For as long as I can remember I've known my family was different but it has never mattered. On the outside we are a pretty normal Canadian family. But from the inside, we are anything but what most people would call normal. We are very open in ALL aspects of our lives, this is our norm. Go ahead, Ask Me Anything!

Edit- Alright, I really didn't think this would get to the size it was, it was a pretty amazing experience! I will continue to answer all the questions that get posted so no matter when you find this post, if you want to ask then I will answer! THANKS REDDIT!

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IgnobleJack10 karma

Did your friends parents know about your family situation? Did this cause any issues for you growing up?

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As a person who also grew up in a small central Alberta town I can only imagine the things people might say. I can also relate to not giving a fuck what people say.

Small minded people miss out on so much.

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Did 11 people just get busted in your home town in a massive drug sting?

That might narrow it down. Then again, it may not

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I figured you would have heard about it if we were from the same town, it was a big deal

CanadianDaughter1 karma

I haven't lived in Alberta in a number of years and although I do keep up on the events there because of friends or family I haven't heard of that one.

blinkdmb4 karma

Is this real life?

CanadianDaughter1 karma

Yes.... Why wouldn't it be?

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How did you get involved in running the escort agency? Did you om just ask you "hey, wanna help me pimp out girls?". I would find that conversation strange atleast:)

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Sorry, I read thru the thread, but didn't see your answer.
But thanks for answering.

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No worries, I promised to answer all questions. And I hate scrolling through AMAs for the answer I'm looking for.