I was on a tosh.0 web redemption for a prank on my mom with a fake army letter. Here is the orignal prank http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yt1bPRvSIc

Here is the interview:http://tosh.comedycentral.com/video-clips/p0chzj/extended-interview---army-prankster-s-web-redemption---uncensored

Here is the redemption: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwaAxwxm0M4

Here is proof:http://imgur.com/UjDr7zj

More Proof:https://twitter.com/TheBradGross

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alexsmander30 karma

What is Tosh like off camera?

bratley1356 karma

Tosh was a normal guy. He honestly is extremely funny and casual. It was like chatting with someone you knew for a while. When I first arrived to the interview portion he was in a room separate for me because he wants to keep it as natural as possible before filming. So my first time meeting him was practically the same time the camera was rolling.

BrockYourSocksOff25 karma

Was it a prank or was it completely staged?

bratley1342 karma

The redemption was actually staged, all those people were actors. Some were part of the Tosh.0 crew but majority were actors.

Doctor_Chill24 karma

What was the pay for the web redemption?

bratley1356 karma

The pay was over a grand. They also fly you out there, put you in a hotel, and give you a bunch of Tosh.0 gifts. I assume most people stay longer when they go to film it but I was there for less than 24 hours because I had my college graduation the following day. Basically I took my final exam, flew out the same day, and then flew back and graduated. It was a whirlwind of a few days and majority of my college friends thought I was joking when I said I flew out for a web redemption. I use to play the voice mail from the producers asking me to fly out.

FromChicagoWithLove12 karma

What kind of gifts did you get? Anything that can't be bought from their store?

bratley1326 karma

Just stuff from Trader Joe's, DVD, T-Shirt

editorlightyear18 karma

Why are you playing with yourself in the original video?

bratley1321 karma

I honestly didn't know I was doing it until I started editing it.

smoquin17 karma

how did comedy central get in contact with you?

bratley1322 karma

They honestly just called me, I believe I had my number on my youtube account. I didn't answer it, and heard the voicemail. Told some buddies to listen to this message. I still have the voice mail left on my phone.

clonemusic17 karma

How scripted is the interview process?

bratley1327 karma

The interview process isn't really scripted, he had some basic questions written down but basically just bounced back with a question based on my responses. This was easily my favorite part and we actually talked for a lot longer than what was aired.

OstrichThatBleedsRed10 karma


bratley1319 karma

I would say only 20% of the interview was shown.

One of the camera men fell into the water when we were setting up for the junk'd scene. Pretty funny haha

OccamRager10 karma

Is Tosh gay or what? Obviously, you don't know him that well but was he really interested in females at all?

bratley1335 karma

Totally straight from what I saw

thelaughgiver9 karma

Were you a fan of the show before you got the call? Do people stop you in the street now and like, you know, try to touch you and what not?

bratley1315 karma

I wouldn't say a major fan, obviously I would watch the show if it came on while watching Comedy Central but I didn't watch every episode or anything.

When the skit first aired I had a couple odd times when someone would ask me if I was on Tosh.0 especially out at a bar or something. Especially since Virginia Tech was mentioned, so some people who saw the episode from my school were would ask me questions. Nowadays I will get an occasional Tosh comment since the episode will re-air.

I was leaving a restaurant one time and some lady was asking about it. I was shocked because I was wearing sunglasses and a hat. That was the only time I was a little freaked out.

cahman9 karma

Would you do it again?

bratley1321 karma

Of course, it was a once in a lifetime chance and as someone who enjoys the production side of TV/Film it was a true behind the scenes look into how everything is put together.

COD_PRO97 karma

what was it like to do the web redemption. Having to Junk people and such.

bratley1311 karma

The whole redemption situation was extremely fun to do and entertaining. The crazy thing is I was not told what my redemption was going to be until I arrived in LA. I was down for anything but considering the big part of the prank I did was to do with the 'ball scratching' I assumed it could be something that could be a little bit too over the top. So when I was told the redemption skit I was amped, it honestly was a clever twist on for the web redemption.

DJUnbornFetus5 karma

How did you make it up to your mom today?

bratley1313 karma

I get this asked a lot and am told how horrible of a person I was for doing it. But honestly my mom wasn't mad, I have prank'd her before and I knew if I told her I was joining the Army she would have lost it. Just because it was something she would never expect at all.

K_reale125 karma

Is Daniel tosh as funny off camera?

bratley1314 karma

Yeah he seems like a naturally funny guy all the time, in between takes he was the same person.

expensivepens4 karma

Do you still like to prank friends and such?

bratley1312 karma

My last prank I posted about 20 different craigslist postings we all sorts of random stuff for sale with ridiculously low prices. Tickets to Miley Cyrus, Nintendo Wii, Free TV, etc.

Posted about 4 different friends numbers between all the postings. One of my buddies had over 50 calls in a 5 minute period.

Dick_Dandruff3 karma

Woo go Hokies!

bratley137 karma

Hokies over Bama!

PhreakX1 karma

How did they contact you?

bratley134 karma

Phone Call

mammino-5 karma

I always thought he would be a comedian to do a lot of drugs did he do any in front of you

bratley139 karma