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Favorite Porno Genre? EDIT: I was expecting something really violent.

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Can you make more videos like "Best Pals?" I love seeing the shit that goes down between you Zach and Stamper

OneyNG439 karma

I'd love to but I think everyone would unsubscribe.

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You said, a long time ago, that you were offered a deal to get Leo & Satan on TV. How'd that work out? I mean, it's not on TV and not on youtube. What's going on, where the bloody devil?

OneyNG598 karma

It's gonna be on a sketch comedy show very soon, nothing huge but still :>

ghoti123279 karma

How exactly do you know Psychicpebbles?

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I met him at a bar and we fucked out back.

BioDomeWithPaulyShor277 karma

If there's one joke you wish that you had never put into your animations, what would it be?

Egoraptor's got his "I MEAN VENASAUR", but what about you? I'm guessing you're not tired of "Leviosaaah" yet.

OneyNG399 karma

that's a good question. I don't think anything has pissed me off yet but I get tired of people quoting DBZPP in random vids on youtube.

ConorVonDoom274 karma

Have any youtube bloggers ever responded to your video?

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meekakitty blocked both me and zach. HEHEE

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I just don't know.

Araneatrox227 karma

Have you ever had an idea for a animation that has just been too odd/creepy to animate?

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me and harry made the assumption song 2 once... it got deleted off NG in 2 minutes, it was THAT offensive.

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Can you please upload the file for that somewhere, or release it as "The Lost Episode"

OneyNG199 karma

we dunno where it is, it was on a very old harddrive and got deleted i think

MusicMeetsMadness197 karma

What inspired the tiny faces?

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When zach made pikamon I thought the tiny face was the cutest shit ever so I told him to make HB like that, he didn't want to but I FUCKING MADE HIM and now look, everyone likes em :3

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Verification for the mod dudes before anything goes down.

Anywho, nice to see you here, been a fan of yours for a while now, along with several other animators from Newgrounds. My main question is what is your opinion of your typical admirer, and how do you generally feel when you see something made by you quoted around the net and in the real world?

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I think it's great when people quote my videos, I just wish they knew when to stop. :P I could be on a documentary on abortion on youtube and see people in the comments with the dragonball icons quoting the whole of dragonzball p and I'm like CMON.

Laxmaskin178 karma

how do you feel about Obama?

OneyNG1224 karma

He's pretty black I guess.

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I heard you're making the switch over to ToonBoom. How do you like it so far (compared to Flash)?

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It's a thousand times better, I fucking love it.

Sky_Shark166 karma

What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?

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Rugrats for sure.

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You and Stamper. ...What sort of relationship is happening there, because I sort of like it.

I also obsessively stalk you guys. Just saying. o_o

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where about in Ireland did you grow up?

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CountYorga141 karma

Do you perform all of the voices in your cartoons? If not, who helps you?

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It seriously varies, I'd be here all day if I remembered em all but the main people that do em when I can't would be Stamper, Ricepirate, Hans, Zach and HappyHarry.

Elite49132 karma

Will you be doing more Live Action videos? They're great.

P.S Your music is also fantastic, particularly the ones from Hellbenders.

OneyNG186 karma

yeah I love doing live action,only problem is its hard to have everyone in the same mood to do it.

PartyPoison98129 karma

Out of all the videos you have ever made, which one is your personal favourite? And which one is your least favourite?

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Hellbenders Applooza is my favorite. Kids these days is my least favorite as it was commissioned by RTÉ, the most braindead clueless company in the world.


Does Zach Hadel actually have a face or is he just some alter ego one of you fags made up?

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oh he's very real, disgustingly real.

T3RR0RH4WK121 karma

Do you ever get the least bit fed up of all the people who use things from your video to get laughs? I don't know if you wanna call it "stealing" your humor, but I mean in games especially I constantly hear sayings from whatever your most current video is.

TL;DR does it annoy you that people sometimes run your humor into the ground?

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on the internet, all humor is run into the ground... it's just something you gotta get used to.

SCSweeps117 karma

What's Stamper like in person?

OneyNG203 karma

A complete bro xxxxxx

FurrrSure114 karma

What are some of your upcoming animations?

OneyNG344 karma

I have no idea, hellbenders maybe :D

ZakkuHiryado112 karma

Hi Oney,

Love your cartoons man, very funny. Do you ever overhear fans quoting your stuff and just sort of smile? I've always wondered how you animator types react to people doing impressions ad nauseum until the joke has been killed, buried, and covered with cement to prevent it from rising from the grave.

Are you annoyed or kind of proud?

OneyNG388 karma

something cool that happened once was when I was at magfest and riding the elevator packed full of people. someone started saying 'ONEY CARTOONS YEEEEE' and then everyone was doing it, no one even noticed me :D

origiins111 karma

Will we ever see the return of Wingardium Levious as the second one was taken down for being too "edgy" if you like, does things like that stop you?

Also your Harry Potter videos have me and my friends crying with laughter even after watching them for the 10th time that day so thanks for that. :)

OneyNG209 karma

it's on

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How wet are your farts, normally.? scale of whatever kinda scale you want.

OneyNG166 karma

depends, on the morning after a pizza i sweat and squirm as i give disgusting ass birth.

JesseCan2Step94 karma

Do you remember commenting on this picture during one of your first Skype fan chat dealies? Also is Sean dead?

OneyNG127 karma

woah yeah, and yeah he is 10ft under

ietsrondsofzo92 karma

Are you actually living together with Stamper? If so, what's that like?

OneyNG143 karma

I live with him for 6 months outta the year, the house is very creative.

bwettfett82 karma

Is there a reason you stopped posting to Newgrounds, aside from obviously Youtube being more popular?

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Uploading videos never fucking works for me.

becausefreestuff81 karma

Stamper did some voice acting for Battleblock theater. Have you gotten any similar job offers?

OneyNG205 karma

nope, i'm too ugly.

InsideOutPanda80 karma

What happened to the mouse?

OneyNG166 karma

it escaped and the cat ate it :<

BenjaminoFre77 karma

What are your favorite games of all time?

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FF7, Dark Souls, Demon Souls, Metroid Zero Mission, CTR, Pokemon Yellow.

mashiik77 karma

a) What is your advice for up and coming voice actors like myself? b) Are you really Irish?

I love your videos, and they motivate me to find my still-hidden talent. Keep doing what you do!

OneyNG118 karma

I dunno why people ask me for voice acting advice, at least I don't know what to say cos I consider myself bad for the most part. I guess just speak how you think people sound... people always try too hard to act and shit but speak how you figure that character would speak in that given situation. And ya I'm really Irish.

letrolls75 karma

Did drawing come naturally to you? Did you take lessons or anything?

OneyNG137 karma

23 years of practice... I still struggle with it alot.

goochmaster569 karma

What inspired you to start animating?

Also, what music program do you use, and how do you make it sound so good?

OneyNG89 karma

I was inspired to start animating when my dad showed me a flipbook he made when I was very young. I use alot of Kontakt libraries within fruity loops. The main ones would be Spitfire Albion 1, 2 and 3, Spitfire Solostrings, Spitfire Grand Piano, Cinematic Strings 2, Cinebrass and Ministry of Rock by eastwest. (But I'd recommend never buying anything eastwest, I've had nothing but trouble.)

Nineveh90567 karma

It's made pretty clear animating is your priority but how far would you like to take your voice-acting work?

OneyNG453 karma

If i ever got asked to do a voice for something I'd do it. I just don't have a very good vocal range so I'm limited to retarded kids.


Hi Chris, love all your content my question is. What do you enjoy more creating music or doing voice over work.

OneyNG108 karma

Music is relaxing, voice work drives me insane.

ObamaYoMomma63 karma

If I recall correctly your home used to be an old Art Gallery. I saw in the best pals video there is writing on the ground. Can you tell me what most of the writing is?

OneyNG203 karma

It's some poem from the bible called footprints. for some reason my feet always burn when i walk on it.

mynameisGeir55 karma

What is your opinion on people trying to be random and do silly voices like you mostly do?

OneyNG111 karma

If they're good at it, hell yeah. If they're bad, stop.

TempestOfTheElephant54 karma

Any more Leo and Satan or is that on hold for Hellbenders?

OneyNG117 karma

Leo and Satan is undergoing a small transition to TV... It's gonna be on a sketch comedy show so I haven't touched it for a while whilst contracts are being written.

MrKerbs48 karma

Any other animator you want to work with that you haven't worked with yet?

OneyNG63 karma

not really : >

eganhu45 karma

What software do you use to create music?Also are you musically trained? (because your stuff is great,Im not musically trained i just wanna sound fancy)

OneyNG58 karma

I'm not musically trained but I've been learning everything myself as much as I can for the last 3 years.

DuckMeYellow44 karma

Hey Chris, long time fan and really happy you are doing this. I remember watching The Story of Eddsworld awhile ago so my question is, how close were you to Edd and the Eddsworld gang and how did his passing affect you?

OneyNG66 karma

Out of the Edd gang I was friends with edd.

gmac199441 karma

Have you ever had a really bad interaction with a fan? I know there was that one guy a while back who made a video about finding out what Zach looked like through creepy facebook stalking...

OneyNG112 karma

Not really, though one time I was in a Japan Shop in LA looking at hentai statues and a fan came over and was super weird.

JMEJAY37 karma

Will you do more tutorial videos? I don't care to learn about animating, they were just hilarious.

OneyNG40 karma

I will if you guys have suggestions.

ParrotLad36 karma

The difference in tone between your animation and music is really amazing, which do you prefer more animating or making music? And which do you think you will still be making animations 10 years time or will you focus more on music? Thanks!

OneyNG48 karma

I think making music is very easy going and relaxing, where animation can be a chore sometimes, when I'm sick of animating I go make music for a while. Then I come back to it. I have no idea what I'll be doing in 10 years time, hopefully producing.

MirroredColors31 karma

So how does your process go for your less detailed videos like Zoinks? Do you do the following:


Work in Flash

Record Audio/Add Sound Effects

Finish the rest in post.

Do you catch my drift? I'm just curious how you get things done and what process you do like basically do you record your audio first before you animate?

OneyNG71 karma

zionks literally took me like 3 hours. didnt write it, didnt story board, i didn't even bother to use a pop filter on the MIC.

mynameisGeir31 karma

How original do you think most new flash animators are nowadays?

OneyNG63 karma

I dunno, some are bad, some are good?

Jcnr31929 karma

Why Oney? Why that name? :|

OneyNG56 karma

kinda sounds like o'neill... sorry :<

zyyklon28 karma

What do you think of the majority of your fan base?

OneyNG91 karma

They are just darling. xxxx

A55B25 karma

Hey Chris! I have a friend that is completely lost when it comes to career choices. She's a really creative person and has been through so many CAO courses and all that shite. She finally took an interest in animation but when she sees a tutorial or downloads something like flash she gets really intimidated by how complex it is. So my question is what is a good program to introduce animation to her?

OneyNG45 karma

flash cs3 - cs6 are all the most simple ones i've used. it is very complicated to begin with, and from the sounds of it, it doesn't seem like she would want to do it long time if she doesn't want to watch a few tutorials. If she's passionate tell her to stick with it, I have a few easy to understand tutorials on my youtube.

LemonTeeth24 karma

Do you reckon that long, drawn out ('scuse the pun) and dramatic Flash cartoons are generally less popular than the short, cheeky ones?

Is it a reflection of the internet, where the quick access to anything lowers patience?

OneyNG46 karma

Yeah, people like clicking onto something, and moving on fast.

GentlemanTobius23 karma

Hey Chris! Keep up the great work, man. May I ask, between your animating and creating music, which do you think is more valuable to you? What are the benefits and downsides of each?

OneyNG43 karma

animation is definitely what makes me my living, making music is what keeps me sane.

bbuullll33rr20 karma

Who were those people on the picture in this article about you? Did you ever respond to the newspaper and tell them that it wasn't you?

OneyNG41 karma

2 lame vloggers of course. no, i wasn't bothered!

Gotsmeez18 karma

Will there ever be a feature film exclusively starring youtube stars?

OneyNG124 karma

hopefully not.

Laguno17 karma

How Newgrounds affected your early career?

OneyNG23 karma

Alot, it got me the first initial boost of subscribers from putting links to my page at the end of my NG videos.

Sirin11117 karma

Hi, can you please advice some good books/literature on animation subject?

OneyNG28 karma

animator's survival kit

1PhuzE17 karma

I just love your music, Chris, you are really talented! Say, do you have any tips/tutorials for a young student who wants to start making orchestal music like you?

OneyNG45 karma

save up alot of money... the libraries I use are fucking pricey. But you don't need good libraries to make good music. Get an NES soundfont and learn the theory first. Some of my favorite music is shitty 8bit but its the actual music that matters.

OneyNG37 karma

Listen to alot of orchestra music, try to listen to the instruments individually so you can learn what moods and tones theyd suit.

YumpChevronDiamond16 karma

How do you feel about Egoraptor?

OneyNG33 karma

he's my good pal

Spanguino15 karma

A year ago when my sister was pregnant she wanted Leo to be the name of her baby boy. Then, I showed her Leo and Satan. His name is now Henry because of that. Not a question just a story I thought you might get a chuckle out of.

OneyNG26 karma

hahahaa thats badass

christopherhovgaard14 karma

Would you answer this comment, so I can brag to my friends about talking to you?

OneyNG19 karma

sure man

DominatorPatrick12 karma

Hey Oney. You looking forward to Arcadecon this year?

OneyNG21 karma

ya should be a fun time

prplhed8 karma

Didn't you post a vocaroo link in that thread on /b/ a little while ago when that guy was asking for some help with some voice acting of people calling in to a fictional character named Dr. Phils Goodman?

OneyNG14 karma

Kugmug5 karma

Do you have any future plans for your career in Animating?

OneyNG3 karma

Not really, just going with the flow for now.

PhruitLukes4 karma

what part of ireland you from??

OneyNG3 karma


dr_awesam3 karma

Chris, I love you, massive fan, since forever, seriously. some questions:

1) Was there any one (or more) early internet flash animation sites, or individual animations, that inspired you to create your own in the beginning?

2) How do you feel about Newgrounds of late? Yours and fellow legendary animators sustained absences from it recently have left it a little empty. What's the deal?

3) When you were climbing the internet ladder (so-to-speak), how did you stay committed to improving yourself as an animator? What were you're motivations/inspirations?

4) Recently you have ventured into live action content, where do you see this leading?

5) When the fuck are you going to get the final Leo & Satan out?

6) Could you ever see yourself being at the forefront of some kind of British animated television revolt? Is this something that is even seriously possible, or something that you would never want to happen?

OneyNG11 karma

retarded animals babies and legendary frog LOL

WitTeaBanter2 karma

Have you ever been recognized publicly? If so, what was your reaction?

OneyNG3 karma

yeah a few times, usually nice experiences, sometimes theyre very creepy.

munkyadrian2 karma

According to my friend, he has met you on two separate occasions, please confirm or deny this

his name is Nick Bridges and is lanky ass white kid, would give more details but this is reddit, so yeah

OneyNG2 karma

i dunno, maybe

ntxhhf2 karma

What memories do you have of the lovely Leaving Cert?

OneyNG3 karma

literally changed me as a person. I never relaxed properly since it.

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OneyNG14 karma

that's not a question you godamn