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slaughterhouse-six63 karma

Perhaps I have the wrong Terry Garvin, pro wrestler, but according to Wikipedia, you are also dead.

EDIT: He's not dead y'all. Unfortunate coincidence of wrestling names.

xombieCHRIST193 karma

I assure you i am not dead.

xombieCHRIST128 karma

my actual name is terry simms my stage name was terry garvin

slaughterhouse-six5 karma

Then would you mind linking to an article with proof you are indeed alive AND who you say you are? Because multiple sources say that who you claim to be is a deceased person.

boredop19 karma

Here's one:

for a long time he was unaware that there had already been a wrestler called Terry Garvin who basically had the same gimmick

got his last name because of his resemblance with the popular Jimmy Garvin

xombieCHRIST30 karma

correctomundo, jerry Jarrett gave me that name, and superstar dundee

robbydb31 karma

Posting for a friend:

I would like to know what it was like being an egregious but "gayer" version of Jimmy Garvin. Would also like to know his thoughts on the infamous Bungee Match from Global.

xombieCHRIST63 karma

The beauty character was created by the promotion. I came up with the name "beauty and the beast" because the movie was about to come out from Disney. the character evolved into that sissy-ish style because the fans precieved it as so. which I took and ran with and made it my own plus in the back of my mind I knew I would one day be a "good guy" and theres un written rule is wrestling, the more hated you are as a "heel" the more loved youll be as a "babyface" I always looked at it as if I was acting on a tv show, because I was and the checks made it a lot easier to perform any character asked. as for the bungee match. it was something to see as far as actual danger I preferred watching scaffold matches. I once saw mick foley break his wrists falling off a scaffold in will rogers coliseum it was a horrendous fall.

redrumklowns5 karma

What wrestling moves are the toughest to execute?

Any stories about the Iron Sheik?

xombieCHRIST11 karma

I think shiek is hilarious I remember him as a young person growing and coming through the territory and laughing at his interviews even then. friend did show me his wwf acceptance speech, the only one I have watched but its a classic.

and depending on the size of the wrestler piledrivers a tricky.

RKO364 karma

How much do you work with your opponent on outlining a match? Do you plan stuff a lot before stepping in the ring or do you go with what feels right as you are wrestling?

xombieCHRIST8 karma

it all depends, I always liked calling it in the ring and only talking the finish, if you were wrestling an experienced guy you could do 99 percent in the ring and never talk.

davidbix4 karma

Where does Eddie Gilbert rank as both a wrestler and a booker? Is there an argument for him being the most creative wrestler ever?

xombieCHRIST10 karma

Eddie gilbert rates at the top for me because we worked well together, I loved my matches with him, we once wrestled a 60 minutes broadway (no winner) match with him I lost 15 lbs duringthe match from sweating. I always enjoyed eddies ideas and thought he had a real talent for making matches.I think that if his life wasn't cut so short he may have been would of the top bookers of all time, but sadly we'll never know.

justgentile4 karma

What is your favorite Botchamania?

xombieCHRIST10 karma

what the hell is a "botchamania"?

justgentile7 karma

MAN OH MAN, you will hopefully love these. Here's a best of compilation, please enjoy! Best of Botchamania

xombieCHRIST7 karma

thanks for the link

justgentile3 karma

Thanks for being a part of something I love.

xombieCHRIST3 karma

you are welcome, thanks for loving

dbills4502 karma

How much crack have you smoked with Jake the Snake?

xombieCHRIST0 karma

none. ive never smoked it in my life.

dirksmacker2 karma

Why was that wrestler named "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin if he had a pot belly, afro, and wore random bow ties to the ring?

xombieCHRIST1 karma

easy on jimmy now.

politeCamelCaseGuy2 karma

What is your favorite book?

xombieCHRIST12 karma

anything by Louis L'amour

dyuhas2 karma

What do you think of wrestling fans? All deluded morons?

xombieCHRIST6 karma

they are certainly a breed all their own, I wouldn't say moron because I collected a paycheck from them. they came from all walks of life, I remember attorneys firemen, policeman and house wives coming to matches, it was a diverse group.

TheBaconator19901 karma

Do you know my cousin Johnny Boone?

xombieCHRIST1 karma

......cant say that I do.

TheBaconator19901 karma

Ah, I know he was a professional wrestler for awhile and I believe that's what he called himself in the ring. I just remember he said he didn't wanna wrestle in Puerto Rico because they throw nuts and bolts and shit like that at the "bad guy." He told the recruiter dude that "I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid." He does refereeing now.

xombieCHRIST2 karma

I may have known him. but that sounds rather un-enjoyable

frankgrimes11 karma

DId you know the Von Erics?

xombieCHRIST2 karma

yes, scroll around. youll see a bunch

benjamimo10 karma

Wich is the biggest sequela that wrestling left on your body ?

xombieCHRIST6 karma

what the hell is a sequel?? I was a wrestler not a rocket scientist

dtc5262 karma



1 : an aftereffect of disease, condition, or injury

2 : a secondary result

xombieCHRIST14 karma

thank you for the literary lesson and lets just say when I get up in the morning I have to hold the walls to get to the bathroom from the injuries from my years in the ring. you're a plethora of information.

dundolo-1 karma

How common are PEDs?

xombieCHRIST3 karma

? please explain