Join Yahoo Sports' NHL editor Sam McCaig, Greg Wyshynski, Harrison Mooney and Sean Leahy of the Puck Daddy blog along with NHL columnist Nicholas Cotsonika and Yahoo! Canada managing editor of sports Steve McAllister to answer all of your questions about the match-ups in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Ask Us Anything!

We'll be available to answer all your questions from 7 p.m. EST today to 4 p.m. EST tomorrow, just in time for the start of the first round tomorrow night.

We'll also be doing this again for each round of the NHL playoffs. You've got questions? We've definitely got answers.

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irish67558 karma

Fuck, Kill, Marry

Torts, Bettman, Crosby

YahooCanada261 karma

Eff Crosby, because of his soft bee-stung lips. Marry Bettman, because you'll never be the one that gets booed in public. Kill Torts. And then hear Zombie Torts yell at you for doing it wrong.


thisacctisfor53 karma

Why didn't you use this jersey foulI sent you?

YahooCanada59 karma

What the hell? -SL

YahooCanada41 karma

So here's my predictions for each series:

Blackhawks-Wild: Blackhawks in 4 Red Wings- Ducks: Red Wings in 6 Kings-Blues: Blues in 6 Canucks-Sharks: Canucks in 7

Penguins-Islanders: Pens in 5 Canadiens-Senators: Habs in 6 Capitals-Rangers: Capitals in 6 Bruins-Leafs: Bruins in 6

Agree? Disagree? - GH

Johnnystan695 karma

Why do you think the Red Wings upset the Ducks?

YahooCanada30 karma

Well, they're the Red Wings. Something strange happens to that club during the playoffs. - GH

NS2440 karma

Why isn't Lambert here? Why is he avoiding discussions about Crosby being a Vampire? WHAT IS HE HIDING.

YahooCanada62 karma

Lambert is busy sewing his 50' x 50' American flag. -SL

LordFoppington39 karma

Do something about my Stars.

YahooCanada75 karma

Clone Loui Eriksson 11 times. -SL

YahooCanada38 karma

There's been a lot of talk about how the Toronto Maple Leafs have finally, after nine years away, made the playoffs. How do folks think the team will fare against the Bruins?

Dorkside37 karma

Do any of you lurk around /r/hockey or /r/nhl?

YahooCanada104 karma

"Lurk" is too strong a word. I check in here most days to see what the discussions are or it /r/hockey leads me to any cool shit. (And if it does, I'm always sure to credit Reddit in the posts.)

  • Wysh

_Kohlii32 karma

Why does Wyshynski always write such hurtful things about [insert team here] in the eulogies? It's so unprofessional, and shows how biased he is.

YahooCanada59 karma

Because he hates [your favorite team]. -SL

YahooCanada51 karma

LOL. Better question: Why do I choose to confuse everyone by writing under so many different bylines? - Wysh

YahooCanada30 karma

Which clubs are your favourites to advance to the second round?

DonMKB29 karma

How heavily has Wysh been drinking ever since the Devils were eliminated from the postseason?

YahooCanada74 karma

You should hear the teary, drunken voicemails I've received. -SL

comradeturbo20 karma

If the Oilers win the lottery, how likely is it that they draft another forward?

YahooCanada27 karma

You have to think with the young talent they up front, if they win the draft lottery they'll be eyeing Seth Jones to add to the blueline that already features Schultz. -SL

gopadres12 karma


YahooCanada26 karma

I like when they tells us why a goal counted or was waived off. Except when Pierre talks over it, - Wysh

NS2412 karma

Wysh, obligatory Devils question. With Marty having only a year or 2 left, you know Lou is going to go all in this summer. Who do you see them going after in Free Agency? MacArthur? Raymond? Ribiero? Give a destitute fan some hope.

YahooCanada16 karma

I hope he doesn't go all-in. The Devils have a chance to transition to a younger, better team. I feel like this season was the desperate attempt to extend their contending years. -- Wysh

Hildingding12 karma

How far can the wings go this year?

Who's the "dark horse" player on your stanley cup favorite? Why?

Which of all the bottom 6 players on non-playoff teams would you most like to have onboard your imaginary stanley cup contender?

Can we expect another dance performance from Mooney anytime soon, or do we need another lockout for that to happen?

YahooCanada16 karma

Red Wings have a good shot for a first round upset. Beyond that, I think they're outclassed.

Can James Neal be considered a dark horse? If the Pens make a run, I can totally see him being their goal scoring leader.

Give me Steven Stamkos so I can spot him in the faceoff circle and set up for that nasty one-timer.

We're trying to get Harrison to make another video. But we can't force greatness. It has to come organically. -SL

bmxcaleb11 karma

Hey, Silly question, but say I wanted to become a sports writer? How would one go about doing that?

YahooCanada20 karma

Start your own blog. Write about what you love. Write every day. Read every day. Develop your own style and voice. Work harder than the person next to you. Always remember it's still a job, but it's the best job out there. -SL

hawksfan8110 karma

Which team was the most surprising to you this season?

Which player is the most fun to watch?

Which team is the most fun to watch?

Who's your favorite player?

Also, how do you feel about this video?

YahooCanada30 karma

  1. Montreal. Never thought they'd make the playoffs, let alone take the division.

  2. Pavel Datsyuk.

  3. Currently? David Backes.

  4. It makes me feel funny in my lower extremities.

-- Wysh

YahooCanada16 karma

Given their injury situation, surprised the Senators overcame to get back into the playoffs. That should make Paul MacLean a strong Adams candidate.

Nail Yakupov is a treat just for his goal celebrations. Skill-wise, Crosby does so many little things that are often missed.

Favorite players: Evgeni Malkin, Loui Eriksson

I feel like that video didn't feature enough rolling around by Mooney. -SL

YahooCanada10 karma

One of the great pleasures of the NHL playoffs is how every major TV sports network gets involved. CBC, TSN, NBC Sports Network and CNBC are all getting involved. I know this Canadian will be watching a lot of CBC...

ossimguy9 karma

Whichever team wins the Stanley Cup this year will inevitably face the onslaught of "it was a half-season, so it doesn't count" kind of comments... what are your guys' take on how the truncated season affects (or doesn't affect) the playoffs?

YahooCanada33 karma

I think it helps some teams, hurts others. The Leafs probably aren't a playoff team in an 82-game season. The Flyers probably would have been. The Sharks might benefit from fewer games.

As for "half a Cup" ... it's the thing that gets said by teams that weren't good enough to win one. -- Wysh

YahooCanada30 karma

You gotta play 48 games to get into the dance, then win 16 to lift the Cup. It counts. -SL

For_I_Am_An_Engine8 karma

What do the Blues have to do to make a decent run this year? Where are we weakest and what can we do to pull things together?

We're heating up at good time.

YahooCanada9 karma

It really all comes back to Brian Elliott. If he stays hot, there's no telling how far they can go. They're a good team. They don't have the stars that some other clubs do, but I'll concur with Jon Hamm's mad love for his Blues that they'll go far.

For_I_Am_An_Engine5 karma

Thanks guys! Appreciate the time you put into this AMA.

I think Elliot is key, but some of our less than stellar games this year has been a lack of overall defense. Hope we can pull out a good run.

YahooCanada5 karma

You're very welcome. We've had a tonne of fun doing it and talking to you folks!

I think the Kings are going to be in tough against the Blues in the first round. It's going to be a grinder of a series.

DeanYoungblood108 karma

Hey greg, noticed you haven't really been saying much since the Devils rolled over and died like dogs. Your thoughts?

YahooCanada36 karma

I've been ironing three Stanley Cup banners and five conference championship banners collected over a 17-year span. You? -- Wysh

_Titan_Uranus_8 karma

Ken vs Ryu?

YahooCanada27 karma

Eddy Gordo -SL

puckhead66er7 karma

Not sure if anyone has touched on this yet, but with the lockout pushing back the beginning of the playoffs by about a month, there may be SCF games going into July.... Do you think arenas (or the NHL) will do anything special to ensure that ice conditions don't affect the quality of hockey? Maybe bring in the ice guru?

YahooCanada12 karma

The latest possible SCF game date is June 28, but that's only if every series goes 7 games, which likely won't happen. But the SCF have been playing into June for many years now, so the teams/league know exactly what they need to do to ensure the Final doesn't turn into a waterskiing event. -SL

2Teams1Cup6 karma

What are all of your feelings about the Philly Media/Bryz situation?

Also, what should I eat for dinner? (Fast food & midwest region)

YahooCanada13 karma

I love a good comedy and there's nothing better now than Philly media vs. Bryz.

Try Fuddruckers. That's in the midwest, right? They have good shakes. -SL

ryaninspace5 karma

Should Shannahan really be in charge of player safety? Do you guys miss commenting on Sean Avery? Does Bryz secretly write for Down Goes Brown? On a scale from 1-10, how beautiful is Henrik Lunqvist? Okay, that is all.

YahooCanada6 karma

Yes. Yes. No. 45. -SL

JakeCameraAction3 karma

Related question: How many women will get pregnant during the first round series between Lundqvist and Holtby?

YahooCanada19 karma

Not as many that would if Patrick Sharp ever had a shootout attempt vs. Hank. -SL

PittPensPats5 karma

Who is your favorite player to interview or just talk to?

YahooCanada8 karma

I once had Shane Doan cast his Coyotes teammates as "Seinfeld" characters. You could probably imagine who Kramer was -,228515 -SL

skilks4 karma

Which players do you think teams are going to regret trading away this season as the playoffs run deeper?

YahooCanada12 karma

I think the Canes already regret not only deadline away Jussi Jokinen to the Penguins, but also paying part of his salary for next season. 7g 11 pts, 10 GP -SL

DuckieMewMew4 karma

Why is Chris Chase such a bad writer?

YahooCanada3 karma

Alas, Chase has moved on from the Y! - Wysh

bestincal4 karma

What are the odds of Neimi winning the Vezina? He's had a stellar season, and one of the main reasons the Sharks are in the playoffs, but I feel he gets no love cause he's on the west coast.

YahooCanada2 karma

Thinks he's very underrated for the Vezina. He's been overshadowed by Bobrovsky's play over the last month, but Niemi's been solid all season. He should be a finalist. -SL

TheKZA3 karma

Hey Wysh, what's happening with the MvsW video stuff?

YahooCanada3 karma

Coming along. We've shot two videos as testers. Hoping we do weekly stuff during the playoffs. -- Wysh

captain_poptart3 karma

Can I work for you?

YahooCanada6 karma

How good are you at delivering beer? -SL

YahooCanada3 karma

We're keeping this AMA active all day until 4 p.m. EST on Tuesday, folks. It's been a lot of fun so far! We greatly appreciate all of you taking the time to contribute.

sciencequiche3 karma

Who do you think will get the first call from Shana-ban in the playoffs? I'm fairly confident its coming out of the Sharks-Canucks series.

YahooCanada10 karma

Good bet. Either Raffi Torres' lobotomy wears off or Alex Burrows gets hungry. Chances are Shanny will make a video during that best-of-7. -SL

lmoj13 karma

Just wondering how you feel the Sens will do in the playoffs? Big fan, and want to see them do well!

YahooCanada5 karma

I have them winning in the first round in six. - Wysh

YahooCanada3 karma

Like them for a potential upset of the Habs. Getting Karlsson and Anderson back will be huge. You can toss them in a dark horse category if Anderson turns into this spring's hot goalie. -SL

PittPensPats11 karma

You guys should post this in /r/hockey next time. It would blow up with comments. I know a lot of people who spend almost all of their reddit time on /r/hockey. =)

YahooCanada3 karma

I think that was being done at some point -SL

pollywhurl3 karma

Who do you guys think is going to win the Calder trophy this season? I have my money on Gallagher.

YahooCanada6 karma

Gallagher has my vote. -- Wysh

smada22793 karma

Hey Wysh, I've been a long-time reader of Puck Daddy and I'll be in the DC area for the summer and I'd love to buy you a beer and talk hockey sometime.

YahooCanada5 karma

Well, then, it's a date. Email me on the PD blog [email protected]

Predator_2 karma

Hi Sean! We went to college together. EAM!

YahooCanada5 karma

Whoa. Well now you're gonna have to tell me who you are. -SL

icanhazracecar2 karma

Can you elaborate in the NYR/WAS series on why the Caps will take it in 6? I hope its not because Ovi got hot during the end of the season or because they have home ice to start the series. We dominated them in the season series and playoffs last year. Yes, the beginning of the season I was skeptical we'd even be in the top ten in the East but I was soooo happy with that Gaborik trade. Moore is a beast and him and Bressard must feel like a million bucks coming from Ohio to NY and lets not get started with Nash and Stepan both in the top 10 in the east in my opinion. Washington is one of those scary teams but I do not see us losing with the new found team and chemistry we have been displaying. P.S. Glad to see so many hockey fans no matter there favorite teams just shooting the shit with eachother.

YahooCanada2 karma

I actually have the Rangers in seven, for many of the reasons you just stated plus Lundqvist. - Wysh

RikVanguard2 karma

Hey guys, long time reader...first time AMA'er so..uhh...(God I hate traditional sports radio)

You guys obviously watch a lot of hockey, and with the widespread presence of widescreen, HD TVs everywhere, do you see any teams/networks playing with new camera angles or positions? I've seen some try going with a high camera behind the net on powerplays, and I've seen some flip that perspective with a camera under the center ice scoreboard.
I guess, if you were John Collins, what would you suggest?

YahooCanada7 karma

I've been dying to see a game in which we flip perspective to the other side of the ice. No more side-scrolling; make it more 360. In other words: Always follow the puck. - Wysh

kralben2 karma

Any thoughts on Jason Collins? When do you think hockey will see it's first openly gay athlete?

YahooCanada4 karma

As a Nets fan, it was surreal to see Collins come up because it just goes to show you how beside the point sexuality should be in pro sports: I watched him play for years, and his sexual orientation wouldn't have, and doesn't now, affect my perception of him as a player.

I think we'll have a current NHLer come out within the next two years. - Wysh

GotAnySkooma1 karma

I strongly believe that Jonathan Toews deserves to win all of the awards. Do any of you disagree? If so, why?

YahooCanada2 karma

He's in my top 5 twice, but does not win an award. - Wysh

JF_191 karma

What kind of music do you guys listen to?

YahooCanada2 karma

Pretty much everything, but my heavy rotation is Smashing Pumpkins, Flaming Lips, Cake, Kanye, Big Boi, Daft Punk (great new song) and the Stones. - Wysh

PittPensPats1 karma

Sean, when you were in Pittsburgh for the Frozen Four, I recommended to you on twitter to go to Wingharts, and you later responded that you went and it was awesome (which made my day).

So which is better, Wingharts or Burgatory?

YahooCanada3 karma

Oh man, two different awesome food places. I would lean toward Burgatory, only because I prefer burgers over wings. That being said, the garlic parmesan wings at Wingharts were amazing! -SL

casualhobos1 karma

  • How difficult is it to remember and research all the prospects that teams have?
  • Do you actually enjoy Fantasy hockey?
  • Is there a player you haven't met yet but wished you could?

YahooCanada3 karma

-Can't remember them all. Lots of reading and research is needed. -Yes, fantasy hockey rules; especially Yahoo! Sports! (cheap plug) -I would love to meet Gordie Howe. -SL

seancolorado1 karma

How often do you guys check out the SBNation hockey blogs? (E.g. Mile High Hockey) and what do you think of them?

YahooCanada2 karma

Oh, totally. Have nearly all of them in my reader and visit PPP, Japers', Stanley Cup of Chowder, Fear The Fin, Mile High and others on a daily basis.

YahooCanada2 karma

Several times daily. Lots of great insight and team coverage over on those blogs. They all do a great job. -SL

apussytera1 karma

What do you guys think of the bleacher report writers?

YahooCanada2 karma

I think that site is leaps and bounds better than when it used to plagiarize us on the regular a few years ago. - Wysh

drzowuss1 karma

Will you send my marriage proposal to Lambert if I wrap it in an American flag?

YahooCanada2 karma

That's the only way he would ever welcome such a request. -SL

smishmortion1 karma

What is your pick for biggest upset in the playoffs? What team(s), in your opinions, have the best/worst arena and/or fans?

YahooCanada2 karma

  1. Senators over Montreal

  2. Best fans = Winnipeg. Best arena ... I really love the Rock, which is a homer pick I know.

Worst fans? Well, maybe the atmosphere at Leafs games improves in the playoffs. Maybe not.

  • Wysh

YahooCanada1 karma

The odds are favoring the Penguins and Blackhawks at this point to meet in the Stanley Cup Finals. Thoughts?

GotAnySkooma1 karma

What is your favorite Scotch? I prefer the Ardbeg 10, myself.

YahooCanada2 karma

Track down Hudson Whiskey Baby Bourbon.