I've been shooting for Playboy since 2006 when video became viable online. I was teamed with a Photographer and I began shooting Behind The Scenes of the Photo Shoots. Eventually we added a Video Feature, and an Interview to the shoot day. I also shot the monthly Playboy Casting Calls on the West Coast.


I get asked a lot of questions when people hear what I do so I thought I'd try AMA. Most common question from people after finding out "Can I carry your bags for you?"


There are a lot of great video artists out there that I admire. I am self-taught and I continue to learn with every shoot. I was lucky to get paid to make videos and be a part of the online video revolution from the start. So what I didn't learn in a school we were all learning as we went.

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Higgs0796 karma

What's the Hardest part of job?

xbrillantesx82 karma

Getting your gear to and from the shoots....can't really complain though

powder50786 karma

Ever hooked up with one of the models?

xbrillantesx233 karma


iamkingoftheworld63 karma

do women give you erections anymore?

xbrillantesx108 karma

Certain ones...

iamkingoftheworld33 karma

can you prove it to me?

xbrillantesx61 karma

I have a couple exclusive links....how?

EdrawdSnowden61 karma

What is your least favorite part of taking videos of beuatiful naked women?

xbrillantesx123 karma

It's hard to complain really, I guess the end of the shoot.

Bryan_S50 karma

Is it awkward to be in a room full of adults all centered around a woman completely naked? Is there a lot of talking that goes on? Is it awkward before and after the shoot? Are the models (I'm presuming you know/talk to them) friendly? Are any of them embarrassed? Thanks for the AMA. You are doing god's work.

xbrillantesx80 karma

Not as awkward as you might think, the model determines how awkward it gets.

It's a professional set so there is a lot of technical talk, there is also conversation taking place in between. It seems to help the model when there is normal conversation to make her more comfortable.

Not awkward before or after unless the model is awkward.

Not everyone is as friendly as others. Most of the new Models are friendly because they are a bit nervous. One thing you do notice is that if you worked with a girl let's say even found her at a casting. If she becomes a Playmate more times than not she has changed from the first time you shot her.

The girls know what they are coming to do so I wouldn't say embarrassed. But I would say that most of them will point out what their flaws are, I think because they assume we see so many other beautiful women and they may feel self- conscious.

Gods work! LOL you are welcome....

Thelondhil41 karma

How active is Hugh Hefner in the photography-part of Playboy? Does he actively do anything or have an opinion regarding the photoshoot?

And also, does he always wear that bathrobe? :)

xbrillantesx96 karma

He only deals with the main magazine and all he cares about is the Centerfold. Yes is still makes the final decision on who will be a centerfold.

When I have seen him he has always had on the silk bathrobe...

showhertheshocker36 karma

So are you a real boobies or fake boobies guy??

xbrillantesx98 karma

I have to say Im a real boobies guy. It's funny because fake ones look great with clothes on, but I would say most of the boob jobs are not done all that well. Some are just hideous work by a surgeon and you feel sorry for the girl, and Im trying to make them look as good as possible so she can only move in a certain way.

Strangely, some of the girls, especially at castings will come in and have a nice set of boobs and say they want to get implants thinking that will help them get in Playboy.

winstonian335 karma

Do you get to do anything sexual with the models?

xbrillantesx84 karma

not during the shoot...

sexychinchilla32 karma

How did you get into this business?

xbrillantesx43 karma

I started shooting film and then when the internet was able to stream video I got myself a camera and started shooting whatever I could. I was shooting for some bands and I started getting referrals that lead me to a variety of clients.

bosonfiver25 karma

May I say with all my heart...

You are a lucky ..umm.. Dude..

Are you 'friends' with a lot of the models?

xbrillantesx40 karma

Yes, Ive become friends with some. Some models we will shoot multiple times and because I work in the model industry I will see them at other shoots for other companies.

BitchesBeCrazy115 karma

Do the personalities of the girls ever disgust you? Would you say most of the girls have deep emotional issues? Who is your favorite model to work with? What has been the most humiliating experience a girl has ever had while you photographed/recorded her? Edit: just saw your instagram, as an aspiring documentarian myself, what is the best type of camera to use in your experience.

xbrillantesx34 karma

There have been a few personalities that were questionable.

When I started I thought all of the girls would have some emotional issues. What I have found is that there are models that are lawyers, doctors, teachers, that are just comfortable in their skin and are not caught up in the morality of it all. Yes, there are some that have shown some deep emotional issues as well...I always wondered if readers could see it from the photos after working with them.

Humiliating? Monthly visitor...

Cameras are very personal. It's like asking a drummer what is the best kit. Really it's what you like using for your work. At Playboy we were using camcorders and then went to DSLR's for the film quality. Problem was that we are so limited on time that we have to move quick and the DSLR's can be difficult at times....

BitchesBeCrazy17 karma

Thank you. Good stuff. Surprising in some ways. Is competition fierce to work for Playboy? Is it difficult to have a relationship given your line of work?

xbrillantesx21 karma

Competition is now fierce. Everyone has a camera. There were only maybe 10 people doing what I was doing at the time.

Not difficult with the right person....can be a nightmare with the wrong one.

BitchesBeCrazy16 karma

It's really cool you are on here. What's the most annoying aspect of your job? As hard as it is to imagine, when does it become monotonous?

xbrillantesx7 karma

Thanks, wasn't sure if I should do this...

Bringing the gear, setting up and breaking down...

If you have a difficult model or at a bad castings it can get somewhat monotonous

BitchesBeCrazy12 karma

I figured. I feel like my questions are too superficial. What's something you want to vent about or would want a total stranger such as myself to know about your experience with Playboy?

xbrillantesx4 karma

Don't really have anything to vent about...The experience has been unique and surprising. Im here to see what others may want to know from my experience....

Yianman2614 karma

Do you ever get bored of doing the shoots? Like have you thought of pursuing a new career?

xbrillantesx28 karma

I don't shoot exclusively for Playboy so there's always a variety of work

TalkingBackAgain14 karma

Were you per chance in Iceland in april with two really beautiful girls?

xbrillantesx22 karma

I was not, although sounds like I might want to have been. Why?

TalkingBackAgain16 karma

I met a Playboy camera team there, I thought you might have been the cameraman.

xbrillantesx32 karma

Cool, typically we don't travel out of the country, except to Canada. They have teams in different parts of the world. I

Rubinoff14 karma

Do people still buy playboys?

xbrillantesx40 karma

Not like they used to. The magazine is hurting, I was shooting for online content to promote the magazines. Everyone knows that the publishing business model has suffered tremendously from the internet. As far as Playboy, it's hard to compete when you can go online and see whatever you want for free....

Want_in_on_summathis11 karma

Do you plan on staying in the same business for a while?

xbrillantesx10 karma

This is what I do so I hope to be able to continue working as a filmmaker. Playboy has licensed their digital rights to another company so I am not shooting as often as in the past.

vTweak10 karma

I'm a film student. Can I intern with you?

xbrillantesx12 karma

2nd most asked question! lol...where are you located?

vTweak11 karma

I attend Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

xbrillantesx13 karma

Im in Los Angeles...we don't shoot regularly enough to have an intern system...if you're ever out in LA hit me up....

AnteSim9 karma

Who has the best pair?

xbrillantesx21 karma

Eye of the beholder...hhmmm that's a tough one....let me think on that, hard to single out just one pair

Kccasey19968 karma

Have you ever met Hugh? If so how is he?

xbrillantesx20 karma

Yes! He was nice, didn't have much time with him but he was cordial.

Kccasey19969 karma

To me from either articles online or Girls Next Door he always seemed like one of the more laid back guys in the world.

xbrillantesx21 karma

yea he doesn't have much to stress about

sleepwhatsthat6 karma

Did you have connections to get the job with Playboy? Also, do employees such as yourself get to attend the Playboy Mansion parties?

xbrillantesx19 karma

People always crack up when I tell them I got the Playboy gig through Craigslist! Hard to believe, but when I started with Playboy video was just beginning to get streamed online. So the photograpahers had to find a video guy just to shoot some behind the scenes of their shoots. Youtube had just launched so there was not a lot of videographers.

xbrillantesx14 karma

We can attend certain parties. A lot of the parties are outside companies using the mansion to throw the party. Im connected with the event planners so if they have access than most likely I can get access. If it's a Playboy party then getting access is easier.

sleepwhatsthat6 karma

Sounds cool. You gotta love companies with good benefits. ;) Thanks for the answers and the AMA. Take care. :)

xbrillantesx5 karma

Thanks for stopping by

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xbrillantesx1 karma

Thanks for the heads up, that's not her info, its just here stage name. You didn't have the address exactly correct but were close to my old address. Took it down and will re-post.

manormango-9 karma

Do you ever need to apologize for working at a yester-year corporation?

xbrillantesx13 karma

No it may be yester year but it's one of the most recognizable brands world wide. I get why you say that though.....