We are The Lonely Island, a fake rap supergroup / 3 best friends who are here to answer any questions you might have. Anything personal going on with you reddit? We're great with advice. 2 out of the 3 of us have made love with a woman before and can talk about details (we WILL NOT kiss and tell, but we will talk about details). Our new record is called The Wack Album and it's "da bomb." So go ahead and ask us anything!

proof tweet

OMG we're #1! To celebrate, we're going to blatantly promote the heck out our new video featuring Diddy, Paul Rudd, and Robyn: link

EDIT: thanks everybody for your awesome questions. this was super fun. we stayed awake for almost all of it - that picture that we sent out of us napping on the couch was totally photoshopped.

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darthpickles2368 karma

A little over a year ago, my husband and I were driving along, listening to some Lonely Island. I was hugely pregnant, four days overdue with our daughter. We were singing along, laughing, enjoying the music when BOOM- I went into labor. We continued listening and laughing all the way to the hospital, where my husband made me wait until the end of the song to get out of the car.

So, I guess I don't have a question to ask. I just wanted to say thanks for making me laugh so hard I had a baby. You guys are awesome.

EDIT: Thank you for the Reddit gold, kind stranger!! This might be the most glorious day of my life!

The_Lonely_Island2215 karma

Holy shit, we all just died laughing reading that! What song was it?

RayzorRomance2221 karma

Can we please get a Hot Rod 2??

The_Lonely_Island2118 karma

Write to Paramount Pictures and demand a sequel!

You can send your self-addressed stamped envelopes (so we can send you a DVD when the movie is done) to:

Attn: Peter Paramount Paramount Studios 5555 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90038

Motha_Effin_Kitty_Yo1021 karma

We get a free Hot Rod 2 if we our mailing convinces them?

The_Lonely_Island1855 karma

You never know. Dream big! You may never wake up!

Motha_Effin_Kitty_Yo653 karma

Nice. May I ask who commented? I don't want to get Morgan Freemaned here.

silverbuttass1003 karma

Twist: it's actually Morgan Freeman answering this AMA.

The_Lonely_Island1018 karma

The_Lonely_Island853 karma

Andy said that part, but in full disclosure, it's a Snoop quote, told to me by Jason Sudeikis.

The_Parallax238 karma

What would Hot Rod 2 even look like?!?! Rod is so manly now!

The_Lonely_Island363 karma

See above picture.

wills3162220 karma

I bought one of your CDs and then my friend grabbed it and threw it on the ground. Should I be pleased or not?

The_Lonely_Island3184 karma

You should be pleased. Our CD is part of the system.

nedmonds241973 karma

Were Elijah Woods and Ryan Reynolds totally up for tasing you in the butthole Andy?

The_Lonely_Island2441 karma

Almost too up for it. I mean, we wrote it, but still...

Liquid_arousal1963 karma

How many dicks can you fit in one box?

The_Lonely_Island3524 karma



snaresamn1721 karma

For the love of the old gods and the new, please do a Game of Thrones song.

The_Lonely_Island2443 karma

We already did. Link

thombudsman1751 karma

Please describe Michael Bolton.

The_Lonely_Island2645 karma

Sexpot, cut from marble, generous, soft hands, Renaissance man, smooth lover, voice of gravel and silk, significant hog.

Galifreyan2012968 karma

How do you think he would describe the three of you?

The_Lonely_Island2129 karma

The really old sons he never had.

orvane1692 karma

Earlier this year I had a breakdown of the psychological kind. As a result of many things building up and other environmental/lifestyle factors.

It's been a hard road to recovery, I have more downs than ups right now but they are lessening out due to trying so hard.

I fondly remember the time I started to enjoy life again, and that was when I was browsing YouTube and found "On a Boat" again - I'd seen it before, it's awesome, but I decided to play it anyway for old time's sake.

That was the first smile I cracked in a good few months, while it may be just some comedy fake rap track to you three bastards, that song effectively saved my life. "These motherfuckers are on a fucking boat and they are loving the shit out of it, that is fucking awesome." I started noticing the little things again, "My cat just tried to walk through a window, what a fucking idiot, that's awesome", "This sun feels nice on my face, this is badass".

I have low times, still - as I say it's a hard road but putting any track from you guys on lifts my spirits enough to get me up and motivated to keep moving forward. Shy Ronnie 2 and the story of Rocky is my current flavour, we need a Shy Ronnie 3.

From the bottom of my depressed little heart, thank you guys. May you continue to make stupid ass fake rap music for years to come, because I fucking love that shit.

The_Lonely_Island2195 karma

On a serious note; that is incredibly meaningful to us to hear. We're so happy that anything we've done could help you in that way. You're not alone in that feeling. We and people we're close with have experienced similar things, and the fact that we could help at all is incredible to us. Don't worry, we hope to continue making dumb-ass shit for the rest of our lives. Thanks for telling us.

pittsburgfan171671 karma

If you guys had to pick one song to define your careers, what would it be and why?

The_Lonely_Island2496 karma

"Beat It" by Michael Jackson.

xXLAZAERXx2409 karma

because masturbation

The_Lonely_Island2574 karma

You get it ;)

theunuseful1630 karma

What would it take for you guys to perform at my future wedding?

The_Lonely_Island2556 karma

One million dollars in non-sequential, unmarked two-dollar bills.

widerwille1657 karma

Can we please get a kickstarter for this going?

The_Lonely_Island2475 karma

Wait a minute - is this Zach Braff's wedding we're talking about? Because either way, we're still in.

Upstream151598 karma

You've collaborated with so many people John Waters, Michael Bolton, T-Pain. Were they really eager to work with you guys? Who would you guys most like to work with now!?

The_Lonely_Island3025 karma

Some were eager, others took convincing, all were lovely. And our dream collaborator always has and will be Bill Clinton on saxophone.

Bdog3261587 karma

Who is the funniest guy you've worked with?

The_Lonely_Island2281 karma

Will Ferrell.

DreamingInDogYears1124 karma

Stories. Please.

The_Lonely_Island2078 karma

It wasn't even specifically the thing we worked on with him, he is just effortlessly the funniest and nicest person.

diamondzo1560 karma

FUCK Steve, amirite?!

The_Lonely_Island1849 karma

You are right. - GuyZ #1 and 2

ryanwehner1504 karma

Will you ever let Jorma on the boat?

The_Lonely_Island2050 karma



valperiepal1494 karma

What do the last texts you sent to each other say?

The_Lonely_Island2432 karma

That's a really good question. We have a group text with the 3 of us. The last thing that was texted was from Akiva, and it was...


badassmaufau1456 karma

Which Disney princess do each of you identify most with?

The_Lonely_Island2304 karma

ANDY: Mulan.

JORMA & AKIVA (in unison): Jasmine. JINX!!!

Musicmantobes614 karma

What Disney villain do you identify yourselves with most?

The_Lonely_Island1485 karma

Andy: Ursula

Akiva: Jafar

Jorma: Aladdin

SweetRollTheif1419 karma

My question is for Akiva and Jorma: In the song "We Like Sportz" you said that Steve was a cunthole. Care to elaborate on why Steve is in fact a cunthole?

The_Lonely_Island2352 karma

Because he's just a super-annoying, idiot cunthole who can go buttfuck his snake.

The_Lonely_Island2235 karma

p.s. his new girlfriend is a fucking slut. - GuyZ #1 and 2

JapersCrapers1412 karma

What performer/celebrity would you never perform with despite the amount you were compensated?

The_Lonely_Island2649 karma

Beethoven. Physically impossible / Diva alert.

powlol1345 karma

tell Jorma his butt looks great in GIRLS

The_Lonely_Island1866 karma

Jorma says: thank you. - Andy

Huongnum1326 karma

What was it like getting Hugh Jackman to sing about boobs in your album?

The_Lonely_Island2338 karma

It was a delight. A real dream come true, for him. For us, it was okay.

konk3r1317 karma

Do you have to deal with very many awkward public moments with people yelling your lyrics at you? I'm picturing being out on a date and someone screaming "I JUST HAD SEX!" at your table.

The_Lonely_Island2201 karma

Yes. It happens a lot. "Jizz in My Pants" is the best / worst.

Totes_McGoats1276 karma

Who do you think would win a fight between a grilled cheese sandwich and a taco?

The_Lonely_Island2526 karma

The taco, easily. There's a great documentary about it, I believe it's on Netflix, called 'Hot Rod.'

Watswrong1157 karma

Where do you get inspiration for your lyrics?

The_Lonely_Island2263 karma

We get our inspiration for our lyrics mainly from classic American literature and Family Circus cartoons.

HeroDiesFirst2287 karma

I can totally see the parallels between The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Jizzed in my Pants.

The_Lonely_Island2087 karma

Thank you for noticing!

Beginish2Finnish1131 karma

Who was your favorite celebrity/musician to collaborate/work with?

The_Lonely_Island2863 karma

We don't have a favorite; our collaborations are like our children, we love them all equally. But Justin Timberlake.

McBearPiss1128 karma

have you guys ever considered re-making "Awesometown?" That intro was dope.

The_Lonely_Island1419 karma

Thank you. And no.

The_Lonely_Island1306 karma

We would be open to making a show together, but there's nothing in the works currently.

tylerdurdan12031054 karma

how do you get people like p diddy and edward norton to be in your videos

The_Lonely_Island2171 karma

1) hire a private eye to get nude pictures [of said celebrity].

2) show nude pictures, but put one copy in safe deposit vault.

3) text them, and threaten to make them public.

4) call their publicist.

sonetlumiere1034 karma

How did you come up with the group name?

The_Lonely_Island1746 karma

It's named after the nickname for the apartment we lived in in LA when we first moved there.

tis_but_a_scratch579 karma

Was it Lonely because it was in the middle of nowhere or because no one came and visited..... or both?

The_Lonely_Island1290 karma

We were isolated in a sea of traffic.

flumpoful984 karma

I once watched an interview where one of you said that you guys were saving yourselves for marriage. That’s hard to believe considering a major theme in most of your songs is having sex! Why did you choose to wait for marriage? If not, when did you lose your virginity?

The_Lonely_Island1792 karma

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: TLI EXCLUSIVE. Two out of the three of us lost our virginity last wednesday. It was "da bomb." One of us is still a virgin. Hint: it's the one in glasses.

iToastNinja959 karma

How long have you guys known each other? And does working together ever put strain on your friendship?

The_Lonely_Island2008 karma

We've known each other since Junior High, and we only hate each other 46% of the time. The other 50% is mild contempt. The last 4% is ecstasy.

Motha_Effin_Kitty_Yo908 karma

actual ecstasy? yes or no

The_Lonely_Island1232 karma

Death to Molly!

The_Lonely_Island1455 karma

Why? are you holding?

Captain_Roy_Till944 karma

I love you guys, please acknowledge me.

The_Lonely_Island1266 karma

We love you!

notsurewhatiam57 karma

Does that mean you hate me?

The_Lonely_Island93 karma

No, it means we love you!

PizzamanSWAG933 karma

Ancestors protect me

The_Lonely_Island1253 karma

May they protect you.

xX420yoloswag420Xx864 karma

Favorite television series?

The_Lonely_Island2140 karma

Honest answer: "Louie" and "Game of Thrones"

kevin0627859 karma

Are you guys planning on going on tour?

The_Lonely_Island1616 karma

There is no immediate plan, although we really want to someday. We'd want to tour the whole world. America and da world.

pillowpants4808 karma

Even Japan? Maybe shoot a new video there?

The_Lonely_Island1633 karma

We would LOVE to, more than anything. We wrote "Japan" with the intent of forcing our label to let us shoot there. It didn't work... Maybe... YET?

indridcold137805 karma

Does Edward Norton smell nice? I bet he smells nice.

The_Lonely_Island1326 karma

He does. You bet right. He smells like the sea.

EvilFuckingSociopath737 karma

Do you really like boats?

The_Lonely_Island1629 karma

We're terrified. Terrified of boats. They creep around in the water and attack surfers.



Brngyurownbombs714 karma

What is the meaning of Spring Break Anthem?

The_Lonely_Island1929 karma

The point of it is to make people laugh. The meaning of it is is to show one thing that's considered crazy and one thing that's considered normal, and pose to the audience which one is which.

majikfx657 karma

Was "Dale" actually a random name in your track Mama or is it someone specific? The bit where you boys go "FUCK DALE! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU HAVE SEX WITH THAT GUY"

The_Lonely_Island1290 karma

It just seemed like a "stepdad-esque" name.

BgBootyBtches555 karma

Which one of you is most guilty of hogging all the covers at night?

The_Lonely_Island1106 karma

Jorm: "Andy"

Andy: "Jorm"

onrv547 karma

If you could steal a smooch from any guy in Hollywood, who would it be?

The_Lonely_Island844 karma

Chris Parnell. He's hot.

notacute542 karma

What are each of your favorite digital shorts?

The_Lonely_Island1113 karma

These aren't necessarily our favorites, they are just ones that people may not have seen as much and we like. So they deserve a chance in the spotlight. Except for Harpoon Man. Which is actually Jorma's favorite, but Jorma is WEIRD... LOLLOLOLOL

JORMA: "Harpoon Man"

AKIVA: "Iran So Far"

ANDY: "Tennis Balls"

ShallThisBeMyName455 karma

How are you today?

The_Lonely_Island1142 karma

Great, now that we're with you.

Shiby92444 karma

What is your creative process like when thinking of song ideas?

The_Lonely_Island861 karma

One percent inspiration, ninety-eight percent perspiration and one percent "farspiration." - Thomas Edison

MrKarmapoliceofficer438 karma

Hey guys, what would you say are your top five songs you've released?

The_Lonely_Island1082 karma

What do YOU think they are? There's no wrong answer... but don't get it wrong.

senor_moustache591 karma

All of them?

The_Lonely_Island1163 karma

You're both correct.

adrian246436 karma

Two questions:

1) I have a crush on a girl that is a huge TLI fan. What's your advice on how to court and go after a woman?

2) What advice to do you have to give to other people that want to make it in comedy rap? I'm starting a group called YUNG CLUB.

The_Lonely_Island1397 karma

1) She's clearly a loser, it's not worth it.

(jk, be nice to her and buy her flour)

2) Our advice is always the same, which is if you want to do something do it, if you want to make something, make it. It's much easier to show someone your ideas than to explain them.

bruce6144399 karma

What was it like working with Kendrick Lamar?

The_Lonely_Island715 karma

Awesome. He's the hottest MC in the game. And he was funny and cool to hang out with, and he nailed his verse.

lando224358 karma

Who is your favorite parody group on youtube? What makes a successful parody?

The_Lonely_Island684 karma

What do you mean by a parody group? Would the Gregory Brothers or Weird Al or Good Neighbor work?

rennymacs401 karma

Good Neighbor is the shit, can you get Kyle in one of your music videos?

The_Lonely_Island837 karma

We love Kyle (and Beck and Nick). We went to their Christmas party and drank eggnog.

dragsmic280 karma

Star Wars or Star Trek?

The_Lonely_Island1208 karma

Old Star Wars, new Star Trek.

Kkleinsorge231 karma

Given the chance, would you guys rather bring about world peace, or return Oreo O's Cereal back to existence?

Please answer this. It is very Important.

The_Lonely_Island489 karma

How about "World PIECE of Oreo Cereal"?

lifesnotperfect228 karma

Hey, I know it's not a toy, but can I borrow your boombox?

The_Lonely_Island510 karma

Sure! But be careful, it's not a toy.

nitro4450185 karma

What was it like meeting Weird Al for that photoshoot you all did together?

The_Lonely_Island340 karma

We already knew him, but he's the greatest man. Couldn't be a sweeter human being. And one of our heroes.

jamesjwalking172 karma

Do you guys smoke weed??? [7]

The_Lonely_Island629 karma


pmeaney148 karma

Do you guys play any video games?

The_Lonely_Island531 karma

YES. "Link's Crossbow Training" is our favorite.

lu2012145 karma

If you could bring one thing with you to make the island less lonely, what would it be?

The_Lonely_Island673 karma

The Smoke Monster.

JayGryph123 karma

How do you feel about emus?

The_Lonely_Island260 karma

Andy: Pro.

Akiva: Pro.

Jorma: Pro.

bassjazz108 karma

What is your favorite sauce?

The_Lonely_Island272 karma


Danludy92 karma

I Just wanted to say that you guys are awesome. Keep it up.

The_Lonely_Island246 karma

Thank you. We think you are also awesome, and you should also keep up what it is you are doing.

tofuzebra62 karma

Any tattoos?

The_Lonely_Island165 karma

We all have matching tattoos. Like the cast of Lord of the Rings. We'll never say what they are.

(hint: it rhymes with Hitler saying "me so horny")

Masterspeed49 karma

Are you really lonely?

The_Lonely_Island127 karma

No, but we ARE Island. The verb.

seagullsaremynemesis40 karma

  1. Dick in a box changed my life :')
  2. Andy Sandberg, I can only fake-rap successfully along with your voice, I don't know why..
  3. Thanks about 22 and half bunches for giving me a situation-appropriate song to listen to after a certain activity, you guys are the best.

The_Lonely_Island104 karma