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I am currently on tour with BIRDEMIC 2: The Resurrection my latest feature film, and sequel to BIRDEMIC 1.

BIRDEMIC 2: The Resurrection is currently available to own now on chill.com/birdemic2!

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Ask me anything!

Edit 1 Thanks you fans for all the support! If you haven't already, please buy BIRDEMIC 2 on chill.com I am an independent filmmaker and cannot keep making movies without your support. Thank you!

Edit 2 Thank you for all the great questions. I have to go to press event now, but will come back at the end of the day to answer anything new. Thanks reddit!

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knitcaboodle39 karma

As someone who hasn't seen Birdemic 2 yet, are there any other classic songs like "Hangin' Out With My Family" included?


Yes. "Gonna be a Star!" which is the new hit song in Birdemic 2.

DaintySload34 karma

Would you consider doing the "How Did This Get Made?" Podcast? Whitney moore did it a while back and it was great.


Yes. I would love to be onn "How Did This Get Made?"

goldiegills23 karma

If you were a bird, what kind of bird would you be, and why?


Golden eagles and California Turkey Vulture!

goldiegills10 karma



A quote from Dr. Jones from Birdemic 1, "Man is the most dangerous specie...."

adamrobertson19 karma

hi james, huge fan of both movies. i noticed that the birds always seem to attack directly following sex scenes. do you believe sex is evil?


No. It is just the romantic thriller film structure that I chose to layout. I think that the love making scene (aka sex scene) are romantic and sensual in both birdemic 1 & 2.

cheddarz17 karma

Let me start by saying that I’m a huge fan and that I’ve been sitting here refreshing my browser for 30 minutes waiting for this.

  • What was your inspiration for Birdemic?

  • Why isn’t there any official Birdemic merchandise? I want an NTC Software t-shirt. That would make me so happy.

  • Do you have a job in addition to being a brilliant filmmaker?

  • How did you get into movie making?

  • What was your expectation for how the public received Birdemic, and what was your reaction to how it was received in reality?

  • What are your favorite bands/what music do you like?

  • Do you have any words of wisdom?

  • Can you tell me your favorite joke?

  • Will you acknowledge my existence? It would make me so happy if the genius behind Birdemic would acknowledge me. It’s one of my favorite movies.


The inspiration for birdemic was the 1962 Hitchcock's The Birds and Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth.


Do you have any words of wisdom?

Beyond a few good laugh watching birdemic, I hope that you walk away thinking about the global warming crisis.


Do you have any words of wisdom?

Beyond a few good laugh watching birdemic, I hope that you walk away thinking about the global warming crisis.


Do you have any words of wisdom?

Beyond a few good laugh watching birdemic, I hope that you walk away thinking about the global warming crisis.


Do you have any words of wisdom?

Beyond a few good laugh watching birdemic, I hope that you walk away thinking about the global warming crisis.


Will you acknowledge my existence? It would make me so happy if the > > genius behind Birdemic would acknowledge me. It’s one of my favorite > > movies.

Yes. I appreciate that you are a birdemic fan!


Do you have any words of wisdom?

Beyond a few good laugh watching birdemic, I hope that you walk away thinking about the global warming crisis.

MakesStuff_Up16 karma

Is the lengthy opening driving sequence in the first film an homage to Manos the Hands of Fate?


No. Just the romantic thriller structure my way.

LLBee14 karma

What's your favourite scene in the first Birdemic?


When Rod and Nathalie met Dr. Jones at Half Moon Bay. Dr. Jones is also in the sequel Birdemic 2.

vajapshavela12 karma

Some viewers have a hard time comprehending the efficiency of the hangers used to fight the birds...will there be any other creative use of weaponry in the trilogy?


Yes. In Birdemic 2, the umbrella is the new weapon to defend against a bird attack.

ThePeopleGuy11 karma

Hey james, Have you ever watched your own films and thought of them as comedies?


I thought them first as romantic thrillers with a few Happy Accidents!

EzEXE11 karma

Would you rather fight 1 Giant Jumbo Jellyfish sized bird, or 100 bird sized Giant Jumbo Jellyfish?


1 Giant Jumbo Jellyfish is enough for me.

69snaxx6911 karma

How did you meet Damien Carter and what inspired you to select him for the musical appearance? Also what do you think of the music video for "This is birdemic" by chamber of Pudd?


I met Damien Carter through my first movie, Julie and Jack. He played a Gospel singer and he sang "Spirtual Love" song in it. And that one of the reason I used his song again in Birdemic 1 & 2.

t1g3rl1ly9 karma

What is the significance of the scene in Birdemic: Shock and Terror following Whitney and Alan's first date? (The one with the green parrots.) I've always been puzzled by it.


It just a romantic dating scene with lovebirds. I was trying to build the romance in the first act of birdemic 1.

lucysdad9 karma

Thank you Mr. Nguyen for taking time out of your day. What is, and continues to be your inspiration and motivation. You seem very motivated, where does your passion come from?


Good question. My first inspiration is the global crisis. Second is that I love making movies. Making movies is my passion like a painter who lives paint.

Jorge_Burdel9 karma

Is there any intention to market Birdemic-related clothing?


Yes. Please visit chill.com/birdemic2

aamiop128 karma

Come visit Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We love your movie and we also hate global warming


Please email [email protected]

coasterroaster8 karma

I just registered to say that Birdemic is the best movie I've watched while higher than a fucking kite. Keep it up.

EzEXE16 karma

Birdemic high and Birdemic sober are two entirely different but equally great experiences




Thanks for your support!

AMantralaFTW8 karma

I am a huge fan of Birdemic, and I love all the effort you have put into all your films, how do you respond to media critics who clearly haven't seen true forms of art like yours?


You can't please everyone. A lot of birdemic fans see the good birdemic story and its sincerely about global warming and they love birdemic and they are willing to forgive its imperfection. But you can't please everyone including the critics.

pndlm7 karma

How closely related are Biredmic 1 and 2? And if they are close, will you make a Birdemic trilogy?


Yes. And it is call Birdemic 3 - Sea Eagles

DaintySload5 karma

Not seagulls?


Sea Eagles is a real bird specie that exist in Southeast Asia. Just do a Google, "Sea Eagles"

Insertfuckgivenhere7 karma

What did you do differently when making Birdemic 2 in comparison to making the first film?


The budget of birdemic 2 is many time larger than birdemic 1 and so the production value is much higher in that we filmed in Hollywood and on Spielberb's Jaw set on the Universal studio backlot.

DaintySload6 karma

Why did Rod and Nathalie decide to have a picnic in the first movie?


Because they and the kids were hungry. Oh by the way, the sandwiches were 7-Eleven sandwiches. The7-eleven sandwiches was food the cast and crew. And they all stop eating the sandwiches by the end of production.

ak90006 karma

firstly, i have to say birdemic was an amazing movie. my question to you is when did you get the idea to make birdemic?


I got the idea about birdemic 1 in 2006 at the beach in Half Moon Bay.

Petsnrocks5 karma

JAMES, What aspects would you want to improve upon if you're given a bigger budget to work with for Birdemic 3?


Improvement on the animation of the birds and all visual effects.

Xentis5 karma

So, during the production and filming of Birdemic were you like, "Cut, that was it."

Like, did you realize that you had subpar acting and script-writing or did everyone involved in production genuinely think that you were making a legend?


Birdemic 1 was produced for less than $10,000 US Dollars. And Birdemic 1 became a cult sensation hit - Front cover of New York Times, CBS Morning News and it world presss. I believe birdemic 1 because a hit because of its sincerity, humanity and good casting and that Hitchcockian romantic thriller structure.

ImprovClint5 karma

What did you think of RiffTrax's take on the first Birdemic movie and are you looking forward to them riffing Birdemic2?


Rifftrax is one of the biggest birdemic fans!

And I would not be surprised that they will do a Rifftrax on birdemic 2.

BraveDude85 karma

How many seconds did you spend on the CG scenes in the first movie?


It was a few minutes. But it was more of putting in the animation where needed for the scenes

Ojamurmz5 karma

If you make another movie can I be in it?

I would play any role available.

Also I havent seen two, but I loved Birdemic 1.


I cast both Whitney Moore as Nathalie and Alan Bagh as Rod because they
fit the role and they had the right attitude to make it in the movie business.

I, Alan Bagh & Producer Jeff Gross will be at the Chicago Birdemic Premiere tomorrow 4/25/2013. Hope you can be there too. thanks.

rudeboybill4 karma

In Birdemic: Shock and Terror, it is stated early in the film while Rod and his friend are playing basketball that it is Winter. However, when Rod and Natalie are at the festival on their date, the sign clearly says that the festival is happening in early October. What gives?


Good question. Remember, it is a movie.

gobsthemesong4 karma

I haven't seen BIRDEMIC 2 yet, but I am a huge fan the original BIRDEMIC. Like just about everyone else, I'm wondering how you are going to resolve the sexual tension of the love triangle between Rod and Nathalie and Tree Hugger. So, my question is: When will we see a love scene between Nathalie and Tree Hugger?


There is no affair between tree hugger and Nathalie. But in birdemic 2, the tree hugger has new wife.

msahai3 karma

What was the point of the jellyfish scene in Birdemic 2?


the scene of Giant jumbo jellyfish was a fore shadowing hint, an aberration of nature caused by global warming to why birds attacked. Giant jumbo jellyfish is a real specie that attack people in Japan and Spain and they might be coming to your local beach.

69snaxx693 karma

Do you imagine Damien Carter will be in the third movie?



PJRegan3 karma

i got to see the new Birdemic two nights in a row. lucky me. i noticed Whitney hasn't made it to any other screenings with you and Alan. any reason?


Whitney will be with us in May, 2013 in screenings in Hollywood and more.

Lyssa_Ray3 karma

I just want to say that Birdemic is one of my absolute favorite movies. I don't even know how many times I've seen. Is there a set date for when the Birdemic 2 tour is coming to Seattle? And will it eventually be released on Netflix or DVD??? Thanks!!!! :)


Birdemic 2 will be at Seattle Crypticon at the end of May, 2013.

MagnaFarce3 karma

My friend and I love the song Hanging Out With my Family. Are there any good live renditions of it that fans have sent you?


Yes. there is a version on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxkOVmw69Hk

madgeezer1283 karma

how about making a film in uk?


We are considering making Birdemic sequel in the UK.

JoshuaJSlone3 karma

Was Birdemic 2 easier to make than the original due to fewer problems keeping budget/cast/crew together?


Yes. Because I had a great Producer like Mr. Jeff Gross and there was budget.

HairEqualsGods3 karma

What has inspired you to make both Birdemic and Birdemic 2


I think the main inspiration is to tell the story of the threat of global warming.

RestfulR3 karma

Thanks for doing this James, I can't stop watching these. There is something so addictive about the films. Why do you think people are sharing Birdemic 1+2 so often with their friends? Is it better that way?


I think people like birdemic because of its sincerely, humanity and the warning about the threat of global warming.

mitchsurp3 karma

Are you a cats lover?


No. But I wrote that in the script of birdemic 1 because it was a reference to Ms. Tippi Hedren love of cats. In fact, she has a zoo that is full of cats at Shambala.

DaintySload3 karma

Was the reason behind the many extension cords and power bars on the conference table during the meeting meant to symbolize our reliance and over use on energy?


Yes. We need to go more solar and alternative non poluting energy.

aemaarnldya3 karma

I've only seen "Birdemic" while being riffed by the guys from Rifftrax. Has Mike Nelson or any of the other guys from Rifftrax thanked you for making such a great movie to riff? I know the Birdemic Live Rifftrax event was a huge success.


I did sneak in one of the screening of the Rifftrax's Birdemic.

And I want to thank Rifftrax for being a big of Birdemic.

insidiousdoc2 karma

Did you know Alan Bagh before Birdemic?


No. Birdemic 1 was Mr. Alan Bagh's first film ever. And Alan a great job!

zatchattack2 karma

Hi James! First let me say birdemic is great, and has become tradition between my friends and I. We live in Iowa and are really bummed we can't make a premiere, the Minneapolis one we almost made a trip for! Anyway, I was wondering how you met Alan and Whitney? Thanks James!


I met Whitney and Alan during the casting for the lead role of Rod and Nathalie in Birdemic 1. Both Alan and Whitney did a great job in both Birdemic 1 & 2.

blasmo12 karma

Will there be a Blu-Ray release any time soon?


Birdemic 2 Bluray will be released before the end of 2013.

alexhass2 karma

James, I've had the pleasure of meeting you twice and once spending the day with you in Brooklyn talking shop during a photo shoot. That being said I have no questions about your movies or process. What I would like to know, however, is how do you feel about kittens versus puppies?


I don't have pets. But I don't mind putting some cats and puppies in a birdemic scene.


After putting a lot of work into your movie, what do you think of the 1.9 rating of Birdemic 1 on IMDB? Is there something you think that the population is missing when watching the movie or are you satisfied with it being a cult movie?


You can't make everyone happy. But there a lot of birdemic fans out there and they love birdemic because its sincerity, humanity and the message of the threat of global warming.

C-B2 karma

What is your favorite Birdemic quote of all time? (from 1 or 2)


From Dr. Jones in Birdemic 1, "Man is the most dangerous specie..."

mmGaggle2 karma

How much did Birdemic 2 cost to create?


A hundred thousand dollars.

adamrobertson2 karma

are there any plans to release julie and jack? how about replica?


Yes. Julie and Jack will be re released before the end 2013 with a make over and 3 hours of new behind the scenes. Part of Julie and Jack's lines and song, "A Love to Eternity" were referenced Birdemic 2.

Replica will be remake in the future.

snmrrw2 karma



Because global warming has caused the birds to turn mutant that caused them to be toxic and acidic in birdemic 1. You can watch birdemic 2 get the plot why the birds attack Hollywood.

manofsticks2 karma

Hello Mr. Nguyen! I am a big fan of Birdemic. I had two questions

1) I was wondering what your favorite films are? Can be of any quality.

2) What software did you use for the special effects in Birdemic?


My favorite film is Hitchcock's Vertigo.

Both Birdemic 1 & 2 used Maya animation software.

profbucko2 karma

Do you ever plan on making a movie about Vietnam or basing one their?


Yes. Part of Birdemic 3 - Sea Eagles might take place in Vietnam. But we are considering a lot cities such as New York, Chicago, Boston and so on.

slurveballpitcher2 karma

What made you want to make a movie like Birdemic?


Because I love making movies which is my passion. But also to send a message to the world about the threat of global warming.

InterstellarBurst1 karma



Except for Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, I think that fictional films like Birdemic are more effective in spreading the threat message of global warming.

stumper931 karma

I know that you directed, wrote, and produced Birdemic. Could you perhaps describe the thought process when it came to writing the script for this movie?


the story from birdemic 1 & 2 were inspired by real life global warming crisis events; that is one of my ways of inspiration and idea; but also Hitchcock's The birds.

stinatown1 karma

When I first saw Birdemic, I was surprised that the first half of the movie makes almost no mention of the impending apocalypse--it seems to just be a love story. Then, the second half doesn't seem to mention much of the love story at all, and is almost totally focused on just survival. If you were to do it again, would you change the structure at all? What was your purpose in making the two halves of the movie so distinctly different?


there is forshadowing and fore boding that all are not well and all are not what it seemed to be in the first half of birdemic 1: forest fire, polar bear & birds are dying caused by global warming. And it is similar in birdemic 2. It is my romantic thriller structure. But I am open in switching things around and sequence like more action in the beginning of the film like a James Bond action opening scene.

Rayou1 karma

Just wanted to come in here and say that Birdemic is perhaps one of the greatest gems I have in my collection.

Also, what would you say was the biggest challenge that you needed to overcome during the production of this movie?

I plan on purchasing Birdemic 2 when I get home tonight!

Also, if you're ever in need of an editor or anything that can be remotely done -- I'd be more than happy to offer my services to a fellow indie filmmaker!


the biggest challenge in birdemic 2 was to raise the money to fund birdemic 2. Even though birdemic 1 became a hit, it still took me 2 years to raise the money for birdemic 2.

DaintySload1 karma

Well thanks so much, I'm gonna go watch Birdemic: Shock and Terror now on Netflix.


Great! But also you can watch Birdemic 2 at chill.com/birdemic2

nickekum1 karma

Any chance of a Birdemic TV series?


Maybe. But currently I am working on Birdemic - The Musical

BeccaMonster1 karma

Were you expecting such a big cult following from Birdemic? I know a lot of directors create their movies specifically for a niche market, but was this one of them?


No. Birdemic 1 because a cult sensation hit by accident. You can not consciously go out and intend to make a cult movie; it just happens by accident or I should say gigantic Happy Accident for birdemic 1.