My name is Logic. I'm a 23 year old Hip Hop artist from Maryland. I just released a project entitled "Young Sinatra: Welcome To Forever" which can be downloaded here: I'm also headlining a 32 city national tour which starts next week. Tickets can be purchased at





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Before anything: if you have a good experience with this AMA, please tell your friends like Chance and Dizzy to come by, we'd love that. Also please return in a few months, we almost never get a chance to ask rappers questions and have them reply. I've numbered my questions so it's easier to reply to ones you want to.

It's truly a pleasure to have you do an AMA, massive fan of both your humble personality and musical talent (production/rapping/management/whatever else). Insane props to your homie Chris for making this possible.

First off, if you want to chill with us in /r/hiphopheads if you have a few extra minutes each day, feel free -- it'd be incredible to have a high profile rapper give input. I attempted to write a guide on your music library and hope that most of it is accurate, please check it out!

Several years ago, I found out about you through OKC Thunder's star player, Kevin Durant (he's from the 301) when I saw him at a local Sprint shop buying a new phone. He said that you were going to blow up (your alias was Psychological at the time) and that he kept his eye on you.

Since then, I've been absolutely hooked. I have a few questions both positive and negative that I've compiled from the /r/hiphopheads and I hope you can answer most, if not all of them.

1) I come from the gaming world and write for a mainstream gaming website; you allude to being good friends with one of the most famous Call of Duty players in the world, FaZeTemper, and also wear a FaZe Clan hoodie in The Spotlight video -- how did that happen, and how did you meet him?

2) Your topics range from being verbally abused by your mother to smoking with friends to making it big in life with such tracks as I Made It among several others as well as relationships. There's been lots of talk among the more critical of fans saying that you rely too much on the same topics; although I disagree, could you see why they'd say that? Could you give us some insight into what you may have planned or what you'd like to touch on in future songs?

3) I personally believe that aside from the GoWhere interview, your piece with Derrick Craddock is one of the best interviews in hip-hop. You say many things including how you've come together with your dad and accepted him into your life despite not forgetting about the past, while your mother still remains outside of your life. Another thing is that you've written over 1,000 songs and are eager to work with big names such as Jay, Kanye, etc. -- how realistic is the dream of working with the 'big boys' now after the release of Welcome To Forever opposed to when say, Young Broke & Infamous dropped and you had a significantly smaller fanbase?

4) Welcome To Forever passed 100,000 downloads in less than 15 hours; that's incredible for a mixtape, let alone from an XXL freshman without an album released yet. Do you believe this is due to hype after achieving XXL, or your dedicated fans en masse coming together and supporting the new work? Maybe a mix of the two?

5) You've grown from unknown to known to famous within a matter of roughly a year and a half. I remember tweeting you about the sample on Young Sinatra III as well as a text interview some time ago, and you actually replied. If a person looks on your Twitter, they'll notice that you reply to thousands of tweets each week, hundreds a day and are dedicated to reaching out to as many fans as possible. You stated some time ago in an interview (forgot which) that one day you'd be too big to thank every fan or shake each fan's hand at one of your shows, so you'd take the time to do it as much as possible when you were relatively unknown and underground -- how important is your fans in your career? It's been recorded on multiple occassions that due to a rough upbringing, the RattPack is your true family.

6) My mind's racing and I can't remember which song, but on Welcome To Forever there's a track that essentially says 'I want to eat with the same people that supported me' basically paying tribute to those that supported you through the hardest of times, such as your boy Big Lenbo. This promise is made by dozens of rappers, but once they transition into mainstream, we see that promise fade quicker than it was created. Why have you maintained such a humble and respected stance on such a promise?

7) Your lyrics on some tracks are incredibly deep opposed to others. For instance this part on Dear God where you speak of your mother attempting to kill you or the a capella verse on Growing Pains II where you burst out and say you're never giving up or the last part of Dead Presidents III where you once again go a capella and talk about your mother and father abusing drugs and messing in the street life. Do you feel so open as to your personal life with topics such as this because as stated earlier, the RattPack is your family, or is there something else?

8) I think everyone would be in favor of some more Camille Michelle Gray features -- any plans you can spill or confirm that you'll be working with her again soon?

9) Do you want to retain that 'genuine underground feel' in your music with the videos shot by your friend GRVTY (Gravity) or do you feel that by signing to Def Jam while retaining the VMG name you're ready to move onto bigger videos with a team of production assistants? I know you clown on yourself in Just Another Day Ep. 14 but on a serious note, would you want to keep that aspect of your music where it's old school Logic, or would you want to move onto new things and change it up and experiment?

10) The video of you signing to Def Jam truly shows the journey you've been on. It's had its up and downs but overall things turned out to be super positive. Will you still stream on USTREAM and bond with fans, or has the schedule gotten too clogged to do such things from now on?

11) The line from Growing Pains II that hit people hard is 'It's hard being a Saint inside a Sinner's body.' and has been tatted on fans left and right. What was the inspiration behind that line and did you ever think it'd have the effect it did?

12) In the intro track to Welcome To Forever featuring your friend Jon Bellion, you say about a minute in that Nas quoted your lyrics when you met him -- what song lyrics did he quote and how did you come about meeting him?

13) Young Sinatra IV -- when's it dropping?

14) The introduction on Welcome To Forever used this same sample of Jay, but different lyrics -- change of plan, or two different songs?

15) Are you working on a freshman album? Any ETA on that (early 2014, late 2014, 2015)? Chances of Alicia Keys (BEST MUSICIAN TO EVER LIVE) being on a song? Make it happen.

16) You say that 'your favorite song is someone else's least favorite song, and vice versa; that's why I embrace and love all music' -- with that being said, what is YOUR favorite song and why?

17) Top 10 musicians dead or alive?

18) Top 10 rappers dead or alive?

Thank you a ton for making some awesome music.

Random opinion: 5AM is one of the best tracks you've ever made; best line ever -- 'I rep Artanis, decipher the word 'cause it's ebonics, reverse the letters and it spells Sinatra...'.

Stay real, I'll see you around.


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First of all this was amazing! i wish i had the time to reply to every question because it was so well written and though out!!! however i will answer a few of my favorite's and put the number of each question im replying to before answering.

  1. with Faze and Tommy (Temper) he was just a nice guy who liked my music, i had no idea who he was i just thought he was another guy making videos using my music, and he asked me if i wanted a faze clan hoody to wear i said sure and he sent me one, "fun fact" the reason i even wore that hoody is because the color of it matched my infared' jordans haha, little did i know he would be a big asset in the gaming community for me.

  2. yes i can totally see why they would say that, my message mainly is about following and attaining your dreams, listen to my first tape its about how "no one knew me" then the 2nd "how im gonna make something of myself" then the third "how im finally making a name for myself" and now this one "how i finally broke into hip hop!" i just write about my life and let you know whats happening every step of the way, i talk about family, love, relationships, friends, my past, the few, and crazy experiences "like meeting Nas for the first time" wait till my album and you hear about meeting the homie J. Cole haha so i would say whoever thinks that is finding reason to hate and doesnt know my subject matter is always where i am, but where i am is always changing.

  3. my album is being produced my No I.D., now in no way do i see that as a gateway to Kanye or Jay, im working with No I.D. for NO I.D.!!!! but i'd say thats the closest ive been to them, they are all family, and im slowly becoming apart of that family (musically)

  4. def a mix of the two!!! my fan base is crazy, but this was also alot of people going "oh that kid Logic, pfft!!! lets see what he's really about.... plays first song "OMG THIS IS AMAZING" becomes fan instantly!!! lol jk

  5. I LOVE MY FANS! i love these questions! i love reese's haha no just foolin, but even that right there, being able to joke with you and answer your question, you are my friend, you are the reason i make my music and as much as im trying to only answer a few of your questions they are so good i cant help but answer them haha! so you see, as much as my fans give i do my best to match it, not just with the music i make for them but personally through our conversation.

  6. because im NORMAL!!! haha i dont surround myself with random people telling me im the greatest! i surround myself with my friends who tell me at even my greatest i can do better! and i love them

  7. im very open in general, but my music is a form of therapy and if i may not have address a subject in my life or spoken to anyone about it, i know the page will always, i know the instrumental will always welcome me!

  8. she is awesome! who knows.

  9. i think im not perfect and thats great, im NOT perfect and because i accept my flaws i believe i set a great example for those to just be themselves!



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Hey Logic! Just want to say you're dope and keep doing what you're doing. In Welcome to Forever, you mentioned meeting Nas and that he quoted your lines. Where did you meet him and which lines did he quote? Thanks!

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he called me to this awesome rooftop in manhattan, i made a funny remark about some champagne he had infront of him, and he said "where can i get that 100 thousand dollar champagne?!?!?" haha

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Logic, if we were playing Super Smash Brawl. What character are you picking?

WelcomeToForever165 karma

its'a Me'a A'mario!!!!

Assist_King45 karma

How did you come up with Marty Randolph? Those skits are hilarious!

WelcomeToForever77 karma

i came up with marty because everyone was so strung on all that illuminati BS and i never wanted my fans to even ignorantly think i was apart of whatever the hell it is, so i joked about it.

this skit itself was inspired by Wale's "Cliche Records" skit on 100 miles and running

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Hey Logic, quick question! Do you watch Breaking Bad?

WelcomeToForever123 karma

i have a Love hate relationship with Jesse! all the potential in the world with that kid!

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LOGIC! Can I expect Nas feature on the album? C'mon, son. I know you want it! Been a fan since YB&I, keep doing your thing dude I'll see you in SB!

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cant be giving out surprises lol

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Hey Logic, wanted to let you know that I have downloaded all your mixtapes, and have been sending DatPiff links to everyone I know! Congrats on Welcome To Forever, its a damn masterpiece. I'll be seeing you in Scottsdale, AZ in a few weeks. Can't wait!

Which song of yours is your favorite? (In general, and to perform live)

WelcomeToForever50 karma

thank you so much!!! i'd say..... dead presidents III but we'll see after this tour

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The Young Sinatra himself!! I was wondering who is the artist you want to collab with the most? And what's your biggest goal in your hip hop career?

WelcomeToForever91 karma

Kanye west and my biggest goal is to be one of the greatest and most talked about hip hop artists of all time.

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Logic, I've been a huge fan ever since I heard the Young Sinatra tape a few years back. I've had your music on repeat ever since. It's crazy to see how much you've blown up since then. I remember back watching your ustreams with only a hundred or so people watching. It's awesome to hear the progression in your music. I've got a few questions

  • How critical are you of the past music you have made?

  • Have you been working on your upcoming album at all? Do you see it having some sort of common theme throughout the album?

  • What is the favorite song you have made to date, released or unreleased?

  • Also, can you PLEASE play BackPack at the show in Minneapolis? That's the song that got me and my homie into your music.

WelcomeToForever25 karma

very critical however its a growing process sometimes i cringe at old music, but mainly nothing that is public, the stuff in my vault! haha

i am working on the album, just getting started, as for the theme, what its always been a soundtrack for your life!

my favorite song that i have ever made would be DPIII but that may change because i myself havent had time to sit with WTF so hey lets see!

haha backpack is seldom performed but hey we'll see!!


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How have your relationships and friendships been affected the last couple years? Do you fear becoming a household name for the affect it will inevitably have on forming new relationships? How does an artist cope with both the desire to make it big and the need for intimacy?

/u/HEATROCK pretty much covered everything I wanted to know, I hope you answer even a fraction of his questions.

And thank you for doing this, stop by /r/hiphopheads sometime.

WelcomeToForever39 karma

it has ruined relationships with women and family but because all i do is work sometimes ppl just dont understand or get it! i love them but i must follow my own dreams! because growing we were taught they were not attainable

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Hey Logic, I'm from moco and I'm a student at UMCP. I've been a fan of your music for a little over a year now and I'm really cised to see your June 23rd concert at Silver Spring. I didn't know where else to ask but if you got time in your schedule and are in the cp or moco area I would love to be able to chill and smoke trees with you and the ratt pack.

WelcomeToForever42 karma

hahaha hey thank you so much! i hope you enjoy the show, i dont smoke weed anymore i used to but dont worry i write records about my past experiences smoking so that way you have music to smoke to!!

intrepiddaydream15 karma


WelcomeToForever19 karma

shout out to TSIS!!!

they have said i sound like drake, like j cole, like nas ect...ect... i have yet to meet drake but when i met nas he said i made great music and to keep going! when i met cole he said he loved my style! i love and am inspired by many, i think the Drake comparison just comes because he pioneered that melodic rap lane, and thats something ive tapped into and done well, but hey i just have fun and make music.

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WelcomeToForever36 karma

Big L, W u Tang, Nas, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Biggie, J. cole and many more, and yes being half black but looking white is awesome! haha it takes you by surprise, but we are all people im just trying to tell my story

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1) What would your career path be if you weren't a rapper?

2) I have a full-time job as an Aerospace Engineer while Im still doing the rap thing on the side (been rapping for 3 years). There have been many times I've contemplated quitting one of these to focus on the other. At what point did you realize that you wanted to pursue a rap career full-time? Was there any point early on in your rap career when you thought you weren't going anywhere and wanted to quit?

Thanks for being awesome. You're really an inspiration

WelcomeToForever38 karma

i dont think i would be alive!

keep it up! however you have an amazing job!! an incredible job!!!! dont risk that, kids say to me things like im gonna drop out of school and start rapping, i know you didnt finish school!! to which i reply i worked two jobs 6 days a week at 17 years old then went home, to write and record my own music everyday!

so i say, if you can multi task, if you cant go to school/work and make music, you arent ready for the responsibility.

so my friend! =) DONT STOP MAKING MUSIC!!! od what you love, but until you are getting i NICE!!! check in your pocket thats more than anything you have or will make, stay at your job but keep rapping

best of luck!


aFlockOfNoobs12 karma

Huge fan! Just recently downloaded Welcome To Forever and I love it. Just a few questions:

  • How do you come up with your rhymes? They're incredibly creative.

  • What inspired you?

  • How do you feel about FaZe clan using your music?

WelcomeToForever19 karma

well they have to rhyme and the beginning and end must tie into each other its hard to explain lol

life inspires me

faze clan is awesome! they have supported for sometime now

CaptianJackSparrow11 karma

I saw you tweet about dirt bikes a few weeks ago. What got you into dirt scooters man? and what kinda bike would you get?

WelcomeToForever29 karma

i got a little 125 haha idk i just woke up, i hadent gotten anything for myself since my deal i invest all my money into my career for example im paying for this entire tour and expenses out of my own pocket, so i kinda wanted something shiny haha!

DynamicPulse8 karma

First of all, you are one of the few saviors of hip-hop and im glad you are blowin up and makin an impact. Working with artists like Dizzy Wright, have you ever considered collaborating with Hopsin or Chris Webby?

WelcomeToForever15 karma

yes both! Hop is dope i have yet to meet him tho and chris i just spoke to a few days ago

BrettHanson8 karma

What's your favorite line you've ever written?

WelcomeToForever46 karma

you are breaking my heart!!! what a tough question, maybe "waiting on a record deal thats never coming like a preist" haha idk there are so much!!!

Nizlop8 karma

Which song that you've released so far means the most to you personally?

WelcomeToForever15 karma

at the moment life is good!

michaelwatt7 karma

What's the longest it took to record a song on Welcome To Forever?

WelcomeToForever11 karma

the tape was constructed in a year but the actual recording process took about only two months,however some records were started a year ago and not finished until days before the projects release

PornHubBoi6 karma

First off G-BURG REPRESENT! psych I from the moco area more near potomac. But my question is did you move lol RATPACK

WelcomeToForever14 karma

hahah G BURG ALL DAY!!! and yes i live in LA now to work closes with No I.D. and other producers on my album, MD is always in my heart but i live here, i moved all my homies with me though we live in one big house haha we call it the VMG house

Mattyboy76 karma

Hey Logic, I went to the free concert you had at Ft Hunt Park with you and C Dot Castro and became hooked onto your music. As a big Frank Sinatra fan myself what is your favorite Frank Sinatra song? Thanks

WelcomeToForever10 karma

damn!! hard one!

for where i am in my life right now! i'd say "My Way"

rkelly3719965 karma

Which track on welcome to forever has the most meaning to you?

WelcomeToForever24 karma

welcome to forever

ytop35 karma


First of all, huge fan here.

What can you tell us about the next album? Also, when are you coming back to the DMV to perform?

WelcomeToForever5 karma

get your tickets ill be there next month!

my next album will be my greatest work!

rastapasta8085 karma

Hey Logic! Thanks for doing this AmA! I'm a huge fan from Maui, HI and I've been listening to you since you dropped Young, Broke and Infamous and came out to see you in LA at the Roxy, show was raging!

Just wanted to say thank you for giving hip hop a wake up call and bringing it back to lyricism and delivery.

One question: where do you see your career going in 3 years? After listening to Welcome to Forever, I noticed something was missing.

You don't sound hungry.

I love your style because its emmaculate and ambitious but a few songs on the newest tape make me feel like you've almost settled on the 'I made it' idea. Just curious what your view of the future is.

Also, you featured part of my voicemail on 'Worldwide' and that was seriously one of the coolest things that ever happened to me!!! The sound bite was "Maui, Hawaii", short and sweet. Really appreciate you doing that, RattPack for life.


WelcomeToForever4 karma

oh im hungrier than ever, roll call, walk on by, nasty just a man, common logic and the end are some of the most rawest hard time spent on flow and emotions of records ive ever done, i think sometimes its perception! sometimes you see the def jam, and the xxl and you think differently of an artist, when in all actuality, many of the record on wtf were written before undeniable even came out, so you see, perception =) and i totally remember you man thank you!!!

Seanze5 karma

Logic, I just wanted to start off by saying I am a huge fan and you inspire me through so many struggles in my life. Whenever I am down about something I think about how you are always promoting positivity and to follow your dreams! Your music is absolutely amazing and I love every bit of it. Well here are some of my questions and thank you so much for doing this!

1) Listening to your music it is not hard to tell you had a troubled past. I read somewhere that you are now in contact with your father but not your mother is this true? If so do you plan on contacting your mother ever again? Did you reach out to your father before you hit it big or did he find you just asking for money?

2) What do you like to do on a daily basis when you are not working in the studio? Do you play a sport or have a favorite tv series or what?

3) If you could sum up what really inspires you in a few words what would it be?

4) Has fame changed you at all? I know you always keep a level head and are not cocky but has it affected how you look at somethings?

5) As an 18 year old in college (Aviation major) who likes to rap on the side what would be your words of advice besides following your dreams and to keep going?

6) How do girls treat you now? You said your ex tried to make up have you ever considered getting back with her or is that all in the rear view mirror? Do you plan on finding a committed girl soon or are you just going to have fun and mess around with a lot of girls?

7) Who would be the top few hip hop artist alive that you would love to collaborate with?

8) Who do you like more Biggie or Pac?

I believe that is it for now! I already got my ticket for your tour (June 23 in Maryland) which I'm driving 5 hours to see and am so stoked! I'm bummed they didn't have a VIP pass because I would love to meet you, but I will wait outside for hours to get a picture and autograph with you! RATTPACK!

WelcomeToForever11 karma

i wish i could answer them all!!!

to sum up what really inspires me, life! and learning and FALLING and getting back up and love and friendship and solitude and movies and LIFE!! again just Life

mikenasty4 karma

A lot more artists are putting more thought into the messages in their songs (politics, culture, art, etc) trying to deliver a message. What is the message(s) your trying to send to listeners?

Who are some artist outside of rap/hip-hop that you admire/listen to?

You being from Maryland, how come you aren't touring anywhere near the DC/Baltimore area? I'd be the first to buy a ticket if you were touring closer to home!

WelcomeToForever10 karma

my message is peace love happiness be yourself and know you can in fact over come!!!

ill be at the filmore june 23rd for tickets!

tdotontop4 karma

  1. What are the odds of hearing you and J Cole / Action Bronson on a track?

  2. Who would you like to work with that you havent had the opportunity to yet?

  3. The new movement of hip hop has started reverting back to lyricism / flow / storytelling ... do you think it'll will be something that can be pushed to the mainstream, if so what would it take to get it over the hill?

  4. Will Tayyib be joining you on the tour also? Saw you guys when you rolled through Toronto last time, thats when I first started playing his tunes - VMG puts out quality stuff, keep it up & follow your vision.

edit* Welcome to Forever has had some of your best work to date - it's nice to see that you've been able to consistently improve / alter your sound...a lot of artists regress after 1 or 2 mixtapes, especially when they try making the jump from up-and-comer to becoming established. They comprise their original sound / vision to fit in - nice to see that youve kept to your own lane and built on it.

WelcomeToForever17 karma

well after meeting cole he seems awesome and if the time is right i dont see why the world wouldnt hear that, action is so dope as well!

the mainstream is very lyrical look and kanye drake ect... but i know what you mean the super duper raw shit, but no the radio is the radio and the streets/blogs are just that, but i do think my mainstreams songs will pull in an audience and they will discover my more "HIP HOP" records because of it

HumanGenius4 karma

Can you take a picture of your alien hands? I want to compare them to mine. Also, "On The Low" is a banger.

WelcomeToForever9 karma

my alien hands are quite amazing! haha thanks i like that song too

appslap4 karma

Logic Thank you for the AMA! Been a fan from the beginning! Everyone including myself is pumped to see you signed to Def Jam and still have creative rights. I have faith that you will stay true to your fans and music. Your whole outlook and mentality is truly inspiring. Even being 23 this is what sets you ahead and past many others in the game. My question is,

  • “If you could sign 5 people who are on indy labels who would it be?” (cough cough Chris Webby / Hopsin )

  • “If you work with any 5 other artists that you look up to / inspire you that are currently living who would they be?

  • “Where is the East Coast love? I want to see you up in the North East more often. Your show in Providence RI, although it was small, you killed it.”

WelcomeToForever9 karma

start witht eh second question on, kanye, jay, cole, kendrick, drake RZA

Nick-fronzo3 karma

1) What motivates you to do your work?

2) Whats the story behind marty randolph

3) Get back over to london ASAP!

Rattpack boy!

WelcomeToForever5 karma

success motivates me and marty is just hilarious!!

hondaryder23 karma

How often do you drink or smoke weed? Do you believe these things have an affect on your's (or anybody's) success? From an insiders viewpoint, do other mainstream rappers exaggerate their consumption of these things along with other things, mainly girls?

I respect a rap artist, like you among others (Nas, Aesop Rock etc.), who's songs rely on their voice to carry more of the flow and make the song fun or interesting to listen to rather than after effects. I see many 'artists' using an auto-tuned voice on a dry, boring flow that is riding on a super hyped, amazing beat. Are todays rappers relying too much on external help to make a radio-hit rather than raw talent, in your opinion?

It is awesome that in Walk On By, you mentioned passing up a girl instead of 'ending the drought'. You already had me hooked as a solid fan but that blew my mind. NO other rapper would talk about passing up any girl, shit like that is whats bringing up the new age of hip-hop. Young Sinatra.

Lastly, I have a request that may sound strange. Could you make a song completely free of cuss words, and basically anything a cynical parent could point out. I want to show my dad not all rap is about fuckin bitches and smoking weed. Even songs with a completely positive message he bails out on the first curse word, claiming it to a hoodlum rapping. I want to show him not everyone is like that, can you help me out? I have always wanted to ask a rapper that just never had the chance.

Keep doin what your doin, your an inspiration to all. #RattPack

WelcomeToForever14 karma

wish i could answer all this!

i dont smoke weed i dont drink, ill hold a glass of alcohol and just taste it, truly sip it socially, i feel we all have our vices, were only human however moderation is key!

as for passing up on random women, we all have urges! however i need a good woman in my life that calls my real name! and knows my heart

haha well im sure i do have at least one song with no curses, but being a grown man i use curse words in my everyday vocab to express how i feel, if you stub your toe and you scream "ah shit!" you may not have wanted to curse but its what came out, its was an honest depiction of your emotion and feeling at that moment in time, and thats no different from when i curse on the record,

thanks again

GotDabs3 karma

When are you gonna come visit and perform at UMD again?

WelcomeToForever5 karma

filmore june 23rd

Deforges3 karma


I've been with you since Young Sinatra. I remember seeing you pop on a random music blog and being amazed at how fucking real the songs were in lyrics and passion. When people would tell me who their favorite rapper was I threw your name out and showed them We Get High, and Live on the Air in a heartbeat. They would always be blown away. You have soul and I don't think you could ever lose it. Please please please don't be afraid to take a deal if it's good enough. It's bullshit when people don't want to 'sell out', you're real and getting what you earned won't change shit. I just downloaded welcome to forever a few days ago and starting to get into it, I'm loving young jedi for now. You're going to make it really big soon man, and you deserve it. Thank you so much!

do you still talk to your mother?

What else do you do outside of rapping?

WelcomeToForever5 karma

i dont speak with my mother unfortunately, hopefully things in the future may work out, but as of now she has my love from affar, as for what do i do outside of rapping NOTHING!!! i rap all the time!!

i just bought a dirt bike but after the first day i felt lazy and went back to work lol

clipp3h3 karma

When can we see you back in the UK? Can't wait for it!

WelcomeToForever8 karma


DramaBeatz73 karma

Out of all the songs you ever created. what song are you most proud of? that song that brings a "wow did i just do that?" type of feeling.

WelcomeToForever2 karma


Aqxu3 karma

How long do you spend in the studio each week working on upcoming songs and albums?

WelcomeToForever13 karma

minimum 12 hours a day everyday, the night before wtf was released i was in the studio for 19 hours

Tresbien893 karma

Hey Logic, I don't really have any questions for you, I just wanted to say I'm a huge fan, you're probably my favourite rapper right and thanks for releasing all your mixtapes for free!

WelcomeToForever15 karma

thank you so much! now i just hope you buy the album after all that free music haha!


Swagu_Like_Caillou3 karma

Yo man!

I've been a huge fan for about 2 years now... I've been spreading the word on you since day one. I'm constantly bumpin your mixtapes in my car and in my college apartment. Igot all my homies on you and I'm pumped to see you blowin up right now. Congrats on the big move with def jam. It's gonna be a crazy year brotha.

My only question to you is do you play Xbox360 online? cause I would love to scrape you in madden or halo or something


WelcomeToForever7 karma

haha i do TheRealLogic301

WelcomeToForeverBoi2 karma

What was your first date like?

WelcomeToForever8 karma

movies with this chick it was awesome! she spanish

sole_landey2 karma

Hello!!! Let me just say you are an incredible artist. I've fallen in love since Young, Broke & Infamous. I love the news school and old school combination you do...Congratulations on hitting the over 132,000 hits on datpiff and another 23,000+ on for your Welcome to Forever mixtape! I bought VIP tickets to your show on June 22 in NYC. Will I have the chance to meet you for you to sign my XXL magazine? (It would be an honor)

-Erlande from 914:)

WelcomeToForever6 karma

oh if you have VIP tickets yea of course we will meet and ill sign whatever you like!!!

WelcomeToForeverBoi2 karma

I know you talked about how your mom chocked you in Dear God, but I just wanted to know how is your relationship with her now?

WelcomeToForever10 karma

we dont speak unfortunately

jorbar08122 karma

I purposely logged into my account I made a while ago that i've never used, just to say whats up man!!!

I've been following you since the spoken vs written days man. It's been amazing to watch you as an mc on that site writing battles to becoming this artist that is starting to hit the big time!! I'm a big fan and i've been spreading your mixtapes to all those that will listen.

If you remember my account at all on spokenvswritten i went by the username 'quest'.

Anyways as far as a question goes, who are you top 3 favourite producers of all time??

Good luck man i'll be buying your studio debut album the day it comes out!!

WelcomeToForever6 karma

dude i totally remember!!! hope all is well, top 3 producers of all time? No ID, Quincy Jones, and C Sick haha!

rattpack_boi2 karma

Yo logic you probly not gonna see this but I have so much respect for you. I'm a 14 year old kid from Gaithersburg and I always kinda liked you but when I saw you were from west deer park yo that's when I really got onto you. Just sayin I got mad respect and congrats on welcome to forever yo.


WelcomeToForever2 karma

thanks homie!!!!!

dwillebo2 karma

Are you going to work with several artist from Def Jam?

WelcomeToForever6 karma

im sure!

cam_pete2 karma

What would you say is the greatest perk of being an "up and coming" rapper? btw been with ya since the beginning, welcome to reddit :)

WelcomeToForever7 karma

it gives me a chance to spread a positive message! its a blessing to express myself on such a grand scale

Dr_Dangles2 karma

Just wanted to say that you're doing great work. Been listening to you for a long time, and love the music. Keep it up!

WelcomeToForever3 karma

thank you!

CokedOutRobot2 karma

Hey Logic, absolutely huge fan. That han zimmer sample on Undeniable kills me every time I hear it.

Stan status aside, who would be your favorite artists to work with be on a dream team situation?

WelcomeToForever11 karma

kanye, jay drake, cudi anthony kedis (RHCP) chris martin (cold play) adele, nas, so many man!