Hi, I'd be happy to answer all your questions from the very heart of all the occupygezi incidents to help people understand and get true information.

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I don't have a question, I just want you to know that I respect you and all the other protestors tremendously. You're incredibly brave. Good luck to you all and stay safe.

senseofdarkhumor2 karma

Thank you, we need to hear that.

i_i_i_i______O-___9 karma

1) Are there groups that have attached themselves to the protest who don't want the same peaceful notions that you have expressed interest in?

2) What should legitimate protesters do to combat the hijacking of their cause?

senseofdarkhumor10 karma

1)No. Goverment wants it to stop this protest, and media is trying to show that there are that kind of groups, but expect a few little incident, different groups which has completely different ideology are protesting together and peacefuly.

2)People are trying to motivate and calm down each other against the police voilence and other provocations. Passive resistance should be continue. As long as we don't give up and chance our peaceful stand, goverment will have no choice expect to settle.

i_i_i_i______O-___1 karma

For your sake I hope the passive resistance works. I know when Occupy took place in the US, there were many groups with different proposals that were coming out simultaneously. Those hurt the movement because it didn't seem like a cohesive thing was happening. It also made it more difficult when trying to get people to embrace the overarching themes.

Good Luck.

senseofdarkhumor5 karma

This is exactly what is happening here right now. Only difference, all groups has one common feeling that: They are sick of repressive policies of the goverment. This keeps people together.

Here is a photo of a Turkish and Kurdish protesters together, you normally cannot see that in Turkey.


Ofcourse every group has different kind of demands but people are trying to keep it as a civil society movement (as it is in no small part)

Demands will be keep as fundamental civil rights and environmental sensitiveness.

Peach-o-matic6 karma

What was your worst experience?

senseofdarkhumor15 karma

I've seen a person lost his eye next to me by plastic bullet. It was brutal and too abrasive. But the worst part, he was doing nothing expect shouting slogans.

JediCapitalist5 karma

What is the minimum the government would have to do, to have the protesters peacefully and willingly dissipate?

senseofdarkhumor15 karma

A communique has been read by protesters which has 7 sections.

First and the most important demand is: Gezi Park will remain as it is.

Also we want police voilence to stop. Everyone who is responsible from this violence should resign. And we want democracy.

Otherwise, the protests will continue.

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got pics?

senseofdarkhumor1 karma

Also, here is another english collapse. You can see the sense of humor and intelligence of protesters. This would give the idea of protester's profile.


Alexander_the_What3 karma

Describe the conditions where you're all sleeping. How do you handle food, water, bathrooms?

senseofdarkhumor6 karma

People are sleeping in tents or on mats. Everyone who supporting ''occupygezi'' is sending or bringing food.

There are voluntary people ( who servemostly everyone) serves the food, clear the area etc. Money is not allowed in the park. Basically, it is a commune life.

Hotels allows people to use the bathrooms. There are also mobile toilets near the area. People mostly go home to have a shower and come back.

TheTablebanger3 karma

If you could speak right now to the world about the situation, what would you say?

senseofdarkhumor8 karma

To protest something peacefully is not illegal. But goverment is trying to show that there are groups of terrorist in this protest just to stop this with violence.

Don't belive media, follow social media, watch videos and help us to spread our voice.

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senseofdarkhumor12 karma

Actually, I use my real name twitter profile too. This is not an illegal protest, I will not behave like it is an illegal protest.

They can find me if they want. They internmented people for their twitter accounts, but they could do nothing. They arrested LAWYERS. Goverment is scared and dont know what to do, but i will not play by his rules as treating myself as a terrorist.

Thanks for your suggestion tho.

sicapat2 karma

what will be changed when all this is said and done?

senseofdarkhumor4 karma

For the first time of years, people realized that they have power to change things. They don't have to be afraid of goverment, police or media. If they are right, they just need to stay strong and as one.

That is something.

sicapat2 karma

positive energy and love

senseofdarkhumor4 karma

Thank you very much.


Why do you claim to be fighting for "democracy" when the president has been voted in with an overwhelming majority?

Do you believe he has been rigging the elections? Or are you simply angry that your parties haven't been able to put up much of an opposition?

senseofdarkhumor7 karma

Democracy is not just about the majority's choice. PM is acting and talking as he is just the PM of people who voted for him. This is unacceptable and this is simple not democracy.

Personally, I belive he did rig the elections. There are some proofs for it, but he manages ALL the media, and covered it easily.


While I agree the way he treats the media is worrisome to say the least, he is an elected official.

To draw a parallel to America this is similar to the tea party saying Obama is a dictator. I cannot take your protest seriously if you call a democratically elected Prime Minister a tyrant. Either way, this is his last term in office. He has become what any president becomes when they have been in office for to long, over confident.

What turkey needs is an organized opposition party. But these protests will most likely scare off the voter base that you need.

senseofdarkhumor2 karma

You are right in theory.

But, as a simple, tiny example, the trial didn't allow Gezi Park to be casted down. But goverment didn't listen to it, and tried to cast is down. 50 people were there, they have been attacked brutally by the police.


You are right, we need a powerful opposition party. But just that we don't have it doesn't mean that we accept this kind of treatment. Also, you can say that since we don't have it, people with good sense have to do something.

VjezzeVince2 karma

how long do you think it will go on before the streets are back to normal again?

senseofdarkhumor8 karma

Goverment suggested a ballot vote but it is unacceptable. Because, you cannot vote for the fundemental rights, you need to have it already.

I think, as long as they don't settle, people won't give up and it will last for weeks.

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Please get the crowd to sing from Les mis, it may just get into the news and help your cause.

senseofdarkhumor1 karma

I'll try:) Last night Klavierkunts played piano to protesters and police officers in the square. It was magical, we all cried. It was on the news, surprisingly.

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Do you see the state of the protests devolving into violent opposition to the AKP? Many observers would argue that Erdogan has violated the spirit of the Turkish Constitution and the secular state envisioned by Ataturk and maintaned historically by military coups to restore secular democracy.

I have also heard rumors about the military assisting the protesters with gas masks and blankets and other supplies. Do you see the role of the military expanding in these protests to encompass its historical obligation to protect against religious extremism in government?

senseofdarkhumor2 karma

Some people joined the protest because of this reason. They think "Atatürk's Republic" is threatened by Akp. But actually, they are as many as the other groups, not less or more. This protest began against repressive policies of government. Millions of people went to street after they seen police violated 50 people who has no other aim except trying to save trees. It was about public conscience. And it was against all this treatments, bans and being ignored by government for 10 years.

Very serious amount of protesters are young, educated and apolitical. They never been in a protest before. Chp (republican party founded by Atatürk) tried to take position of this protest but we didnt let them. We want this to stay as a civil movement. And the aim is not to topple government, it is about to remind them we are here and we have rights to live as we want.

The rumors are true but it wasn't an organized military help, a few one helped people because they were in a bad situation because of the brutal violent of police and it was just next to the military building.

debasheez1 karma

do you have fears about the chances if the govt topples and the Egypt situation arises?

senseofdarkhumor2 karma

No. Because we dont want to topple government. You need guns for it. These people are well educated, have good jobs or etc. Nobody wants to fight with government. We are all aware that Akp is elected, we respect that. We just try to tell that just because he got % 43 of votes, it doesn't mean he can decide for us how to live our lifes.

Both metaphoric and literally: 10 year old government cant cut 100 year old trees.

codytownshend1 karma

Are you worried that things may escalate to an actual civil war, as they did in Syria? The police's violence makes me nervous about this.

Good luck to you, friend, I hope you stay safe.

senseofdarkhumor3 karma

PM threatened people by saying ''I am having trouble to keep my voters from going streets'' Nobody buys it. There people are his electors, not soldiers.

We are not worried about a civil war. We are just worried about police violence.

Just happened: They started to arrest people carrying gas masks on the streets. 52 people so far.

HotChestnutMan1 karma

How were the talks with Mr. Erdogan?

senseofdarkhumor3 karma

People who went talking to PM are not presenting us. Actually, they NEVER came to Gezi Park. PM selected the people just for showing that ''he is trying to handshake''

So there is no result.

HotChestnutMan1 karma

Sorry to hear that. Do you have other hopes? Go to the United Nations or otherwise?

senseofdarkhumor1 karma

Well PM just said today ''he is not caring for desicions of European Union'' :)

But ofcourse, we will try every trial both in Turkey and Human Right Courts.

HotChestnutMan1 karma

Ok, good luck with that. Maybe I have a tip, you would do good for your case to get a webcam or 2 on the square. It did wonders in Egypt, the whole world was watching. Or do you already have a life videostream?

senseofdarkhumor2 karma

Capul.tv is broadcasting live from gezipark. :)

billymeehan1 karma

I posted this in r/Turkey, I',m going to Bodrum next month, should I be worried for my safety?

senseofdarkhumor1 karma

Definitely no. Enjoy the beautiful nature :)

calger141 karma

How long do you think this could go on for? And how do you think it will end? (I've planned to visit Izmir in 6 weeks!)

senseofdarkhumor1 karma

It is about the response of goverment actually. But they don't seem to be accept our demands, so i think it will last for weeks.

WuTangSpam1 karma

As an Australian who went to school with a fair few Turkish guys who are now often voicing their opinions on this matter, what do you think those guys should be doing? What should Turkish people living overseas be doing for the cause? I'm curious as to how you think they should be going about this.

senseofdarkhumor3 karma

They can create sources in foreign language and spread it to the world. There is quite a desinformacion because of the supporter media. But they can follow facebook, twitter and get true information who has proofs by the pics and videos, and translate them to have people informed in the world.

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senseofdarkhumor2 karma

First of all Turkey and Syria are in different conditions. There is a civil war in Syria, but I'd love to listen it from a person who really experienced it. I only know what media tells me too.

In Turkey, there is a huge protest for 18 days against goverment. It started to prevent a park from becaming a shopping mall, then turned into a civil commotion against repressive polices of goverment.

mitch471 karma

What was the tipping point of the protest,what made everyone come together and how did the whole thing start?

senseofdarkhumor2 karma

It all started like this: There is a park on Taksim Square with lots of trees. Goverment wanted to sell it and they wanted to make the area a shopping mall. (Like we need another one!)

The trial didnt approve it. But gov. didnt listen and one night, they tried to cut the trees. 40-50 people baffled it. They were exposed to a brutal violence of police. After that night, people started to sleep in tents to be on guard duty, in case of they try to do is again.

Then police came again and burned their tents with protesters personal stuff. They use huge amount of pepper spray, direct to their faces.

As they redouble the violence, people got more crowded. And one night, millions of people went to street, opposed the police violence and took hold of both Gezi Park and Taksim Square.

Since then, people are still there, protesting.

keeping_it_a_mystery1 karma

I'm moving to Istanbul next Tuesday from the US to be with my boyfriend. I am very excited by all this commotion. I feel more strongly about this than our own Occupy movement. I am very proud of what I've seen even though I'm not a Turkish citizen. I'm very excited and honored to be able to become a part of this. I've been keeping up with this since the peaceful protest in Gezi Park. It's taken a tool on me emotionally, a mixture of excitement and worry. I've been told that as a "tourist" I won't be targeted. Do you feel that is true, even if I am clearly a part of the demonstration? Also, I read that the police violence that happened Tuesday at Gezi Park looked staged. That there were "civilian officers" in the crowd "giving cause" to the police to be violent. Has that been confirmed?

senseofdarkhumor1 karma

The only resort that can confirm this ''staged'' protest is police. So no, it is not confirmed. But there are photos of those aggressive protesters with police wireless and etc. Also, I've personally seen that a riot control vehicle can deal with hundreds of people. With two riot control vechiles, they couldnt catch 5-6 people. It was all broadcasted live. After media finished broadcasting, police started to intermeddle with gas sprays and plastic bullets to all people in the square.

They sent 4-5 erasmus students back to their country. So be careful. Dont be on the square with parties, civilians are mostly in Gezi Park. It is safer.

farawaycircus1 karma

I'm in California. How can I help your cause?

senseofdarkhumor1 karma

Please follow foreign sources such as Cnn International, #occupygezi on twitter and other English blogs. Let people know what is really going on here.

People take pics with signs written ''occupygezi'' and post it to twitter. It doesnt seems like a big thing, but be sure that it works for us. :)

ScreechAtWork1 karma

I heard on the news today that PM Erdogan is going to meet with some protest leaders in Ankara to try and work out a compromise plan. Do you think he will deal with your movement in good faith, and do you think the movement will accept whatever terms they may work out at this meeting?

senseofdarkhumor1 karma

He said that ''He will wait for the trial's decision.'' Well, it was need to be done in the first place. If trial gives permission, he will do whatever he plans. If not, a ballot vote will be performed. Also he asked people to go home. But no one is impressed with this result. Today, an open meeting will be arranged in Gezi Park to decide what to do.

I think people will continue to stay there until they are insured that ''Gezi Park will stand as it is'' and all the responsible people from violent will be on trial / resign.

calger141 karma

I was just wondering, is there still many protests going on in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir? It seems that the protests in Brazil as well as the Coup d'état in Egypt has led in a drop of interest by the media.

senseofdarkhumor1 karma

yes, it is still going on some cities in Turkey. Today, the court let the goverment to turn the park into a complex. So, it seems that everything will start all over again.

Whifty0 karma

Who will win, ultimately?

Mustafa? or the forces of evil. The ayatollahs.

senseofdarkhumor2 karma

It is not about a war between Kemalism (Ataturk's supporters) and religion actually. Besides who runs the country, I hope democracy wins.

nate800-4 karma

Why do you idiots insist on using hashtags outside of Twitter?

senseofdarkhumor3 karma

To let people THERE IS a hashtag like this to follow in English?