EDIT: 11:18 Pacific Hey everybody- This was fun but I've got to get back to work. You're all really nice and I hope to meet each and every one of you one day so I can give you all a hug. Have a great day!

Hey Reddit, I'm Conan's Assistant Sona. Ask me anything!

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About me: When Conan found my stolen "Gigolos" mug

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AGoodMan324376 karma

What's the craziest thing Conan's asked you to do? Do you ever say no??

Team_Coco1615 karma

he doesn't really ask for crazy things, but one time when i hadn't been working for him long and it was right after michael jackson died, he called and said he wanted a private viewing of michael jackson's body. i wasn't sure if he was serious, so i wrote it down and started thinking about how i would do it. then he called back and said that he also was interested in adopting blanket and that's when i knew he was joking. he laughed at me for a long time then took my notebook where i had written down "private viewing of michael jackson's body" and showed everyone and everyone laughed at me too. -sona

Throrm341 karma

When you asked for someone to marry on twitter, I replied but never got a reply back.

Did you ever find someone in the end?

Team_Coco555 karma

nope. let's do it. -sona

LovesHandles271 karma

Is Jordan Schlansky really like the way he is portrayed on the show?

Team_Coco345 karma

yes. -sona

ManiacKK34236 karma

Has Conan ever embarrassed you before besides the time he went looking for your "Gigolos" mug?

Team_Coco806 karma

yes, he told rolling stone magazine that i was born in another country and that my father was in the middle of a goat attack when he fashioned a basket made of twigs and placed me in there. he then said i floated to this country and learned how to speak english by watching reruns of "dynasty", or something like that. he LOVES to embarrass me, and then he likes to high-five me after. -sona

imlman74221 karma

Being an assistant to a high-profile celebrity seems like a highly coveted job. What's the story about how you landed the gig?

Team_Coco450 karma

i applied for a PA job and Sarah Federowicz, our line producer, called me and said i was going to interview to be his assistant. two interviews later, i got the job. it was very quick. i knew Marc Liepis, who was the publicist on Late Night and he told Conan i was cool. also, i'm devilishly charming and KILL in interviews :) -sona

dianalourdes206 karma

I remember a couple of times when Conan suggested to find you a date/couple. Are these just comedy, or has he really tried to hook you up?

Team_Coco604 karma

he's the worst wingman in the world. -sona

everlyfresh200 karma

Can you describe what an average day would be for you?

Team_Coco753 karma

i come in between 9 and 9:30 and update info on Conan's show board for the day. when he gets in, i try to tell him what's happening in the day and he makes fun of me for about 20 minutes. he goes into a few meetings, goes down to rehearsal, i stay upstairs and answer emails (or watch tv) and then go down and watch the show. i wish i had something more interesting to tell you. it's super chill around here and i'm not very efficient. -sona

Cmf1612185 karma

How often do you drink at work?

Team_Coco444 karma

3-4 times a week. i am drinking right now. -sona

Islebar182 karma

Hey Sona! I was wondering; what's the worst thing Conan has ever done? And by worst, I mean the thing that drove you the most crazy, not worst as in horrific.

Team_Coco633 karma

he tells strangers all the time that i'm not from this country and that he hired me out of charity. -sona

Janet_Coquette178 karma

Is Conan good to his staff?

Team_Coco408 karma

yes, he's super nice to everyone, except Aaron Bleyaert and Matt O'Brien, who he punches constantly. -sona

ffffffff8169 karma


Team_Coco689 karma

not sure if that's a common thing, but i find conan sexually repulsive, so it's not something that happens here. also, this isn't the 60s. -sona

OrdinaryBird159 karma

Being a personal assistant to a celebrity seems like a glamourous job... what's the worst thing Conan has ever asked you to do.

Team_Coco390 karma

kill someone. -sona

FATstronaut5157 karma

What is one thing you refuse to do for Conan?

Team_Coco535 karma

answer his calls, get him lunch, get him coffee, keep track of schedule. basically my job. -sona

YanniOnTheSpot143 karma

Norm MacDonald is the greatest talk show guest of all time. Is there any way you could influence the powers that be to get him on the show sometime soon?

Who are your favorite guests that have been on the show?

Norm's last appearance on Conan: http://teamcoco.com/content/norm-macdonald-wont-stop-talking-about-andy

Team_Coco150 karma

i'm sure he'll be on the show again sometime soon. everyone loves him. -sona

Icorona23143 karma

I've been waiting for this AMA forever!

I wonder how long you've been working with Conan, and how you managed to get that job. Was it more of you always trying to be a personal assistant or was it just trying to work with him?

What was it like being his assistant when the whole Tonight Show ordeal happened?

Also, how long did it take for you to get used to his jibes?


Team_Coco562 karma

i've been working for conan for over 4 years. i applied and interviewed - it was a very normal process. i never planned on being a personal assistant...it just happened and i'm happy it did. being his assistant during the Tonight Show ordeal was one of the most educational and exciting experiences i've ever had. i had to drive him to work because the paparazzi was all over the place. it was pretty intense. i think we were trying to be mature with each other for the first few months, and then he said it sounded like i was arguing with dracula when i was talking to my grandma one day and everything went to shit. since then, he's been like the second older brother i never wanted and never asked for. -sona

dianalourdes137 karma

How many traffic tickets have you successfully fought? What's your strategy?

Team_Coco332 karma

i've beaten three, including a red light camera ticket. i fight with words and i instill fear in people. -sona

BradGebben127 karma

can you ask Conan if he will be my best friend? I will supply cookies for a yes answer

Team_Coco294 karma

he said he will. send cookies to my attention. -sona

seanye_west_124 karma

Hey Sona!!

I dont know if you remember me, but i used to be an intern. My name is Sean, I interned in the spring last year, I'm asian, and got to drive Conan's car to get gas one time.

I was wondering if the Wall-E replica is still near your desk, and who is your favorite co-worker other than Kramer.

PS. Are there any job openings?

Team_Coco199 karma

i remember you! thanks for getting gas for him that one time. i hope it was as exciting for you to get him gas as it was for me to ask you to get it. Wall-E is still on my desk and i talk to him from time to time. -sona p.s. no job openings as far as i know.

dayveetoe112 karma

Is Jordan Schlansky really that weird or is it all a persona for TV? Also Conan finding your cup was one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen.

Team_Coco177 karma

he's really weird. and thanks! -sona

JenLikesCats109 karma

How often does Conan actually harass the staff?

Team_Coco237 karma

all day. -sona

BenHereDoneThis104 karma

Being Conan's assisstant, I assume you have had the chance to meet a lot of celebrities. Who is the celebrity that you enjoyed meeting the most and why? Who was the celebrity that was the most different from what you expected?

Team_Coco227 karma

i'm a huge lakers fan so it was exciting meeting any laker, past or present. i love workaholics, it's always sunny in philadelphia, veep, sons of anarchy, breaking bad - so anyone from those shows. also, slash. he was my first crush and i still have a deep love for him. i stalk him when he's on, but not in a creepy way. ok, maybe in a creepy way. -sona

Phalanx210596 karma

Hey Sona, what would you say is the most interesting fact you've learned about Conan that few people know (But he's ok with people knowing) ?

Team_Coco267 karma

i think everyone knows this, but he's a huge history buff and knows more about presidential history than anyone i know (which really isn't saying much). also, he likes to have long conversations with himself in the mirror when there's downtime. sometimes i hear him crying. -sona p.s. i was kidding about one of those things.

Hitz36587 karma


Team_Coco160 karma

i bought it at the food festival in Montebello from their booth. All my Armenian relatives are salivating at the thought of feeding conan. -sona

indiejohnny83 karma

What's it like to work with such fabulous hair?

Team_Coco219 karma

you mean my hair, right? it's a lot of work but worth it. -sona

rubysun75 karma

Hi Sona. Even though you've been with Conan for a while, do you still get nervous around him? 2nd question - do you ever feel like you have funny ideas that would make good sketch ideas? if so, have you ever suggested any of them?

Team_Coco137 karma

no, i don't get nervous around him anymore. i don't really have any sketch ideas, but he likes my input sometimes, which is nice. -sona

mattymck61 karma

whats the most hilarious conan story you have?

Team_Coco89 karma

i have to think about this one. i'll get back to you. -sona

TCraft59 karma

I have two....

Did you get to go on set for Arrested Developement?

And what bands/artists does he usually listen to?

Team_Coco102 karma

yes and he listens to a lot of rockabilly/rock. -sona

verbalham56 karma

I love the Clueless Gamer videos. Does Conan get any game time in at the office?

Team_Coco103 karma

he can't play video games, but i play wii a lot when his son is visiting the office. -sona

rootaford56 karma

how long does it take to wrangle all your hair up in a pony tail?

how sick of gigolos mugs are you at this point?

who gets you all hot and bothered the most...freddie mercury or slash?

would you rather fight 50 duck sized Conan's or 1 Conan sized duck?

Team_Coco81 karma

haha. harout, you dork :) it takes 23 minutes to put all my hair up. i will never get sick of gigolos mugs. i'd rather fight conan. -sona

Minnesota_Slim56 karma

On a normal day, what exactly do you 'assist' Conan with?

From the Gigolos skit, do people honestly drink that much on the job, and where can I sign up to participate in this?

Team_Coco128 karma

i'm afraid we do drink a lot. there's no sign up sheet. this lifestyle finds you. -sona

ebroify55 karma

How good of friends are Conan and Andy in real life?

Team_Coco115 karma

they're both cool, smart, family men and they get along. andy's one of my favorite people. -sona

barttaylor54 karma

Do you still keep your Gigolo's mug in the kitchen or do you have it locked up now? I mean seriously, Conan put in some work to track that down.

Team_Coco170 karma

i still keep it in the kitchen, but people know to stay away from it. also, showtime recently sent us 13 more :) -sona

ConsolableMoonpie54 karma

Your job seems really, really awesome, but do you see yourself eventually moving on to do something else?

Team_Coco127 karma

i always just wanted to work on a show and i love this one and everyone is pretty awesome, so i don't see myself going anywhere anytime soon. -sona

Minnesota_Slim51 karma

Have you ever thought about dying your hair and styling it like Conan's?

Team_Coco217 karma

no. i like myself. -sona

BabyGooGoo47 karma

Does Conan ever do the String Dance when you get him coffee??

Team_Coco128 karma

no, but if we're on hiatus and he hasn't done a show in a while, he just does it for no reason. -sona

dianalourdes45 karma

What do you prefer: cats or dogs?

Team_Coco445 karma

dogs. cats are stupid. -sona

pewtey44 karma

In reference to Conan being a terrible wingman, it's no surprise that the Conan we see on television would be an awful wingman, and I'm sure that his television personality is not too different from his actual personality. But at the same time I know he cares a lot about his staff and the people close to him, which would lead me to think he could be the GREATEST wingman if he wanted to. Does he have a hard time turning off the comedy? What's he like when he's not putting on a performance?

Team_Coco108 karma

he's just funny all the time. he can be serious, but he loves making people laugh. and no, he's a terrible wingman. -sona

dianalourdes40 karma

Tell us a little bit about your family.

Team_Coco86 karma

they are the absolute best. my parents are awesome, i have an older brother who is married and has a daughter and i have a million cousins and aunts and uncles and they all live in LA. my family rules. -sona

Renegade_Meister40 karma

Since you have made appearances on some Conan episodes and his documentary movie, how often do people come up to you and say that they recognize you from the show or movie?

Team_Coco97 karma

it's only happened twice. -sona

BenHereDoneThis39 karma

What are your feelings towards NBC?

Team_Coco87 karma

i got my start as an nbc page and i know a lot of really cool people who work there, so i have a special place in my heart for it. no ill feelings -sona

BrightenthatIdea38 karma

If Conan fired you today for being on Reddit, who would be the next celeb you'd like to work for??

Team_Coco135 karma

not sure i'd want to be a personal assistant after this. i'll probably just move back in with my parents and eat a lot. -sona

clawhatesyou36 karma

Who's your favorite recurring (or one time) bit character on the show?

Team_Coco71 karma

i loved cody, conan's vampire assistant. of course, also triumph. and a lot of others. -sona

johnny472736 karma

Marry me?

Team_Coco62 karma

ok. -sona

t1h2r3o4w5a6w7a8y9035 karma

Hey I am really interested in working with comedians behind the scenes, can you tell us kinda what you were doing before you got this job, or any internships you had. Thanks so much!!

Team_Coco71 karma

i had internships all 4 years in college (some in television, some in film) and i got a job out of college as an nbc page through one of my internships at nbc. then i worked in the publicity department for a while then in events and then i got this gig. -sona

hungoverbunny35 karma

What's Conan's favourite lunch?

Team_Coco131 karma

potatoes. -sona

katarokkar35 karma

Since you're awesome at getting interviewed, can you provide some interviewing tips?

Team_Coco105 karma

smile and make sure your nails look good. -sona

fora_connexitatis34 karma

Are Conan's abs real?

Team_Coco88 karma

i was at the taping conan did with chelsea handler but i was paying more attention to chelsea, so i don't know. -sona

internetguilt31 karma

Sona! I just wanted to say that I love it when you make appearances on the show. You're hilarious and it seems like you and Conan have the best comedic chemistry.

My question is unrelated to the show, but when will you be on RJ and Bley's podcast again?

Team_Coco46 karma

doing one tomorrow. and you're nice. -sona

ilovepemmican30 karma

Can you share a favorite memory from the Legally Prohibited tour that didn't make it into the film?

Team_Coco86 karma

everything that happened in vegas. i think i should just leave it at that. -sona

eddiefiguer30 karma

I think you guys should do more skits like the Gigolos mug one. It was amazing and one of my favorite things on the show when they are on.

2 questions:

Does Conan act/treat the staff the same way as when he is doing the skits?

What's the easiest way to meet Conan? I have gone to the show a few times and was able to give Conan and Andy (November 14, 2011, the guy that had a sign that said "I've waited a decade for this", guests were LL Cool J, Greyson MacLean, and Christian Finnegan) a hug but it'd be awesome to get a autograph from him.

Team_Coco91 karma

if you ever see him out, you should just go up to him and talk to him. he's really nice and loves all his fans. i can give you his address. -sona

rubysun26 karma

Who is your favorite person at CONAN? (you are forbidden to answer Conan or Andy) :)

Team_Coco77 karma

erica brown, the assistant to the producer and line producer. lindsay varquez, jeff ross's assistant. meghan sinclair, the photographer for the show. bill tull, props pimp. and basically everyone else...except for conan. -sona

SantiamC26 karma

How long do you see yourself working as his assistant?

Team_Coco110 karma

not sure, but if i'm 50 and still doing this, please find me and punch me in the face. -sona

jengi25 karma

Is Sona a family name? Where did it come from?

Team_Coco48 karma

sona is my grandmother's name (paternal). i also have awesome parents. -sona

elbruce24 karma

When is Conan going to get me that five bucks he owes me?

Team_Coco49 karma

it's in the mail. -sona

r_phil24 karma

When are you going to be back on "RJ and Bley Suck At Girls"? You are the best guest!!!

Team_Coco38 karma

i think i do another one tomorrow. those guys are ridiculous. -sona

Dirtyinthesandbox18 karma

What kind os sense of humor does Conan have? Is it fitting of the show or is it darker??? Also, I would love to come to a taping, not asking just puttin it out there.

Team_Coco53 karma

it's fitting of the show but probably edgier outside of the show. come to a taping! -sona