depends on what is going on in our lives at the time, sometimes the script can take a little extra time to get done due to outside influences.

Caboose119z39 karma

Which gag do try to bring back, but can't seem to fit in?

Lanipator81 karma

I'm gonna be honest, everyone keeps asking about the Krillin Owned Count and if we've gotten rid of it. It's just not something we can put in without him actually being owned lol.

SUM_Poindexter39 karma

What was your hardest line to say?

What was your favorite line?

What dragon ball z moment are you looking forward to voicing?

What dragon ball z movie would be/is your favorite to voice over?

Edit: And just to say: I love the work you gents are doing. Its very impressive, and I hope you make all the way to the buu saga.

Lanipator71 karma

Hardest line to say without slurring "No one ever goes to Freeza Planet 419. Not since it's species miraculously repopulated"

Favorite line to deliver: "Hello Gohan did you do your homework cause if not Chi Chi will KICK my ass"

Moment I'm looking forward to: Probably Super Vegeta Vs Second Form Cell

Movie I'm looking forward to: Brolly

DeDekato38 karma


Lanipator43 karma

Thats a tough one... I know as a group there are a lot of things we want to fix about the first episode, some of them the way characters act / sound, and some jokes in general (the "and open bar" which was a Lupin III abridged reference and the part with Vegeta 3986 and I fighting over the microphone to play Radditz, just to name a couple).

fireball20xl36 karma

Take off your shirt.

Lanipator63 karma


bloodsauce32 karma

Please tell us there will be more Piccolo and Nail moments, and hopefully Piccolo, Nail and Kami all arguing in Piccolo's head. That would make my life complete.

Lanipator38 karma

I believe there will. actually I think there is a deleted scene from ep 36 featuring them that will come out in a few weeks.

ImminentDecay31 karma

Are you guys planning on doing anymore of Hellsing:Abridged episodes?

Lanipator65 karma

Yeah, I think the next episode should be ready about Halloween this year (kindof a yearly thing although we do want to step up production on it.)

rogueportjack28 karma

Hey Lani! I fucking love the work you guys do, and I think you're the best Vegeta, official dub or otherwise.

I have two questions for you. First, which character is your favorite to voice? And second, which episode is your favorite?

Lanipator55 karma

Thank you lol. My favorite character to voice is usually Krillin actually, I have a lot of fun working with what we write for him, especially when he gets "punch drunk". Though my favorite episode so far is actually 36 (which I know is the newest but still). I just had so much fun finally getting to do my super saiyan scream. Plus it's kind of Vegeta's last hurrah before getting bitched for a while lol.

ndcj1228 karma

One of my favorite things about you guys's series is your ability to work in running gags in multiple episodes. The most recent joke involving "DODGE!" had me in stitches! Which of the running gags in the series is your favorite?

As an aside, I've been thoroughly impressed to see the quality of the writing in your series improve as time goes on, given that it started off as well as it did. I'm a big fan, and eagerly await more updates! Thanks!

Lanipator49 karma

I think my favorite Gag was Vegeta and Gohan Fast talking on Namek "What are you doin" "what am I doing" etc

ImightbtheDarkKnight25 karma

Have you ever been recognized on the street and asked to do a voice? If you have which was the most requested voice? Love you guys by the way!

Lanipator68 karma

I've been recognized every now and again, though not too commonly outside of conventions and they rarely ask me to do voices when I'm just out and about lol. Though I was recognized by a cop once and it did get me out of a ticket which was pretty cool lol.

glaivethruster23 karma

who's your favorite saiyan?

Lanipator57 karma


JaredASDF22 karma

When are you going to attend a Convention in Washington state?! We would love to see you at one!

Lanipator32 karma

When a convention in Washington State brings us out I guess :/ We can't really afford to fly ourselves out to conventions. The Conventions we do go to all fly us out and put us up in rooms since we are there to entertain their attendees. If you want us to come out to a local con just make it known to them, either by going to their forums or emailing their guest people. Most good cons will usually listen to their attendees lol :)

DrJeans21 karma

Any plans for a Dragonball Abridged?

Lanipator42 karma

Nothing official but it would be the project we work on first after finishing DBZA

anialater4518 karma

Which character do you enjoy voicing the most?

Also great work on 36, I though Vegeta was absolutely fantastic!

Lanipator23 karma

Krililn, and thank you. :)

rhythmshock15 karma

Love DBZA, you guys actually know comedy and what delivery is all about. What is the hardest and easiest part about making an episode?

Lanipator20 karma

Hardest part is almost always figuring out how to start off an episode (unless we had something pre planned) That is almost always a slow start. The easiest part for sure has to be the actual recording.

PoofyPenguin14 karma

Is there a difference between your Vegeta and Chris Sabat? I assume since he's a "pro" his is better but they sound similar to me.

Lanipator26 karma

Back when we first started I did my best just to replicate the sound of his Vegeta although I think after some time they have grown apart (atleast I believe so).

thallums14 karma

Hey Lani, I just have two questions. First, what do plan to do with cell? I know that's all probably hush hush at this point but I'm just dying of curiosity! Second, this may have been stated before somewhere else, but how is TFS as a whole funded, if at all? There are many occasions in which I wish to contribute in any way possible and am curious as to how would be best if that is possible. Lastly, thank you for re-popularizing my favorite childhood show! You guys do phenomenally!

Lanipator41 karma

The first question is hard to answer since we really haven't gotten around to writing him yet but the second question is one I would love to answer once and for all.

A lot of people like to claim they know how our monetary system works within the team (Some claim we are Youtube parters making ad revenue off of all of our videos, some claim we make no money what so ever, others seem to think we are privately funded by a corporation). We do make a bit of money here and there. None of it however comes from DBZA. We make money from the T-shirts with our Art and ideas on them. No copyright is broken there so it is 100% legal. We also make a little money from videos that are NOT DBZA or Hellsing Ultimate Abridged (Moments with TFS, Two Saiyans Play, Con videos, etc.)

When we say it is a non-profit fan based parody, we mean that. The parody itself is non profit.

That being said it isn't a lot of money so Taka and I still have jobs while Kaiser has a sugar daddy.

aifranchise14 karma

How did the idea for the series come about?

Lanipator26 karma

It actually started with a conversation between Taka and Kaiser where Taka asked Kaiser what series he would abridge if he had a choice of any. Kaiser said Dragonball but he didn't want to impose on MasakoX Vegeta3986 and myself who at the time we abridging the DBZ movies. Eventually Taka convinced him to ask if I wanted in and I said hell yes. (as long as I got to be one of the writers and I get to play Vegeta)

Noobcube6413 karma

Favorite anime? Also, has Team 4 Star thought about doing anything involved with the shittacular piece of shit Dragon Ball Evolution movie?

Loved the new episode of DBZ Abridged.

Lanipator17 karma

My favorite anime is Yu Yu Hakusho. And we have produced a Riff Track for DBE it's available on the Riff Trax iRiff website.

Jbn9013 karma

Hi! I know you from the proposal, so my questions are limited to that, I hope that's fine. A lot of people were asking why you proposed at Disney, is there a backstory there or no? Congratulations to both of you!!

Lanipator28 karma

Thank you :)

The only real back story there was that for the past 3-4 years Erika (my fiance) has really wanted to go to Disney. I had about a dozen different plans on proposing when we went down (I wanted to do it at the Wizzarding World of Harry Potter cause she is a HUGE Harry Potter fan, but nobody at Universal was willing to help me out with that so to hell with them) The one thing I knew was I wanted atleast a picture of the proposal if not a video. So Disney has these locations around their park that are disignated photo zones equipped with their own photographers (So I didn't just choose some random spot on Main Street I'm not THAT stupid). So we went back to the Magic Kingdom on our last night there to see the fireworks and the parade and get one more picture taken. So I told the photographer what I was doing so she could angle it properly. I proposed the crowd cheered (I obviously at the time had no clue I was photobombed, little distracted by the task at hand), and then the staff was really nice about it. The set us up in this VIP area to watch the parade and fireworks. It was a great time :)

GodsDelight12 karma

Is Vegeta every going to get whipped?

Lanipator15 karma

Hard to say, could be funny, might be character breaking though heh :/

maltrab11 karma

What is your favorite scene from DBZ and DBZA?

Lanipator23 karma

It's kind of the fanboy in me but finally having Vegeta go super saiyan.

KnickersInAKnit11 karma

Hey Lanipator, congrats on your engagement! Here's to a happy union between you and your wife-to-be!

My questions: 1: How does Kaiser get all the editing done in 2 to 3 weeks? I've got a group of friends dicking around with FMA:Brotherhood as an abridged series and it takes our editor ~2 months to get stuff together. What kind of Adobe Premiere magic is he doing to achieve that kind of time frame?

2: How does it feel to be the 'gold standard' of abridged series out there, where if people want to try their hand at making one, there's the inevitable comparison to teamfourstar that follows in regards to humor, editing quality, voices etc.

Lanipator21 karma

  1. Kaiser treats editing in the same way someone my treat meditation, he just zones in and gets to it. I honestly don't know how he does it, I just can't for the life of me, but he is just an editing machine. I'd compare it to someone trimming a Bonsai tree honestly. Patience and focus.

  2. On one hand it feels good to be considered the "gold standard" by some people. On the other hand I really hope it doesn't discourage other people who don't have Kaiser's patience for editing to try. Lord knows if I were going to just try to start right now I don't think I'd be able to compare, I can't edit nearly a quarter as well as Kaiser can lol.

MattValtezzy11 karma

When you guys get to Goten, are you gonna have MasakoX voice him (along with teenage Gohan) like in the original Japanese Dub or are you gonna get someone else to voice him like the Funimation Dub? (and will they have a smokers voice like Goten does in the Funi dub)

Lanipator14 karma

It's kindof hard to say right now as we don't know who we'll be working with when it comes time to actually get to the Buu arc. As time has gone on we have added more and more actors to our roster. So I guess we'll see lol.

Super_Saiyan_Swagger11 karma

Lani you do an amazing job and i was laughing my ass off with the last episode. Vegeta has really become my favorite character thanks to teamfourstar and doing the other voices and making them so unique takes talent that I wish I had. Now enough with the ass kissing. . . are you EVER going to do a full length Dodge bitch? or do you have any plans or more parody songs?

Lanipator18 karma

Thank you lol, I would love to make something like that the problem is finding the time (more importantly finding the time before it becomes irrelevant). We do have some plans for another parody song though, so stay tuned for that one.

frozenvanillacoke11 karma

Never get to these AMAs on time, I may be in luck.

Two questions:

  • Have you received any reaction from anyone involved in the originals?

  • Are you planning on doing another DBZ Kai Abridged short? The first was hilarious!

EDIT: 2nd question already answered.

Lanipator16 karma

We have met quite a few of the people from the original Dubs, even got to hang out with some of them. Chris Sabat is an awesome guy lol. I'm not sure if any of them are able to officially able to say how they feel about it so in that regard I'll just say that the ones we have met have been some cool guys.

As for Kai 2 we do plan on it but it's just the problem of finding the time to write it out.

TheInfectedHunter11 karma

Congratulations on the proposal, if this series goes on long enough for you to finish the Buu saga, do you have any idea of you'll go down the road of GT or continue with Battle of Gods since its still DBZ?

Lanipator30 karma

We'd probably do Battle of Gods before GT, hell we'd probably go back and do Dragonball before doing GT @.@

FookinGumby10 karma

What's your power level?

Lanipator28 karma

Probably somewhere around 5-10? :( (Power levels are bullshit!)

darthrevan14010 karma

Dude I am a huge fan I especially loved your performance of spudz my question for you is who would you voice if you could revoice any or voice a new character in an anime or a video game or cartoon show besides dbz of course?

Lanipator15 karma

Deadpool or The Flash

oldwomanangola9 karma

Any chance of you guys releasing more of the Hellsing Abridged series more often than every Halloween? I loved the first three and I'd love to see more, but it's so long in between.

Lanipator19 karma

We do want to kick up production on those but DBZA takes priority.

IrishWeegee9 karma

first off congratulations! i hope you two will be really happy moving your relationship forward

second, what is/was your drive behind dbz abridged? just you and buddies sitting around and making fun of how silly dbz was?

Lanipator22 karma

First thank you :)

And the drive actually kindof spans from a love for the series it's self. For most of us DBZ was the first anime we ever watched (For me it was actually The Tree of Might movie) It means a lot to us. That being said we know it's not without it's faults and we lovingly like to point those out :)

DrJeans9 karma

From one theatre major to another, do you have any advice on life after undergrad?

Lanipator14 karma

It's tough to get real work with this degree I'm not going to lie @.@ Just make sure you get as many contacts as you can, start early. I've been very lucky in the fact that things have turned out the way they have so far. Best of luck to you.

brokentoaster248 karma

Big fan of the show! How did you train to be a voice actor? Just practice in your free time or did you take any classes / training?

Lanipator24 karma

I had a very lonely childhood lol, so that gave me a lot of free time to play around. I liked making funny voices and mimicking those I liked. The reason I can do the Vegeta voice is because I used to play a lot of Boudokai and would constantly trash talk my opponent in his voice. As for Training I have was a theater major in college so I had a lot of acting training which is probably some of the best experience you can have to be any kind of actor really, voice or otherwise lol. I've also had a lot of choral experience and voice lessons.

Zuhalter20007 karma

I just want to thank you for doing what you do. I literally am laughing out loud each and every episode. There is no other DBZ series done as well or even half as funny. You have made it a great experience for both knowledgeable and casual DBZ fans.

Lanipator9 karma

Thank you lol :)

Viewtifuljak7 karma

So Lani....What is the best part about working with Takahata, KaiserNeko, and everyone else?

Lanipator13 karma

The times when we aren't working lol. Those guys are two of my best friends.

GriffinQ7 karma

Love your work with TFS and on YYHA. I've gotten a lot of my friends into abridged series' because of you and TFS, and Vegeta is more often than not immediately a favorite character.

Do you have any intention of returning to YYHA? Many of us really miss it and I was super excited for the Dark Tournament, but I understand if that's permanently on the back burner because of other obligations.

Lanipator7 karma

I do every now and then get the urge to work on YYHA (I've even had several scripts come and go for the next episode) unfortunately a lot of it is about whether or not the urge to work on it coincides with the time to be able to work on it :/

-STEW-7 karma

You guys have made me laugh harder than any other web series I can think of! Have there ever been any gags you had to scrap just because you couldn't get the animation to line up with your script?

Lanipator5 karma

There are hundreds of ideas we had to scrap, seems almost every episode we come up with one or another.

thepoliticator7 karma

First, you are amazing. DBZ Abridged has served my circle of friends with plenty of entertainment and dozens of inside jokes.

Have you guys ever done a panel at the Montreal Comicon / would you be interested in doing so?

Lanipator11 karma

Honestly we'd love to meet all of our fans at their local cons but unfortunately it's nearly impossible to do so ; We can't afford to fly ourselves out to them so usually it's the conventions themselves that choose to bring us out for their attendees. Usually the more demand there is at a convention for a certain guest (or group of guests) the better chance of them having that guest out.

ala-akbar7 karma

I didn't like that movie. Have you seen any others?

Lanipator15 karma

I saw the Conjuring recently, thought that was pretty good... and Pacific Rim.

e_money_q6 karma

How did you guys decide on Mr Popo's personality? It seems so fitting for him.

Lanipator20 karma

Long story short, there is this scene where Goten and Trunks wake up on the look out and start attacking Mr. Popo as SSJs. He just blocks their SSJ punches as if they are nothing. And thus all mighty over lord Mr.Popo was born.

radicaljocy5 karma

If you could work with any voice-actor (living or dead), who would you love to work with?

Lanipator18 karma

Billy West

Rockmanll5 karma

Do you ever intent to do the movies you missed like Dead Zone and The World's Strongest?

Lanipator10 karma

We didn't "miss" them. They were just finished before Team Four Star was a thing. I'm not sure if they are still on Youtube though but you might be able to find them. Not my finest work but still they are something lol.

johnwithnoplan124 karma

How many episodes do you predict DBZ abridged will have once you finish Cell?

Lanipator7 karma

That's really tough to guess at... If I were to make an over under bet I'd place it at about the 60 mark.

Fibonacci_Of_Spirals4 karma

If we ever meet, can I have a big hug?

Lanipator6 karma

I'm a pretty huggy person, so yes.

spitfire91073 karma

i heard you guys already designed cell and were proudo f him right? will cell be the funniest character to date? is popo gonna make another appearnce?

Lanipator7 karma

Mr.Popo will always come back. As for Cell, we do have some plans for him but haven't really gotten around to actually writing him yet. We hope he'll have some good dialogue with our other characters.

ranma1st3 karma

just gotta say congrats enough on that buuuut have you thought about making a small video where yami(from yugioh) meets vegeta with littlekuriboh

Lanipator9 karma

Can't say I had ever thought about a video like that but it could be interesting if LK and I could come together on something like that.

acdcpeon3 karma

Do you know anything regarding a forth episode of Hellsing? Also, I loved Vegeta in the latest episode. Him finally becoming a super sayian is a moment I have been looking forward to since I began watching years ago. Edit: Nevermind about the Hellsing. Already saw that you answered this elsewhere.

Lanipator3 karma

I'd say expect Hellsing 4 around October.

Hmko3 karma

Do you have any plans on Abridging the Battle of the gods movie??, also amazing series, it's probably the best was to rewatch it :D

Lanipator5 karma

It's going to be hard to get to that anytime soon since some of the characters in that (Buu, Goten, Kid Trunks, Videl, Hercule) haven't even shown up in our show yet, so we don't want to jump the gun and write for a character that we are unsure of yet :/

Yokuo3 karma

Lani, why are you so sexyfine?

Lanipator15 karma

Push ups, sit ups, and plenty of Juice

ultrasupernova3 karma

I loved your work as Vegeta in DBZA, is there any plans to make more abridged versions of specials and movies and/or re-dub Dead Zone and The World's Strongest?

Lanipator6 karma

We do plan on trying to do Return of Cooler sometime in the next few months. But we really want to get to 17 and 18 first.

yourkindhere2 karma

Do you guys ever plan on Abridging GT or is it so noncanon it hurts?

Lanipator4 karma

We may, but it will be a long time, if we plan to do anything after finishing DBZA it's actually gonna be Dragonball.

davidleewhite2 karma

What and how exactly are you changing these episodes from the ones I watched as a kid on toonami?

Lanipator11 karma

Generally we try to cut out a lot of the filler so you don't have people staring at eachother deep in thought for 5 minutes at a time.

Iocronik2 karma

How does it feel arguing with yourself? Since you're Vegeta, Krillin, and Piccolo a good chunk of the show is you yelling at yourself . Also, i just want to say that you are good at voice acting pathetically scared and so god damn cocky. Keep up the that stuff, please.

Lanipator10 karma

It did become quite amusing in the middle of Namek when a lot of the script was nothing but Vegeta Krillin and Piccolo, I think there were one or 2 times when it was me for almost half an episode.

TrentBritten1 karma

So, I know that you guys are tired of this one. It's generally hard to stay into the series when you have to wait 30 days for 11-ish minutes of content. Has there been any discussion about how to speed up the process? I love the series, but with 36, it had been such a gap that I had trouble picking up some of the jokes that referenced past episodes. Just trying to help...

Lanipator4 karma

We understand that it can be kindof a long wait between episodes. Unfortunately when it comes to scripting we are working around 3 full grown men's schedules (including jobs, family and friends). And after the script is finished we then have to work around even more people's schedules in order to get lines from people. Then of course there is the editing which can usually take anywhere between 2-3 weeks depending on how intensive the episode is and IF we have to do a last minute rewrite.

xgomikeyx1 karma

Comic Con next year? Please? I'd love to meet you guys.

Lanipator3 karma

I would love to go to Comic Con but I'm probably going to be a bit busy planning a wedding at that time ;

magicpanda6781 karma

I have some fan art to send you, if I were to do that would it be lost in the tons of other fan art or is it worth it to send in. I love your work by the way and it inspired me to make it for you guys! :D

Lanipator2 karma

Sure feel free to send it to us, I try to keep up with the DBZA email (it does sometimes get away from me though >.>) You can find the address on our website :)

PsychologyReversal1 karma

Between Krillin, Piccolo, and Vegeta who is your favorite character in the abridge series?

Personally mine is Vegeta, I love how snarky you guys made him. "You've just initiated your self-destruct sequence"

Lanipator3 karma

It's hard to say, cause Piccolo is actually my favorite character in DBZ, Krillin is my favorite to voice but Vegeta is my favorite to write for... so yes.

DavisTasar1 karma

How much input on the script do you have for your characters and your non-characters?

Also, your episodes are amazing, and I die laughing watching each of them. Some friends of mine and I once quoted the entire first season, in order. We're a bit obsessed.

Lanipator3 karma

Kaiser Taka and myself each have a pretty equal level of input when it comes to the show. Usually though writing for our own characters does come a little more naturally.

kitsumuno1 karma

What was it like during the two sayians play when vegeta forced krillin to play slender the arrival?

Lanipator2 karma

Well the beginning where they actually talked to eachother was just me improving with myself so pretty easy lol.

modcaleb1 karma

/r/dbz would be the place to do it really. They are more familiar with your work and /r/IAma has a "Strict" no Internet fame policy.

Or do both.

Lanipator2 karma

shrug Sorry I'm fairly new to reddit, if they want to tear this down I understand but I had no idea lol

RunnrX1 karma

If you were approached by Spike to work with them in making a DBZ-A video game would you do it? (Please would you?)

Lanipator3 karma

They'd need to get Toei behind it first, that's an uphill battle lol.

luckydogislucky1 karma

Whats your favorite fruit?

Lanipator6 karma

This is the hardest question I have had to answer.... Tomato I think... depends on my mood lol.