So, my 17 year old friend decided it was a good idea to build an Iron Man suit.

Turns out, it was an amazing idea. Such a good idea in-fact, he wore it to the opening night of Iron Man 3 in-front of hundreds of people.

Suit here:-

Proof here:-

Ask him anything! (He's replying through my account)

Starting this thread now to harvest questions, we'll begin answering about 12:00 GMT. (Depending on how much of a lazy ass Iron Man is being)

Linky to props/costume Page:

Edit* Ok guys, we are HERE. Questions to be answered shortly.

Edit** Proof has arrived.


EDIT*** OK GUYS, thanks for all the questions, after a 9 hour AMA session we're done here. Iron Man and Mafferick out!

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Venser154 karma

How did he fix the freezing problem?

Mafferick171 karma

He changed the suit to a gold-titanium alloy.

Mafferick237 karma

(painted it gold)

1MA9FAG121 karma

Did you get laid?

Mafferick291 karma

Of course I got laid, I am billionaire, genius, playboy, philanthropist.

Chalice10145 karma

And was she hot?

Mafferick77 karma

Yes. very.

kralcleahcim83 karma

Not even a question, just wanted to say holy shit, that's amazing.

Mafferick47 karma

Thankyou Kind sir.

Pickled_Taco68 karma

so cool that he even did the carbon scoring on the mask. sorry not really a question, but A+ job. I would buy it.

Mafferick54 karma


I probably wouldn't sell it though, unless someone was willing to pay ludicrous sums of money.

newbreed133 karma

How much is a ludicrous sum of money to you?

Mafferick59 karma

£700-900. simply due to materials and time.

edit* spelling

OmakeGirl65 karma

What kind of foam is this, and where can it typically be purchased?

What kind of tools did you use for cutting / shaping?

Mafferick68 karma

Eva foam, I used a stanley knife and 100+ extra shap blades, to get clean cuts you need a sharp blade, and it blunts then fast. a tiny bit of sanding, and a dremel.

lorenzofb60 karma

Hey Mafferick, I'm a writer at Mashable, can you get in touch? my email is [email protected] we'd like to use your friend's pictures in a gallery.


Mafferick35 karma

Sure thing! Why not get in touch with him: [email protected] !

StolenPikachu53 karma

Was this his first major prop endeavour? What kinds of other stuff did he do before this? How did he start learning how to do this!?

Mafferick84 karma

We'd say it's is his major endeavor, however he has done a few smaller projects for example:

10 points for whoever guesses what it is.

StolenPikachu99 karma

Halo magnum ;)

Mafferick68 karma

10 points.

It was actually a birthday present I made for a friend.

ulyssessword49 karma

Did you get in to the theatre for free?

Mafferick58 karma

Unfortunately not, all the cinemas here in the UK are very business driven, and letting people in for free would be bad for business.

hydromatic9378 karma

But having Iron Man in your theatre would be amazing for PR.

Mafferick41 karma

True, True.

Mafferick27 karma

Im working on that :P

so_then_I_said43 karma

What was the final pricetag? What materials did he use? Looks great.

Mafferick57 karma

The price-tag. £300-350 in materials, and a f*ckton of time.

But materials include lots and lots of foam, wood and various recycled bits and bobs, i.e. the boots are some old shoes with the cushions from some old roller blades to make them wearable.

Social_Recluse35 karma

Sale price : 900 pounds

Materials : 350 pounds

hours spent on project 336 (2weeks7days24hrs)

900-350= 550/336 = 1.64 pounds

Your time is worth more than 1.64 pounds an hour.

Mafferick17 karma

True. True.

joshsawyer30 karma


Mafferick44 karma

The rest of the suit will get the same treatment.

averym8825 karma

Why did you decide to do that?

Mafferick151 karma

I like Iron Man.

I like making things.

It seemed like a good idea.

_spranger_18 karma

How long in total did it take to build?

Mafferick28 karma

More hours than i care to remember! Probably a few weeks if you add the hours together

Mafferick20 karma

a few week's worth of hours in total.

Ahwaggy16 karma

Did you design the blueprints/plans yourself, or get them from the interwebz? Also, very awesome :D

Mafferick15 karma

some parts were freehand, most were loosely based off templates from the internets, the helmet was built straight from pepakura files. (however, that only gives me a very blocky shape, I have to build all the curves and details onto that.

jackmeeker16 karma

what's his and your favorite kinds of muffins?

Mafferick32 karma

We're both Chocolate kinda guys.

KnownAsRed36116 karma

Will you be going around to playgrounds/hospitals to make the day of a shit ton of kids? I would do that if I had that awesomeness!

Mafferick19 karma

Yeah im gonna do some charity events when the come around.

stevenmw15 karma

What kind of spray paint was that? The suit appears to be a type of foam and the paint makes it look metalic. Is it that chrome type spray paint that makes things look like metal? What is the actual brand, color, and type of spray paint?

DonkeyPirate15 karma

I think most people use automotive spray paint with a glossy clear coat. You can get it at autozone.

Mafferick14 karma

Yeah, I got mine at Halfords at first, but I found a local trader and he was MUCH cheaper, so I recommend scouting around your local shops before you go for the big brands.

ccarlyon14 karma

Any chance for a rough tutorial? I would love to build an Iron man helmet!

Mafferick7 karma

Possible, yes :D

YorkshireBloke13 karma

Will you be having sex in it?

Mafferick31 karma

Might have happened, actually.

greenherbs13 karma

since you mentioned you might be going into buisness. What do you think the price tag would be on a costume like that?

Mafferick16 karma

Probably £600-900, depending on the amount of detail, type of suit, and time constraints.

Mafferick10 karma

£700-900. simply due to materials and time.

Skeeterxi11 karma

You should wear that and stand outside the theater on opening day of Ironman 3. Just stand there nice and still and people will think you're just a prop piece and when they come up to check you out you can startle the hell out of them.

Mafferick22 karma

I did. I'm in the Uk

brownthunder2911 karma

Is it tough going to bathroom when you're in the suit?

Mafferick31 karma

Nope. There is Velcro and 2 different clips on the codpiece.

Pull it from any direction hard enough, and you can get it off.

dertydood10 karma

How does he see out of it?

Mafferick8 karma

There is an area under the leds which i can see through

Clovdyx9 karma

How much did materials cost, and what future projects are planned?

Mafferick14 karma

as for future projects planned - there is this.

Guess away guys!

i_drink_corona24 karma

Is that a pelican eating a fish?

Mafferick14 karma

Well, here's a better picture.

Mafferick4 karma

£300-350 worth of materials.

morimoto30009 karma

I noticed there was a bottle of wine and some toilet paper sitting beside your couch. Is for sexy romantic time with yourself? Oh and nice job! Suit looks great!

Mafferick9 karma

not my couch. But thats awk :')

joshrkc8 karma

How was the feedback?

Mafferick29 karma

Lot's of staring, pictures, Iron Man hugs.

It was all positive really, but I don't think you can get much more from people at the opening night.

MrRuubeeen7 karma

Do you have any plans on a next costume. Please say a transformer.

Mafferick10 karma

The new mark 42 is in my head at the moment.

LazyNarwhal7 karma

Can I buy a halo magnum?

Mafferick9 karma

Hit me up at [email protected] for commissions, we can discuss it there :D

czarchastic7 karma

Can you actually see with the visor down?

Mafferick7 karma

Yes, there is a gap between the leds and the eyes.

stlouisbrowns5 karma

Very nicely done. Congratulations to your friend.

Mafferick12 karma

It's one of the most impressive things I can say a friend of mine has ever done.

He's starting up a props creation... business...thing, because clearly he has a talent.

It's a shame his other talent is being a lazy ass! (Unless its creating awesome things)

stlouisbrowns5 karma

how long did this take him?

Mafferick11 karma

I believe he started this project late last year with a deadline of the Iron Man 3 release (Midnight 25th April?) and he got it done the night before I think So all in all not a bad turnaround. I'll get you a proper answer when the genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist arrives.

stlouisbrowns8 karma

I'm particularly impressed by his sense of engineering. There's nothing hacked about the contours of this thing. Also his scuffed metal on the helmet, from the photos anyway, is impeccable.

Guaranteed there's gotta be a place for him somewhere. I hope he puts down the pizzipe and earns your rating for "really really not lazy" -

Mafferick6 karma

I don't understand how you can get such a skill, I'm actually incredibly jealous.

And no, don't worry, he's not that lazy, it's just all a bit of fun for when he arrives.

Hopefully we get some good questions (and he gets you some proof).

stlouisbrowns2 karma

No, it's a kind of intelligence (there are quite a few of these) - and particularly if he can look at something, then duplicate it by hand, even if he's using software but making his own files (particularly so, actually) - he's got quite a talent there.

What are his college plans?

Mafferick6 karma

Hey, I'm not lazy, I simply value my sleep after so many late nights finishing this thing! As for University (college) plans, Id like to be a concept artist, or be somewhere in the art department for a game/film company, or maybe be in the props department. ;)

stlouisbrowns3 karma

I kinda thought your friend was being goofy about that (lazy) -

so where are you thinking of going for school?

Mafferick3 karma

Not really any idea yet. I looked briefly at a computer games art course in Cambridge, but I haven't got any solid ideas yet.

Mafferick4 karma

Well, I was thinking about it late last year, and I collected resources and reference material, and then I started making around late January.

Yettinarch5 karma

This is amazing. I love how you kept the scratch effect on the face, makes it look raw :D

Mafferick3 karma

Thankyou :D

idog735 karma

How durable is it? Were there any unforeseen issues with it once you put it on?

Also, once you get to University be careful you keep your figure, it doesn't look like there's a lot of room to grow in that thing.

Mafferick6 karma

Quite durable. the seal on the foam can flex, the paint with it. although flex too far, and wrinkles appear. And I've got that covered, thanks :D

Ngiole5 karma

Is it hard to breathe with the mask on?

Mafferick6 karma

Not at all, there is space in front of my mouth. It does get a little hot.

TheCakeBandito3 karma

What kind of foam did you use? What kind of paint?

Mafferick4 karma

EVA foam. Automobile paint, its the toughest.

Soapysoap933 karma

did you enjoy the movie? i know i loved it until the ending which completely ruined it

Mafferick8 karma

Movie was excellent. I thought the ending was fine, they are following the extremis storyline now anyway.

SequorScientia3 karma

What is the suit primarily made of?? I've been reading that it's foam, but what kind exactly? I would like to build a suit like this, but I don't know where to start haha

Mafferick5 karma

EVA foam. And you need a strong will and determination to build a suit like this.

lawnpuppies3 karma

Are you using super glue to glue the eva foam pieces together, or is it some other adhesive?

Mafferick4 karma

superglue to glue, hot glue to strengthen.

I_See_Trees_of_Green3 karma

I dont have a question, but you have some serious artistic talent and the suit looks amazing!

Mafferick4 karma

Thank you muchly!

BlizzardShot3 karma

i am so so so jealous of you. Are you going to wear it to anywhere just for reactions?

Mafferick11 karma

Yes. I haven't taken it off.

graffiti_world2 karma

Why does the mask have a damaged effect while the rest of the body looks brand new?

Mafferick5 karma

The rest of the suit hasn't been battle damaged yet, these photos are a few days old.

sircheddar2 karma

What is the Halo Magnum made out of? And any tips for someone who's looking into making this kind of stuff? (Smaller stuff obviously)

Mafferick5 karma

MDF and plastics.

Axolotl222 karma


Mafferick3 karma

Fiberglass resin.

zerounodos2 karma

I'm confused; are you they guy that build it but you said it was your friend for who knows what reason, are you answering his answers in first person, or are you both answering and confusing me?


Mafferick3 karma

I am using Maff's account to post :D And thanks.

JRDuitb1 karma

But how do you see in it?

Mafferick2 karma

There is an area under the leds which i can see through