Hello again Reddit! Let me first start off by thanking everyone who came by my first AMA, the support and laughter you guys gave me was priceless and helped me through one of the most painful experiences of my life.

It's been two months now and my penis is basically as good as it is going to get. I am sure you guys and gals have tons of questions, so I'll keep this section brief and just get to the proof so we can get this thing rolling.

Oh, and I almost forgot! You guys were so awesome last time that my fiancee has agreed to join me for questions today. We'll be here all afternoon and then sporadically throughout the evening.

Edit 1: I am working on a new dick pic for you guys. I swear this never happens, there's just so much pressure knowing there's people waiting for me to get it up :(

Edit 2: Old proof album (With surgery pic): http://imgur.com/a/5IXBm


Proof of my fiance and I both being present today: http://youtu.be/5yZrFO8IgHk

Initial AMA: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1dqpo1/iama_a_guy_who_fractured_my_penis_last_year_had_a/

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iamkingoftheworld111 karma

pic of your penis?

Wolfhound_Papa76 karma

Give me a few minutes to work on that for you.

gmtz112104 karma

Can I sign your cast?

Wolfhound_Papa66 karma

Sure, come on over.

thecynicalwallaby72 karma

Are there any things (sexually or non-sexually) you can't do anymore due to this whole ordeal? Are there any things you won't do again because of this experience?

Wolfhound_Papa142 karma

We were really concerned about trying doggy again because of this whole ordeal, but we actually tried it just the other night for the first time and it went well. It actually helped me a little. I lost some feeling in parts of my penis from the surgery and it seemed like doggy style helped me get sensation in the good areas that don't normally get stimulation from missionary. More tests are required before publishing a conclusion though ;)

rabidmonkey116370 karma

Congratulations, you have successfully made me terrified of sex

Wolfhound_Papa61 karma

Glad I could help!

mozrila63 karma

Gonna Karma-Whore this a second time. This man was my secret santa match, blah blah blah. Proof

Wolfhound_Papa38 karma

You know it!

JuneFirstGemini41 karma

Don't have anything to ask, just had to say damn dude...that fucking sucks...never thought I'd see someone talking about their dick and the phrase "good as its going to get".

I hope medical tech gets really badass real soon and they can just grow you a new one or give you a bionic dong or something.

Wolfhound_Papa51 karma

aca, ya a bionic dong might be kind of cool, but I'm at place now where sex is pain free and enjoyable. On top of that, I am going to be able to have kids when we are ready, so no complaints.

Username31531 karma

Does sex feel any different for her now? Meaning more or less enjoyble?

Wolfhound_Papa59 karma

Fiance: I don't feel that there has been any change feeling-wise. More enjoyable that we do it more now!

Username31525 karma

Were the two of you nervous trying it again for the first time after the injury? How long did the two of you have to wait?

Wolfhound_Papa51 karma

We were supposed to wait two months, but that was just far too long. We ended waiting until the beginning of June, by that time all of the stitches had dissolved and I was no longer having pain with erections. We were so nervous the first time that there was barely any in or out stroke, much more kissing and her making sure I wasn't hurting. It worked out though.

PanickedSoIAteIt30 karma

Unless your fiance is a dude, it's spelled fiancee.

Wolfhound_Papa31 karma

Noted. Thank you.

mindspin31128 karma

are you able to have sex?

Wolfhound_Papa32 karma

Yup! I knew that I would still be able to before agreeing to the surgery. Things work a little bit differently now, but the TL;DR is that yes I can.

LungMa30 karma

Things work a little bit differently now

could you elaborate?

Wolfhound_Papa74 karma

I still have a pretty decent bend in my penis (I'm going to get you guys a photo in a bit) and it isn't quite as long as it used to be. The biggest change though is that I have lost feeling on the bottom of my penis, from about mid shaft all the way up to the tip of the penis.

This has made it a little more difficult to orgasm, and we've been trying different positions, rhythms, and foreplay that we didn't used to do in order to work past this. Our sex life has been awesome though, perhaps more active now than before. She says she doesn't miss the extra length, but I do :(

Nomsfud57 karma

So, breaking your penis gets you more blowjobs? I'm tempted to try this now...

Wolfhound_Papa314 karma

Would not recommend.

mindspin31113 karma

are there any precautions you have to take?

Wolfhound_Papa30 karma

Just being careful not to bend it again. It still has a good bend to it, but it is what the doctors call "functionally straight." Basically they say it' straight enough to do it without serious risk of reinjury. I also lost a little length so getting our rhythm down again has been a learning process.

jcatkins19128 karma

Functionally straight, like Ryan Seacrest?

Wolfhound_Papa34 karma

Ya, a little like that.

blow_a_stink_muffin25 karma

Are you a boobs guy or an ass guy?

Wolfhound_Papa47 karma

Ass guy.

blow_a_stink_muffin30 karma

Is that why you frequent doggystyle?

Wolfhound_Papa40 karma

You betcha!

Mrhankypoo24 karma

All in all how much did the injections and surgery cost? Glad that everything worked for you! I'm now terrified this will happen to me. Thanks for the AMA regardless! It can be hard to talk about stuff like this.

Wolfhound_Papa51 karma

The surgery and treatment was 100% free. I was medically retired from the Army and receive free care from the VA because of the percentage they rated me at. I can't imagine how much the bill would have been otherwise.

Nomsfud30 karma

Well at least we're still giving our army vets good medical treatment

Wolfhound_Papa42 karma

Free, the good part is up for debate. Although I guess at that price point it's hard to be picky.

Alpha_lemming16 karma


Wolfhound_Papa17 karma

Other injuries.

Grindstone50k9 karma

Ok, I have to ask. Medically retired due to the fracture? I can't imagine having "penis fracture" as a service-connected disability.

Wolfhound_Papa15 karma

No, but my service connected injuries and deployment get me free medical care.

Grindstone50k11 karma

Now I am mildly disappointed.

Wolfhound_Papa15 karma

Sorry :-/

dennycee6 karma

Thank you for your service in the military!

Wolfhound_Papa10 karma

You're welcome, but to us it's just a job. :)

manmalade23 karma

How did you do this?

Wolfhound_Papa48 karma

My fiance and I were going at it doggy style and she zigged while I zagged, next thing you know I slipped out and as I was following through on my in stroke she came back at me and then :(

NicoEF27 karma

describe the pain? how much did it hurt? did it snap? (I read it makes a popping sound sometimes)

Wolfhound_Papa63 karma

The initial injury hurt and definitely ranks in my top 10 most painful moments, but I was able to finish since I was only a couple strokes from orgasm anyway. The days following the surgery were far worse than the initial injury. I kept getting erections and it would pull at the stitches causing an EXTREME amount of agony. The doctors eventually prescribed me valium and that pretty much eliminated the erections.

Edit: And yes I both felt and heard it "pop."

NicoEF110 karma

So you broke your penis and yet you kept going, that's a man with priorities

Wolfhound_Papa68 karma

Ya, I was so close to finishing that I just slid it back in and finished up in a couple strokes.

oakdaletennis3349 karma

You're my new hero for finishing the piece after breaking your instrument

Wolfhound_Papa48 karma

I am what I am, I do what I can.

Grindstone50k32 karma

Mission first, soldier.

Wolfhound_Papa26 karma

Yes sir!

FrenchieSmalls3 karma

Dude, just so you know, fiancée is spelled with an extra 'e' if it's a woman.

I thought you were getting married to a guy, and that this was happening in Vermont, California, Washington, or what have you.

Wolfhound_Papa2 karma

Yup, got the correction from someone else here. I can't change the title though so we're stuck with it.

__Rednaz__22 karma

Do you have any type of scar or bump because of the surgery, if so then how large is it?

Edit: Spelling

Wolfhound_Papa30 karma

They used my circumcision to deglove the penis during surgery, so no new scars. If you were to actually feel the penis you can tell where the new tissue is that was put in place of the excised scar tissue.

Username31521 karma

You sir, have a massive set of balls.

Wolfhound_Papa78 karma

Thanks. Grew them myself.

CapnKill19 karma

Unsure if you'll remember me, I was the dude from your last AMA that had a double cock op. Grats on the recovery, glad it's gone excellently for you :)

Wolfhound_Papa12 karma

Thanks my dude. I hope everything is moving along for you as well.

Probablyawfulkarma18 karma

How long were you in surgery?

Wolfhound_Papa30 karma

It was only supposed to be about 2 hours initially, I just asked my fiance and she said it ended up being closer to 6 hours.

Cosmo_Sex_Tips17 karma

Why did you go to the hospital instead of coating your penis in fix-it-all? It fixes everything you know.

Wolfhound_Papa26 karma

I've honestly never heard of fix-it-all. I'll have to give it a look the next time I fracture my penis though.

gnarledout12 karma

You mean to tell me you didn't try Tussin?

Wolfhound_Papa8 karma

I was all out at the time.

rainbow888816 karma

So I assume you went at least a month without orgasm? How was it when you finally ended that tremendous dry spell?

Wolfhound_Papa37 karma

Fucking incredible!

InertiaticFlow23 karma

I seem to remember a scene from Scary Movie 1 or 2 where the girl is on top and, when the guy finally busts, she gets fired into the ceiling and held there by a geyser. Or guy-ser if you prefer.

That's what I just pictured in my mind.

Wolfhound_Papa15 karma

It was a little bit like that, or at least that's how it felt for me.

peltzel14 karma

how long before this injury was hilarious?

Wolfhound_Papa21 karma

Probably about the time I started getting injections and telling my friends about it. So, 6 months give or take.

trog1214 karma

Do they give you any rehabilitation exercises?

Wolfhound_Papa17 karma

Initially I was doing what I think most people call "jelking." Basically milking my penis. Now, I've graduated to use a pump to get friction and help promote straighter erections.

Zymos9413 karma

How would one go about avoiding fracturing one's penis?

Wolfhound_Papa14 karma

Just be mindful of your in stroke.

imhereforthevotes12 karma

Shower or grower? And is that different from prior to the break?

Wolfhound_Papa21 karma

I'm definitely a grower. It's a little bit shorter now than it was in the surgery photo though. I'd say around half an inch, but my fiance is sitting over my shoulder telling me I'm just being critical of it.

atanincrediblerate12 karma

Congratulations on the healed wiener, but I just came to say that your dogs are so awesome! Considering getting a wolfhound once our circumstances permit.

Wolfhound_Papa10 karma

They are an AMAZING breed. I have always had dogs growing up and then was a K9 officer for a short time in the Army. I've never owned or been around a more lovable breed. If you ever have any questions feel free to ask.

TealOcelot12 karma

How soon after breaking it did you go to the hospital? How did you find out it was broken?

Wolfhound_Papa11 karma

It was a day or two after, but the doctor took a look at it and basically told me he suspected it was fractured and referred me to the urology clinic.

catofnortherndarknes11 karma

Was it painful the first time you ejaculated after surgery and recovery?

Wolfhound_Papa19 karma

Definitely not painful at the moment it happened, quite the opposite actually. But afterwards it was a little sore for a few hours. I've found that to be the case even up to today. The soreness isn't terrible, but it seems like it's going to be something that I have to live with now.

catofnortherndarknes16 karma

That's good to hear! Hope everything continues to go well for y'all.

pssst whispers Miss fiance . . . if you're ever in a bind, try a vibrator to the perineum! Or, you know . . . "up in thar", if he'll let you! I've heard that moves things along when necessary!

If that was offensive, just pretend I didn't say it. :-)

Wolfhound_Papa24 karma

She's laughing, I keep offering to use toys but she always says no to buying them.

Fiance: That's because we don't need them.

Vicdin20 karma

You shouldn't consider whether or not you need them. They're fun for everyone and changes things up in bed.

Wolfhound_Papa21 karma

Maybe I'll just buy it myself and surprise her? Quick while she's not looking, what's your go to toy that you'd recommend?

yourfaceisamess11 karma

Is this something that doctors see on a regular basis? I didn't know this was possible!

Wolfhound_Papa12 karma

I don't think it's too terribly common. I had never met anyone who had this happened before it happened it to me.

Tiny_broo9 karma

Welcome back to awesome sex life:) how does your fiancée feel about the incident? Does she feel a little bit guilty? No offense, I just imagined myself in this situation...

Wolfhound_Papa16 karma

Fiancee: I feel bad, but it's not ALL my fault.

I don't blame her, shit happens, just happened to be my dick getting fractured this time around.

Tiny_broo6 karma

You guys seem like a nice couple) good luck to you and your girl) also, good luck with doggie!

Wolfhound_Papa3 karma

Thanks so much :)

Ctfvm9 karma


Wolfhound_Papa7 karma

Yup, pretty much everyone I'm close with knows and has seen the surgery pic. I'm working on the now pic for you guys. It's just a lot of pressure.


Are you still able to have babies?

Wolfhound_Papa15 karma

Yup, no worries about procreating when that day finally arrives.

sirnoah277 karma

For the fiancé: how is he in the sack?

Wolfhound_Papa16 karma

Fiance: Great, I'd say our sex life is better now.

cientoquesos6 karma

What were your friend's and family reaction when you told them your fiancee injured your penis during sexytime?

Wolfhound_Papa9 karma

To be honest I don't think any of them were shocked. If it was going to happen to someone it probably bound to be me. I was always the more adventurous and/or promiscuous of my brothers and I.

DreyBass5 karma

What day to day precautions do you have to take for your penis? Can you still exercise or play contact sports?

Wolfhound_Papa17 karma

For the first month or so I had to be super careful, but I'm back to normal now. I am actually going through the police academy now and have been doing fine with all of the defensive tactics. The worst is getting whipped in the dick by my dogs' tails.

SirJiggart4 karma

How ... how does one fracture ones penis??

Wolfhound_Papa4 karma

By not being careful.

tired_papasmurf3 karma

How have your wolfhounds responded to the whole situation? They happy now that Mama and Papa seem happier?

Wolfhound_Papa18 karma

Ya, it's amazing how in tune pets can be to your needs. They are much happier, but they always come in after my SO and I finish having sex with a really shaming, investigatory look on their faces.

funkplatypus3 karma

Could you/are you trying to have a kid?

Wolfhound_Papa4 karma

I am still able to have kids, but we aren't trying yet.

chairyomommabook1 karma

The original IAmA dick pic cant be found. I'm a little sad cause everyone said you have a big dick. :(

Wolfhound_Papa3 karma

Forgot I privated that album. Heading over to imgur to make it public again.

notsamuelljackson2 karma

Surely OP will deliver

Wolfhound_Papa3 karma

I'm just grabbing lunch and then I'll post the night album links up top for you guys. Sorry about the wait.

MattyValentine1 karma

You may have been asked this already, but how the hell did it break in the first place?

Wolfhound_Papa1 karma

Doggy style. I slipped out and started going forward while she was coming back.

gnarledout1 karma

How does one actually fracture a penis since its mainly muscle?

Wolfhound_Papa4 karma

For all of the medical-ish questions I have asked my doctors, I never asked them why they call it a fracture. What I can tell you is that the actual trauma caused a scar tissue buildup and that is what needed to be excised during the surgery.