picked them up last week at google headquarters. Been using them nonstop... got questions you haven't heard an answer to yet? ask away



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nkotowsk109 karma

Based on what this thing does for you, do you think this will stick, or will this be a short-lived novelty and we'll look at Glass wearers the same way that we look at dorks who wear a Bluetooth headset 24/7?

slapded131 karma

I have thought about this a lot.. good question..

It is still in beta and I think has a ways to go before the masses can get their hands on them..

However the potential is amazing. If this is the beginning I think it will change the future, but it has to be done right. When I first put them on I was blown away. Walking around town I felt like someone from the future.. seriously these things in downtown NYC make navigation so easy.

If google screws it up...(releasing too early, not getting kinks worked out) i see it just being a gadget.. and yes you would be one of those dorks...

I don't think they are that stupid.

hopstar65 karma

What's the strangest reaction you've received from someone who saw you wearing them? Any epic "stop filming me you crazy cyborg!!!" stories?

What's the photo/video quality like?

What's the coolest thing you've done with them?

Are there any neat apps out for it yet, or is pretty much limited to the stock photo and video apps?

Any unexpectedly awesome things you've discovered that haven't been mentioned in Google's press releases or demos?

slapded101 karma


In the train station a guy walked up to me and stared at me and muttered something in spanish like he was going to rip them off my face.. i walked away..

another guy and his girlfriend were talking about 10ft away from me and i knew they were talking about the glasses.. i walked up to him and said hi and he asked me about them.. we talked for about 10 min.. he told me when he first saw me he thought i was recording him and he doesnt like those things... after talking he said i was actually a fun guy.. haha

video quality is pretty great actually. the 5mp camera takes some good pics.. quickly

apps.. they are VERY limited.. all you do is go to the google glass site and pick what app you want, and hit "ON" or "OFF" and it installs right to your glass. pretty crazy. there is a reddit app which is pretty neat.. you can scroll through the cards of funny pictures, etc.. although limited..

coolest thing? probably just putting my foot to the pedal and going 100mph, recording video.. :)

BearTricks63 karma

Have you had sex with it on?

Come on. Someone had to.

slapded102 karma

I'm married

UrbanCowboy1230 karma

that didn't answer the question

slapded67 karma

I dont understand

Sneakyry52 karma

How's the porn on those bad boys?

slapded84 karma

i have to root it to even put a youtube app on there... so unless its "home made" porn.. you cant even do that yet.. the only porn app on there was banned :(

suntigerzero32 karma

Isn't there a Tumblr app? God only knows there's enough porn on there.

Also I'm sure there will be a Flickr app soon enough, and it's easy to make a huge private porn library with them now.

slapded22 karma

There is I haven't checked it out yet. Never used tumblr

Gurip16 karma

you know.. you can record video and then watch it.. just saying.

edit: what i ment you can record video from a pc.

slapded31 karma

Yeah.. homemade.. I said that

Gurip24 karma

what i ment is to record video from pc using glases and then play the recording on glases.

slapded19 karma

Didn't even think of that haha. U sir are a genius

NukeZone47 karma

Are you at all worried that you are now a mobile surveillance camera working indirectly for the NSA? ;)

slapded70 karma

We already are

FourCounters34 karma

How did you get selected?

What was the cost?

slapded52 karma

was selected via twitter contest

$1600 after taxes and i had to go pick them up at google

FourCounters28 karma

For everyday use are the glasses worth $1600?

slapded74 karma

no. Id say $500-$750 tops. the extra $850 I paid was to be one of the first to try it.

dergottman27 karma

What are the biggest pros/cons about wearing the glasses?

slapded65 karma

pros for wearing... comfortable.. crystal clear view... pretty amazing using navigation while driving.. super easy to take video and pictures at a moments notice..

cons for wearing.. i am still getting used to wearing them... only about an hour or two a day.. the constant looking up and using them make me a bit nauseous after a while... the same feeling you might get when reading and driving..

OhMyMoogle27 karma

Do you think they would be better with a full overlay like actual glasses?

slapded41 karma

Hell yes

PlaysForDays19 karma

  1. How long until I can get one
  2. and at what cost?

slapded30 karma

im guessing a year... at $500

Wakers19 karma

Is there anyway that people who need to wear glasses 24/7 can make use of these?

I see they have a sunglasses attachment, do you know of any plans to allow people to put prescribed lenses there?

there'd be no point in these for me as my unaided vision is blurred to hell for anything further than 2 feet away.

slapded27 karma

I have heard they are working with lens companies to fit them with glass. It connects to your phone via tethered bluetooth, so if you are the type who has to be connected to the outside world all the time.. you would love them

iwanttofork18 karma

Okay so we all have used our cellphones while on the toilet at least once. So I just have to ask, whats the experience like using google glass on the toilet?

slapded21 karma

I have only taken them on the can once.. at a gas station.. and i put them above my head so i wouldnt look as creepy. its harder to tell its "google glass" when you have the sunglass accessory attached.. haha

sifulicious18 karma

Why should an older adult who is just adept enough with an iPhone get Google Glass?

Thinking about getting it for my dad, if recommended. Thanks!

slapded19 karma

If your dad loves new technology and gadgets i'd say go right ahead. It took a couple hours to get used to controlling them, but after that it's fairly easy. It is in beta and has its kinks.. im guessing that is why google only has a few thousand pair around.

speedyturt1315 karma

Did it 'improve' your life in any ways?

slapded40 karma

not too much yet... but it has TONS of potential... i do take ALOT more pictures.

Apos-trophy14 karma

With the device so close to your eyes, does it strain the eyes much? I have really bad vision so I was wondering if it will be a concern.

slapded18 karma

it does a bit but i hear it goes away after continuous use.. the first day i could only wear them for about 30 min. im up to about 2 hours now

icm87114 karma

Are they awkward when wearing? Something about them seems like they would be uncomfortable!

slapded20 karma

i was fitted with them at google. they fit like regular glasses did (when I had them) very light and comfortable!

Striker6g6 karma

What kind of "kinks" are in the glasses? What kinds of small issues?

slapded17 karma

alerts via sound only

sound quality

personalization - very limited

you can only say "ok glass" from home screen or when device is on (i think there is a fix for this already)

ive noticed sometimes when leaving a wifi area to a 3g area the bluetooth tether doesnt pick up right away and i have to turn them off and on again

battery life

OhMyMoogle4 karma

How long do the batteries last?

slapded13 karma

Couple hours with heavy use When not in use about 8

slapded10 karma

You can tap instead of talking..

Dont really care what others think it doesn't bother me.. I talk to myself anyway

Technically_Sober6 karma

The police/military/security application of this tech is both thrilling and terrifying at the same time. In the wrong hands with the right software do you think they could live up to the fears some media has expressed?

slapded8 karma

Yes. Definitely. It's a new world.

rickreflex5 karma

Can you loan them to a friend, or does the "special fitting" make that difficult for the borrower?

slapded6 karma

i havent seen a problem in letting a friend try them on

jostlin5 karma

Is the experience distracting from your day-to-day life? I would imagine, for example, catching a flicker off the screen while driving and swerving into the car next to me, or zoning out on my dinner date.

Is the reduced "hassle" of removing your smart phone from your pocket worth it? I see the added benefit in taking pictures and video (which you've mentioned you're doing a lot more), but other than that do you see it more "replacing" or simply supplementing our existing pocket computers?

Ed: spelling.

slapded14 karma

It isn't really distracting...other than wondering what other people are thinking of you wearing it. When you get a message or email or news update, it doesn't even turn on. You hear a little chime on the right side of your skull and have to either tap the glass or tilt your head.

This is one of my gripes. I would like it to at least turn on a little and let me know I have a message. The bone induction transducer it barely a speaker at best.. and very hard to hear in a public area. Would be better if they adjusted the frame with an earbud attached to the end of it.. I have tons of ideas for them.

The screen is above your line of sight, so driving with them is easier than using your cell phone and driving..but who does that??:)

it doesnt replace the smart phone... just reduces it. I still find myself using my phone a lot. Glass is an extra dimension of the smart phone.

GigglesMcSlappy4 karma

How do you feel wearing an item that Google is most likely using to determine what your daily habits are?

slapded34 karma

they have been since 2004

Cozmodo4 karma

How many revisions do you think there will be to them before public release?

How do you control them, is it by using your eyes or voice?

Have you walked into a wall whilst engrossed using them?

slapded6 karma

Probably 3 or 4

Voice only now.. but they have a "blink" to take a photo feature that you can enable when rooting the glass

No walls yet but almost got hit by a taxi

trnctd4 karma

I work in electronics retail and it'd be sweet to have it with a barcode scanner/network copy and paste app. Stock take/repair process would be so easy. But not in front of house. Still when Google Eye comes out, I'll have the melonballers sterilized and ready.

slapded10 karma

It can already read QR codes. That is how you import encrypted wifi!

ztauby14 karma

Is it "the next big thing"?

slapded2 karma


merper4 karma

Since these are technically priced for developers have you been inspired to write any apps for them since you've been using? If it's not giving too much away, what tools do you think would be great for this sort of interface?

slapded16 karma

I'm an awful coder. I'm more of a network guy... but yes I have been inspired. They asked me if i wanted to be put on the API whitelist and I passed.

I think you will see some type of facial recognition apps in the future. It would be cool if glass could scan a room and tell me some shared interests about people in the room based on others wearing glass. maybe instead of ice-breakers, call it glass-breakers, or something..

there are some homegrown apps out there already.. http://glass-apps.org/

i want to have a card counting app. :) but thats frowned upon

broadcast44444 karma

How does the voice activation work? I would imagine that if this gets popular, and let's hypothetically say that many people will buy one and wear it, won't your device be activated if the person next to you says "Ok Glass, take a picture"?

slapded6 karma

only if you tilt your head to turn it on, or press the side. It is off most of the time unless you are doing something...

You dont have to say "ok glass" every time...

I imagine everyone will be able to configure their own keyword to open it.. with voice recognition

turkeybone2 karma

Are you a white male? I would assume yes but just have to be sure.

slapded17 karma

I'm peach

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How do you feel about Google being partners with the NSA? Do you think the government would keep track of everything that goes on with Google glass?

slapded1 karma

Its bullshit. and probably

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What's your favorite color, and what's your favorite restaurant, and why is it In N Out?

slapded3 karma

Because I love meeting you at work to snuggle

williemcbride0 karma

Um. Well, this is awkward, because I live in Colorado.

slapded1 karma

I can hear pudding

williemcbride0 karma

Motherfucker, I just want to know what your favorite color is.

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have you seen anything you were videoing just because you could and then went back to see it because it was cool?

slapded6 karma

Um what

adamczuk-9 karma

I've been out of touch with this Google Glass thing, explain Google Glass to me like I'm 5. :)

EDIT: I got downvoted for not knowing the specifics of Google Glass? Fair play, but Einstein said "Judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree and it will live it's whole life believing it is stupid" ignorant asses lol.

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This is what it feels to have glass on your head...


voop-15 karma

Has your genitalia reduced in size significantly?

slapded31 karma

2 inches.

Bau5Extraordinaire-17 karma

Is it hard to type with a bunch of dicks in your mouth?

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you tell me