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WTFICantFapToThis360 karma

You should just randomly say "I am sure you all are wondering why I have gathered you here."

shigawire118 karma

Damn! That would have been great :)

literally_a_whale141 karma

Have you taken the opportunity to declare the elevator a sovereign state?

shigawire209 karma

Okay we are the sovereign state of Liftdonia

shigawire100 karma

The lift tech just arrived. We will have to do it quickly

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literally_a_whale123 karma


PurpleSfinx95 karma


shigawire53 karma

I... think these suggestions would be doing it wrong :)

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literally_a_whale12 karma


sarcasticalwit6 karma

You have my sword!

shigawire4 karma

I have the angry dwarf. He has a battleaxe.

baraqiyal107 karma

Can you please scream "WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF AIR" and post the reactions.

shigawire137 karma

I politely decline

shigawire102 karma

The lift tech is now shouting at the building manager about how uncool it is to block exits and how the wall shouldn't stay.

Afiki35 karma

Is it not illegal to block exits?

shigawire46 karma

There was discussion as to if this was an "exit" or not, but apparently the lift goes to that floor in case of a fault, so I would suspect so.

Teraka22 karma

the lift goes to that floor in case of a fault

...They blocked the exit that's supposed to get you out if the elevator has a fault ? Seriously ?

shigawire27 karma

Seriously. Found out this is not even the first time this has happened. WTF

DrunkenArmadillo89 karma

Could you please get stuck again for those of us who missed it the first time?

shigawire42 karma

I would really rather not, especially without coffee. Feel free to do so yourself though :)

mi_nombre_es_esteban77 karma


shigawire70 karma

Someone smsed saying that lunch was awesome and beer was refreshing.

The reply of "Fuck you" elicited a suggestion similar to yours. We have all decided against it.

Hosni__Mubarak75 karma

Plot twist!! One of you is the devil! One of you is the DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im_Captain_Jack48 karma

Is there any old lady on board? If so, kill her now!

shigawire60 karma

There are not any but given my designation as first to be eaten thanks to opening my big mouth, I don't think that it's smart to break the homicide taboo

WhereIsMiKeg65 karma


shigawire68 karma

We're on lower ground. Those spring bumpers make a crunching sound

FirstAmendAnon68 karma

Yeah but like are you stoned man?

shigawire275 karma

No. No one is throwing rocks at me

johnnyringo4161 karma

Play "got your nose" with someone and act like its normal

shigawire64 karma

You should have seen the looks I got when I suggested this :D

elcapitanooo54 karma

How are the group dynamics? Any fights brewing? Sexual tension surfacing? A sense of "were all in this together" bubbling away? Any lift friendships been cemented? And most importantly are you all going out for a beer later?

shigawire69 karma

We all work together, and luckily we hire for people that have their shit together :) Noone was panicing (apart from the thought of me not getting coffee), and generally it was pretty amusing. I tried to ask as many questions out loud as possible until this lead to me being marked for cannibalism

We were thinking of adding this to the interview process.

elcapitanooo18 karma

The interview question is actually a good idea! Not sure exactly what you would ask and what the potential answers would be but yeah cool idea!

shigawire27 karma

The idea was actually having them stuck in a tiny packed lift with a dozen people for an hour and see if they panic :)

elcapitanooo13 karma

Oooh now i see! Thats even better. You could learn loads of stuff from that i reckon...whos optomistic, has a calming influence, a natural leader, boosts morale, selfish...that sort of thing.

Simba76 karma

But also probably illegal, or at least unethical.

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Murman2136 karma

Have you already decided who you would eat if it came down to it?

shigawire54 karma

I asked and people started looking at me hungrily

Murman2127 karma

I didn't want to say but if there is not a clear choice.... It is probably you...

shigawire48 karma

They have all made this clear. I probably shouldn't have asked.

shigawire19 karma

They have all made this clear. I probably shouldn't have asked.

madmuncher30 karma

I feel a fart brewing : )

shigawire43 karma

Too late

thorold26 karma

i bet you have to pee. Am i right ?

shigawire33 karma

luckily not. I'm not asking the others

PotatoPop13 karma

You should establish which corner to the potty now. Don't want anyone dumping where they stand that some animal in the zoo.

shigawire19 karma

Given I was in a corner, I'm glad this didn't come up until just before we got out

SIR_Sergeant26 karma

Is anyone... a large individual?

shigawire128 karma

The large individuals say "no"

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kultakala14 karma

How are you getting a signal in there?

shigawire36 karma

I will give them shit about many things but Telstra have amazing reception.

PurpleSfinx25 karma

Australia? Which building are you in?

I've been stuck in Telstra's lift before, and cursed the fact that I had Optus.

shigawire12 karma

Just a small one with a few floors and a rather dodgy couple of lifts :)

ahaaracer14 karma

Can you sing a 34 part song about your experience?

shigawire41 karma

I can haiku

In a lift I stood, Relief from crush I await; Happy it's Autumn.

TrinityBowles14 karma

The day I moved into the brand new dorms on my campus, the elevator broke down while we were trapped inside. Great way to meet some of your future dorm mates.

shigawire14 karma

Actually sounds like it would be, as long as they were cool and interesting people :)

RBDtwisted13 karma

Did you get out yet?

shigawire21 karma

Yes! :D

MuForceShoelace12 karma

punch the wall

shigawire23 karma

We have. It didn't help

NotMathMan82112 karma

If you had to vote one person off the elevator, who would it be and why?

shigawire15 karma

Luckily, when it came down to it, there were a couple of volunteers to be left squished together in the dark

BudJonesman8 karma

Where is the lift? How long you been in there?

shigawire15 karma

The lift is in a small building in the middle of Sydney city.

So far it's been half an hour.

thescottishplay14 karma

Woo, Sydney. Clarence Street?

shigawire15 karma

Why yes.

thescottishplay8 karma

Say hi to my father in law.

shigawire10 karma

One of the people in the photo? :)

YobStob7 karma

Can we get a happy group pic?

thejock137 karma

You all look like a bunch of programmers. I mean it is a sausage fest, the beards, and everyone is white. Going on stereotypes alone...Linux\Unix programmers?

shigawire4 karma

Actually our full time devs don't fit that stereotype at all.

Rock on Ada Lovelace

LifesPawn6 karma

Did anyone reveal any secrets that shouldn't be told outside the lift? What happens in the lift stays in the lift kind of deal?

shigawire16 karma

I think this went out the window with starting an IamA

crastle6 karma

Is anyone freaking out right now?

shigawire3 karma

Nope :)

thejewznextdoor6 karma

So, have you decided who you will eat first?

shigawire1 karma

See below. Apparently me for asking out load

BudJonesman6 karma

Can we see a Pic?

shigawire6 karma

Will do. Internet died last time I tried

paranoid275 karma

Hows the smell?

shigawire11 karma

Luckily it's not a hot day

The_Lolbster4 karma

Why did you decide to do this AMA?

shigawire20 karma

Gillian Anderson has inspired many people to greatness it seems.

For me, amongst other things, I was inspired to this.

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yajirobi2 karma

I once had the glorious idea to open the lift doors while it moves...

shigawire2 karma

Go on... :)

ShadowMagnus2 karma

Would you rather fight a stair sized lift or 100 lift sized stairs?

shigawire2 karma

The former.

Cruzander2 karma

how are you getting a signal while sealed inside a large metal box? Are you a wizard?

shigawire1 karma


More accurately, a wizard with the doors open. I was directly underneath the wooden maintenance hatch, which probably didn't hurt.

BudJonesman2 karma

Thanks for the link. Which one are you? I think i know that one dude on the left.

shigawire6 karma

I'm in the back right.

BudJonesman4 karma

Your the tall guy with the white shirt?

shigawire7 karma


geauxTigersyall2 karma


shigawire11 karma

I'm not going to go into detail, but thinking about it they are all the same person.

alpaca_in_disguise7 karma

Why the different questions for men vs. women? Can guys not marry/bang/kill people too? ._.

shigawire10 karma

Also, can't my daughter go on a date to co-found a billion dollar company in thunderdome?

BudJonesman2 karma

This would be so much better if you linked some Pic's or video of your experience.

shigawire7 karma

My internet died every time I tried to upload pictures. There is one up in the main description now.

blazethatshits0n1 karma

This situation does not sound so good :<

shigawire4 karma

It could have been worse. Noone was panicy :)