We'll be answering your questions from about 11am EDT.

Our new album Modern Vampires of the City is out today: http://itunes.com/vampireweekend


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Hey - thanks for asking us the questions. We're wrapping up now. Great talking to all of you!
Rostam, Ezra, Chris & Chris.

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Alex5122369 karma

Everyone puts a lot of focus on Ezra's lyrics, dissecting them and asking for the meaning behind them. But I need to know what Chris T is saying on these songs.

Chris T, on "Run" you drum "Boom bap bap boom bap bap, tom-ta-ta-tom-ta-ta-tom." Is this an allusion to your childhood? Some have said it's a comment on American consumerism, but I frankly don't see it.

Love your stuff, guys. Thanks for everything.

vampire-weekend2600 karma

Hi Alex512, great question. You're close. What I'm trying to communicate in "Run" is actually a continuation of my investigation of Elizabethan British economic infrastructure that I began on "Oxford Comma" on the first record. I know the subject matter is a litte arcane, but sometimes by focusing on smaller details we can actually see the bigger picture

  • ct

vampire-weekend1522 karma


patrickowtf151 karma

why isn't the new album on spotify yet?

pestilent_bronco169 karma

And what are your thoughts on Spotify as an artist?

vampire-weekend582 karma

i'm down with spotify. i don't know all the financial details but generally it's a great resource. i should probably "do some research." our label decided to wait a couple weeks before putting MVOTC up there. struck as reasonable. EK

patmorg900 karma

Chris, how do you feel about Chris stealing your name?

Chris, same question.

vampire-weekend988 karma

it's pretty fucked up!!! nah jusss playin


vampire-weekend1081 karma

if you look at the historical records, i definitely had it first! - ct

snorrislol757 karma

One time I skipped a marching band performance at a football game to see you guys way back in 2008. IS THAT PUNK ROCK ENOUGH??

vampire-weekend1032 karma

wow i guess punk's not dead after all. thanks ! EK

BitchesStay701 karma

What salmon-colored shorts do you find are most breathable for a long day of croquet in the Hamptons?

vampire-weekend946 karma

i get mine custom made in hong kong. good luck finding anything of similar quality/fit off the rack EK

vampire-weekend678 karma


TheDanSandwich533 karma

Since you went to an ivy league school, how did your parents react when you told them that you were going to focus on a career in music?

vampire-weekend1125 karma

they were chill abt it. they knew that if i failed at music i always had my BA in english to fall back on... EK

songsabouthatingyou474 karma

What is the story behind the song Diplomat's Son?

vampire-weekend810 karma

Ezra sent me a short story called Diplomat's Son when we were in college. The last paragraph read:

"I wondered, watching him bleeding on the rugby field beneath my mud-covered boot, if he was looking at me through the proscenium of a Turkish taxicab’s rumbling windshield or, perhaps, the small port window of the rickety boat which had taken him down the Ganges."

Years later I started working on a song on my own, this was between our first and our second albums, I knew I wanted two distinct parts with two really distinct grooves but both Jamaican in feel.

I started to take the idea of the "Diplomat's Son" and put it in a different context. I started to look at it as more of a love story than a story about competitive students. I had a vocal melody and lyrics for the chorus: "He was a diplomat's son, It was '81".

Then Ezra and I got in the studio and started working on fleshing out the song: writing a verse, and prechorus together. More sections after that. Figuring out some vocals for the bridge as well.

We added CT on drums, Baio on Bass... and the rest is history.


toymachinesh427 karma

Do you hate when people call you "Vampy Weeks"

vampire-weekend809 karma

nah it's cool. we usually ourselves V-Dubs or "the dubs" EK

snorrislol375 karma

Is there another trilogy on the way or are you guys feeling a crystal skull type deal?

vampire-weekend359 karma

HAHA that made me laugh out loud. EK

notwinonaryder344 karma

ezra when was the first time you've ever eaten coconut, did you enjoy it?

rostam what's your favourite kind of cake?

CT did you have a good 6th birthday

baio did you go to school dances when you were in high school?

vampire-weekend485 karma

yes, I went to three proms! I remember being the sweatiest dancer at each of them.


vampire-weekend422 karma

i did! my mother made me a construction paper crown and i thoroughly enjoyed wearing it! thanks for asking!

  • ct

deejayf304 karma

Who are the top 5 most played artists on each of your mp3 players?

vampire-weekend657 karma

the band father john misty miles davis beach house ke$ha/drake (tie)

  • ct

vampire-weekend508 karma

VAMPIRE WEEKEND The Smiths Drake Jacques Brel Drake (ft the-dream) -EK

iamtheanaldemon128 karma

Favourite Smiths song?

vampire-weekend426 karma

probably "Ask" or "Girlfriend in a Coma" EK

vampire-weekend379 karma


DaSnob274 karma

How did you (Ezra) end-up making a cameo in Girls ?

vampire-weekend839 karma

me & lena is friends PLUS I'M A SICK ACTOR ek

romulusmyfather271 karma

Is the line "trapped beneath the chandelier" in everlasting arms a reference to your first album (with the chandelier on the cover)?

vampire-weekend555 karma

kinda...probably EK

jimblesthegreat238 karma

I've been a fan of yours for a while, but your new album is getting attention from a lot of people who had no interest in your music before. What it is about the new album that gives it such a different feel from Contra and your debut?

vampire-weekend1116 karma

that's a good question. i mean...it has less references to horchata. some people don't like horchata, they find it too sweet EK

brainylemonworld235 karma

Ezra, did you ditch the yellow dog sweater after wearing it in the condom PSA because it now felt SULLIED BY THE AMORALITY OF CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY?

vampire-weekend462 karma

i decided that i won't wear that sweater until our society starts treating dogs with respect EK

TheFilthiest219 karma

You burned innocent Saab cars to the ground. You monsters. What do you have to say for yourselves?

vampire-weekend485 karma


Staying_Anon208 karma

Big fans guys! Is Steve Buscemi really Chris' cousin? What was it like working with him?

vampire-weekend326 karma

yup! very distant...things get crazy when you get deep into genealogy.

he was a true gentleman to work with...was pretty surreal/awesome.


bonerdonutbonut197 karma

Hey Ezra, Rostam, Chris and Chris, thanks for doing this AMA! I'm a big fan and I'll be buying your new album tomorrow, I also have some questions.

  1. It's been said that Modern Vampires of the City is the final album in a sort of trilogy, starting with your self-titled debut. Do you know what direction Vampire Weekend will take after this?

  2. How was working with Steve Buscemi aside from the promos you shot for Amex unstaged (they were funny by the way, but I'm interested in what working with Steve was like outside of those).

  3. Are there more music videos coming?

  4. What artist outside of your genre has been most influential to you?

  5. What song was hardest to "transpose" into a concert setting?

Thanks again! Please come to play some shows in Germany.

Remember, enunciate!

vampire-weekend286 karma

  1. not exactly BUT WE'RE EXCITED
  2. he's a brilliant guy. very funny, pleasant to be around
  3. YES
  4. q-tip
  5. horchata took a minute EK

bertelleo196 karma

Rostam, will we ever see anything from Discovery again???

vampire-weekend333 karma


vampire-weekend260 karma

nxtlvlsht.com -RB

iamtheanaldemon195 karma

Will you guys ever release the 'Vampire Weekend' short film?

vampire-weekend488 karma

the trailer IS the short film EK

jkrjkrjkr111194 karma

What is your opinion on piracy?

vampire-weekend1124 karma

one man's pirate is another man's decorate naval hero EK

dietmountdew190 karma


vampire-weekend401 karma

someday EK

Spencer9663180 karma

Why is the red head in most of your music videos? Who is she?

vampire-weekend335 karma

Jenny - she is old-school part of VW Family EK

sinceyoubeensean167 karma

Does Lil' Jon always tell the truth?

vampire-weekend471 karma

he was on fallon last night & we got to say hi. he had some great smoothie recommendations! I believe he always tells the truth.


BaconAndNuggs167 karma

What are your guys' favorite Radiohead songs?

vampire-weekend498 karma

probably idioteque although I have a sweet spot in my heart for reckoner.


LegendOfX160 karma

Is this the band's first time on reddit? If not, how long ago did you guys hear about reddit and how often do you guys come here?

vampire-weekend389 karma

I've done some creeping but never had an account.


heyjanice157 karma

Together as a band, how are you celebrating the release of MVOTC? What are your plans for the rest of the day :)

vampire-weekend471 karma

we doin' a reddit AmA. hey janice!


Dunkcity239146 karma

Who's your favorite pokemon?

vampire-weekend483 karma

when I played my first ever show w/ my middle school pop-punk band I wore a pikachu shirt. unoriginal, I know, but I have a lot of love for the pik.


Samilton143 karma

If Diane Young wont change my mind, WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?

vampire-weekend332 karma

don't sweat it then...ur right on time EK

BaconAndNuggs139 karma

Rostam: What software(s) would you recommend for someone who is a beginner in music editing/sound mixing?

vampire-weekend248 karma

Ableton is good. Pro Tools is good. Both would be ideal. I need both in my life. -RB

baionce128 karma

yo baio how was yr wedding

vampire-weekend386 karma

ashish! it was chill. did it in our apartment on xmas eve. I cried & stuff.


_Volta124 karma

Who was the coolest/funniest person you guys met on SNL?

vampire-weekend350 karma


vampire-weekend274 karma

Kenan is a favorite EK

NoSmallTitties122 karma

Favorite TV show at the moment?

vampire-weekend671 karma

game of thrones!

  • ct

amidnightshow122 karma

Hello guys! What is your funniest story during the making of MVOTC?

Ezra, Have you ever thought making a book of all your tweets?

Ps. Tomorrow is my birthday! MVOTC is the perfect gift (Congrats!) , thank you.

vampire-weekend259 karma

happy birthday ! once i slip on a banana peel in the studio during mvotc EK

brotein1118 karma

When was the first time you were recognized in public and what was it like?

vampire-weekend395 karma

in summer of 2008 I was walking in west village w/ my pops & a girl came up to me & said hi. I was way more nervous than she was!


MikeJSheehan116 karma

Hello Vampire Weekend!

I’m a big fan; think you guys are one of the most original bands in years.

As someone who has tickets to see you this summer at an outdoor festival (Longitude, Ireland) I have a couple of questions. How do you feel about playing really intricate and layered songs in a live, stripped-back setting? What is your process for deciding which melodies need to be heard, and what can be omitted? Also, do you think an outdoor festival setting changes your performance much in comparison to an intimate indoors, VW-only gig?

Finally, what was it like to work with Richard Ayoade? Have you ever seen his acting work (in The IT Crowd for example)?

Almost forgot to say; congratulations on the stellar third album!

vampire-weekend162 karma

we definitely look at festivals and intimate indoor shows differently. we try to choose the set list based on the setting. some times we try to be faithful to the recording but Walcott, for instance, we've always gone for a simpler, rockier version.

Ayoade is THE MAN. so funny, so cool EK

Chumzter114 karma

do you listen to MGMT?

vampire-weekend239 karma

yeah, they're rad ! -RB

gabrakazam110 karma

Influences behind Finger Back? It's such a rad song.

vampire-weekend328 karma

neutral milk hotel (distorted acoustic guitar), the clash (drum pattern), brenda fassie (drum pattern), bach's chorales (choir part) -RB

Zombutler108 karma

I just want to thank you guys for so many of the things that you’ve done. ‘Contra’ was an album that really, truly kept me company during a confusing, chaotic time in my life, and I’ll be forever grateful for it. ‘Taxi Cab’ and ‘I Think Ur A Contra’ are two of my favorite songs of all time. It feels incredible now three years later to finally have a new album that I know will soundtrack many moments of my summer and the days beyond. The album is so incredible. ‘Young Lion’ is...perfect. Thank you. Here’s a semi-question:

Can you play either ‘I Think Ur A Contra’ or ‘Everlasting Arms’ tomorrow night in Boston? That would be...pretty great.

vampire-weekend131 karma

we'll do our best!!


AFROdisiac96107 karma

Did the dust from Coachella weekend 1 on Sunday affect you guys at all?

vampire-weekend479 karma

I got a lot of sand in my face! also really regret that we didn't walk onstage to darude's "sandstorm."


AJ_is_rad95 karma

When did you guys realize that your band was worth pursuing? And also want to write me a letter of rec to Columbia's grad school? Worth a shot lol.

vampire-weekend107 karma

I felt very good from our first show, honestly. I had played so many wack shows w/ other bands, but everything felt really good from the start.


taylorcernak91 karma

best rap album of all-time?? (ek, don't say ring cycle)

vampire-weekend330 karma



iepartytracks90 karma

My wife preordered MVotC on iTunes and burned it on a CD this morning before work. I had to get my son packed up for daycare and out the door and didn't have time to burn it/listen to it yet. Basically, how mad at my wife should I be since she gets to enjoy all day and I'm sitting here wallowing in my own tears? Also, can you give me a heads up for any points where I might want to turn down the volume when dancing with a toddler? He'll be 2 a week from today and really enjoys the self titled and Contra, but we usually skip Oxford Comma when he's in the room.

vampire-weekend204 karma

don't be mad at ur wife. i think the whole record is toddler friendly?!??! EK

twosexyfourmyshirt84 karma

guys, my ex boyfriend stole my FAVORITE vampire weekend sweater. the red one with the lyrics to White Sky spiraling in the middle. I got it at their show at the Hollywood Bowl. someone help me seek the justice I deserve!

vampire-weekend334 karma

i will hunt this bastard down EK

dontdeconstruct79 karma

Baio, is your butt back to full health after surgery?

vampire-weekend114 karma



helenejaeger75 karma

Ezra: What books have you been reading lately?

(Needless to say I'm a big fan of your band, makes me happy to see that originality prevails. Love your new album)

vampire-weekend124 karma

been reading a book called "Making Haste from Babylon" EK

Vivelavida66 karma

Rostam batmanglij!Will you marry me PLEASE!

vampire-weekend207 karma


romulusmyfather66 karma

How much of the Steve Buscemi AMEX episodes were scripted? (They were hilarious, by the way)

vampire-weekend167 karma

a lot was scripted but a lot was also improv'd. "big fat stupid head" has been something we've been saying to each other for years.


Rake_and_Roustabout64 karma


vampire-weekend102 karma

the first one, the song is kind of about unrequited love...and longing _RB

Danielrh963 karma

Bonnaroo seems to be the only major festival this summer that you aren't playing. What happened and why aren't you there?

vampire-weekend133 karma

theres always a lot of schedule stuff that determines these things but i hope we play it soon...i actually went to bonnaroo #1 back in the day!

  • ct

Dunnfordiniho62 karma

Chris, how on earth did you come to own a Kustom bass guitar? They're impossible to find anywhere on the planet! And how did you come to start the dances you do on stage? and I hope you don't mind that I have stolen them for when I perform.

vampire-weekend102 karma

I found it at main drag music in williamsburg in the fall of 2007. since then I've been trying everywhere to find a second one...no luck! love that bass.

feel free to steal the moves -- it's just what comes naturally to me when playing the parts.


bobdebicker58 karma

What are your favorite movies?

vampire-weekend223 karma

ace ventura, d2 and the big lebowski were all huge in my personal emotional development

  • ct

vampire-weekend169 karma

basquiat by julian schnabel, royal tenenbaums by wes anderson, time to leave by francois ozon, the 400 blows by francois truffaut, laurel canyon by Lisa Cholodenko -RB

vampire-weekend102 karma

my two favorite movies are persona & come & see!


HollaJabronis56 karma

Ezra, I named my car after you. Can't wait to see you at Lollapalooza!

TheFinn8846 karma


vampire-weekend275 karma

thx guys. take good care of ur cars EK

ChadKid50 karma

Are you guys going to be touring in the US more anytime soon? If so you should defiantly play a show in Pittsburgh, PA cause that would make me so happy.

P.S. MVOTC was a amazing album, great work guys!

vampire-weekend88 karma

yes, we will have a lot more dates coming up throughout the next year and a half or so. i hope we get to pittsburgh because thats where my sister currently lives. i love hitting up primanti bros!

  • ct

Aanger44 karma

I know at least some of you watch Game of Thrones-- who do you think should win it?

(Also, I just got back from the record store with the vinyl version of MVotC and it's even better than I could ever have imagined. Contra got me through some shitty times but MVotC will be there for the good ones. Thanks, guys.)

vampire-weekend148 karma

all i know is winter is coming, so bundle up yall!

but for reals i do kinda feel jon snow

  • ct

nuninuninu41 karma

What's is your favorite Vampire Weekend song?

vampire-weekend85 karma

currently: "don't lie."


beonlineb28 karma

Can you guys please say wassup to all the Australians staying up for this AmA??

vampire-weekend53 karma

much love 2 oz!! hoping to get back there before the end of the year!!!


annelixie27 karma

Ez, I know you wrote a book called Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa - is there anyway to get it?

vampire-weekend63 karma

i belive there are 15 copies in existence EK

WellYouWould27 karma

I heard EK rocks a FauxLex instead of a Rolex. Is that true?

vampire-weekend92 karma

heading to the appraiser right now EK

sarahmadzney23 karma

ROSTAM how do you pronounce yr last name?

vampire-weekend57 karma


RadioMind22 karma

Ezra, what do ask for when you get a haircut?

vampire-weekend97 karma

i say "please sir just make me look nice" ek

tjfm199120 karma

Ezra, I've noticed some similarities between the lyrics of your songs and the fragmented, allusive style of T.S. Eliot. You a fan? Currently studying some of his poetry for an exam on Thursday. Fellow English majors of the world, unite!

vampire-weekend29 karma

yeah he's cool but you know who i rly like lately is Donne. also emily dickinson, i slept on her too long ek

thechangbang20 karma

What were your least favourite CC books? Favourite core class?

vampire-weekend26 karma

I found city of god to be a slog but I enjoyed the classes on it & was struck by a lot of its philosophy.

favorite core class was actually CC -- kathy eden was my professor & was absolutely incredible.


normangoy19 karma

Favorite The National's song?

vampire-weekend33 karma

gotta be start a war!

  • ct

loxigans10 karma

DIGGING the album, guys. I have a question for each of you!

Ezra: I'm really curious- is Step kind of a light hearted parody of yourselves around the M79 era?

Rostam: What was it like sharing producing duties with someone else on this album?

Chris B: Where did you learn to twerk like that?

Chris T: Do you control the beard or does the beard control you?

Also - let's meet up at Red Rocks! I'm down if you are!

vampire-weekend20 karma

good question...i think at points in my life weve each had the upper hand but as i approach 30 i think weve come to a mutually beneficial truce (via a trimmer)

  • ct

vampire-weekend11 karma

i don't think of Step as a parody but it definitely has a lot of nostalgia and thinking about the past versus the present so...I SEE WHAT UR SAYING EK

Mikeybam9 karma

Who has the nicest tits? :) :)

vampire-weekend39 karma

me imho


Trick_bitch9 karma

Hello there! Big fan!

I believe it was Rostam who said that this album felt like the end of a trilogy. What does this entail for future projects from you guys?

Also, Rostam, can we expect any more solo projects from you? I do love your music!

vampire-weekend24 karma

Next VW album has to be UNPREDICTABLE!!!

yes... always working on new music!