I was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune back in January, and did a previous AMA the date of my airing, which was March 25th. But 4 months have passed and my big prize came today. Also below is the YouTube link to my episode, so watch it, enjoy, and ask me anything!

Pic: http://imgur.com/6ssqlJg

Episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-tYFME3QQ4

EDIT: That's it for me for tonight, thanks for all of the great questions!

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tomvwal2337 karma

So does the government really take like half your money?

Fiedy8874 karma

About a third...

Ventghal65 karma

In Canada, winnings aren't taxed. You could be keeping the whole thing. Too bad our only game show was Supermarket Sweep in the 80s.

Fiedy8812 karma

Um, Supermarket Sweep was awesome.

bennyschup29 karma

How much did you actually have to pay to keep that thing?

Fiedy8833 karma

Didn't get the tax form yet, but assuming it will be about $7k, about 30%

cobaltcollapse25 karma

What was it like backstage, did you get catered to well?

Fiedy8841 karma

It was pretty awesome, catering was standard, sandwiches, chips, bottles of soda and water. I got to eat after my taping because I was on the first show of six that day, and it was after I had won. That roast beef was delicious.

sbabster38 karma

Vanna's roast beef?

Fiedy8816 karma


VampireOnTitus4 karma

pretty awesome? or totally awesome?

Fiedy886 karma

Ahhh, I see what you did there, it was TOTALLY AWESOME!

FrontPageCriteria3 karma

What did you do to get on the show? I've tried 3-4 times but heard nothing back. Really want to get on.

Fiedy883 karma

Did you ever get to audition?

FrontPageCriteria2 karma

No, I've filled the online form out. No audition. What did you do to get on?

Fiedy883 karma

I submitted a video to the Face of the Fan thing they were doing, then got the invite...

MajorMuffinCakes23 karma

Did you have the option to get the cash value of the car, instead of the actual car?

Fiedy8815 karma

No cash option unfortunately.

herschel_3419 karma

What were the other prizes?

Fiedy8830 karma

Trip to Costa Rica, $11K in cash, and a SpaFinder.com certificate for a thousand.

quarkdown27 karma

This might seem like a strange question but... when you say $11k in cash, do you mean they give it to you in 100$ bills in a suitcase or does it just mean you get written a cheque for $11k?

Fiedy8837 karma

It'll probably be a check, coming next week.

ashola_nola15 karma

Yep, you'll get your check in the mail. I expected to have to sign for it at least but nope, just a regular envelope from Quadra Productions. Source: also a wheel winner.

Fiedy8819 karma

My check came two weeks ago, it was awesome. :)

parliboy-10 karma

Games shows generally cut a check a certain amount of time after air date. (Meaning if your show doesn't air, they don't have to pay you.)

Since he kept the car, they may have had to take additional taxes up front per California Law.

quarkdown10 karma

Wow I've never heard of this before. Do you know whether this is something that happens regularly? It must suck to think you won prizes, only for them to tell you that they're not airing your episode.

Fiedy8815 karma

I haven't heard of this...

BetterWithAMustache6 karma

Did you go to Costa Rica yet? I was born and raised there and would love to hear about your experience.

Fiedy887 karma

Not yet, but I'm really excited!

Indydegrees212 karma

How hard was it to get on the show.

Fiedy8818 karma

I had a good audition, and I guess that's really all it took. Be energetic, and happy to be there.

bennyschup11 karma

What did you guys do during commercials?

Fiedy8821 karma

Got drinks of water, got touched up with makeup, chatted with Pat sometimes. It was all pretty much in realtime.

hestmedlog7 karma

How much makeup did they put on?

Fiedy885 karma

Little bit of foundation and some stuff under my eyes.

adamup2711 karma

Did you get a message/notification of the car coming? Or did it just show up?

What did you do with your previously owned cars?

Fiedy8828 karma

They let me know about a month ago that they were starting the paperwork process. Then they told me last week which day it was showing up.

I'm going to sell it, and use the money to buy real estate, hopefully.

elliott95410 karma

How awesome did you feel when winning and as well at any point while on the show when did you realize, I'm gonna win cars, boobs and roast beef tonight.

Fiedy886 karma

Haha, I felt good with the lead the whole time, but you can see the happiness in my face when Vishta solves the last puzzle, because I knew I was going to the bonus round.

SolarWonk6 karma

How intense is that bonus round anyway? Was your clue "thing"? Did you have a strategy on letter selection going into it? What are your secrets????

Fiedy883 karma

The category was Phrase. It's really just luck before you guess letters. It's all based on what night it is.

austin1011231 karma

Can you give me a link to your episode?

Fiedy881 karma

RAS3108 karma

Congratulations! Here's a recap of your show for those who don't have time to watch the video. (I'm the user with the NY avatar and red stars)

Did you get to choose what color the car would be?

How did you get a copy of your show? Did you record it yourself, did you torrent it, or did you buy it from the show? I ask because some contestants say they don't get a copy, but someone else whose wife was on the same week as you (Robyn, if you remember) said that they could buy one for $75.

Fiedy888 karma

Thanks! They called a few weeks ago to ask about the color. Someone on my hockey forum recorded it and posted it in HD, it's great.

I_Peed_on_my_Skis8 karma

Out of curiosity, are the options with the car loaded, average, or base model?

I wonder sometimes how far they go with this stuff?

Fiedy889 karma

It's the Jetta SE w/ Convenience, like a middle option model.

LeTricolore5 karma

If you wanted, could you have paid them a little to get more options? Did you choose the colour?

Fiedy882 karma

No on the options, yes to the color.

RadicalUsername8 karma

Did it come in a box?

Fiedy8814 karma

on a truck.

iamkingoftheworld-6 karma

can I give you a kiss?

Fiedy882 karma


deltabagel5 karma

Thanks for the AMA!

What was your favorite part about being on the show? How does Vanna White look IRL? How in the hell does Pat S. hit $5000 near every damn time in the last round?

Enjoy the Vee-Dub! db.

Fiedy8813 karma

My favorite part was dominating the show. I never expected it to go the way that it did. Vanna looks good but is plastered with makeup. And it's really just luck that he hits it, he's been doing this a while.

KaitesBaites5 karma

What did you guys do for commercial breaks? Just kept going and commercials we added later? Also, did you feel bad for that lawyer that didn't even get to play really?

Fiedy8810 karma

We took drinks of water, got makeup touch-ups, chatted with Pat and crew. And I did feel bad, just not that bad. :)

ServerGeek5 karma

  • What was the audition process like? How did you even audition for it?
  • Was Pat a dick in real life? He seems like he could be a bit of an asshole.

Fiedy886 karma

Got an email about auditions in NY for shows at MSG, so I sent in a video, got the email invitation, went to Brooklyn for the audition, rocked it, got my official letter on Dec. 26th. Got the email two weeks later that they had an open taping date on January 24th, so I took it. Pat was actually really cool and calmed us down.

ServerGeek5 karma

That's awesome. A couple of follow up questions.

  • How do you get on that email list? Did you have to sign up as a "Wheel Watcher" or something?
  • You have to record a video and send in to them? What did you do in your video?

I ask because I would jump at the chance to be on the show. Curious as to how you would even go about it.

Fiedy886 karma

Pretty sure it was from the Wheel Watchers, and in the video, I just said why I would be a good contestant, easy as that.

JAKDIDDY1234 karma

How could you stand the lawyers laugh?!

Fiedy887 karma

It was easy to stand it when she kept messing up.

Flokiyo4 karma

When you win a car, after the show, can you request instead of taking the car, just take the cash instead of what it's worth, or a little less than what it's worth? Seems like it would be a lot easier to just opt out for the cash.

Thanks for doing the AMA, and congratulations on winning!

Fiedy882 karma

No cash option unfortunately.

SirGnomingtonII3 karma

HOLY CRAP! I have that exact same car. If I'm correct, you have a black interior and when combined with a black paint job and summer equals one boiling car.

Fiedy882 karma

Black exterior with black leatherette interior.

AbeFroman19863 karma

So when are you going to be buying me a Parise authentic jersey? :P Congratulations on winning, I remember your post in /r/hockey. Glad to see your car came in!

Fiedy884 karma

NJ or Minnesota?

AbeFroman19864 karma


joshandjuice9 karma

Oh, so the sausage king of Chicago gets a hockey jersey and no one else does?

Fiedy883 karma

Hockey jerseys for EVERYONE!!!

thebluecrab3 karma

How many ladies do you think you can pick up now?

Fiedy882 karma

I have a girlfriend currently, haha, not sure if this would help with other ladies.

ztauby12 karma

How did you get chosen to go onto the show

Fiedy882 karma

Had to audition in Brooklyn. They did a bunch of simulated games and a 5-minute Hangman-like written test.

hestmedlog2 karma

So are you still gonna sell it? source

Fiedy882 karma

Yup. Hopefully very soon.

BackwardsMarathon2 karma

How cool is Pat?

Fiedy883 karma

Pretty awesome, it was so surreal that I talked to him for so long.

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Fiedy888 karma

Look at the picture or watch the video.