*SPECIAL VID RESPONSE 4 REDDIT** 4 Those of you who stucc around here is my special AMA video response!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8fAfeBGmYQ

Smoke 1 !! im sticcn round a little bit longer!! We just made it a BROADUS AMA. Ask us anything - me, lil snoop, spank, cori b n bosslady! Family proof: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151563897909807&set=a.137458029806.111105.11455644806&type=1

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Mistahkg4817 karma

Yo snoop! What's up!?

Here_Comes_The_King6188 karma

ur karma

Here_Comes_The_King3860 karma

if u were a soup what kind of soup would u be?

Here_Comes_The_King3806 karma

alphabet soup

Here_Comes_The_King3105 karma

whats ur favorite cereal?? Im flipping this AMA.

Here_Comes_The_King3042 karma

Captain Crunch! The peanut butter ones

KaptnKrunch2879 karma

you called?

Here_Comes_The_King3306 karma

Oh shit!! shout out to KaptnKrunch

Here_Comes_The_King2975 karma

Who likes SNOOPIFY

Stenzy2793 karma

Snoop you mah nigga.

Here_Comes_The_King3150 karma

happy c day. smoke 1

laurenblair2708 karma

How long does it take you to do your hair?

Here_Comes_The_King3625 karma

bout [10] blunts

EngleSON2680 karma

Snoop will you ever go back to Snoop Dogg? I miss the D-O-Double G.

Here_Comes_The_King3218 karma

unknowit!! Tha dogg is 4ever in me!

gunvsaliens2665 karma

Can I be a backup singer for you... I'm white but Ive got soul.

Here_Comes_The_King3531 karma

Color me blind

gargamelol2658 karma

the snoop amas are the most joyous things i've ever seen on reddit. just post after post of nothing but giddy happiness

Here_Comes_The_King3090 karma

thats what we do neffew

Higgs__Boson2590 karma

Do you think you will crash reddit again?

Here_Comes_The_King3421 karma

Im trying

taheezy2529 karma

u blazin?

Here_Comes_The_King3321 karma

u trollin?

DankySweet2510 karma

What's the trippiest place you've ever been while high?

Here_Comes_The_King3697 karma

yo mama house

AudiePeachcake2501 karma

If you could do a song with one person dead or alive who would it be?

Here_Comes_The_King3221 karma


heatha4eva2372 karma

Snoop, I NEED you to do a song with some Michael Jackson background vocals. Is there a chance?

Here_Comes_The_King3368 karma

did a song with Michael when he was alive! Its in tha vault

Here_Comes_The_King2345 karma

thanx for all d luv - we out.

backwoodsofcanada2260 karma

Hey man, what's your favorite subreddit (other than r/trees)?

Here_Comes_The_King3836 karma

I like tha one about natural titties

Here_Comes_The_King2235 karma

I wanna take a minute 2 give a shout out 2 sum out tha legends n OGs in tha game!! Shout out 2 my guy Dr. Dre, DOC, KRS ONE, Ice Cube, Ice T, E40, Too Short, Jay Z, Busta, Daz n Kurupt, Bun B, Devin the Dude, B REal, Big Boi n Andre 3000 ! U all fill n tha rest!!

topohunt2170 karma

are you gonna start getting into vaping?

Here_Comes_The_King2988 karma

cmon. does tha sun shine in Cali ??

BadgerBash2163 karma

Mr. Lion. Will you hire me to roll your blunts?

Here_Comes_The_King2919 karma

lets see ur resume

FortTrees2048 karma

Are you subscribed to /r/trees ?

Here_Comes_The_King2937 karma

i visit on tha reg

whoopthis2039 karma

passes blunt to snoop

Here_Comes_The_King2849 karma

takes blunt and smokes it

Here_Comes_The_King2906 karma


Reeteee2029 karma

Someone told me that you once had three whole cannabises in one night. Is this true?

Here_Comes_The_King3583 karma

I once ate 3 whole cans a beans

Master1121985 karma

Hey Snoop, how are you doing?

Here_Comes_The_King2383 karma

feelin good! u?

leaffall1970 karma


Here_Comes_The_King2650 karma


Here_Comes_The_King2635 karma

Bless up

thatmanonthemoon1964 karma

Who da only person that has evr smoked you out?

Here_Comes_The_King2810 karma

my uncle willie Nelson

zakk_1953 karma

What is your favorite candy bar

Here_Comes_The_King2825 karma

imma jolly ranchers red vines n starbust kinda guy

kitkatkookie1927 karma

Snoop, what's your favorite cartoon?

Here_Comes_The_King3245 karma

keep futurama comin jacc !

IsTheEarthStillFlat1913 karma

Have you ever smoked a 1 oz blunt?

Here_Comes_The_King2511 karma


topohunt1910 karma

when you were first getting started what was the moment that made you realize you were famous?

Here_Comes_The_King2904 karma

when they were screamin my name in Japan n wearin that west coast G shit!

hytch1872 karma

Hi, how you doing today?

Here_Comes_The_King2729 karma

Eazy Breezy Peezy

Bdoggiee1872 karma

What is the meaning of life, Snoop?

Here_Comes_The_King3058 karma

That you gotta share your gifts wit tha world

Spoonbug1847 karma

Is the name Snoop Dogg up for grabs?

Here_Comes_The_King2693 karma


yobetabitch1829 karma

Snoop... Any chance at a snoop/dre full cd? Lie to me if you must!

Here_Comes_The_King2432 karma

1 day maybe

StabUinEye1789 karma

You're cool, man. That is all.

Here_Comes_The_King2683 karma

ur cool 2 stabUinEye

Frajer1776 karma

Is it still hard being Snoop D O Double G?

Here_Comes_The_King2583 karma

some how some way

floop20111770 karma

What do you think of dragon ball z?

Here_Comes_The_King2884 karma

gogeta is a g

MattCunnelly1672 karma

Snoop, who do you think is the rightful King of Westeros?

Here_Comes_The_King3122 karma

mother of dragons or tha midget

twistedturns1669 karma

Snoop, who is the greatest rapper of all time?

Here_Comes_The_King2545 karma

favorite is Slick Rick

AzlanHellaFresh1668 karma

Hey Snoop do you think you will ever do another song with Justin Timberlake? Signs is one of my favorite songs of all time.

Here_Comes_The_King2561 karma

Thats my neffew

thatmanonthemoon1661 karma

What is some music that you listen to that other people wouldn't think you listen to?

Here_Comes_The_King2726 karma

Bollywood! They got luv 4 tha dogg in INdia!! Singh is king!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9_7ElMpil8

Here_Comes_The_King1839 karma

k pop

shakerattleandrollin1647 karma

On a scale of 1-10, how high are you right now?

Here_Comes_The_King2822 karma


koolerjames1630 karma

What character in the Star Wars Universe would you smoke weed with and why??

Here_Comes_The_King3393 karma

darth vader - he need help wit his breathn !! darth vaporizer UHEARME

Koofas1579 karma

If you had to give an estimate of the amount of weed you've smoked over your lifetime, how much would you guess?

Here_Comes_The_King2814 karma

how big is mt rushmore? that much

gersmith61484 karma

Favorite munchies?

Here_Comes_The_King2528 karma

bbq twists

ForeverAGn0me1472 karma

Snoop how is your relationship with dre? Do you guys still keep in contact?

Here_Comes_The_King2197 karma

Thats my guy!!

VanillaG67901372 karma

What is your favorite way to cure cottonmouth?

Here_Comes_The_King2516 karma


zxslippy1363 karma

Has your blunt intake increased since your last AMA?

Here_Comes_The_King2399 karma

Im doing tha math. gettn bacc at you soon .

mossman851349 karma

Do you have any favorite rock n' roll/heavy metal bands?

Here_Comes_The_King2257 karma

beatles rolling stones ramones tha list goes on

DiamondBanana1206 karma

Snoop! Will you play FIFA with me? It would mean the world to me!!

Here_Comes_The_King1879 karma


cheddacheesemusic1176 karma

Snooop!! I find that you transitioned very well into Reggae. Did this come easily for you or did it take a lot of time to learn?

Here_Comes_The_King1841 karma

always been a part of me

thatotherskyrimnerd1164 karma

If you had to give up weed or music which would it be?

Here_Comes_The_King2309 karma

weed but that aint happenn

sozettaslow11135 karma

How did the guys from Epic Rap Battles of History convince you to come rap as Moses?

Here_Comes_The_King1615 karma

Those r my guys! intro by my guy Slicc Nicc to Nice Peter n Epic Lloyd

_eleven1110 karma

How do you feel about this dog breed?

Here_Comes_The_King2224 karma

wut u kno bout me n jenna?

Cnofear141074 karma

Snoop, What do you think of Kendrick? Is he the future of west coast rap?

Here_Comes_The_King1988 karma

kendrick hard

MickeyRooneyy1043 karma

I'm a huge fan! I just watched your movie the other day and I must say, I respect you and your decision!

Is there ever a moment where you miss the rap game? (Minus the violence)

What do you think about rap nowadays compared to the rap game back in the 90s?

Here_Comes_The_King2009 karma

I think its beautiful 2day! Tha new breed show respect to tha old skool n allota of em incorporate tha OGs in to their style. Tha rap game is always gonna move forward. we can't hold on to the past we gotta just keep tha message going .

thatmanonthemoon1019 karma

What is your favorite weed strain?

Here_Comes_The_King1894 karma


ohitsmika961 karma

Snoop! iPhone or Android?

Here_Comes_The_King3173 karma

i got both. im rich

exitPT959 karma

Are you excited to go Portugal this summer ?

Here_Comes_The_King1697 karma

always look frwd to seeing tha world

PrivateCaller33944 karma

Who could smoke more, tupac or biggie?

Here_Comes_The_King1734 karma

they could both smoke heavy

Toon299937 karma

Will you ever change your persona back to Snoop Dogg?

Here_Comes_The_King1868 karma

ill always be tha dogg

trousersaber908 karma

what's your favorite place on earth?

Here_Comes_The_King2593 karma


Passthecheese888 karma

Hey Snoop how did you like performing with Charlie Wilson last night at the BET Awards? I thought it was the best of the night, those dance moves were killer

Here_Comes_The_King1352 karma

it was awesome. had 2 doit bigg for my unc!!

Tictacjo737 karma

Would you ever consizzle writing a dictionizzle on the languizzle of the Snoop D-O double gizzle ?

Here_Comes_The_King1319 karma


Here_Comes_The_King717 karma

4 Those of you who stucc around here is my special AMA video response!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8fAfeBGmYQ

Here_Comes_The_King299 karma

Its been pleasure!! Good night n god bless! ubitchu

lilylady704 karma

Snoop, I'm due to have twin daughters any day now. What do you think I should name them?

Here_Comes_The_King2207 karma

snoop & dre

buffalopantry659 karma

What's your favorite animal?

Here_Comes_The_King1927 karma

doggs. lions. walruseses.

msibes08642 karma

Snoop, did you smoke up with Will Ferrell and the cast of Old School?

Here_Comes_The_King1226 karma

yes n vince n the rest of tha crew

mrsnakers607 karma

Do you want to adopt a kitten?

joshrkc586 karma

Have you ever considered putting out an album under the persona of Snoop Logg, an album with your 2 different music styles?

Here_Comes_The_King948 karma

no but i like it

artteacherthailand578 karma

Snoop, if there was one aspect of old school rap that you could bring back, what would it be?

Here_Comes_The_King1646 karma

Tha scratch

OnyxOak505 karma


Here_Comes_The_King1117 karma

I think that its bout time! now tha rest of tha world need to catch up

HiddenTroll477 karma

Come to British Columbia we got the best ganja in Canada!

Here_Comes_The_King1125 karma

got nuthing on Cali! Ive tested it

rosstamonsta465 karma

I've always loved you and Pharrell together. Any chance of you 2 doing another collab? Please say yes!

Here_Comes_The_King965 karma

wat were u doin yesterday??

Here_Comes_The_King401 karma

Who should my next collab be wit??

shitonthecarpeting286 karma

I loved your last ama neffew. Big wrestling and Soap Opera fan. Great to see you associated with One Life To Live.

Here_Comes_The_King563 karma

What could be better than an afternoon wit wrestling n Soaps n a zip

6jesus6christ6269 karma

What do you think of the UK snoop

Here_Comes_The_King1218 karma

luv yall !! cheerio!!

PunishableByLegos266 karma

Best life advice?

Here_Comes_The_King889 karma

aint nothn 2 it but 2 doit!!!

ZipZopZip244 karma

Snoop, would you ever do a track with Lil B The Basedgod and/or would you let him fuck your bitch?

Here_Comes_The_King459 karma

Based God. I fux wit lil B!

MoistCupcake163 karma

Uncle snoop, my girlfriend and I have a theory maybe you are a prophet sent by Ggod. What do you think?

Here_Comes_The_King289 karma

i like that

MrPennywise141 karma

If everyone were a little more like snoop the world would be a better place.

Here_Comes_The_King302 karma

Im gonna turn that into a song !!!

Bobbarkersmicrophone119 karma

Yo Snoop ! I just saw that video that was posted on youtube about the family fun day you had with the Snoop Football League. Just wanted to give you an immense amount of props on that, what you're doing for those kids is awesome.

Also, what is it like to get interviewed by Nardwuar ?

Here_Comes_The_King266 karma

Chuuuch Nardwuar is a g! One of the best interviews in tha game! does his research

DanIsTheMan23107 karma

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Here_Comes_The_King337 karma

smacc a

Lunchbox_Radio101 karma

Yo Snoop! Whatd all you do today?

Here_Comes_The_King252 karma


theodore21432 karma

How was Miley Cyrus? How many blunts did she smoke with you?

Smuffler19 karma

Snoop, do you forgive Paula Deen?

Here_Comes_The_King36 karma

oh wow paula deen. she should used tha AZ defense.

Brooktree16 karma

Hey man I really dont want much in this life, but I would love it if you said "Hi" to me.

Here_Comes_The_King40 karma