Hey guys, my name is Jacob Freeman, Product Manager at EVGA. It's our 14th Anniversary!! We figured we'd celebrate by having an AMA. We may have a few other employees join to answer questions here too. Oh and don't forget to check out the event on our site! http://www.evga.com/14/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ne6ByCDLVw

Proof: Yes this is me with a business card :) http://www.evga.com/images/reddit/Jacob-Reddit.jpg

Product video of me showing the EVGA GeForce GTX 780 w/ ACX Cooling http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beEICnh137A

Iā€™m here (with possibly a few others) to answer any questions about our products, process, policy, industry, sock color (Hint: black) or anything else! We do of course reserve the right to not answer any questions that may be confidential or just weird :)

EDIT Alrighty guys, we're gonna have to call it a day for now. More work to be done! Thank you all for the fantastic questions. We will continue to check in from time to time if questions are being asked! Also you can also reach us at various social networks... Facebook: www.facebook.com/teamevga Twitter: www.twitter.com/teamevga YouTube: www.youtube.com/teamevga My twitter: www.twitter.com/evga_jacobf


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xcmt51 karma

I'm a lifelong EVGA customer (7800 to 260 to 560Ti) and I'm ready to make the plunge into the world of GTX 770s. Why are your 4GB models so much more expensive than the 2GB versions? Other manufacturers seem to stick largely to a $50 price bump for the extra memory, but EVGA is at $100+. Why?!

I mean, 2GB doesn't even seem to do the hardware justice. It's not very future-proof considering the demands next generation console games will be making. Will you guys be lowering your 4GB model costs anytime soon? This is the only thing holding me back from clicking the buy button on my Amazon cart right now.

TeamEVGA63 karma

Generally, from 2GB - 4GB should be around $35-40 difference (if you just look at the memory difference)

For EVGA 770 4GB, this is the Classified model, so there are some other updates there like improved VRM, PCB, etc. This adds to the cost a bit.

xcmt25 karma

Will there be a normal model?

TeamEVGA68 karma

Yes, it's coming :)

TheNinthPigeonhead27 karma

When will the GTX 790 come out? I'm ready to prepurchase!

TeamEVGA137 karma

The nForce 790i was released in 2008, you can read more about it here http://www.evga.com/articles/389.asp


Swiftt9 karma

What's your personal rig Jacob? also what inspired EVGA to create the new ACX cooling design?

EVGA_Jacobf20 karma

For my rig I have a phase change cooled 3770K, with dual 680's. (Want to upgrade to 780s' though)

For the ACX, we have been working on it since last year, with GPU Boost the GPU temperature is more important than ever (even more so with GPU Boost 2.0) So we wanted a design that was focused on this and will be used across the entire line.

Swiftt30 karma

You better upgrade soon, I mean HOW ON EARTH do you expect to play games on ONLY SLI 680's?!

thanks for the reply :D I was actually helping my friend put together parts of a build yesterday, and he bought the EVGA ACX GTX 760 due to my advice, since I've been hearing great things about it.

TeamEVGA13 karma

760 is a great card.

fishgish5093 karma

Will there be an ACX cooled 750? Because if there is I know what I'm saving up for next!

TeamEVGA11 karma

The 750 doesn't exist :/

KFCConspiracy3 karma

How much of Nvidia's driver QA do they palm off on EVGA?

I had a friend who worked at a very large computer manufacturer doing QA on NVidia workstation drivers, I'm curious how much that goes on with the consumer stuff.

TeamEVGA4 karma

We are not involved in the debugging process with drivers, but we do help with submitting bugs/following up, etc. We have a pretty large customer base so that helps :)

Kruce2 karma

Hey EVGA, no question.. Just wanted to say I love you guys, and always go EVGA Gpu!

TeamEVGA1 karma

Haha right on! We try our best ;D

ANDr3x1232 karma

Hi just wanted to know why is the evga classified sr-x 270-se-w888-kr not on your website?

TeamEVGA3 karma

Sadly that board is no longer in production.

C0mplx2 karma

Who designs the exteriors of your cards?

TeamEVGA5 karma

We do!