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antonio9899131 karma

would you ever do a 4 way with a one girl and all you guys together?

simplepickup3375 karma




edit: Not down. -Kong

sangrealEU126 karma

How do you pick up teenager girls? It's a whole different world.

simplepickup3300 karma

If by "whole different world" you mean WAY easier.

Teenage girls are impressed easily. Teenage boys are mostly awkward and shy and have absolutely no balls whatsoever.

If you separate yourself from the awkward sea of teenage guys out there, you'll get laid. A lot.

Remember. Wear a condom.


grumbleofpugs611 karma

Plot twist: that was a 30 year old man you just gave advice to.

simplepickup363 karma


PiracyIris115 karma

What do you guys think of /r/noFap?

bubblecoffee127 karma

basically they all tried it when they weren't getting laid and it gave them the extra boost to get laid because they were so horny. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVjcRSeQsr0

simplepickup3176 karma


welmoe105 karma

Do girls ever recognize you guys as "those pickup guys on youtube"?

simplepickup3182 karma

It happens occasionally. The funny thing is, the girls are actually MORE down after they find out. You'd think the opposite because it would seem like a turn-off to girls. But they find it intriguing.


simplepickup32 karma

Yes, and it's usually a good thing


Kristjan133798 karma

Why have you stopped posting videos frequently?

simplepickup3102 karma

The three of us currently do:

1) Weekly content for Project GO (podcast, uncut video, QA and live streams) 2) Weekly articles on our main site. 3) Simple 30 4) Youtube

That is a LOT of weekly content. We are simply do not have the manpower to get everything done.

HOWEVER, we are dedicating this summer to making a ton of youtube videos. Stay tuned.


thatwabba97 karma

What happened after 'How To Win A Girl's Heart' video? Did you guys really get laid?

simplepickup3137 karma

Unfortunately we cannot go into details because of legal reasons. But I will say this:

Whatever you "think" happened, happened. :)


mariafrolov91 karma

i am such a huge fan of this channel because it's funny yet still genuine. Being that I am a female, what do you think is the best advice you can give a girl on picking up guys???

simplepickup3259 karma

That's a tough one. The male brain is wired completely differently when it comes to attraction. But generally, I think guys like it when girls are really outgoing and confident in themselves (but not so confident that the guy feels inferior).

Also, summer dresses are always a huge plus.


bada121190 karma

Worst rejection you've heard? Who gets rejected most?

Any sting extra hard? Thanks SP, love you guys. And update your Youtube more often! ;)

simplepickup3244 karma

One time a girl started blowing me and decided halfway through that she didn’t want to anymore. Maybe my balls stank. That was definitely my worst rejection.


hobo125684 karma

Do you guys ever date any of the girls in the videos?

simplepickup397 karma


If you're subscribed to Project GO, you would know who :)


09killer76 karma

(Anyone of you ) Have you gotten shit on your dick while doing anal?

simplepickup3279 karma

Yes. It was painful because every time I would pump, the piece of rock-hard shit would scrape my spongey cock head. I finally pulled out and saw a nugget the size of a penny stuck to my dick.

But that hasn't stopped me from further exploration of anal cavities. -Jason

ruinX4o874 karma

Where do you guys see yourselves in 5 years?

simplepickup3135 karma

Hopefully running a very huge nonprofit (I'm starting that project now).


benderodriguez73 karma

Was there any moment, like an epiphany, where you guys just realized that talking to women and flirting was not a big deal or was it a slow gradual change in personality?

simplepickup3228 karma

Overall it was a gradual change, but there are key moments that really made things click for me.

One of the biggest ones was when I started what I call "machine gun approaching" where I just talk to every single girl that walks by, no matter how hot they are. It took my game to a new level and made me stop giving a shit about rejection. It was also the first time I experienced god mode.


Burnaby36161 karma

What do you guys think about long distance relationships?

simplepickup3171 karma

They don't work.


PrimeAthlete60 karma

Does Kong shit on girls titties?

simplepickup3124 karma

Occasionally... -Kong

phoenix78156 karma

what ethnicity is jason? is he part asian? ive always wondered this...

simplepickup3123 karma

Half Japanese, half various white ethnicities


Colinsanity55 karma

Whats the best way to reach God Mode? And how to easily overcome fear and have fun?

simplepickup3109 karma

The best way to reach God Mode is to approach as many women as possible in as short of a time as possible. That can even mean just saying "hi" to 10 girls in a row and nothing else.


S00874769134 karma

Wrong! God Mode is achieved through bath salts.

simplepickup3104 karma

That too.


TheWorstNocturne54 karma

What are your opinions on hardcore shemale hentai?

simplepickup3200 karma

I watch it every morning.


bubbleteabear53 karma

What were your original majors in college and how did you guys meet?

simplepickup395 karma

Jesse and I met on an pickup forum (similar to the one we have now: http://simplepickup.com/forum). Jason and Jesse met in history class because Jason was trying to cheat off of Jesse.

Majors are: Kong - Business Administration / Entrepreneurship Jesse - Business Administration / Marketing Jason - Psychology


jesseheisenberg52 karma


LyingPervert43 karma


Young2live25 karma

From seeing all the of them i would agree Kong is the best overall.

simplepickup3512 karma

Jesse is the best and gets laid the most.


Baemzs47 karma

I'm always running out of stuff to say when talking to girls which is totally awkward. What can I do about it?

simplepickup3109 karma

Start saying ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that comes to mind. Even if it makes absolutely no sense. After a while of doing this, your brain learns to spout words at the drop of a hat. It takes practice but eventually you will never run out of things to say.


ImpromptuHF47 karma

Hey guys, I was at the Casino recently, and met a girl that was a complete 10. I ballsed up, and started talking to her, and her friend! It was insanely hard to occupy both of them, once the other friend shut the hell up I started talking to "Jessee" Jessee, and I hit it off. When we started making out about 20 minutes later. When ever I had to leave I found out from the other friend when I asked for her number, the "Jessee" has a boyfriend, no not a boyfriend, a fiance. Yeah, a fiance! Too bad. I walked off and stated hitting on other girls! Got a few numbers. The reason I wrote all this is to say! YOU GUYS CHANGED MY LIFE!!!! I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER! <3

simplepickup361 karma

Love you too


PartyMartyCR45 karma

Is Jesse really the man whore of the group? He seems like the man whore.

simplepickup3114 karma

Yes. -Jesse

lehalabr39 karma

Do you look down on insecure people?

simplepickup3105 karma

Of course not. Everyone is insecure in their own way. No one is perfect and anyone who tells you otherwise is full of shit.

Being insecure about things is just a part of life. There are things you can do to be more secure, and that's what you should strive for. -Jesse

tp9311a36 karma

How often do you guys perform group sex with each other?

simplepickup378 karma


Joethemoe35 karma

were you 3 guys ever in love?

simplepickup356 karma

Yes, all three of us have been.

svdcxz34 karma

Simple Pickup how do you guys handle confrontations, such as a amog, or someone from a mixed group wants to fight you?

simplepickup3113 karma

"Hey dude, you got some white stuff on the corner of your mouth. What is that?"

That line has tooled so many guys that try to fuck with me it's not even funny.


melancholyx332 karma

everyone's penis size?

simplepickup3114 karma


Chesto32 karma

What's the most ridiculous or outrageous thing the three of you have said or done to a girl (in a cold approach), and got a positive response?

simplepickup3143 karma

"Does this napkin smell like chloroform to you?"


vuxox30 karma

I live at parents house, where to get laid?

simplepickup381 karma

Go to her house.


themattbu27 karma

who do you think is the smoothest 'pickup-er' out of you guys?

thanks and love the show.

simplepickup382 karma

Kong is probably the "smoothest," but that doesn't necessarily mean he gets laid the most :)


mackowski27 karma

Have you guys ever kissed eachother?

Also do you guys have a routine to avoid falling into old habits?

simplepickup371 karma

We kiss each other all the time.


BaconConsumer27 karma

I've had sex numerous times because of you, guys. I just wanted to say thanks.

So, thanks.

simplepickup3156 karma

You're welcome. Next time you get laid, think of me. Inside you.


mariosnacks26 karma

How has creating the simplepickup changed your lives?

simplepickup340 karma

Yes, drastically. I'm almost afraid to think about where I would be without it.


MOTULDE25 karma

What is the biggest thing a guy can do to step up his game? ( From being terrible and barely approaching to actually going out there and getting results)

simplepickup365 karma

Stop sitting inside your house all day. There is an entire world out there that you can explore. Nothing will come out of you sitting inside all the time.


dashaaa24 karma

Hey guys.

On your 'Top 10 Mistakes Guys Make on a 1st Date' list, you list 'not being yourself' as a reason.

Now, many other pickup artists say that being 'yourself' is a problem, because that same 'self' was the reason to your lack of success with women in the first place, because your personality was either bad, boring, lame or whatever.

What should a dude do here?

simplepickup380 karma

Basically, you need to embrace the parts of you that you're not embracing.

For example, I am an introvert. I never truly embraced this until I was an adult. And when I did, I realized that it was OK to be an introvert. In fact, it was a huge plus in many situations.

Obviously there are things about you that you SHOULD change. If you're overweight, fix that because it's dangerous. If you're shy, fix that because shy-ness doesn't get you anywhere.

But certain qualities aren't meant to be changed and should be embraced. It's fairly common sense to figure out what those are.


vishyG23 karma

What triggered your journeys to become beasts?

P.S. I <3 you guys.

simplepickup3112 karma

For me, it was the fact that I had horrible social anxiety. It was so bad that I couldn't even look people in the eye or even go to the grocery store.

And I didn't want to take any medications, so I started exploring other ways of "curing" my anxiety.

Cold approaching women literally was the ONLY answer I found that worked. It fucking cured my horrible panic attacks and anxiety. This is one of the main reasons I'm so passionate about others learning this stuff.


NikosDimitriou23 karma

Do you guys sometimes doubt yourselves?

simplepickup365 karma

Always. Who doesn't? What sets apart the winners and losers is how you handle it when it happens.


briexeu23 karma


simplepickup355 karma

I'm proud of you. Losing weight is a huge life milestone and you fucking did it. Good job.

The first thing I'd do is just start being more social in general. Enjoy your new body and start meeting people.


Qirks23 karma

How do I get rid of the hair on my ass??

simplepickup390 karma

You don't.


LearningJJ23 karma

Did you guys ever get hustled in Asia? I heard many stories of young girls hustling foreigners in shady restaurant/bars/clubs.

simplepickup375 karma

Nothing crazy. The one time I remember it happening is when we bought noodles from a street vendor for ~50 cents US and the next day, he jacked it up to $1.00 US. We just laughed and paid him anyway.


JakeMoButter21 karma

How do you react when you see a girl who has already rejected you? I mean like when you see her and she sees you at a mall or a library or bar or something. do you ignore her and walk past her? or do you try again and hit on her?

simplepickup342 karma

It depends on the rejection. Was she angry? Or was she still smiling?

If a girl doesn't like you - there's absolutely no point doing anything. Just ignore.

But if she rejected you in a somewhat playful way, then of course keep talking to her.


bigsterbb19 karma

You guys have any advice for people who are little over weighted? I'm little over weighted and because of it I feel like girls wouldn't like me! How do i over come that?

simplepickup362 karma

Doesn't matter. I have a friend who is almost 300 pounds and still gets laid like a boss.

If it bothers you that much, lose the weight. It's better for your health anyway.


Yokeylos19 karma

what the hell happened to bones??

simplepickup362 karma

Ate him.


Braedenn18 karma

Hey guys, big fan of your success, congratulations.

2 questions.

  1. I have huge AA, how do I get over that?
  2. What hobbies would you guys suggest for meeting new people?

simplepickup356 karma

1) Stop being a pussy. Life isn't going to wait for you. Time passes no matter what. The question is - what will you do with that time? 2) Yoga. OMG YOGA GIRLSDLSKAJDSL;KFJA;S


katharsys87618 karma

How would you suggest for me to pickup girls at bars/clubs/etc when im living with my parents, and cant afford to move out

simplepickup332 karma

When you live at home with your parents, you just need to improvise. When I lived at home I would hook up with girls in my car, parks, etc.

If you really want something you'll figure out a way to do it. Also, you could always go back to her place.


jabinx9217 karma


simplepickup343 karma

It depends. I think it's good in the sense that it exposes people to sex and moves people toward the idea that it shouldn't be a big deal.

However, it's bad because now people watch it too much. They might get addicted to it or they might get the wrong idea of what sex is supposed to be.

As with everything, it's good in moderation.


zonkedforlife16 karma

Have any of you guys ever received a girls number when their father was right there?

simplepickup340 karma

Yes, I have. You have to do something like that tastefully, otherwise it can go sour very fast.

If you come across as genuine and safe, you shouldn't run into trouble.


terpderpduh15 karma

I attend an all-women's college and have used some of your tricks! Thank you. How have your families reacted to what you guys do and your successful youtube channel?

simplepickup346 karma

Are you female? I don't get it. You attend an all-women's college and use our methods to pick up girls? HOW DID YOU GET IN?


mokevoke14 karma

hi, you said you were motivated because of your high anxiety and inability to make eye contact; so I know you know how crippling anxiety can be; My question is did you have any special way or thought process to make that leap from that crippling anxiety stage to the stage where you were cold approaching people in the street?

simplepickup3117 karma

Getting good at socializing with random people transcends ALL aspects of your life. If you ACTUALLY do it, it can be a "magic-pill" (in a sense). For those of you who are doing it - good fucking job. Keep pushing yourself to the absolute limit every time you go out. It will pay off.

But the truth is a LARGE portion of people will not do anything. That is the nature of people; a portion will take action while the rest will jerk off and squirt yogurt into their shower drains instead. They will make up excuses that they deep down KNOW are invalid, yet they will defend them to the bitter end. Are you in this category? Have you been putting bullshit limitations on yourself? Do you rationalize your negative actions with excuse after excuse?

Then there's another group of people that WILL do something.... eventually. This is also a shitty group to be in. They rationalize and tell themselves that ONE DAY they will be amazing. ONE DAY they will talk to a random girl. ONE DAY... blah blah. That day might actually eventually come.. but the time wasted leading up to it is depressing as fuck.

A trait that a lot of the world's most successful people have is a fast "speed of implementation". This means when they learn something they implement it IMMEDIATELY. The faster you execute things you learn the more quickly you adapt, and evolve your ideas and yourself ...and the faster you will reach your goals. The people who have the "one day.." mentality will still progress at a snails pace when they've reached that "one day". This is because they've trained their mind to slowly integrate new ideas into their life.

Replace "one day" with "FUCKING NOW".

So to answer your question, how did i make that "leap" it's quite simple:

Once people become aware of something it can propel them to change. So the fact that I'm telling you that a LOT of people won't do anything will be enough for many of of you to actually take action. It's a weird but effective truth.

When I realized that most people didn't do shit with their lives, I made it my fucking MISSION to not be part of that crowd.


kenyuhhh12 karma

That girl you actually called back from the "Getting Pantsed" video..... have any of you guys slept with her?

simplepickup330 karma


juan50638212 karma

How do you get a girl that thinks you'll break her heart. Because I already asked her out and the reason was she ddidn't know me and she didn't want her heart broken. Help????

simplepickup361 karma

DO NOT LEAD GIRLS ON. I feel so bad for girls that are afraid to have fun because they don't want their "heart broken". You need to let them know your intentions up front.

So if your intentions are to only have sex with her, make sure she knows it. If she's not interested and is too worried about having her heart broken, then leave her alone and don't break her damn heart.


tquiz11 karma

Which episode was the most fun for you guys?

simplepickup327 karma

Probably the Batman episode.


Peita11 karma

Jason, what's ur haircut style name?

simplepickup345 karma

Gay boy.


Androide45610 karma

Does kong still ocasionally play starcraft 2 for fun ? :)

simplepickup321 karma

Yes. -Kong

xxaeroskillsxx10 karma

guys does it matter if you have a hairy butt hole?

simplepickup338 karma

Jesse has a very hairy butthole and girls keep coming back for more. So no, it doesn't matter.


isjocund10 karma

Love your videos, have followed you from back in the CC days, though don't think we ever met. Help me on this RECURRING LIMITING BELIEF. Just turned 40, salt n pepper hair, the whole deal. I'm fairly successful though changing careers and at times challenging health throws me for a loop. Usually prefer girls 10+ years my younger, and have had periodic success. But the belief keeps creeping back..I'm being creepy...they so young...I'm old...I'm blah. HOW CAN I CRUSH THIS RECURRING LIMITING BELIEF ONCE AND FOR ALL?!!? Thanks guys, look fwd to more vids

simplepickup312 karma

I've met so many older guys with smoking hot, younger women. That's just the truth.

There are a TON of older guys out there living the bachelor life and banging girls in their 20s. The fact that this is happening on this planet should be enough validation for you .

And, wow casanova crew days? You've been around the scene for a while :)


Tysaaan9 karma

Hi Simple Pickup! I want to use some of your moves at hot girls at my school, but I'm afraid to do it because I see them everyday. What should I do? Thanks!

simplepickup320 karma

If you're in school, simply just be social with her. You don't need to do any 'moves' on her, just talk to her. Be confident, talk with purpose and you'll be fine.


foxx30598 karma

am an Indian and this is my question to the Indian dude, can brown guys pick up asian girls?? and what about other girls?? i heard brown guys are total turn off in foreign countries esp. USA

simplepickup329 karma

Dude... Jesse is brown.


coorky8 karma

Hey you guys, just wondering what each of your favorite pick ups were from your videos.

simplepickup37 karma

My favorite was the embarrassing items video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqV-c_npeJ4). That was the most fun to film and also the hardest because we kept laughing so hard as we pulled out the props.

If you watch the part where the girl sniffs the anal beads, you can see Jesse desperately trying to not laugh.


Russell_Burnham7 karma

Taking action. How did you guys suddenly decide to get off your ass and make youtube videos? I've been researching the ideas of "motivation" but I still can't do day game even though I want to... Day game, going out and applying for jobs, etc. all can't be achieved by the simple phrases "Go" or "Just do it".

simplepickup313 karma

You make it a habit and force yourself to do it EVERY DAY NO MATTER WHAT. It will be painful (mentally) for the first 2-3 weeks but after that, it will become a part of you.

Russell_Burnham6 karma

Does that mean going out solo if I can't find anyone?

simplepickup38 karma


mmike247 karma

I have been watching you guys for over a year now (on youtube and simplepickup.com), and have been going out consistently since then. in fact in the past month i have gone with friends to the mall 5 days a week and have talked to at least 3-4 girls a day. just doing that immensely changed my game. after the first three weeks, all that time and dedication finally paid off when i met someone i was genuinely attracted to(we've been going out for a week and i plan on fucking her within the next couple days). anyway i just wanted to thank you guys for doing what u do, because you truly inspired me and motivated me to just go out there not give a fuck and just have fun. Thanks! and keeps up the great work.

simplepickup316 karma

I love reading stuff like this. It gives me a mind-boner.

Awesome job, dude.


AMA_Questions7 karma

1) Do you listen to music before you pickup girls? If so, what songs/artists?

2) Funniest pickup story?

simplepickup338 karma

1) I listen to music as I'm showering/getting ready to go out, usually some crazy electro artist like Skrillex or Zomboy

2) I went on a date recently and kind of forgot what the girl looked like. I saw her at the bar waiting for me and so I started talking to her. 5 minutes in, I realized that this wasn't the girl so I asked her "who are you waiting for?" She says "you're Ted right?" I kid you not... at that very moment, her real date walks in looking very confused and we all just stood there awkwardly.


fireinyoureyes7 karma


simplepickup320 karma

ANYWHERE there are girls. If you are in a public place and there are females around, then that's a good place to pick-up girls.

Waiting for the 'perfect conditions' is what leads to failure in this whole thing.

martijndelange7 karma

You guys have done a lot of videos about talking to girls, but how do you get the kiss with only dancing?

simplepickup328 karma

There are a lot of ways, and we go through them all in Project GO but here's one technique that most guys don't know: bite her neck. It will turn her on like crazy and kisses will be very easy after that.


kbhatt20066 karma

your tricks does not work in India Sadly :(

simplepickup317 karma

They do. I've received hundreds of messages from guys in India saying this works there. They do say they have to modify certain things because of the cultural difference - but the overall principles do work in India.


adissaddd5 karma

Do you guys hit on girls absolutely anywhere, or are there certain places where you don't think it's a great place to hit on a girl (e.g. a semi-crowded bus)?

simplepickup310 karma

The only place where it's inappropriate to hit on girls is at an elementary school. Everywhere else is fair game.


Young2live13 karma

so middle school is fair game?

simplepickup38 karma



alpha_fence15 karma

What is the "Rejection" to "Win" ratio, roughly?..

I already know about rejection, but just move on and don't make a deal about it.

simplepickup38 karma

Uhhh.. Hm.

Rejection:Win varies so much, but i'd say it averages to about 10:1

A win being a date at the very least.


trippler7865 karma

Any advice on picking up girls at the gym?

lui5breu5 karma

do girls like hair penis?

simplepickup335 karma


lesreign5 karma

Jesse (my Indian brother!!!), Kong, Jesse:

I'm on a dating website. I think I'm good looking, well-educated, and have a pretty easy to get along with personality. I've been told by a few female users that my profile is really funny. I get a fair amount of views and messages from women. However, I'm usually not interested in the women that message me. Of the women I do message, almost none respond. Yes, I'm picky, but I feel that I shouldn't settle. How can I increase my chances that women will respond to my messages? My messages are usually funny and somewhat nice, but this obviously isn't working. HELP!

simplepickup326 karma

Stop doing online dating. It attracts a large amount of crazy women (trust me, I've been there).

Get out there and talk to women in real life. You'll get a better gauge of their personality.

Sure, they might still turn out to be crazy, but after a while you develop a natural filtering system.


EclipsingVoid4 karma

How would you guys recommend asking a girl at my work out? I work in a restaurant and there is always people around that I work with all the time and there never seems to be any time alone. Should I just stop being a bitch and do it?

simplepickup38 karma

Yes. -Jason

NoahFence4 karma

When you are getting girls' numbers for a video, how often do you actually call them?

simplepickup34 karma

We usually don't call girls back that we meet for YouTube videos.

But we almost always call the girls back that we meet for Project Go.


petros854 karma

hi guys.. during the time you produce these videos. did any of you have a serious relationship? i mean, its pretty good to fuck girls every night but dont you want to have something more stable ?

simplepickup318 karma

Yes, we've all been in serious relationships and may or may not be in them right now.

I feel like everyone goes through phases. At first you just want to go out and have sex with as many women as possible. But once that gets old you start realizing that certain things make you happy.

I believe that every guy should go through these 'phases'. Otherwise, they'll always think back to what they missed out on or they'll "settle" for a girl that they're not really supposed to be with.

aykevin4 karma

hi Jason, Jesse and Kong. I have a few questions..

what course they did at college?

what is your favourite race of girls?

have you had a 3some with each other? or just a 3some

what do you guys do for a living and does simplepickup earn you enough money?

when was the last time u guys had a gf?

simplepickup31 karma

Too many questions... I'll answer the second to last one.

We do Simple Pickup full time.


VeryGenErich3 karma

What is the weirdest sexual experience you've had? You are gods among men.

simplepickup39 karma

When a girl poured some water in her mouth and then spit it into mine and told me to swallow it. This was while we were having sex.


YourNotMyDad3 karma

Whats the most messed up thing a girl asked you to do during sex. (any of you)

simplepickup34 karma

Slap her face multiple times REALLY hard.


KalJohal3 karma

Who has went the longest without sex?

simplepickup35 karma

We've all had dry spells. These usually last a few weeks or even a month. And it usually happens when we are extremely busy with work-related stuff.

But after a few weeks of a 'dry spell' something clicks in my brain and i HAVE to get laid. So I go out and make that happen.


jbazen152 karma

hey would kong suck a russian cock for 1 mil usd?

simplepickup35 karma

Dude are you kidding me? Of course.