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Hey Reddit. I'm a long time redditor. I sent proof to the mods about a week ago.

Here is more

For those of you unfamiliar with "Todd" you should check it out on netflix if you like cheesy horror and gore with practical special effects.

Before anyone asks I'd fight a duck sized horse. Because if I showed it I was the alpha male I could ride it around and duck about.

Ask me anything!

If you would like to see more Todd and the Book Of Pure Evil please consider donating to this indiegogo campaign we have to make an animated feature.


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Scottman6938 karma

As a Canadian television graduate, I just would like to say that Todd and the Book of Pure Evil is by far the best Canadian TV show of all time and it's easily in my top 5 favourite shows ever! Thanks for being hilarious!!

I guess I SHOULD ask a question now and stop being such a shit rooster! You started out doing more serious roles, but in Todd you're awesome at pulling off the ridiculous jokes. Do you see yourself doing more comedic roles in the future?

IamAlexHouse27 karma

I'm so glad you liked the show! It means a lot to me.

I see myself doing whatever people hire me for hahaha. I'd prefer to do more drama, because I don't feel as comfortable when I do comedy. Watching guys like Chris and Jason is pretty awesome, but I don't have shit on that (which I'm ok with)

otherside2424 karma

Bro you were hilarious. A truly perfect character I think

IamAlexHouse21 karma

Get out of here. You're too kind. I appreciate it.

PureEvilVirgin24 karma

Hey, Alex... Wanna make a bay-bay???

IamAlexHouse18 karma

Eh, I guess.

Sirsilentbob42322 karma

how was working with jay mewes? did Kevin ever come to the set?

IamAlexHouse35 karma

Jason is an incredible person. He's hilarious and very interesting to be around.

He sort of has this thing where he makes it seem like he's not paying attention, but I swear, nothing gets by that dude. He's incredibly street smart and intelligent in ways I hadn't really anticipated.

He's also one of the crudest people I've ever met in my life (I mean that in a good way) he always had me in stitches and whipped out his junk to show me on several occassions. -edit- Kevin never came to set.

Microfoot18 karma

Did the musical episode awaken a desire in you to perform on broadway?

IamAlexHouse20 karma

Ha. No. I'm not a good singer. The musical episode was incredibly fun to do though.

BlackStrain17 karma

I don't really have a question but I'd just like to say that the second season was pretty damn amazing.

I think the reason the show was cancelled was because I started watching it. Sorry about that.

IamAlexHouse29 karma

We'll settle this out back later ok bruh?

PureEvilVirgin15 karma

When did you find out about the plans for Todd & the Book of Pure Evil: The End of The End and how did you feel about it???

IamAlexHouse24 karma

I found out quite a while ago, I had mixed feelings as I've seen many of the fans do. What people should realize is the fact that the producers have been shopping the show around for a little over a year now. Nobody (that would give it a suitable home) wants it. I'm sure they don't want to dilute content i.e. gore, language etc just to have it picked up by some network that doesn't know what to do with it.

So it's not like we haven't explored every other option. In terms of a live action movie? Well if we get the $70,000 we need for the animated feature relatively easily, maybe theres hope for that.

I'd also like to add that this is pretty much just for the fans, we get a little bit of closure from it, sadly I had to let go of todd last year when we didnt get renewed for a season.

Sirsilentbob42315 karma

has there ever been an official reason as to why the show wasn't picked up for a third season?

IamAlexHouse27 karma

I would assume it has to do with not getting enough viewers. Unfortunately the dedication of our fans doesn't make up for not having enough viewers. If it did 10 todd fans could make the show last indefinitely, if that makes any sense.

heyrosen14 karma

Would you rather fuck 100 homunculus sized ducks or 1 horse cocked homunculus?

IamAlexHouse17 karma

Jesus andrew...

thiswasnttaken14 karma

Maggie Castle or Melanie Leishman?

IamAlexHouse56 karma

Dude, they're like my sisters. So both of them, obviously.

ozf14 karma

How stoked are you for the animated Book of Pure evil?

Also what's the best thing about boobs?

IamAlexHouse28 karma

I'm excited to find out what happens at the end of the show. That's a ridiculous question, the best thing about boobs is everything.

spoonycray13 karma

How difficult was it to play opposite a talking penis?

IamAlexHouse38 karma

I think it would have been harder (no pun intended) if it wasn't a practical effect. Having the huge cock there made it easier to react off of.

ExScoot12 karma

GG Alex House, does AMA, answers almost every question.

IamAlexHouse12 karma


Skyline96912 karma

First, I just wanted to thank you and the rest of the crew for Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. When I was told about it, I'll admit that it didn't sound that interesting to me. But then I watched it on a whim, and the first episode had me hooked. Clearly the person who explained the show to me did a horrible job at explaining it, because it's one of the funniest shows I've seen.

With that being said, obviously TatBoPE is driven around metal, and I'm assuming that you're into the genre yourself. Given that you are (or correct me if you're not), what are some of your favorite bands?

IamAlexHouse18 karma

Thanks for watching it! hahaha, how did the person explain it to you?

I'm actually not a "Metalhead" which disappoints people to no end. I do however, love some metal.

Lamb of God Otep Iron Maiden Protest the hero slipknot (don't ever judge me) Tyr dethklok

there are more but that's what I got off the top of my head.

Skyline9698 karma

Hey, I'd never judge a fellow Dethklok fan! If you're not actually a metalhead, which genre(s) would you primarily identify yourself with?

The person described it to me as a kid who finds an evil book and it causes chaos in the kid's school. That may not necessarily be untrue, but it didn't even scratch the surface, and definitely didn't pique my interest until I just randomly saw it while browsing Netflix one day.

I'm glad I decided to give it a watch, and I look forward to seeing The End of the End. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more shows and movies that you or the rest of the TatBoPE cast play in!

IamAlexHouse13 karma

I really like crappy hip hop... Like waka flocka flame, two chainz, gucci mane.

I also love alternative stuff and 80's synth pop (lazerhawk, kavinsky)

Hahaha, your friend did a pretty shitty PG job of describing the show.

I'm glad you did too! I think The End of The End will be pretty great.

Thanks for your support.

speeb8 karma

The best description of the show I've seen is Degrassi meets Evil Dead 2. Pretty spot on.

No question. Love the show, can't wait for the animated flick. Thanks for the very hearty laughs!

e_x_i_t10 karma

To me it's more "It's kind of like Buffy, only they have no idea what they're doing and people end up dieing most of the time."

IamAlexHouse5 karma

This is also very good.

jrodyw5 karma


IamAlexHouse3 karma


Nebey11 karma

What are you working on currently?

IamAlexHouse15 karma

I'm attatched to a movie called "The ballad of sadie grace" I also do a voice on "Total Drama Island" right now. That and just auditioning for new stuff keeps me busy.

Nebey4 karma

Ok cool, that answers my second question, what do you do when you are not working on a show...

IamAlexHouse4 karma

Go to the gym, hang out with friends, play football, drive around. Boring stuff.

postmodernmanscaping11 karma

Who is your agent and would you be interested in b horror?

IamAlexHouse12 karma

PM me. I don't know if I'm interested in doing anymore horror. I really liked being on todd, but it's not really a genre I was nuts about before.

StopItJeca11 karma

Just wanted to stop by and say we're supporting the igg campaign for Todd. :) Super excited to see what "The End" is gonna be like.

Also, random I know, what's the funniest accident you've gotten into or had happen while filming "Todd & the Book of Pure Evil"? Seems like a set where unexpected shit could happen at anytime (well besides Jason Mewes' junk) haha. :)

IamAlexHouse22 karma

thanks for your support!

There were a few good ones. The homonculous pissed in my mouth, and they used warm salted lime soda (which they told me killed the carbonation...) ಠ_ಠ yeah... I dunno about that.

I got hit in the face with a 5 lb placenta, which really fucking hurt.

My favorite didn't happen to me though, it happened to maggie, and she hates when I tell this story.

We were shooting really late, and we had "the sillies" as bill (curtis) likes to call them. We found this wheelchair and there was a ramp that was put on the stairs used to push the camera carts up and down between floors. So naturally Bill and I went down this ramp, which was maybe 10 feet long into an open hallway, giggling ,like morons. So we pressured maggie and she went for it, but you know when someone is going to try something and you can just tell by their body language that it isn't going to work? That's how it was with her. She rolled down the ramp and crashed into a wall, and bill and I were in tears with laughter. hahahaha good times.

StopItJeca4 karma

Oh wow...poor Maggie. Thank you so much for the reply! As a third shift American I went back to sleep after posting this, but you could imagine my excitement (and friend's jealousy) when you responded. :)

It sounds like you had some pretty awesome times on the set. Definitely made me LOL walking through the hospital reading all this.

Good Luck with everything, Alex! We'll be looking forward to "The End" and many future projects you have going on! :)

IamAlexHouse4 karma

Haha. Maggie grew up with bigger siblings, she was fine. Tough girl, hahaha. I'm glad it makes you laugh almost as hard as it makes me laugh.

I appreciate it! Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as you enjoyed "Todd"

Devinm8411 karma

Love the show, and loved your character! It really struck a chord with me. I initially started watching because my friends band Black Moor was featured in the episode "Cock Fight". What are your feelings towards doing voice work for the animated movie?

IamAlexHouse16 karma

I do quite a bit of voice work! So I think it can really work out. I'm pushing the guys to go BIG with it though. There are certain things we can do in animation that we should really try to get away with Metalocalypse can be incredibly epic at times, same with Legend of Korra, we should strive for battle sequences and stuff like that.

SanJose_Sharks10 karma

First, I want to say that I am a big fan of your work and I love how Todd developed over time. Seems that Todd started off as a pretty shallow character. He was always ready with the one-liners and catchphrases. Always ready with the sexual innuendo and high-fives.

I then noticed that the character started to develop in a deeper way. Although he was a bit of a brute, he was also one of the most skilled surgeons at Sacred Heart Hospital. Although he was always hitting on women, once in a while he would give the impression that he also had desires for men. We also got glimpses of his childhood and how it may have affected the way he related to women.

As an actor, how much input did you have in the development of Todd's character?

IamAlexHouse8 karma

Made me lol. Also, I had all the input. Duh.

pariskennedy10 karma

Would you ever be friends with someone who did porn?

IamAlexHouse13 karma

Only if they did An AMA like I suggested they did a looooooong time ago. Or if we watched wrestling together. Otherwise, no.

twoofhearts9 karma

Hey, Alex, thanks for doing this!

Todd is such a great character, I'm wondering what were your influences in putting him together?

[edit - grammar]

IamAlexHouse17 karma

Umm, It kind of just came together, but I'd say my biggest influence for todd was Fry from futurama. They're both stupid and heroic at times (albeit accidentally)

DarkBeforeDawnBand9 karma

When not filming the show, where was your favourite/ideal place to hang out in Winnipeg? I'm from Winnipeg (living in Toronto).

I also met you last year at the Toronto Fan Expo/greeted you while we passed each other on an escalator. You were a pretty cool guy to talk to. Hope all has been going well with you, Alex.

IamAlexHouse11 karma

I loved going to Kawaii Crepe, as well as that huge antique store. Fuck, that place is awesome. I think I remember that. Thanks man, you're a pretty cool guy to talk to.

Things are going very well. Thanks. :)

DarkBeforeDawnBand4 karma

That's good to hear things are going well! I'm glad :)

Back when I lived in Winnipeg I would frequent that antique store lots, there was always such cool stuff to see and find. When I passed you on the escalator, I casually said; "Hey Alex, how goes?". You seemed thrown off by that someone recognized you, but said "It's going well!".

It was really cool seeing the TATBOPE panel. The whole cast are really cool people. Do you stay in contact with any of the cast/crew?

(Thanks for taking the time to respond)

IamAlexHouse6 karma

(Thanks for taking the time to respond)

I'm a redditor. Got nothing but time, (to waste)

Yeah, we keep in touch. We're buds.

joop23239 karma

What's your favorite episode of the show? And what is the best advise Mewes gave you?

IamAlexHouse17 karma

Mewes didn't actually give me advice so much as tell me these incredible stories about stuff he's done. We went out to get smokes and redbull (for mewes) one night and a crazy homeless guy attacked our car. Mewes did his "WOAHHOHOHO" laugh and drove through a red light to get away from the guy. After a minute I was like "what would have happened if he got into the car with us" Mewes without missing a beat said "That would be awesome".

Loweded9 karma

Boxers or Briefs?

IamAlexHouse11 karma

Both, and a combination of the two sometimes.

Dawg19939 karma

I think Todd is more awesome than any TV series! When the show got cancelled, there was no TV show that could fulfill that. Unfortunately here in Brazil we don't have Todd in any channel or in Netflix, but now we can help in this indiegogo campaign! I already talked to all the fans I know and we're going to help! Thank you so much for your work, you're awesome! I wish I could go to Canada to meet the cast someday.

IamAlexHouse8 karma

You're very sweet! Thanks for your dedication. We'll try to bring you more todd. I promise.

Dawg19939 karma

Which one of the musicals of Todd is your favorite?

IamAlexHouse11 karma


Pascutron9 karma

How often do you toke?

IamAlexHouse25 karma

I actually don't at all. Or drink. People are really upset when I tell them usually.

brosandwork12 karma

i can confirm this - both that he is telling the truth, and that it is upsetting

IamAlexHouse10 karma


Pascutron7 karma

Hahaha im not upset at all! =) Did you get to keep Sand Dragon? Cheers from Argentina

IamAlexHouse10 karma

Nah I dunno what happened to Sand Dragon actually :( Oh nice! My mom is from argentina!

JeffsDad9 karma

any chance you guys put out a Barbarian Apocaplypse albm?

IamAlexHouse16 karma

HA! Fuck. That would be so amazing. That will be the next indiegogo project.

Sirsilentbob4238 karma

if the book of pure evil actually came to you, what wish would it grant, an how do you suspect it would go wrong?

IamAlexHouse8 karma

If the book of pure evil came to me. I would not use it. I know far too well what that would bring about.

Tenac1ousP8 karma

Did they let you keep anything awesome from the set?

IamAlexHouse26 karma

Mischevio :D and a few todd shirts. That's all I wanted really.

twoofhearts11 karma

Haha! Fantastic. It warms my heart to know that Mischevio went to a good home.

IamAlexHouse30 karma

I beat the shit out of him with a wooden spoon >:D

Wickedchick198 karma

What was your Favourite episode to film ?

IamAlexHouse16 karma

Probably "Black tie showdown" or the second season musical episode.

drcannabinoid8 karma

Hey cock pocket, what was the strangest/most interesting thing that you remember from the making of the show?

IamAlexHouse14 karma

Jizz Magician, I'd say the whole show was pretty interesting, I mean (giant talking penis) strangest is still probably people's reaction (which is polarized, I can get people not liking it) but the loyalty and dedication from fans has been incredibly humbling and strange to be honest. Going to fan expo and having a room full of people salute you with \m/ was awesome.

drcannabinoid5 karma

Wicked! Thanks for the response Dick Mitten! This is the first AMA I have been able to make it in time for and I think its pretty bad ass that its fucking Todd I got to question.
..Ball Docking Ass Taxi...

IamAlexHouse6 karma

Aww, thank you very much. I'm honored. Shit rooster.

PureEvilVirgin8 karma

What is your favourite Pure Evil insult?

IamAlexHouse15 karma

One that isn't terribly popular with other people but "Ball Dockers" hehehe.

frankenndank8 karma

what was it like working with Chris Leavins? I feel like we would be best friends.

IamAlexHouse11 karma

Chris is so fucking funny. It's not even fair. Give him a line like "Hello kids" and he would make you laugh with it. I don't understand how one man is so funny. I love Chris. I could barely get through my scenes with him, I think the other cast members can say the same thing.

Dawg19938 karma

Did you get in touch with the cast of Todd in these 2 years? Do you miss recording the episodes?

IamAlexHouse11 karma

Yeah, we see eachother. We're all pretty good buds, Bill is all married and shit though, so it's harder to get him to hang out with me. I really do miss it, I had a blast.

Sirsilentbob4238 karma

what is your typical going rate for an episode? would you ever consider doing a low budget American web series?

IamAlexHouse10 karma

I'd prefer not to answer that here ( I know I know, I said AMA) , but in terms of a low budget american series you can send me a PM if you'd like to discuss it further :)

Kevbot10008 karma

Hey Alex, I'm a huge supporter of the show and tried to spread the word when I could, you dominated that role. My question is this, I'm preparing a sci-fi web series and was wondering if you're interested in doing web series as a format.

IamAlexHouse7 karma

Thanks for your support! PM me the details :)

aclimate8 karma

How much of the stripper-dancing in the musical episode of season 2 of Todd was improv?

IamAlexHouse25 karma

All of my dancing was alex house original dance moves. I'm sure you can tell by the quality.

Kimberlee6668 karma

Awesome show. I like that metal played a role in the characters and the humor. Let's get hitched. Any ideas ever get thrown around about making it a movie?

IamAlexHouse14 karma

Thanks! I like how you threw a proposal in there subtly. Yeah we're currently trying to get funds for an animated feature here are the details.

IpwnBearz8 karma

I really enjoyed that short film you did, Long Branch. Would you say you enjoy small parts like that or a more fleshed out role in a series?

IamAlexHouse13 karma

Thank you! I'm proud of Long Branch, it's a great little story.

I love acting. So I'll take what I can get. I would love to do another series if it was right for me, but I also love doing shorts. They're usually really low budget and a lot of cool people coming together to make something work because they believe in the project. It's a very cool artistic space to be in. Lots of sacrifices are made, but it's for the greater good.

friedeggzohyeah8 karma

Hey shitrooster! Just wanted to say that Todd and the book of Pure evil is one of my favorite shows of all time and my bf and I are going to look at our funds tonight and see how much we can donate to the indigogo campaign!

IamAlexHouse9 karma

It's greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for all your support.

sorato8 karma

2 things. First, I love the show! Sat down and mowed through it all with the bf in a very short period of time (a week? 2?)

Second, how painful was it to put that wedding dress on? You rocked it with that 'stache.

IamAlexHouse14 karma

Aww, you're sweet. I'm glad you guys enjoyed it.

Wedding dress? It was actually very comfortable. The white gloves and hair thingy were my idea, though. I think being in full makeup too... coy smile

doomdog917 karma

Have you heard of bruce campbell and would you ever consider acting with him

IamAlexHouse13 karma

Have you heard of bruce campbell Yes. Yes I have.

would you ever consider acting with him Yes. Yes I would.

doomdog915 karma

Thankyou for answering, thats awesome, hes one of my favorite actors, gunna have t say you're up there with him

IamAlexHouse5 karma

Wow. Thanks very much. I appreciate that.

PureEvilVirgin7 karma

How fucking epic would it be if there was a Dark Oracle/Todd & the Book of Pure Evil crossover???

IamAlexHouse10 karma

Not very... One evil book is enough.

Geler7 karma

Why the show isn't on Netflix Canada? Its on Netflix usa, and I realy need to see it many more times. Best show ever thx for your work.

IamAlexHouse13 karma

TIL the show isn't on Netflix Canada.

Thanks! I'm happy you like it :)

pariskennedy7 karma

Have you ever met Drake, aka Jimmy when you did Degrassi?

IamAlexHouse11 karma

Yep. Few times, he's good friends with my buddy John Malen.

TownIdiot257 karma

My refrigerator is making a dinging sound and I am afraid my food is not being kept at the right temperature. What do you suggest?

IamAlexHouse17 karma

Throw it out your window.

Eebi7 karma

Do you have a spirit animal?

IamAlexHouse18 karma

Honey Badger.

Dawg19936 karma

The honey badger doesn't give a shit

IamAlexHouse5 karma


BathSaltCircus6 karma

This only thing that pissed me off was that throughout the entire series, Todd and Jenny never actually kissed. Thoughts?

IamAlexHouse10 karma

I think it was bound to happen eventually... maybe... Ooooooh. I actually kind of dread it, not cuz maggie isn't a total babe, but she's pretty much my sister, so we would have made it work, but it would have been a bit weird.

VenomC6 karma

What has been your favorite moment through the whole process?

IamAlexHouse6 karma

Of Todd? Or of acting.

VenomC3 karma

Todd. Like a certain episode, or something that happened with a cast member, or anything.

IamAlexHouse6 karma

Oh there are so many. I couldn't choose one. There's a bit in the season 2 special features where bill and I were supposed to react to a dummy hitting the wall, and all they did was throw this dummy, and it looked so funny, we can't even hold it together, bill was crying he was laughing so hard. I really enjoyed that.

polkapants6 karma

so I just created an account and have no idea how my user name materialized. What was your favorite episode to work on? any of them pull at your heart strings?

IamAlexHouse8 karma

I think black tie showdown pulled at my heart strings because of the stuff that happens at the end. We were all pretty wrecked having to go through that as a team, plus it was near the end of filming so we were in a sad place already.

In terms of fun? The musical episode.

I can tell you that the video game episode was not fun, because it was like the hottest it had ever been in winnipeg and we were shooting in this school with no air conditioning. I wanted to die.

BlindsideDork6 karma

What type of Dragon would you have if you could have one for a pet?

IamAlexHouse18 karma

Night fury.

pink_robot6 karma

I watched this on netflix for a week, from start to finish. How was your relationship with the cast? Fucking hilarious series, you guys are great!

IamAlexHouse11 karma

We all got along great actually. I know everyone says that, but we were a family by the end. So we had our little tiffs, but yeah we love eachother.

brosandwork6 karma

remember your friend Brodie?

IamAlexHouse8 karma


hollyisgolden6 karma

have you kept in touch with any of your fellow cast members from Todd and the book of pure evil?

IamAlexHouse6 karma

Yes, we're all pretty close, and I see them on a pretty regular basis.

ZuluPapa6 karma

Alex! TatBoPE was an incredible show. I loved the shit out of it and I forced my wife to watch every damn episode with me against her will. What really sold me was the episode where everyone's sexual orientation changes, and in the end that kid gets torn apart after his heartwarming message.

I just want to say that I think you did a fantastic job in that show and i look forward to your future work! Also, if you could acknowledge this, I'd get the most hetero boner ever.

IamAlexHouse11 karma

I'm SO GLAD YOU GOT THAT EPISODE. So many asshats didn't like it /get it, said it was homophobic.

Acknowledged, sit with that boner for as long as you need to my friend :)

e_x_i_t6 karma

First, I want to say that Todd quickly became one of my favoriate shows and I blew through it within two days. The cast is what made it work for me, you all just click perfectly and I was disappointed when I read the show wasn't picked up, since the show really started hitting it's stride in Season 2. That cliffhanger was just brutal and I must know what happens!

So how was it filming 2 Girls, 1 Tongue? Did you, or anyone else in the cast have trouble with the singing, or was it familiar territory?

IamAlexHouse6 karma

Fuck yeah, I love hearing about people who go through the show quickly, and hopefully with the indiegogo campaign we can tell you what happend. With regards to the musical I did. I used to sing when I was younger, then my voice changed (still trying to figure out why) so they gave me a fair bit of autotune. Mel is like a professional singer though, and bill is good too so he can suck it.

heyrosen7 karma

To be fair Alex, you probably don't realize this, but there actually wasn't a lot of autotune used. A little bit in the "Love is Heaven, Love is Hell" verses, but all our cast were pretty awesome in general. Even Maggie. Heh heh. She killed it in "Horny Like The Devil" - with a real gruff rockin' chick voice.

IamAlexHouse7 karma


WildRose865 karma

Hey! Thanks so much for what is now one of my favourite shows!

And for one of my favourite musical episodes of all time. Did it take long to get prepared for singing/dancing/jiving?

Has an idea for the animation/final ending already been decided upon? Would you have preferred a live action film instead to finish upon?

IamAlexHouse6 karma

Haha. No, they gave us the music a week before and were like "learn this" and we recorded it on one saturday while we were off of regular shooting. There has been an ending from day 1. I know a bit of it. It is cool if it's the same as it was then. I would have preferred live action yes.

katiekabooms5 karma

You're probably done with this by now but I just wanted to say that Todd and the Book of Pure Evil is one of my favorite shows of all time. When I first started watching, I assumed it would be just like every other stoner comedy show but then was blown away by the makeup and the FX. The acting and the comedy are both stellar as well but just wow on the makeup and all of the different creatures/monsters/scenes. Did you get to see how everything was done and if so, what was the most lengthy makeup or FX job?

Thanks for the amazing work and the amazing show!

IamAlexHouse6 karma

Hey, I came back to this.

All the makeup and monsters took soooo much time to make, we had an incredible crew of people behind that. I was shooting the show in winnipeg for most of the time that they were in toronto making stuff. But we were put in cavemen makeup and it took like 6 hours one day.

Thank you so much for the kind words. I appreciate it.

aclimate5 karma

Do you know what they would have done with a season 3 of dark oracle?

IamAlexHouse5 karma

Yes, the comic book characters would have come into our world more, and we may have gone in to their world.

aclimate5 karma

Thanks, I've been wondering this for years.

Do you and Paula stay in touch? She's your twin sister after all, gotta have each other's backs.

IamAlexHouse5 karma

Paula and I are twins forever. We do stay in touch and we're very close. I love her to bits. We grew up in a lot of ways on that show while jonathan and I were being badasses and smoking cigarettes and coming to pull her out of being tutored. I have a lot of fond memories from D.O.

AlphaFartSquad5 karma

In the episode that takes place in the future, how come nobody aged but Curtis?

IamAlexHouse4 karma

what the dude below me said.

i_am_shark5 karma

I noticed that Todd has pretty immaculate taste in metal. Do you actually listen to metal? If so, what is your favorite metal act?

IamAlexHouse5 karma

Hey I answered this a little further down. Todd's taste in metal comes from our Showrunner Craig David Wallace, he knows everything about metal.

I'm not a metal head but I really dig iron maiden.

heyrosen5 karma

What is your favourite letter of the alphabet?

IamAlexHouse8 karma


reallyrando5 karma

Hey Alex/Todd, did you get any action from Jenny? Or at least some hand action from Curtis' fake arms?

IamAlexHouse13 karma

No to the former, yes to the latter, repeatedly.

reallyrando5 karma

I imagine that the rubber one was awesome, however the metal one... My penis hurts.

IamAlexHouse3 karma


achiever6665 karma

Top 5 metal bands, go.

IamAlexHouse8 karma

I answered this somewhere else.

jakket5 karma

I think this may have been one of my favorite shows ever produced, and I was devastated to see no renewal for a third season. Thankfully, we have the crowd funded movie to hope for.

That being said, where do you want to go from here? More television? More movies? Any dream projects you want to work on?

IamAlexHouse6 karma

Wow, thanks for the kind words, I'm so happy you enjoyed it.

I can't really pick and choose my projects right now, but I'll do film, tv, shorts, whatever. I dream of a career in film, or a show like "the wire" or "friday night lights" If I could leave my mark with something like that I'd be so happy.

wallaman20055 karma

Just want to say that I loved Todd and The Book of Pure Evil and I'm glad it is getting an ending, even if it isn't the one it deserves. The entire cast had wonderful on-screen chemistry and I wish we could see that again. Do you know yet if you'll be reprising your role as the voice of Todd in the movie? And do you have any upcoming projects that you're excited about?

IamAlexHouse5 karma

We will Definitely be reprising our roles. We wouldn't fuck you guys over like that.

I just shot a cool short that was all one take. Pretty awesome, other than that I'm always on the lookout for new stuff.

drjuanitor4 karma

have you ever tried out for any shows in the US or are you primarily sticking to Canada? and also, how funny is Chris Levins really... i mean, i literally laughed out loud for his character, which isn't something i do to often.

IamAlexHouse6 karma

I'm actually back in toronto for a little while but I live in LA now, so I'm definitely going out for american stuff. Chris is unfairly funny in real life. Seriously. The man is so talented I can't stand it.

talkingmonkeywork4 karma

Do you have any other projects in the works that your fans can support? (That short with Jenny Raven you advertise on your twitter page for example...)

IamAlexHouse6 karma

um... I have some stuff that's going to come out, I'm not really good at promoting such things. I will keep people posted though if something worthwhile happens.

SuliusCeasar4 karma

Dude! You're fucking awesome! That being said, do you have any other awesome stories to share about you and Jason Mewes? You mentioned the story of the crazy dude chasing you and it was hilarious I have to hear more! I'd love to see a film of you and Jay doing bunch of crazy misadventures together!

IamAlexHouse9 karma

No you are! Mewes? So many stories here's a good one ; One day me and mewes snuck onto the satanic cult set and took a bunch of really sharp weapons from the set and fought each other with them. It was really dangerous, and mewes was going 100% I was scared shitless. Then we took turns chopping up wood and other stuff with the weapons. If we'd gotten caught we probably would have been admonished.

Sirsilentbob4236 karma

mewes was just talking about this the other day. he joked that it was the reason there's no third season.

IamAlexHouse5 karma

did he? hahaha that's awesome. Yeah we got up to monkeyshines, that's for sure.

frogmeat4 karma

Does being horny make you horny?

But seriously, how did you get your start in acting?

IamAlexHouse8 karma

Surprisingly, being horny does make me horny. I got started when I was very young. My friend's mom used to be an actor and introduced me to my agent at that time.

beautiful_wound4 karma


IamAlexHouse7 karma

Yeah, do you know this game ?

We played that one a lot. One time we had to get a shot before lunch, and it was a close-up on me and I had to look very close to the camera lens for an eyeline. My boy Casey had drawn a picture of the circle on some tape and I blew the take. I'm pretty sure it's in the special features of Season 2.

sivirbot3 karma

Hi Alex! Thanks for coming to hang out with us!

Which of the monsters was your favorite to fight?

Second question: Does Bill love corn chips as much as Curtis does?

IamAlexHouse5 karma

I'm here all the time, just with a different username muahahaha.

Hahaha, no, nobody likes cornchips as much as curtis.

MarjorieMouse3 karma

If you had the chance to play the part of a runaway soldier in a sci-fi series, would you do it?

IamAlexHouse7 karma

If the script was good and they gave me 50,000,000,000,000,000 dollars why not?

d4g0n333 karma

what's your favorite aleister crowley book?

IamAlexHouse4 karma

I actually don't know too much about the guy's work. Craig (showrunner) just gave me a short breakdown of who he was.

lailaalves3 karma

Alex, I really need asking you:did you make some dance class?? Because in the musical episode you rocks!!

Impossible not be horny like the devil watching you hahaha

(sorry my english :P)

IamAlexHouse3 karma

Hahaha. No. I never took lessons, that was just me being silly.

zebranexus2 karma

First of all I want to say that I'm in favor of the animation idea. I want season 3, but network TV isn't very metal.

Do you game at all ?

IamAlexHouse4 karma

Cool man. Yeah, we're just trying to wrap it up in any way we can.

I game? a bit? Like football? or vidya games.

I haven't had a chance to play many video games lately, but I just beat bioshock infinite and wept.

zebranexus2 karma

You and everyone else who beat it deep sadness Vidya games. That being the case though, what's your favorite old game?

IamAlexHouse2 karma

Smash bros.

frogmeat2 karma

At what point did you folks know the series was not likely to be renewed? The Season 2 finale seems written to allow for an "ending" of sorts while leaving room for a continuation of the story.

Don't misunderstand, I want more story! But the finale still provided a fairly satisfying conclusion.

IamAlexHouse3 karma

Well we had initially thought that we were going to have another season, that was the plan anyway. I found out about a year ago, maybe a few months after season 2 finished airing.

TKJ2 karma

Are you guys proud for having a Canadian Show containing 100% more Seasons than Firefly? I guess this is proof that any Canadian Network > FOX, eh!

IamAlexHouse3 karma

Hahaha! I didn't think about it that way, but yeah, that's pretty awesome.

Scottman692 karma

Thanks for answering!

Well, whatever it is you end up doing, Todd has made me a fan of yours so I'll be watching! ... there was no way to say that and not sound weird

IamAlexHouse3 karma

That wasn't weird! that was very sweet. No worries, people have said weirder things.

stinatown2 karma

If you could join the cast of any TV show (current or not), which would it be?

IamAlexHouse3 karma

The wire, or Friday Night Lights. Current? Game of thrones maybe, dunno who I could play though.

TitaniumHeart2 karma

Thank you good sir for all the happy moments watching Todd and the book of pure evil, me and my friend had so much fun watching and re-watching the dvds hahahaha. I think that my girlfriend still have her season 2 poster in her room! you rock!

IamAlexHouse3 karma

Awesome man! I appreciate that. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.

Skelight2 karma

Good morning/afternoon/evening :)

I just checked out the indiegogo page and it seems like the 75k goal is almost half done within one day. If donations keep flowing in like this, would there really be a possibility of a live action feature?

IamAlexHouse4 karma

Well, if the other 20,000 fans donated a little bit of money. I'd say it was possible for sure. People not donating because they don't like the idea of an animated feature definitely does not help though.

Sirsilentbob4231 karma

if you like 80's sounding stuff, check out the protomen.

IamAlexHouse3 karma

Cool, thanks for the suggestion.

Sirsilentbob4231 karma

you mentioned wrestling somewhere? do you watch wwe? who's your favourite?

IamAlexHouse4 karma

Nah, I don't really watch.