9PM PST EDIT - We gotta jet. Thanks for all the questions, Go Canucks Go, and Keep'r Green

We are those two idiots in the skin tight green spandex who sits beside the penalty box at Vancouver Canucks home games and annoy the opposition.

We are the first ever inductees in to the ESPN Hall of Fans.

EDIT: If you aren't a hockey fan, here is a video of some of our shenanigans - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSvHHlQtFvs

EDIT: ESPN did a story on us and our background - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGApYfC-7_A

EDIT: Some GIF's of our stupidity http://imgur.com/gallery/ds2Du

Proof: https://www.facebook.com/canucksgreenmen Further Proof: https://twitter.com/TheGreenMen

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Which player has been most provoked by your 'taunting'? I especially appreciate the waffle juggling!

ForceAndSully1021 karma

Haha Keith hates us but our favourite has been Drew Doughty. He's always tried to be all tough but he's cracked a smile the last few times and jokes with us now.

Creative_Monster493 karma

Do you feel like you live up to Charlie Day's Green man?

ForceAndSully522 karma

I hope so. The guy is wicked. We try to live up to his and David Copperfield's standards.

PenisBakeMeAPancake408 karma

First and foremost. As a diehard canucks fan, I love seeing you guys giving the gears to anyone fortunate enough to draw a penalty in the garage (it's still GM Place to me, damnit!)

But I have to ask.

Will we ever see another supremely illegal handstand?

See you guys in the playoffs!

ForceAndSully705 karma

First off, great name!

Secondly, we'll have to wait and see. We just can't touch the glass. We can handstand and not touch the glass. It's a loophole in the system.

patrick_j320 karma

Force and Sully,

I just want to say thank you.

I'm very close friends with Jessica "Redfield" Ghawi and her family. As you might have seen in the media, she was tragically killed in the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado last year.

I know she met with you guys at a Canucks game, and she said you gave her a shirt. She loved the shirt and was so excited to meet you two.

I'll be honest, I'm not much of a hockey fan, but she couldn't wait to tell me all about meeting you guys even though I had no idea who you were.

I want to thank you for the happiness you brought her.

The links below are pictures of you guys with her, as well as her wearing the shirt you gave her.



Thanks again.

for anyone who wants to accuse me of karma whoring, I already sent them a PM saying the exact same thing. I'm posting here as well to increase the chance of them seeing it. If you want proof I know Jessica Redfield, look through my post history.

ForceAndSully255 karma

Appreciate that Patrick. We were shocked and saddened to hear about Jessica. We had a great time hanging out with her during our time in Boston.

UnluckySamuri303 karma

What do you guys think of the the reputation of a certain "very large area" in the spandex?

ForceAndSully906 karma

Pretty stoked that my junk now has it's own reputation - Sully

My parents are proud of me - Force

RoflMyWafflePls288 karma

Which player have you had the best conversation with?

ForceAndSully734 karma

We were ready to give Mike Komisarek the gears when Toronto was in Vancouver last season. Instead he started chatting us up and told us he loves watching clips of our antics on YouTube. Awesome guy!

Nevlach239 karma

Best game you've ever been to?

ForceAndSully632 karma

Game 7. Chicago - Vancouver in 2011. Alex Burrows. Greatest moment ever!

gundy_92239 karma

On a scale if 1-10, 10 being the highest how attractive do you think henrik lunqvist is

ForceAndSully543 karma


preggit231 karma

How long have you guys had season tickets for those seats?

ForceAndSully519 karma

The guy we buy our tickets off of has had those seats since 1990.

ironstorm1221229 karma

Have the Canucks organization given you guys any special privelages or freedoms? Apart from the fact that you're always in those seats (I know they're a friends or something) does security know you? Like, how did you get a cutout of Vince Vaun (sp?) in or that poster from last night?

ironstorm1221107 karma

Also, the camera didn't really show the poster, what did it say?

Telespaulocaster206 karma

We've all seen you at hockey games, but in what ways does wearing a green suit all the time affect other areas of your lives?

ForceAndSully1240 karma

This is going to seem a little random, but because we are in the suits all game, we take a lot of photos with fans and high five anyone around us. Once we change in to our street clothes after the game, I still assume everyone wants high fives. They don't

mrsasaki206 karma

What was Lucic really talking about when he was holding his fingers up next to each other? What other player have you had a laugh or conversation with?

ForceAndSully459 karma

We had prosthetic noses to make fun of his big nose. He was a beauty and told us his nose was way bigger, hence the hand gesture. It sucked the Bruins won, but we were happy to see a local kid win the cup

mike10dude201 karma

are you guys getting a good payday for these Pepsi billboards that I have been seeing

ForceAndSully629 karma

We've been paid in Crystal Clear Pepsi

chadillac84199 karma

Do you ever go poop during games? How long does it take to get that suit off for #2?

ForceAndSully405 karma

You don't want to know

TychoAnomaly1191 karma

Did you steal the idea from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Or did the green man idea exist before that?

ForceAndSully489 karma

Definitely stole the idea from IASIP. Those guys are beauties!

Scioso191 karma

When did you feel you that your efforts began to be noticed/ significant?

What is the best response you have gotten?

Edit:proof added

ForceAndSully394 karma

Duncan Keith always drops F-bombs. I think we do a lot of good. You buy a ticket - you deserve entertainment. We try to help deliver that.

iheartlazers185 karma

What would you guys do if you ran into the Blue Man Group?

ForceAndSully969 karma

It's happened before. It got weird. Tobias Funke blue himself.

gundy_92181 karma

You guys ever think about teaming up with the Green Bastard (bubbles from tbp)???

gristles80 karma

as a diehard trailer park boys and canucks fan this would be a dream come true

Scarecrow346 karma

From parts unknown...

cappa1649 karma

"Are you alright Corey? I don't give a fuck, actually!"

ForceAndSully231 karma

Gundy_92, Gristles, smokes NOW!

Scientiam177 karma

I remember you guys in my dream.

Yup, it was a good dream.




ForceAndSully197 karma

That's classic Scientiam. Please elaborate.

Scientiam315 karma

Okay, so where do I begin...

We'll cut past the childhood trauma and the lecture on neurological reactions and go to the day of the dream itself.

So there I am, a few days (I think) ago. After watching the Canadiens/Leafs game, I thought, "Damn, it's been a while since I watched hockey".

That in mind, I brushed my teeth and went to sleep. after browsing reddit for 2hrs and perhaps a midnight fap, maybe.

I fell asleep, and had a weird dream. I think I didn't fap, since I was pretty horny in my sleep. I had an odd dream that I was a Queen, perhaps in regard to a university I had applied to.

So I was a Queen. In that dream, I was fucking starving (we'll talk about the horny bit later on). So I asked for something to eat (steak or some good shit like that).

Then all of a sudden, these oompa loompa's came out of fucking nowhere as fast as like... like a neutrino that saw a hot-damn fine electron.

I didn't notice, I was just impressed there was good food (FUCK I FORGOT WHAT I ATE).

So anyways, after I ate, it came to me. I was bored. Then I realized, yeah... hockey!

So I played hockey. As a Queen. A dude-queen. Not a gay-queen, or a queen-mattress, but a QUEEN. Need I say more?

I fucking owned those oompa loompa's harder than... than a man about to end a no-fap month. It was fucking beautiful, the cheers in the crowd. The fall of flowers, the greetings of people. The trophies, women, ice-cream and need I fucking say it? Yes, I'll say it: I'm still a fucking Queen!

But then I saw the faces of the oompa loompa's, and I realized.

They had too much fucking make-up on, green as... a fucking caterpillar orgy.

Then I realized, everything in the ice rink was green. The crowd was green, my stick was green (hockey stick, mind you).

But what stood out, were two people in the crowd.

Two green people, but different from the others.

I thought they were the Sedin's, but then I realized...

Incest is illegal.

I couldn't quite put my tongue on it (fortunately), but then it came to me.

These two men, they were throwing hamburgers, cash, pancakes, shoes, crowns dildos, you fucking name it.

All in my honor.

Then it hit me,

not what they were throwing,

but who they were.

They were,

the Green Men.

Scientiam106 karma

Immediately after, I got slapped awake by my mother who told me I was late for work.

So that's that. Good times... good times.

ForceAndSully285 karma

I don't know how Reddit Gold works, but this man deserves it. I fully expect Daniel Day Lewis to play you when they make that dream a movie

gregathon174 karma

Was it Nashville or the NHL who issued you a warning for touching the penalty box?

ForceAndSully462 karma

David Poile in Nashville. He thought it'd give them an edge in 2011. Worked out well for him.

chizzle156 karma

What was it like sitting with Sophie Simmons last night? How did you guys get in touch with her to get her to sit with you guys?


Edit: For those who don't know what I'm talking about, this happened.

ForceAndSully242 karma

It was magical. We offered a green suit but she declined. We met her at a KISS concert in the green suits. It was in Abbotsford and it was us and about 10,000 bikers in the crowd.

SidneyThomasF145 karma

Is the girl who flashed Ben Eager in the series a couple years ago a frien of yours? Where were you that night?

ForceAndSully264 karma

Sully actually small world knew her from high school. No idea she was going to be there or do that. We were watching at a bar downtown.

goat10000124 karma

Do you have to limit your beer intake in order to keep fitting into the suits? If so, is that feasible over the long term?

ForceAndSully282 karma

That can't be a serious question. We've received a few free flats of Cariboo recently. The playoffs could get messy!

foundriley122 karma

How many green morph suits do you own? Do you wash them regularly?

ForceAndSully396 karma

One and only one. We volunteered at McHappy Day in the suits last year. They still smell like Fish Fillets


Which team do you hate the most? (EDIT: Given the answers already, I'm going to guess Chicago. If so that's pretty unsurprising) And do you loathe having to see them in Vancouver, or look forward to it so you can rattle players from that team?

As a throw-in, which team is your favorite besides the Nucks?

I'm a Wings fan, but I think you guys are awesome, keep up the great work.

ForceAndSully400 karma

Aside from the Canucks...Sully is a big Flyers fan in the east. Force loves the Isles.

Absolutely hate the Bruins.

ForceAndSully59 karma

That sir is excellent!

udun117 karma

Henrik or Daniel?

ForceAndSully512 karma


codeyh117 karma

How much did the visit to Nashville during the playoffs impact you as "The Green Men"?

ForceAndSully313 karma

I haven't washed my hand since I shook Nicole Kidman's

Apollo7109 karma

How much do you spend on waffles?

ForceAndSully328 karma

With the Costco membership is cost us 17 Air Miles. Totally worth it

griffon28104 karma

How do you feel ushering in the morphsuit renaissance?

ForceAndSully176 karma

They're not morphsuits. They're superfansuits.com

griffon28181 karma

How do you feel ushering in the superfansuits.com renaissance?

ForceAndSully165 karma

Bizarre.. A weird, drunk idea turned in to something huge. It still blows our minds when we see someone rocking a superfansuit in another arena

mrmau5103 karma

What's your favorite brand of cereal

ForceAndSully216 karma

Sully - Reese Puffs. Force - Muslix

thatotterisrabid102 karma

Ever had to deal with a Couver fan that wasn't amused by your antics at the game? If so, what were you doing that got on their bad side. Seems like most everyone up there loves y'all, but there is always that one guy that just wants to ruin everyone's parade.

ForceAndSully264 karma

Well said haha. Of course there's one in every bunch. Some people get upset when we disrupt their texting sessions in their blackberry's during the game.

thank_bossy2291 karma

If the Islanders and Blue Jackets faced each other in the Stanley Cup Finals, who would win and would it be a sign that the world as we know it is coming to an end?

ForceAndSully303 karma

Rick Dipietro's bank account wins either way

Patched_SAMCRO85 karma

You are approached by an angry Vince Vaughn, what do you do?

ForceAndSully540 karma

Story time! The first time we brought a Vince Vaughn cutout the crowd went crazy. Some guy ran down to our seats saying he was friends with Vince and that Vince was watching the game in Chicago. Vaughn wanted us to remove the sign. The guy paid us $250 to take it from us. What he didn't know, was that we had a 2nd cutout waiting. So, ya Vince hates us.

mike10dude76 karma

why did you and Kristen bell speak on the phone?

ForceAndSully199 karma

We met her sister at a bar in Vancouver during the 2011. We were inebriated (severely) and she told us her sister loves hockey and would love to chat to us. As she was dialing, she mentioned her younger sis was an actress. Boom.. minutes later we were chatting with her while she was on a movie set. She said she was a Detroit Red Wings fan though

jmine73 karma

What do you think about the Leafs finally making the playoffs??

ForceAndSully197 karma

Stoked that the Marlies finally made it to the show. They need to bring back those St. Pats unis from back in the day. Then I'll be happy for them.

myrealreddit66 karma

What do you think your greatest achievement has been as the Green Men?

ForceAndSully197 karma

We sat next to Sophie Simmons. We've spoken with Kristen Bell over the phone and we've smelled Kerry Fraser's hair.

cowmanOO759 karma

If we go up against the Blues in Round One, what themes or pranks do you guys plan to pull?

ForceAndSully336 karma

We're going to go to a music store and break everything

mike10dude59 karma

if the Canucks ever get there farm team in abbotsford will you guys be attending some of those games

ForceAndSully212 karma

Drive to Abbotsford!? Are you crazy!? lol. Yea we might.

sam499957 karma

What was the best taunt that you two have ever done? Also, what was the best game you've ever attended? Go Canucks go!

tokeyo55 karma

The pride of BCIT's journalism program. :')

ForceAndSully66 karma

Greatly appreciated. Bill Amos choreographs all of our moves. He's a beaut!

stumper9352 karma

We obviously don't play Eastern Conference teams all too often, what player from an Eastern team do you really want to taunt the most?

And you can't say Crosby!

Also can't wait to see what you guys have in store for the playoffs! So excited!

ForceAndSully146 karma

Would love to have Ovi in the box. I think he would be pretty cool about playing along with us

cowmanOO742 karma

Who is your favourite guy on our team right now and why?

ForceAndSully133 karma

Frank Corrado. He's a beauty. Period.

ialo0013040 karma

What made you guys decide to do this?


What do you use? Morphsuits, Rootsuits, Superfan suits, etc.

ForceAndSully76 karma

Superfansuits all the way!

ErikThe_Red31 karma

Completely different topic from hockey. I heard you guys were bcIt grads. I'm just about finished my first year and I was wondering what program(s) you guys took?

ForceAndSully66 karma

Yes sir. Graduated with diplomas in Broadcast Journalism in 2010

chadillac8427 karma

Best Canucks fighter of all-time? Gino Odjick, Rick Rypien, Donald Brashear, or somebody else?

ForceAndSully85 karma

Rypper easily. Second place is obviously Dean Malkoc.

Grand_Admiral_Theron25 karma

How do you guys think you would do in a straight up fight with The Green Bastard?

ForceAndSully84 karma

We would utilize the power of shit hawks flying all over the place. And perhaps kittens

mike10dude22 karma

have you manged to get any any crazy stalkers yet?

ForceAndSully83 karma

There's been a few people at the games that get pretty insane. We have quite a few ppl try and take photos of us out of the suits when we change in the Costco parking lot. There's also been a few women that have tracked us down haha.

theflamingskull20 karma

How do you feel about The Ducks taking the Pacific Division?

ForceAndSully84 karma

In the words of a wise man... Emilioooooooooooo! If they win the cup this year, they better make a Mighty Ducks 4

ProfessorBorden19 karma

Hey guys love the work and podcast.

How is the amazing race bid going?!

ForceAndSully70 karma

Appreciate Professor! We didn't get on the Amazing Race this season. We met with producers, but I got the feeling they didn't know what to make of two idiots in green suits. Hopefully next season

wrigsam18 karma

Hey guys, big fan of yours. I wear orangeman to all of our school's football and basketball games. Problem is, it's damn hard to see through those suits. Do you guys feel like you're missing part of the game sometimes? I imagine it would be really hard to see the puck through the spandex.

ForceAndSully49 karma

Seeing the action is a little tough, but after a few years of squinting through a green tinge we have gotten used to it. Keep'r Green, er... orange buddy!

beeztrain17 karma

The Jets never get enough love on here. Are you guys excited to have the Jets in your conference next year? Any ideas on what you will do to mess with our players??

Keep up what you do... it is amazing.

ForceAndSully41 karma

Thanks Beez. Looking forward to taking on the Jets next season. I'm still pulling for them to make the playoffs this year. Evander Kane is a stud

redux1216 karma

Flyers fan here. You guys are absolutely hilarious!

Is there anyone in the NHL that you two find so intimidating that you'd be afraid to do your usual shenanigans on if they stepped into the box and had a seat next to you?

ForceAndSully58 karma

Thanks Redux! No fear of players, but there are a couple we respect way too much to mess with. The first game this year we saluted Teemu Selanne during his trip to the box. The guy is a legend!

Vetroxity12 karma

What was your original motivation to dress up and taunt other players? What is your favorite moment in costume? How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood? Has anyone ever tried to fight you because of your taunting?

Edit- I accidentally a word.

ForceAndSully22 karma

A wood chuck could chuck A LOT of wood. Trust me

Nevlach12 karma

What do you think of Duncan Keith's comments about the female reporter?

ForceAndSully59 karma

He's an idiot. No more Blackhawk questions. lol.

Dr_Medic34511 karma

Did you ever get into a fight with the Vancover mascot?

ForceAndSully57 karma

Fin is not a fan of us. During the 2011 playoffs the Canucks made Fin where a green suit over the Orca costume. He was not impressed

casualhobos11 karma

  • Have you meet any Canucks?
  • What former Canuck would you like to taunt if they went to the penalty box during the game?
  • Does Dan Hamhuis like Ham?
  • Have you met Mike Gillis or any other important parts of the management?
  • Is it easy to walk around in the suits now that you've been using them for so long?

ForceAndSully12 karma

You wouldn't believe how much Danny loves Ham. A dash of dijon, some scallops potatoes. Amazing meal

Ehkoli9 karma

I read somewhere that you guys originally ordered the green suits for a Seahawks game in Seattle, but they didn't arrive in time. Richard Sherman recently made a visit to the Canucks to "draft" Burrows. Any chance the Greenmen will be making a guest appearance in Century Link this fall?

ForceAndSully18 karma

No plans as of right now, but the Seahawks did have us down for a game against Cincinnati last season. They let us wander around on the sideline. It was pretty sweet!