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I need a poo

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I'm asking myself anything.

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I think I'm the only one here now.

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Your move, creep.

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What was the hardest part about making a game as bomb ass as Blood Dragon? Also you fucking rock.

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I think the hardest part was my penis.

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I made sure to tell all my friends to buy Blood Dragon and to vote with our wallets to help you guys make more of these.

its been years since i smiled so big while playing the end of a game.

Thank you.

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Not a question, but a comment:

This is one of the more surprisingly-entertaining AMA(A)'s I've read. Your smart-ass comments are hilarious, and your serious answers are concise yet informative. I also like how there are some examples of you giving a smart-ass response to a serious question, then follow-up immediately with a second, serious response.

Good stuff. I'm going to buy Blood Dragon because of this.

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Buy two so I dont get fired. CHEERS BUD

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I wish I was at Summerslam 92

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Hulk or Ultimate Warrior, for the belt?

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THE WARRIOR. Flying shoulder, to gorilla press to body splash 1 2 3

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Would you rather fight one hundred neon-snake-sized blood dragons, or one blood-dragon-sized neon snake?

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RIGHT. SO. That's it I'm afraid. The Cyber Judges are serving me a restraining order. I gotta bounce. Thanks so much people. Thanks for the support and love. Hit me up on twitter @spleenzilla

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Sorry. I had to go and snap off a teddy bears leg.

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Let's be honest... were you guys doing drugs during development?

...because this was one hell of a game. and colorful. and it had an awesome soundtrack.

funnier than saints row 3.

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Winner don't use drugs. Ask Ben Johnson.

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I think... I think I love you.

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I'm more of a Lance Armstrong type of guy myself.

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You have one ball?

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If there's one thing you regret or think could've been better in 'Blood Dragon'. What would it be?

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Louder Explosive rounds for the Kobracon.

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I love everything about you. Will we be seeing anymore of SGT Rex Power Colt in the future?

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Play the game again. Look... MORE REX COLT!

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Looking at it ;)

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You wouldnt love the smell I just created.

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Whats your favorite one-liner?

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Its actually one we removed... 'Spank my pussy with your roboballs'

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I love Roadwarriors

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I bet when you guys created things like the cyber shark or the dragon that could shoot lasers you knew your game was fucking awesome?

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HA... pretty much yes. The first time we saw a dragon shoot down a chopper we giggled like 7 year olds

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Hey Dean, do you like Lethal Weapon on the Super Nintendo?

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Getting my copy of Blood Dragon soon. Far Cry 3 is one of my favorites because of how truly intense it gets. My palms sweat like crazy trying to take over a rebel camp. Can I expect the same intensity?

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I'm really excited about seeing cosplay / fancy dress shit for Blood Dragon.

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How essential was it to have you or your team perfect the flipping off mechanic of the game? Also how many times have you flip off enemies in Blood Dragon. I know I have given the finger at least 100 times, and that was to only one enemy. -love the game!

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I'm a big believer in player expression. I used to taunt the fuck out of people in Unreal Tournament. Would be awesome to have different taunts


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I'll bake it

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I got this game last week. Love it! NEEDS it's own series! Throw Rex into space, go all Total Recall.

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I got fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive kids to feed

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What is your favorite current game franchise? (Besides the amazing Far Cry Series obviously) Thank you so much for doing the AMA I love the series!

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GTA. Hands down. I had the pleasure of working at Rockstar Games for a while. GTA is the shit.

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PR teams must really hate you...

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They now understand... ITS FINE. I'm NOT GOING TO KILL ANYONE.

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Any chance of Blood Dragon expanding into other Media? A comic or short film perhaps?

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Need more sexy 80's boobs in gym outfits, U CAN DOO EEET!

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Leotards ftw

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Has it been a challenge developing Blood Dragon 2 for PS4?

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What is that? ARE YOU FROM THE FUTURE? Are my kids ugly?

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What was it like to work with Michael Biehn and how did you get him attached to the project?

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It was great to work with Michael. Yes... Michael. First name terms now. I told him that I used to crank one out over the Sarah Connor love scene.... we bonded from that moment

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Joined reddit just to ask you a question!

Mr. Evens when you first presented Blood Dragon what did ubisoft, and your boss think of the idea at first?

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My direct boss loved. He loooooves 80s shit.

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My direct boss loved. He loooooves 80s shit.

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What inspired you to make these video games?

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My future self traveled back from 2043 to let me know what I should do in life. Kinda like Biff. But less buff.

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Were you limited by ubisoft development wise?

Like when you wanted huge dragons and they said, well.. Wat just A minute

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Always have limitations on every project. I wish there were dragons the size of Godzilla. Why are there no AWESOME big monster games? So few... NEED MORE

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Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone? Or Van Damme

SpleenZillaTron212 karma

Stallone has a way hotter body

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Crime is a disease, Stallone is the cure

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Tooth picks forever

twice_a_llama100 karma

Thanks for doing this. I'm going to college in the fall for game art and animation and would like to know what are some of the most important skills that you look for in a game art animator?

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Does Persian Gulf Inferno have what is considered to the greatest shotgun in video games?

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YEs. Its rubbish. I love it.

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I heard those AK-47 tatoos you have on your legs aren't actually tatoos but burn-scars from an aboriginal initiation ceremony you had to undergo in Kenya where they forced you to drink virgin blood and applied burning-hot AKs retreived from a fire-breeding unicorn lair on your calves...

Is it... is it true?

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she wasn't a virgin.

shanic7788 karma

Dinosaurs. I feel this is a strong demand and would work well with the far cry formula. Thoughts?

SpleenZillaTron182 karma

Blood Dragons are possibly a living fossil from the Cretaceous period

ROFLKing87 karma

How many references to the 80s was the team able to jam pack into the game? Which one is your favorite? Thanks!

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Robocops gun. I honestly had a lil roboner when that went in

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I want to play Final Fight now

sharkuppercut80 karma

Why blood dragons?

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Blood Sausages would have been strange

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Dear the internet. Can we please bring back this franchise?

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Thanks for making me feel like such a creative murderer with these amazing weapon attachments!

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I just wanted to say thanks for giving Micheal Biehn the props and respect he deserves. When people think 80's movies, they always go right to Arnie or Stallone, but MB was THE MAN in every movie he was in. Thanks for including such an icon. When you guys cast him was the moment I realized "These guys get it."

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Michael rules. Gonna see him soon to get my Metal GEar NES boxed signed. NERD.

BadMedia39 karma

Tell him he was a father figure to me!

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I'll whisper it close to his ear.

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Why did you decide to do blood dragon and how long in Far Cry 3's development did you decide to do it?

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My future self didn't tell me why... just how. We started pretty close to the end of FC3. Was a pretty interesting switch for many of team members. LASER SHIT DRAGONS

Microfoot66 karma

Were you afraid that the ending to Blood Dragon wouldn't be as "high concept" or "mind-blowing" or "astoundingly pretentious" as Far Cry 3's ending?

SpleenZillaTron167 karma

I think its the best ending for anything ever created. So much drama.

FreeMan91757 karma

What is the secret message?

I had so much fun this past weekend 100%ing the game. I have told many of my friends hoping they also support the work you guys have done. I hope standalone expansions like Blood Dragon become an industry standard by 2007. Blood Dragon is incredible, and I can't wait to see what happens with Far Cry next!

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It's secret

TheAppGuy54 karma

How long did it take to create Blood Dragon? I would imagine that most of the game mechanics were already done from Far Cry 3.

SpleenZillaTron190 karma

Total production time was approx 6 months. We worked like dirty dawgs to get this out. Yep, base mechanics were there but we decided to go balls deep and make a dragon.

T-Sonar52 karma

During development of Blood Dragon, did you feel that Dunia Engine 2 was the best engine for the job? If the sequel does get made are you going to explore more options or stick to Dunia?

SpleenZillaTron252 karma

My favorite engine is a V8

SpleenZillaTron133 karma

Well... its Far Cry 3 so not much choice to be honest. Dunia is a pretty solid engine and Far Cry 3 is a dope platform to work from.

Nonstickharpy51 karma

Does Rex power colt have a gym membership?

SpleenZillaTron114 karma

Yes he does. CyberPump 2000. It's in New LA.

Bronsonite49 karma

Were you really drunk when you thought of this concept?

SpleenZillaTron161 karma

HSJhkjasdh jkjasdh

SanctimoniousSeven47 karma

What are your future plans?

SpleenZillaTron190 karma

Going to E3 and planning to party super fucking hard.

QuixoticChris43 karma

What are some of your favourite games from when you were younger? I love your gameplay video commentary, by the way. :D

SpleenZillaTron109 karma

Shadow of the Beast. Technocop. Ikari Warriors. Smash TV. Agony. Rockstar ate my Hamster. Speedball II

JPP342 karma

First of all, I loved Blood Dragon but I was a bit disappointed with how short it was.

•Is there any possibility of a sequel? •What's your favourite part of Blood Dragon? •What is your favourite food?

SpleenZillaTron108 karma

I have no say in what happens... I can only shout loudly. My favorite bit? Rusty Cumbuckets. Favorite food = Red Hot mouth burning Pizza Pockets

NordicOten41 karma

Signalnoise's posters and logo designs were fuckin' awesome. what was it like working with him to create these wonderful works of art? and though you may not be the best person to ask, when the hell can I order prints of them?!

also, I'm just gonna say two things regarding the game: Summon The Plague is possibly the best mission I've ever played in a modern FPS, and THANK YOU for having Rex be able to sprint like a motherfucker and never take fall damage. made getting around on foot a lot more enjoyable than vanilla FC3!

SpleenZillaTron58 karma

James is a good buddy. He is a monster. IT's a pleasure working with some that share the exact same aesthetic. EASY MONEY!

I also love that mission. I FUCKING LOVE DOOM 2

dialdfordesi35 karma

Was there anything that you had to leave out of the game that you wish you didn't have to cut? If so, what was it?

SpleenZillaTron82 karma

Flying elbows

dialdfordesi51 karma

I'm imagining the death from above animation as a flying elbow drop and that would have been damn awesome

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papaquash35 karma


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I'm very convincing. I just show my tattoos and growl. Normally works.

super_relaxed_dude35 karma

The one liners, the graphics, the music, and the whole theme of Blood Dragon combine into something so wonderfully true to the spirit of 80s action movies. How did you manage to distill the essence of 80s badassitude so perfectly into the game?

I just started the game last night. It's AMAZING. Thank you so much!

SpleenZillaTron90 karma

Its flowing in our veins. Most of us were born in the 70s so we 'get' it. WWF NEVER FORGET

hansjens4731 karma

why haven't games been doing tutorials in the amazingly humoristic way Blood Dragon has pioneered? is this something you see happening more in games in the future?

SpleenZillaTron44 karma

I traveled to the future and checked. Nope.

assassinozockt29 karma

what was your inspiration for blood dragon?

SpleenZillaTron93 karma

My childhood. It's the aesthetic I love.

lordmalifico28 karma

You love Robocop? I love RoboCop!

How would you make a RoboCop game?

SpleenZillaTron51 karma

Dream game.

SpleenZillaTron72 karma

Don't wanna spoil it... but it plays like 50 Cent Blood on the Sand (most underrated shooter out there)

StarbuckCMDR28 karma

You rift on so many great action movies and sci fi moments, were there any you had to leave out or any you have thought of now you would have loved to put in?

SpleenZillaTron113 karma

Lots of shit was on the cutting room floor. I wanted an Over The Top arm wrestling minigame.

captaindealbreaker27 karma

What motivated you to depart from the FC3 storyline/characters? Was it tasked to you to create something unique for FC3 DLC or did Ubisoft just say we need DLC, go make some shit?

SpleenZillaTron78 karma

Freedom! We were given the freedom to do what we want and I'd rather play as a Cyber Commando...

captaindealbreaker26 karma

The art style you implemented in Blood Dragon is unlike anything currently out right now. Was that a conscious effort or simply a byproduct of emulating the 80s?

SpleenZillaTron77 karma

Wanted to nail the 80s / 90s aesthetic. I'm tired of teh depressing tones we've been seeing for a decade. A dystopian future can be colorful!

SpleenZillaTron26 karma

Who played War of the Monster on PS2? That shit was so dope.

ninjyte24 karma

If you do make another Blood Dragon game, what actor from the 80's would you want as a voice actor (other than Michael Biehn)?

SpleenZillaTron105 karma

Pee Wee Herman

Ep1cZz0mB1317 karma

What movies gave you the most inspiration for this game?

SpleenZillaTron77 karma

Hobo with a Shotgun. Terminator. Robocop. The Wraith. Robocop. Manborg. Nemesis.... so many

elgreeno17 karma

Who would win in a wrestling match. Gary coleman or a furious raccoon ?

SpleenZillaTron54 karma

If this song is playing... Gary stands no chance.

chubbyakajc16 karma

are you related to Chris Evans, Captain America?

SpleenZillaTron62 karma

Yes. I'm his mum.

the_magic_muffin10 karma

  1. With standalone titles like 'Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon', 'Infamous Festival of Blood' or 'Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare', do you see a future of more innovative smaller games based on a big open world? I'm not sure if many big publishers would support a game like 'FC3:BD' if it was supposed to be a completely new AAA title. 2. Do you think that creating a smaller game for a lower budget like this gives you as the developer more freedom in terms of story and gameplay? 3. Since it seemed to work absolutely great with 'Blood Dragon', would you want to create another standalone game on the base of 'Far Cry 3' ( maybe sth completely different for example)?

SpleenZillaTron36 karma

We all had a blast working on the game. The time constraints were harsh as fuck but we pulled through. I'd love for the big boys allow their teams to flex their creative wangs a little bit more. The world needs more weird shit.

T-Sonar7 karma

Does Rex enjoy quiet strolls through the park?

SpleenZillaTron14 karma

He also likes enjoys silencing trolls!

farcryuniverse5 karma

Did you have the luxury of working with Martin Kevan (RIP) on Far Cry 3?

SpleenZillaTron9 karma

Not me know... I didnt work on FC3. I heard he was an amazing man.

CasperCrash4 karma

I loved the game! Everything was awesome! I can't think of any questions, so I just wanted to say thank you for giving us such an awesome game.

SpleenZillaTron6 karma

Amazing. Thanks so much. My mum will be proud.

captaindealbreaker4 karma

If you had more time, money, and manpower, what would you have done differently about Blood Dragon? Would you have designed it to be more or less similar to the FC3 experience?

SpleenZillaTron13 karma

Acquire the Godzilla license and then have a reveal at the end that the Blood Dragons were just babies. Godzilla turns up and pukes toxic death rays on everyone GAME OVER.

MrPlisk4 karma

Okay, three-way cage match. Rex vs. Joe vs. The Volcano. Who would win?

SpleenZillaTron13 karma

mmmm Meg Ryan. Damn she was so hot.

ITellYouWhy4 karma

What was your inspiration to have dragons in the game? Also how much fan requests were used in the game? Love Blood Dragon by the way, completed it twice over. :)

SpleenZillaTron8 karma

MONSTER MOVIES MAN! Who doesnt want a giant dragon lizard shit that poops laser from its face?

CptnCanuck4 karma

Where did the decision to make the expansion not require the original game come from? That's something that's rarely seen, if ever. I'm curious what the monetary/creative gain of doing that was.

SpleenZillaTron8 karma

Gotta try something new! The industry is still in its infancy.

continuousBaBa4 karma

I just started Blood Dragon last night and I have to say what a great experience so far. I guess that's it. I love it so much.

SpleenZillaTron8 karma

I love you too sweety x

Lega-c3 karma

So we nuked canada and in turn started war with the soviets? Or nah?

SpleenZillaTron12 karma

The Soviets started the war. The US tried to end it. Canada just got caught in the middle.

SpleenZillaTron16 karma

Bret Hart survived though.

kateuptonsvagina3 karma

I really enjoyed far cry 3, but I still find far cry instincts predator my favorite game by far. Playing predator mode on Xbox live was the best, why did far cry change directions in far cry 2 and not look back?

Sorry I know that's not a far cry 3:blood dragon specific question

SpleenZillaTron8 karma

Let me just go ask someone... no idea buddy. I didn't work on those games but I LOVE ME SOME PREDATOR. You could smell peoples piss!

mowens863 karma

First off, I would just like to say thank you for creating Far Cry: Blood Dragon. Also, Thank you for making this it's own game and not DLC for Far Cry 3.

I do have a few questions. 1) What made you decide to create Blood Dragon with the whole 80's theme? 2) If this game does well do you plan to expand on Blood Dragon in the future? 3) Your most enjoyable moment of Blood Dragon sans spoilers... Go!

SpleenZillaTron6 karma

Many shooters are no more sophisticated than an 80s action movie so why not just embrace it? No idea what's going on. Ofcourse I have a million of ideas of where I'd like to go... but I'm not the man incharge. Most enjoyable part is semi auto upgrade on the shotgun. I really like shotguns.

calumtaylor3 karma

I love this game, great job to you and the rest of the team on it. :) What was the reason on the game being a standalone and not fc3 dlc?

SpleenZillaTron7 karma

Trying something new. Open up the glory of FC gameplay to more people. Far Cry mechanics are THE SHIT. It was such a pleasure to work on it.