Almost a year ago, I was visiting an account (gas station) near Pearson Airport in Toronto. While going about my business inside, a lady from outside started to ask who's car was parked out back. After realizing it was mine, I went outside to see what had happened. Here it is (along with articles):

Not wanting to be a douche about it, I decided to not take any aggressive action against the party responsible (Air Canada), in hopes that they would engage in common courtesy regarding the matter. Boy was I wrong. First off, they acknowledged that this was indeed their airplane and their fault. My name and information was everywhere at the time and reporters were having no issues getting my phone number to ask questions. Secondly, after a couple weeks had passed, not a single representative had contacted me about the ordeal. No "how are you doing?" Nothing.

Insurance covered most of the cost of fixing my car, but I still had to pay the deductible which cost quite a bit. I reached out to let Air Canada know, and they simply told me to talk to my insurance provider and employer to solve the issue. Basically brushing me off (This was the one and only time they ever communicated with me btw). Fine. I'm friends with a lawyer at my gym and he offered to write a letter to them in hopes of escalating the situation. Air Canada did not respond. I've waited. And waited. And waited. Here we are.

In one month, a full year will have passed. Initially I was fine with them just covering the damages. Mistakes happen. Albeit, this is quite a big mistake. A piece of airplane engine did explode and smash through my car after all. Had I not been inside and in my car instead, who knows what could have happened (well, I'm pretty sure I know what would have happened). The disrespect, dismissive nature and lack of compassion shown just annoys me off. What do I do??


EDIT: People think I'm angry. Made post less angry sounding. Not too good with the whole writing thing.

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EyeAmAhEr385 karma

That's no surprise, Air Canada's motto is WE'RE NOT HAPPY 'TIL YOU'RE NOT HAPPY! for a reason. I hate them and take Westjet every chance I can!

-Death-From-Above-155 karma

I'm positive that Westjet would have handled this completely different. Those guys are great.

bbenson145 karma

Westjet handed me a dead pet after a flight once, and wouldn't even apologize. Air Canada has always been very rude when travelling, but I'll deal with it.

return_of_the_jetta213 karma

Was it your pet that had died?

bbenson143 karma

Sure was. Flight was forced to land due to weather at a different airport. They left it outside for a couple hours and it froze to death.

return_of_the_jetta57 karma

Aw I'm so sorry for your loss. Internet hugs. That's not right they did that.

bbenson45 karma

It was years ago now, but I'll still tell the story every chance I get. Beware the smiling face of Westjet!

-Death-From-Above-17 karma

Holy junk dude. That's terrible. How the hell did they not do anything about that?

teethdefeat61 karma

Donnie Darko?

-Death-From-Above-47 karma

Great. Now I'm going to have to shoot the rabbits in my backyard.

bribo5416 karma

They are hoping that you'll just go away, if they ignore you long enough. Big companies do this all the time, and it works often.

-Death-From-Above-13 karma

Good old Maxis/EA Sim City trick.

Accent1216 karma

No real question, but just a "holy crap, dude" moment. That is INSANE. Thankfully you're ok. You're just minding your business and then bam, a part of a plane smashes through your car. This planet can be terrifying sometimes.

-Death-From-Above-23 karma

I tried to escape terrifying by not living in Australia. Who knew that airplanes had it out for us too.

benat4313 karma

How long did it take you to process the fact the this had happened to you.

-Death-From-Above-14 karma

A while. No one had any clue what was going on until the news stations started gathering their stories. I thought someone had just taken a bat to my car and ran off at first.

[deleted]8 karma

Have you considered going to the Press? I know Canadians are polite, eh but here in the US, when something doesn't go our way, we go to the news channels and they do a story. They shame the wrong side into paying up.

Try that?

-Death-From-Above-4 karma

I have. Not sure how much interest they'd have in it at this point in time but I'm starting to think it should be the next phase.

phpwhyyouno8 karma

Did they say they were sorry, buddy?

-Death-From-Above-0 karma

Nope. Nothing of the sort. Just to piss off and not bother them.

RealGoodLookin4 karma

I am an extraordinarily average guy, AMA!!

-Death-From-Above-3 karma

What did you eat for breakfast?

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On a scale from Dustin Diamond to Ryan Gosling, how good looking are you really?

mjbelkin4 karma

Take a lesson from your leader

-Death-From-Above-3 karma

If only I was half the wo-man Hazel is. Living legend.

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Upvote for Seahawks sweatshirt

-Death-From-Above-2 karma

Right back at ya bucko.

aurizon2 karma

Small claims court, file the document, they will ignore, win the case, have the sherrif sieze the plane...

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