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Scientiam81 karma

Few things:

  • How's the life of a TV crew member? Salaries, lifestyle, etc. (if it's not too much to ask)

  • Have you seen or taped something similar to this damn incident (ABC).

  • On a scale of 1-10 would you fuck me hard?

  • Is there any interaction between tv crew members and the people being recorded. I assume it's cut out before airing.

Booch22123 karma

Its very busy with super long days, 12 hours or more. The money is pretty good. Lots and lots of traveling pretty much all over earth.

I haven't seen anything like Amy's on any of Gordon's shows that I have worked on.

We are told not to have any interaction with cast members

FentanylFreak70 karma

Sure we care, do you care to bake up some proof?

Booch2282 karma

Of course let me get a call sheet photo up... one sec

AshuraSpeakman39 karma

Did you also work on the one in Everett?

Booch2246 karma

I did

t3dward9 karma

Would love to see some proof, but in case it actually pans out...

Was that the fastest or longest equipment teardown you guys have ever done? I never realized how much crap was installed in those places for these shows, and that would have been quite the awkward environment for everyone involved.

Also, how surprised was everyone at the pizza scuffle in the early part of the episode?

Booch2225 karma

Verification has been sent to mods, we can post a call sheet on here for the episode due to it having wayyy to much information for everyone to see.

Typically we will have a full day to derig a place of all our gear, in this case we got it all out in about 2 - 3 hours. So yea for sure the fastest tear down we have done.