I'm an Norwegian immigrant who goes to school at Penn State where I mime around campus. Pic:http://24.media.tumblr.com/70aafd4adc051207957350b38f097e95/tumblr_mlti7lls7l1qm2e88o1_500.jpg

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Howbout an upvote?

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Just FYI as I read this I am picturing you sitting on an invisible chair in the middle of the quad typing on an invisible keyboard

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Actually that's part of my routine.

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SInce you don't speak. How much do you hear a day that you can analyze?

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It's surprising actually, I usually base a lot of my performance on what the audience is seeing, so I'll take a fake smoke break with cigarette smokers, or take a phone video of someone recording me.

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Are you a good listener?

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I assume so ha.

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How do you do it to not talk all day? Does it ever slip?

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At most I mouth things out for people, (which I grew up thinking was aloud) but it's a lot easier than one would think.

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Ha I think I meant allowed, apologies, English not being my first language and all. There are a groups of mimes I think that won't mouth thinks out, thinking it's the same as speaking.


do you speak off the clock like to ur wife or something?

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Eh I'm single and yes I do.

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Hahaha, I haven't seen that before, pretty good.

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If only if only

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Have you ever been physically assaulted during a performance?

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Ha no I hope that doesn't happen often to mimes. I have once though have had a strong man come up to me after making fun of another telling me not be so disrespectful. That was as close as it got though.

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I want to write a fiction piece featuring a retired mime, but know nothing about Mimes. Where's the best places for research?

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Sounds good yo, cities in Europe have more mimes than the states so Internet research may be the best you can get.

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Have you ever accidentally lost character while performing? By the way, WE ARE!

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Ha only around people who actually know me and PENN STATE!

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Has anyone ever gotten you to talk while performing?

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Ha not yet, I usually imitate a preacher who's been considered a nuisance.

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Haha Yes! It's always fun to see people take shots at the Willard Preacher.

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I'll be there again tomorrow around the afternoon if you'd like to watch.

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What does a mime even look like when it's having sex?

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We act out our dirty talk.

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out of 100%, how many people that appreciate your act (don't ignore you when walking by) actually attempt to get you to say something?

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Maybe about 5%, most people are pretty knowledgeable that mime's aren't supposed to talk and are respectful.

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What is the worst thing someone has done to mess with you as you performed?

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A girl once smeared my make up, I was pretty pissed about that.

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Du trenger mer hvitmaling... (Eng. You need more white paint.)

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Jeg vet.... =[ (I know)

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What's something you're really good at, or enjoy doing? For example, a previous mime on here was good at windows and doors.

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My favourite is getting a nearby ledge and fishing, then giving up after a few attempts and grabbing a shotgun and shooting and falling off from the kickback

SolskjaerOlsen2 karma

Ha no I hope that doesn't happen often to mimes. I have once though have had a strong man come up to me after making fun of another telling me not be so disrespectful. That was as close as it got though.

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I play around with them a lot. If they're saying something I'll "write it down" stuff like that.

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My parents immigrated when I was a lot younger, they wanted to escape socialism. D:

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Norway isn't socialist though?

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How did you get into this mime business? How did you learn the moves? How did your first performance go? Were you afraid that people would just ignore you or think something like "pffft, what a douche."? How did you get over that fear?

Sorry for a lot of question, but I am really curious about street performers. And mimes are amazing! Which means you are amazing too!

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I first started doing in the summer of a bet in DC. It actually went very well I got a nice crowd going and cheering me on. I just watched a shit ton of videos online and practiced them when they came up. And eventually started working on my own things. No worries, thanks a bunch!

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I read that as "I am a street mine." I was cofused at first. So what drives you to perform this way?

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I find it fun, and I love just to see an inkling of a reaction from somebody.

SolskjaerOlsen4 karma

Nope lol

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I do it for fun, I never considered taking tips so I usually reject it when anybody does.

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Do you talk when you're not working?

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Yeah of course, I know a few mimes that talk off the clock as well.

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It is really awesome how you interact with the crowd. What is the one thing you do that usually impresses or entertains the crowd the most? And what are some more examples of crowd interaction besides writing down what they say, pretending to film them, etc..

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I haven't had a killer move yet, usually all of what I do has the equal or same reaction. With the preacher however, I like to base my reactions off of anything he says and I dance around acting like a fool

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Why did you become a mime? Or what led to that path?

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It was more off a bet but had a little previous interest.

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I flirted with a gay guy once without knowing he was gay and he kissed me.

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I winked at him and danced around him seductively.

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Box is standard.

Have you ever mimed your dick in a box?

Ala Timberlake

SolskjaerOlsen3 karma

Know but that sounds interesting, I'll keep it in mind.

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Where at penn state do you mime? I'm a student here

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Sometimes IST, sometimes Business building, rarely the HUB, and just recently Willard.

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Do you talk when out of character?

SolskjaerOlsen5 karma

Yeah sure, I'm a regular class clown.