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Thanks everyone for making this a real good wholesome time. Looking forward to the next one.

Hey, one last thing, it seemed like it would cool to do another AMA but with one of the real drug dealers that I've met. Stand by, I'll try and make it happen.

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countdamoney209 karma

Did Sasha Grey help ease any fear you might have had of onscreen nudity? It must be easy to show your ass when she's shown most of her digestive tract.

adriangrenierAMA217 karma

Wow, that's, well, wow. What a question.

adriangrenierAMA183 karma

I need a second to process that visual.

adriangrenierAMA192 karma

Hey, can you guys start voting up some questions so I know what to answer.

eztarget896113 karma

can you and james cameron get the real aquaman movie going?

adriangrenierAMA215 karma

Seriously, come on James, get out of your submarine and let's do this.

TheSkookumchuck106 karma

How many of the actresses on Entourage were you actually having sex with on camera?

adriangrenierAMA239 karma

Unfortunately not enough, as in none. Sex scenes are awkward as hell. Although when we shot the Billy Walsh directing porn scene, the background actors were actually porn actors and they didn't realize that we weren't in a porn, so they were really going for it. I guess it was their big moment to be seen by a legitimate HBO audience. HAHA.

RonSwansonsMo57 karma

Does HBO have a prerequisite number of breasts that need to be shown per season?

Ex: Game of Thrones shows at least one topless woman an episode until about episode 7. Then they fill ep. 7 with at least 4 women, then no breasts the rest of the season.

EDIT: The HBO Original Series Trend Index is gonna happen.

EDIT 2: Alright, as promised - Season 1 of The HBO Original Series Trend Index.

adriangrenierAMA125 karma

You should do a scientific study and release the info-graphic. I'd be interested to see the results.

AtheistComic63 karma


adriangrenierAMA114 karma

And is there anyway to modify search to exclude the penis stats?

adriangrenierAMA90 karma

Ok, this is why reddit rules. Is there anything that can be thought that hasn't already been thought and DONE!

hellherecomesme93 karma

Did you get to eat any of the grilled cheeses made on set of The Devil Wears Prada? There's like eight dollars of Jarlsberg in there!

adriangrenierAMA91 karma

Don't make me hungry, I'm trying to get fit.

vanni_86 karma

What happened to your role in Martin Scorsese's Gatsby? 'Wikileaks' Entourage movie script didn't mention if Billie Walsh is in. Can you confirm is presence? My Regards to Drama.

adriangrenierAMA116 karma

Is this real life?

adriangrenierAMA106 karma

Drama says what's up.

thundernutz79 karma

Do you guys smoke real weed on set?

adriangrenierAMA144 karma

If we did, we would never get anything done.

scullen1974 karma

Hey Adrian, huge entourage fan. Just wondering if you had any updates you could give us on the movie? 8 seasons was not enough!

adriangrenierAMA150 karma

Thanks. I agree. Could've done 20...I think the movie will happen. It's just a matter of when. But don't worry everyone is in.

jkamin63 karma

Who was your favorite guest star on Entourage?

adriangrenierAMA157 karma

Dennis Hopper.

adriangrenierAMA139 karma


adriangrenierAMA137 karma

Dennis Hopper. R.I.P.

jkamin56 karma

Were there any movies that were made in Entourage that you wish you were actually a part of?

adriangrenierAMA111 karma

Can I say all of them? Man, to have a career like Vince...I think I'll start at Queens Blvd. Always loved to support the indies.

UltimateRealist38 karma

Aquaman would have been a tough sell though. Even with James Cameron directing. Although you did look snazzy as you headed for that tsunami...

adriangrenierAMA63 karma

i think Aquaman is the only super hero movie not yet made. Who knows, maybe...

GiovanniFalcone55 karma

Sup Adrian, what are your views on the current NSA scandal?

adriangrenierAMA144 karma

I think it's dangerous when the government is doing this kind of stuff without oversight. But the real problem is that they are storing that data. So today it may be innocent and for our better good, but if there is some shift in power, and someone who is not as scrupulous decides to use that information for whatever, then we have a major problem. Remember power corrupts, so we must constantly limit the power of government.

ZePolak54 karma

Is Gary Busey as crazy and whacked out in real life as he is on the screen?

adriangrenierAMA102 karma

He's certainly eccentric. I don't think you can fake that kind of out there.

titikakalake53 karma

What was your favorite memory from the Entourage set?

adriangrenierAMA125 karma

I think it would have to be when Mark took us all to Vegas for crash course in how to be in an Entourage. That wasn't on set, but made a difference.

kirz53 karma

Were you happy with the finale to Entourage? What about it would you have changed?

adriangrenierAMA115 karma

I don't know. It was bitter sweet. I liked it story wise, but was sad it was over. I don't know about getting married. That was left field.

ImproperGrammarMan34 karma

Did you feel like it was out of character for Vince?

adriangrenierAMA97 karma

Just really meant that it was over. The party was over.

edmINedm50 karma

Favorite entourage moment

adriangrenierAMA151 karma

Getting the part. My manager called me and addressed me as Vince. That's when I knew. It was pretty fucking amazing. I had no idea what was in store.

Danthe92s46 karma

Just wanted to say thanks for being super cool and hanging out and jamming a bit with me and my friends when you came to University of Illinois a while back. We still talk about that night all the time, it's one of our best college memories. What does someone have to do to record one of those Wreckroom Sessions? I really love those. Keep up all the great work.

adriangrenierAMA57 karma

Hey! Cool. Good to 'see' you. That was fun. The problem with touring is you always end up hanging with cool cats and then never again. I had fun.

TBidness41 karma

Adrian, I remember seeing 'Shot in the Dark' on HBO. I'm curious if you've maintained a relationship with your father since the initial meeting?

adriangrenierAMA63 karma

I have. Gonna call him today in fact.

adriangrenierAMA38 karma

Hey everyone. I'm gonna have to get going. I will answer 3 more questions.

sballo32 karma

What was it like working with Kid Cudi on Goodbye World? and Any idea when we might get to see the movie?

adriangrenierAMA55 karma

Cudi is the man. Love his music. But I was shocked, the kid can act too.

baste_god31 karma

Who was the funniest on the set of Entourage? I can't imagine keeping a straight face during some of Drama's lines or Ari's rants.

adriangrenierAMA71 karma

That's a tough one. Kevin Dillon. I'm an only child, so he gave me a crash course in brotherly love. Yea, I mean tough love.

BeerIsMyFriend31 karma

Hey Adrian, thanks for doing this.

You seem to enjoy having your hands in as many different aspects of the creative industry as you can (acting, producing, music mgmt, etc.).

So what aspect of the entertainment industry do you enjoy the most?

adriangrenierAMA57 karma

I feel lucky to live in a time with the internet. The fact that we can do this is incredible. It's a huge boon for creativity and independence. Give the people what they want, and what they want is on reddit. But it gives me an opportunity to share creative ideas without waiting for some suit to give me a job.

jichh27 karma

Might sound stupid, but in Entourage, I always liked how Vince dressed, like his t-shirts or henleys. Where could we get those.. ?

adriangrenierAMA58 karma

That is way beyond my expertise.

ridler8927 karma

Hi Adrian, big fan from germany here.

One question about your "entourage". I love Jerry Ferrara, is he really that cool as Turtle is? Are you still in contact with the guys?

adriangrenierAMA54 karma

Jerry is the coolest. Such a good guy. And yes, we are in contact. But we don't live together. ;)

TMulv25 karma

How similar is your life to the one you played on Entourage?

adriangrenierAMA47 karma

60/40 split.

adrian4ev14 karma

Which way?

adriangrenierAMA63 karma

I can't say or I might incriminate myself.

Nicky4Pin23 karma

Thanks for doing this Adrian.

How much of Entourage was done unscripted?

Jess Mancini being one of the primary examples. Everyone's reaction leads me to believe that part was not scripted.

adriangrenierAMA39 karma

Believe it or not, everything is scripted, Baring a few lines here and there...

-just-22 karma

Do you hate matt damon?

adriangrenierAMA51 karma

I hate no one. Matt's a great guy.

astoner0921 karma


adriangrenierAMA51 karma

It's actually kind of incredible how easily people will recognize me. It's immediate, like the split second their eyes reach my general space. Almost before even. That's the strange thing about it, it's as if Vince is in some subconscious part of their psyche. And then when they realize it's me all they want to do is grab me and hug it out. Strangest place that happened was in the bathroom while I was in the urinal, still handling my business.

vampyweeks20 karma

Your favorite entourage episode?

adriangrenierAMA39 karma

I don't know. Can never answer that. I always say the pilot, just cause it started it all. It was the freshest for us, so we were all high on the experience.

postpartydepression18 karma

I saw and thoroughly enjoyed Teenage Paparazzo, do you plan on making any more documentaries in the future?

adriangrenierAMA19 karma

Right now I"m focused on this one How To make Money Selling Drugs http://bit.ly/12BpvuU

But I'm always thinking about what's next.

kitkatkid17 karma

You seem to have successfully avoided going down the 'ego' route after Entourage (as im sure you could have had your pick of role) how have you managed to stay level headed?

adriangrenierAMA41 karma

I think the key was to never buy into the hype in the first place. Yes, my shit does stink. I assure you.

adriangrenierAMA37 karma

Do good work, create value. There is nothing else that is important.

austinmars15 karma

Hey Adrian, My name is Austin. Im 16 years old from New Jersey. I'm a huge fan. My question is, how did you get involved with Entourage (My favorite show of all time) and what advice would you give an aspiring actor? Thanks!

adriangrenierAMA65 karma

What's up buddy. Just remember, the world owes you nothing. You must build your life yourself. Keep working hard and don't look to hollywood to give you a shot. Make your shot. And if you are prepared and you find yourself in front of an opportunity, well then you have a chance at proving yourself and showing that your are prepared.

swolf12315 karma

Hey Adrian, i have a friend who pretends he is Vince in real life, its kind of ridiculous. He always quotes "Are you kidding me I am Queens Blvd." Any advice for him?

adriangrenierAMA95 karma

Clippers, never a full shave.

manucalvi14 karma

Hey adrian! What's your favorite weed strain? This is a very important question.

adriangrenierAMA63 karma

The green kind.

jkamin13 karma

How often do you go to Don Peppe's when you're back in NYC?

adriangrenierAMA20 karma

I went a while back with Doug, but not for a minute. Let's bug him for a reprise.

onlyhereforfantasy10 karma

You've heard enough questions about Entourage, just wanted to say thanks for Shot in the Dark. It doesn't hit everyone but those with personal experience in the matter it really hits hard. Any memorable encounters with people who were touched by the film? Thanks.

adriangrenierAMA16 karma

Hey, thanks for that. I'm so glad when people come up to me and want to talk about Shot In The dark. It was a deeply personal film and I find comfort in knowing that there are others that have similar experiences. I would say we all do in one way or another. But the film seems to bring people together and give them much needed perspective.

Bradysmellslike10 karma

What is Wreckroom?

adriangrenierAMA27 karma

It's a music incubator/label that I started in my basement. We develop unknown bands until they get known.

cameronroda10 karma

Entourage will always define the early part of your career, but what types of projects do you want to get involved in that differ from Entourage in the future?

adriangrenierAMA19 karma

I would like to do some more movies. Vince was very laid back, but I would like to be a more pro-active character.

vatchearabian10 karma

Teenage Paparazzo was EXCELLENT. Are you planning on directing more? You think you'll stick to docs, or also venture into narrative space? Thanks!

adriangrenierAMA13 karma

Thanks. I do have a couple films in the works. And they are narrative, so you are right on. I have a couple docs that I'm circling as well, but after Teenage Paparazzo, I need a break.

pppparf10 karma

what are your opinions on netflix and such? do you think they will ever truly replace traditional models?

adriangrenierAMA10 karma

I think they are certainly going to carve into the market share. I don't know about replace altogether, but are a force to recon with. Look at my film today. We are a hybrid 'day and date' release. So we come out on VOD and then in a week are in theaters. What you want, where you want it.

adriangrenierAMA14 karma

Question. Assuming you are going to see it, which you are right!?! Where do you think you will go see How To Make money selling drugs? On VOD or in theaters, or both?

vampyweeks10 karma

Do you like vampire weekend

adriangrenierAMA30 karma

I do. Do you?

vampyweeks10 karma

Favorite show?

adriangrenierAMA39 karma

I'm liking Girls right now. So well written.

Delboy24Irl9 karma

Hey Adrian, have you been to Ireland much and will you give me a shout next time so I can buy you a drink?

adriangrenierAMA25 karma

I have wanted to go so badly. I expect you to keep to your word.

ITGeekDad9 karma

Every time I see Billy Walsh in any other movies/tv shows, I can't help but be pissed off at him instantly. He was such a deuche in Entourage, but his passion and energy was incredible.

adriangrenierAMA11 karma

Anything for your vision. Gotta fight for it. Gotta be a douche sometimes. FOr the ART!

kirz9 karma

After producing How To Make Money Selling Drugs, what are your opinions on the war on drugs?

adriangrenierAMA16 karma

I have met so many amazing people who have been on both sides of the war. In fact this film is so fun and exciting, the visuals are incredible and we had unprecedented access to the DEA, helicopter shots and big cinematic scenes. So the one thing I learned is that I had been taking for granted that all drug dealers are evil. The war on drugs brainwashed me from a young age to be afraid, but really I think it's the war that is scary.

adriangrenierAMA11 karma

Also, we can have some levity while dealing with real issues.

vampyweeks9 karma

How awesome was Anne Hathaway and did you get to keep any of the clothes from the devil wears prada?

adriangrenierAMA19 karma

What a tremendous talent she is. How lucky to have worked with her. Kept no clothes, but i think all the fashiony ones were for girls.

adriangrenierAMA16 karma

What a tremendous talent she is. How lucky to have worked with her. Kept no clothes, but i think all the fashiony ones were for girls.

paul1009999 karma

What do you see yourself more as, an actor or a documentary maker?

adriangrenierAMA11 karma

I like to think I'm a good blend. And beside most of my docs I'm in anyway ;)

JD31NYC8 karma

What's your favorite Drama line?

adriangrenierAMA47 karma

TOo many.

Eric: We had breakup-sex, all right? Johnny Drama: Breakup-sex? Never heard of it. Eric: Yeah, I mean... you know... you have sex and... that's it - you say goodbye. Johnny Drama: [pauses to think] That's the only kinda sex I have.

Euxinus7 karma

What can we expect from the entourage movie?

adriangrenierAMA27 karma

That is a good question. And I can't wait to find out myself. I hear there's a new script. Calling my agent right after this.

bleonard6 karma

What is your favorite pizza place in NY? Also wanted to say thanks for a great tv show!

adriangrenierAMA15 karma

PIZZA!!! Great question. Speedy Romeos in bed stuy is my new jam.

adrian4ev6 karma

So how DO you make money selling drugs?

adriangrenierAMA19 karma

I never have. It's not worth the risk.

vampyweeks6 karma

Have you ever met ezra koenig?

adriangrenierAMA8 karma

No, never but saw them live.

adriangrenierAMA8 karma

Should get him in the wreckroom. Know him?

Noneska6 karma


adriangrenierAMA17 karma

I love it there. Give me a reason. I was actually discussing with someone about having a wreckroom showcase out there, and bring up a bunch of wreckroom bands... if you know anyone that can make it happen, give us a shout on facebook or something.

vladislaw3 karma

Hi Adrian ! How different did you find it working on the film Entourage rather than on the TV series ? I love your work.

adriangrenierAMA11 karma

Haven't done the film yet, but will be a much more truncated experience. Shoot in 8 weeks ( if not less) and done. Entourage was longer to shoot.

InitechConsultant2 karma

Adrian! If you could take a role in a film in the past decade, what would it be?

adriangrenierAMA9 karma

let me think about it.

ghellas_901 karma

what kind of hair product do you use?

adriangrenierAMA3 karma

Nothing in particular.

Randyh5241 karma

If the world turned Into a zombie/fungal apocalypse. What would be in your backpack to insure your survival and sanity?

adriangrenierAMA4 karma