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Just sent proof to mods!


How did you work your way up to be a gunner?

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Honestly I had a training slot coming into the AF but we had a lot of people from other career fields. Really a lot of hard work but as long as you put the effort and our humble about no reason you cant do it. Definitely need thick skin though

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Heya, former AF here though I only did flight planning. My question: what do the pilot and copilot do during gunning ops? Is there an autopilot program that controls the orbit of the plane, or do the pilots hand-fly it? Do they talk much on the intercom, like directing and providing feedback, or do they remain pretty quiet while you all do your thing? Do you have a mission commander in the back that is telling the pilots what to do next?

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Not positive but I'm pretty sure they fly the orbit themselves with input from the navigator and FCO.

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While deployed, did you guys have a rapport with the ground crew maintaining weapons? If so, what's ya'lls relationship like?

Also, did other crews out there get to bring back any good gun film? I've heard the film watching parties can get rowdy.

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We sometimes have tumultuous relationship with maintenance but I always respect what they do and in the end of the day its all about the mission.

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If you were to have any other position in the C-130 what would it be?

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  • Did you have fun profiling people from the air and shooting at people suspected of being terrorists before even finding out if they truly were?

  • What do you feel about the amount of money spent on warcraft weapons so you can accomplish this feat?

  • Are you aware that a small fraction of the money our government spends on weapons each year could end world hunger? source

    The cost to end world hunger is $30 billion a year. It may seem like a large sum of money, but when compared to the funds that the U.S. spends on military defense – $737 billion in 2012, $30 billion seems more attainable. The $30 billion expense is manageable, especially when the U.S. would be joined by other investors in global poverty, but it has the capacity to be the leader.

  • I am not a fan of how our government spends its money so my last question is, why on Earth are you?

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Actually the AC-130 is one of the cheaper instruments of destruction. I believe we need to increase our SF capabilities decrease our ground forces and let Europe play "World police". We will always need a defense but I agree we need to start spending more wisely. Which for the most part we are.

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Don't you wish you had studied harder, so you could be an FE?

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lol not at all FE's are we one the most demanding enlisted jobs on any aircraft- I like my naps

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Do You Have any pictures of stuff you seen while being in the army?

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Not really I got a few of myself but generally photography was not allowed

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How do you rationalize the killing of civilians to make america safer ? are american lives more valuable than arab's ?

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Since we don't target civilians I wouldn't know

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what is your longest killing spree?

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0? No care packages for me

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Did you ever have any pangs on conscience? It's become clear that the war in Iraq was based on lies.

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I viewed the war when I was there as trying to help provide a stable country. Would I say we invaded on lies- No. Should we have invaded knowing what we do now-No. However since we where there we had an obligation to make sure we provided Iraq with a chance at a stable future. The people we were going after we're not the ones killing Americans but the ones killing Iraqis. The bomb makers mid to high level AQI, truley terrible people killing innocent's to prove a point. Attacking a military target is one thing, targeting civilians is beyond conflict and into something different.

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Murdering scum.

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Why do you say that?

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The action of a few by no mean represent the policy of the military. Anyone who targets civilians regardless of who they are dispicable and should be punished. That being said our ROE's were so restrictive in order to protect civilians. Ive seen our troops die because of these policy's Our main targets were the guys targeting markets, schools and police. People who were targeting civilians in an attempt to disestablish the country. Believe it or not we did have the best interest of the civilians in mind.