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roughs0ul0 karma

Do you get paid ? How do you get a internship like that ?

sehruu1 karma

This is how I got the internship. *Edit - I learned how to hyperlink in posts :P

DDLongLegs0 karma

How did you get the internship? I heard that you really have to know people to get into a lot of the UN internships. Did you know someone? Know 20 languages? Bribes?

sehruu1 karma

This is how I got the internship. One thing I didn't mention though is that I've met quite a few people who did get an internship through knowing someone or having parents that work in the UN or politics.

*Edit - I hyperlinked to my comment from before.

blair20 karma

What are you guys doing to help Edward Snowden?

sehruu2 karma

Answered that question! Short answer is, in Geneva, nothing that I know of.

Bangonoob-1 karma

How do you enjoy Geneva?

sehruu1 karma

Answered that, read the thread :)