Hi Reddit, I'm Katie Aselton, director/star of the new thriller, BLACK ROCK which is opening in select theaters & on VOD this Friday. Thanks so much for having me. I'll be around to answer your questions for the next hour starting at 2pm.

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pant44497 karma

What was it like kissing Shiva?

KatieAselton116 karma

she was very tender.

KatieAselton43 karma

guys, i'm done! thank you so much for the scintillating conversation! Go see BLACK ROCK in select theaters and on VOD starting TOMORROW 5/17 and keep watching THE LEAGUE now on FXX, with season 5 starting THIS FALL! love yous-

SkierX8536 karma

Is Jon Lajoie like taco in real life or is he different off camera?

KatieAselton43 karma

no, he is very smart and very sweet and incredibly mild-mannered.

swilk35 karma

I guess you live in my neighborhood, as you were behind me in line at the albertsons on hillhurst. Just wanted to say you guys are about the most adorable family i've ever seen.

KatieAselton81 karma

that's very sweet. and mildy creepy. mostly sweet. thank you.

whitt_2231 karma

Which one of your League co-stars is the funniest in real life? Also thank you (and Mark) for The Puffy Chair.

KatieAselton44 karma

they are all funny in their own ways... nick is pretty fucking hilarious, tho.

OldHickory626 karma

Katie, I just want you to know if I were to create the perfect wife from scratch, it would be Jenny to a tee.

KatieAselton18 karma


sportsfan10199026 karma

Do you think this year will be a kicker year? Really pulling for Taco to win!

KatieAselton40 karma

he'll pull it out one of these years...

throwawayp13424 karma

I love The League, and think all of you do a great job. Do you play fantasy football in real life, and if so, are you as skilled as Jenny is?

Also, is there any chance that you'll end up on Kroll Show?

Thanks for doing this!

KatieAselton32 karma

we do... and i'm not quite as skilled as jenny, but i can certainly hold my own. i would love to do the kroll show! nick's one of the most talented guys i've ever met!

colabucks920 karma

Huge fan of the league, what is your favorite episode?

KatieAselton46 karma

i loved the christmas episode when Kevin loses and destroys the nativity scene!

dont_worry_im_here17 karma

Very excited about Black Rock, can't wait for it to release here in Austin... but, off topic...

Where and how did you meet the Duplass Brothers?


KatieAselton57 karma

i met Mark on new year's eve 2001... and I kissed him. and now we're married and make movies and babies and t.v. shows together.

dont_worry_im_here10 karma

That's awesome! I met him at SXSW a few years back, tremendous dude! Thanks and best of luck with Black Rock... looks great!

KatieAselton15 karma

thank you! hope you dig the movie!

KatieAselton12 karma

and fyi, it's a day-in-date release, so it'll be available on VOD on the 17th!

TheRoyalTenenThom14 karma

Huge fan of you and The League. Are you and Lake Bell very close off screen? You guys seem to enjoy working together. You're awesome. Shivakamini Somakandarkram!

KatieAselton16 karma

she is, hands down, one of my favorite people on the planet.

TheRoyalTenenThom8 karma

Holy. Shit. I didn't expect a reply. You are awesome and Mark's a lucky man. @duplaselton for president.

KatieAselton14 karma


Reddit-Hivemind14 karma

I'm seeing Steve Rannazzisi perform stand up tomorrow. What can I say to mess with him completely.. also what does his coiffed hair feel like?

KatieAselton25 karma

don't mess with him! i'll kick your ass.

Reddit-Hivemind10 karma

I wouldn't dare heckle/mess with anyone publicly, but fair enough! More importantly: the hair?

KatieAselton17 karma

his hair, with proper product, is soft as satin

Phorbes2314 karma

Is it weird having romantic scenes in The League with Stephen Rannazzisi on set with Mark and vice versa?

KatieAselton18 karma

we're pretty used to it

G3511 karma

Love you in the The League. You have some comedic genius.

What's the most "this is crazy" moment of filming Black Rock?

KatieAselton36 karma

i nearly killed Lake Bell by making her swim in the Atlantic Ocean at night. the water temp was 43 degrees. she went into a 24 hour asthma attack induced by panic.

Funkasaurus2410 karma

Are you a fan of Jon Lajoie's videos?

KatieAselton11 karma


savvystrider10 karma

I loved you in the Blood Drive episode of The Office! Was there ever any discussion about you returning to the show? Obviously, it's too late now.

KatieAselton25 karma

i think there was a very long discussion, but it was in my head... :)

Phorbes2310 karma

Other than Black Rock, what are you more excited to see: Arrested Development Season 4 or Great Gatsby?

KatieAselton15 karma

truthfully? gatsby.

jsto3437 karma


KatieAselton16 karma

i know. i'm not proud of that.

CleverWit10 karma

Wait so black rock isn't an african-american porno? I'm out.

KatieAselton17 karma

that's the best you've got? come on...

andrewsix9 karma

Can you talk about the way you think about camera placement, shot selection, and editing when you're on set? For scenes that you're performing in vs scenes in which you're not, if that changes anything?

KatieAselton9 karma

a lot of prep goes into the shoot before we ever step on set, so that when we do, i can easily slip into actor mode. but there are weeks of conversation with my d.p. leading up to the shoot.

acejones639 karma

Hi Kate! Any chance you and Mark might ever tour with the rest of the gang from the League to do a live show? Can't wait for Black Rock!

KatieAselton13 karma

we do some of them... but the guys are stand ups and really have their shit down.

acejones637 karma

Cool. If you and/or Mark ever get out to Northern Indiana, look up AC at 107.3 WRSW. My wife and I will take you out to dinner. Thanks for taking the time to do this! You Rock!

KatieAselton11 karma

that's very sweet. thank you!

tfu099 karma

You and your husband were there right at the beginning of the DIY filmmaking surge that's come up over the past few years. Who are some of your other favorite filmmakers and films that were part of that movement other than yourself and your husband?

KatieAselton8 karma

lynn shelton makes great movies with a lot of heart... i love ty west's take on independent horror movies... amy seimetz is fabulous... and i love what brit marling is doing with zal batmanglij!

rmiller4xc9 karma

is the cast of the league in a real life fantasy football league?

KatieAselton23 karma

we are! (i won our first season)

_Driftwood_8 karma

The Freebie is so good. I admit though, based on the poster image and title, I thought it was going to be waaay different. Glad I finally watched it. Anyway, good luck with Black Rock. SHIIIIIIIIIVVVVVVAAAAAA!

KatieAselton9 karma

thank you!

tenderboats8 karma

It says on your Wikipedia that you participated in pageants as a teenager.

What was it like?

KatieAselton12 karma

it IS true... i did one, well one that led to another one, so two total... and the state one was whatever, but the national pageant was strikingly similar to MISS CONGENIALITY... it was crazy! it was a whole sub-culture i never knew existed...

Spectral818 karma

Two questions: 1. Have you guys started filming the new season of The League yet, and 2. How do you decide/go about getting the stars of the NFL involved in the show (loved that you opened at Cowboys camp last year)!. Thanks, and congrats on the new film!

KatieAselton9 karma

no, we start shooting in july... and the creators of the show, Jackie and Jeff Schaffer are incredibly active getting the NFL players involved.

wakinupdrunk8 karma

When it comes to doing movies versus doing The League, what do you enjoy more? They seem like incredibly different experiences.

KatieAselton11 karma

they're sooo different, but i love them both. it's like asking me to pick my favorite child... i couldn't.

dakraiz8 karma

I was watching the puffy chair with my gf the other day and holy crap I couldn't believe it came out in 2005. We seriously thought you looked like a teenager.

We love everything you and Mark are in, keep up the good work!

What is it like working on set with a significant other? Any fist fights?

Thanks, can't wait to see the movie.

KatieAselton11 karma

i practically was a teenager! i look back at that and mark and i seem like just babies... it's like a time capsule! and no, no physical fist fights... plenty of emotional ones, tho.

boothroyd9177 karma

How much did you know about football and fantasy football before doing The League?

KatieAselton9 karma

not a ton...

boothroyd9175 karma

You've also had the chance to meet a bunch of NFL stars on set, who would you say the coolest or funniest player would be? (Please say Terrell Suggs...)

KatieAselton8 karma

suggs it is!

Rob_Saget6 karma

Loved you in Our Idiot Brother and can't wait for Black Rock! Is there any chance you'd be interested in coming on my podcast and Talking about Black Rock?

KatieAselton11 karma


JimGill6 karma

Was Ken Marino arrested for punching Nick Kroll on the set?

KatieAselton9 karma

do you think he was arrested?

JimGill5 karma

you said they were being bitches. I personally think there should be more Vatos Locos. Tug cracked me up!

KatieAselton8 karma


KatieAselton10 karma

i wanted Jenny and Kevin to adopt Tug. He would have been better than Kale, the dog.

insane_moose6 karma

How does it differ from just acting to acting and directing? Is it something you wish to carry on for many projects in the future?

KatieAselton3 karma

it's very different... directing is more of a collaborative experience.

solo896 karma

Any good shenanigan stories from the set of The League?

KatieAselton8 karma

always good shenanigan stories from the set... they are 5 of the funniest guys i know!

Duyp6 karma

How is it to transfer from a comedy to a thriller setting? Which one do you prefer more?

KatieAselton3 karma

it's a real release... it felt so good! but it also felt great to get back to comedy after we wrapped!

IrkenInvaderGir5 karma

Who has been your favorite guest star to work with on the show?

KatieAselton10 karma

we've had some greats... and some of the best i haven't even gotten scenes with! i love me some leslie bibb, tho!

jsto345 karma

How hilarious is Jason Mantzoukas off screen?

KatieAselton19 karma

on a scale of 1 to 10, a 9.

WindUpSouvenir5 karma

When I finish school I was thinking of maybe getting into the film business. Where do I start?

KatieAselton7 karma

i would get a job on the set of a film... it's a great opportunity to see how the machine works from the inside!

iWasHereMomentsAgo4 karma

Hey Katie, thanks so much for doing this AmA! Huge fan of your work on The League, and looking forward to Black Rock as well. In honor of The Office finale tonight, figure'd I'd ask you:

Even though it was a small part, how was it working on that set/sharing a scene with Steve Carell? Best of luck to you!

KatieAselton17 karma

it was incredible! all i was thinking the whole time was, "wouldn't it be so great if Michael Scott fell in love with the glove girl...?!"

CallMeElJefe84 karma

Do you want to go steady with me?

KatieAselton26 karma

not really. no offense.

Frajer4 karma

What inspired you to make a thriller?

KatieAselton6 karma

i had only done comedy and really emotional dramas up to this point... i wanted to do something different!

Ruddiver4 karma

have you done any actual shoots for The League in Chicago? In real life that bar is a massive douchebag bar.

KatieAselton9 karma

no, we did a live show at the house of blues there, but have never shot for the actual show... we did go to gibson's tho... they serve real big cake with steak knives...?

tfu093 karma

What films would you list as some of your directing influences?

KatieAselton7 karma

deliverance was a direct influence for BLACK ROCK... as was cape fear, river wild, thelma and louise... General influences, tho? Cassevetes, Linklater, Duplass Bros...

cookie783 karma

Just wanted to say The League is absolutely hilarious, and looks as though you guys enjoy each being around each other. Do you guys have as much fun off screen as you do on screen? I think the cast is a perfect mix.

KatieAselton12 karma

we do! it's an incredibly great group and we do thoroughly enjoy spending time together... thank god... cuz this show is sticking around!

Phorbes233 karma

Point Break? If you're next film does not include Gary Busey I am going to be extremely disappointed.

KatieAselton8 karma

me too.

cwap4brains3 karma

in your opinion, who is worthy of the first pick of a fantasy football draft?

KatieAselton6 karma

it's too early for me to make a call...

Phorbes233 karma

What movie could you/ do you watch over and over without getting bored?

KatieAselton7 karma


nkalla3 karma

Is this your directorial debut? if so, congrats!

KatieAselton8 karma

this is my second feature... my first was THE FREEBIE and it is very different... it's a very quiet, intimate look at a marriage going thru the 7-year itch. i love it.

dakraiz3 karma

What is one movie I probably haven't heard of that I must see this second? Feel free to name more than one, I will allow it.

KatieAselton6 karma


acejones631 karma

How would I go about getting an interview with you on my radio show?

KatieAselton8 karma

contact brigade marketing

kr_wallflower1 karma

I LOVE The Freebie it's one of those movies I can watch over and over again. So first off thank you for that! Also what was your inspirtation for it? and how was working with Dax? STOKED TO SEE BLACK ROCK!

KatieAselton5 karma

thanks so much... dax was a dream to work with, he brought so much to the table, creatively, he was amazing. the idea came from a (very innocent) conversation i was having with a friend and a lightbulb went off for me. it seemed like an interesting concept to explore in a film.

Release_the_KRAKEN-5 karma

Please god don't let this turn into another RAMPART.

KatieAselton11 karma

i don't know what that means, but okay... i won't.

dont_worry_im_here5 karma

Woody Harrelson did an AMA for his movie RAMPART a year or so ago. He refused to answer any questions about anything that did NOT deal with RAMPART... in turn, Reddit turned on him and blasted him for doing a terrible AMA. I'm pretty sure he had to actually give a public apology for the incident... he underestimated the power of Reddit, I guess.

KatieAselton22 karma

gotchya. i will try not to be so douchey.

kingdomkong-19 karma

Who are you?

KatieAselton26 karma

i told you who i am at the top of the page. who are you?