Hey Reddit, Rob Zombie here - musician, producer, fan of horror movies and now writer/director of the new film, THE LORDS OF SALEM, which opens in theaters tomorrow, April 19th! Thanks for having me. I'll be answering your questions for the next hour or so... go ahead and Ask Me Anything.

PROOF: https://twitter.com/RWZombie/status/324947954060374017/photo/1


For showtimes & tickets to LOS, visit: http://www.fandango.com/thelordsofsalem_162356/movieoverview and http://www.movietickets.com/movie_detail.asp?movie_id=141799.

EDIT: Alright guys, thanks for the questions – Zombie signing off.

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madelynaponte987 karma

at what age did you realize you that you wanted to be a fucking badass?? :D

TheRealRobZombie1585 karma


Veik948 karma

Mr. Zombie. Any idea why strippers seem to gravitate to your songs for their stage performances? Just wondering because 499 out of the last 500 times I have heard Living Dead Girl have been at a strip club.

TheRealRobZombie1465 karma

easy to move the hips to

phillpjay445 karma

I've always been currious, how did you come up with the idea for the character Captain Spaulding?

TheRealRobZombie722 karma

my love of gross clowns

artosis420386 karma

Do you view reddit as a promotional tool, or do you frequent the site?

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BadlyBeardedBoy354 karma

If you could sum yourself up in one word what would it be?

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burntflowersfallen286 karma

What was your favorite scene to film out of all of your movies?

TheRealRobZombie663 karma

motel scene in The Devil's Rejects

FatJewFuck280 karma

Nice Howard Stern interview the other day. The Munsters are awesome.

Do you guys hang out a lot? You guys seem like pretty cool dudes.

TheRealRobZombie397 karma

Howard is great. We have been friends for about 20 years

Swindle2012268 karma

Did you have any contact with John Carpenter prior to the first of your "Halloween" films, or did you make it a point not to do that so it could be 100% "your" vision?

TheRealRobZombie338 karma

yeah I talked to John before I started but we didn't really discuss anything much about the film

KaffeKladd249 karma

How fucked up is Ginger Fish on a scale from 1 to 10?

TheRealRobZombie379 karma


Mattdajuggalo219 karma

Hey Rob, any advice you can give to first time filmmakers?

TheRealRobZombie387 karma

work hard

Srewopnod209 karma

Battle to the death....one on one....bat or knife?? Standard baseball bat and standard kitchen knife.

TheRealRobZombie447 karma

Louisville slugger

kingsss209 karma

Did you think the House of 1000 Corpses maze at Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights was well done? It was one of my favorites.

TheRealRobZombie279 karma

yes, they did a great job

reenwad199 karma

Are you and Sherri vegan, vegetarian, or animal eaters?

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Shaun113199 karma

I'm late to the party so this probably won't get answered but, how did your vision change from Halloween, to Halloween 2? Halloween seemed to just be a classic slasher, whereas Halloween 2 was more emotional/mental. Was that intentional or is that just how it happened?

TheRealRobZombie454 karma

intentional. Another slasher would be a bore

Ohhau183 karma

How do you have so much energy when you did your live shows?

TheRealRobZombie313 karma

The crowd and the music.

mnunez1964152 karma

What inspires you as far as lyrics are concerned? How do get into that zone?

TheRealRobZombie326 karma

I live in this zone alone

cpmusick151 karma

What's the highest amount of boobs you have seen during a single concert?

TheRealRobZombie332 karma

743 at Sturges

iamacannibal143 karma

What's your most memorable experience as a musician?

How about your favorite city to play?

TheRealRobZombie278 karma

Playing the o2 Arena in London the night after The Rolling Stones

NovaShardz130 karma

What was the first horror movie you remember seeing and which inspired you the most. I also want to know your favorite author and a million other things but the first would be awesome!

TheRealRobZombie196 karma

The original KING KONG

TheyShootBeesAtYou112 karma

What's the best band to look out for right now?

TheRealRobZombie314 karma

Rob ZOmbie

SpecialSause110 karma

I have to say that my first experience of you was White Zombie and I still listen to those albums as of today. I know you perform some White Zombie songs live. My question is do you still stay in contact with those guys and would you ever get back together to a show/album?

TheRealRobZombie160 karma

I talk with John Tempesta from time to time. No reunions.

padregsmith110 karma

Have you ever thought about doing a non horror movie, like a dark comedy or something?

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johnnymanf106 karma

Did you get a chance to check out Sean Yseult's book about all White Zombie memorabilia she has saved from back in the day?

TheRealRobZombie342 karma

no didn't see it, but I lived it

Fog_xyz92 karma

Damn, I can't believe I've been listening to your music for over 20 years already. But that does beg the question, how the hell did you hook up with Tom Papa? Seems a bit outside your "usual".

TheRealRobZombie134 karma

He was friends with one of the actors from 1000 Corpses.

Johnny_Alpha87 karma

Did you once have dinner with Christopher Lee?

TheRealRobZombie149 karma

yes at his apartment in 1997

ryuza83 karma

Hey Rob!

What was it like working with Mike Judge?

TheRealRobZombie101 karma

great. He a cool guy

American_80 karma

How many clones of yourself would it take to beat a full sized gorilla in hand-to-hand combat?

See reference HERE

TheRealRobZombie298 karma

3 fourths

blackasssnake80 karma

what were the royalties you got from the movie 'airheads'. i wonder this every time i stumble upon this movie and then usually forget about it shortly after

TheRealRobZombie139 karma

A whole bunch of nothing

LordFluffy77 karma

What music are you listening to these days?

TheRealRobZombie290 karma

at this exact moment DAVID BOWIE

TheRealRobZombie161 karma

Just bought the new Nick Cave CD, but didn't listen to it yet

PeppinoW58 karma

John 5 made the music for The Lords of Salem, or atleast most of it. How was it working with him outside of the band? Was it different and if so, how come?

TheRealRobZombie56 karma

same as always. good times

Arkaega57 karma

Would you consider letting Hard 'n Phirm do the music for another one of your movies?

TheRealRobZombie80 karma

They are great. If the movie fit their style I would love to

marsneedsmolly56 karma

Hello Rob! Just wondering what it was like to shoot in Salem. It's such a sweet location with loads of history. Was it different from the other sets you've worked on? Thanks! You rock!

TheRealRobZombie128 karma

cold as fuck

TyrannosaurusHives51 karma


TheRealRobZombie86 karma


yesthisiskat38 karma

Were you worried that Manson was going to pull out of the Twins of Evil tour? Would you have continued it on your own if he did?

TheRealRobZombie62 karma

did not worry

angelenabee30 karma

I don't really have a question, I just want to say that you and your wife are the most awesome people who exist on this earth and thank you for every amazing thing you create. You're a badass. -Angelena

TheRealRobZombie44 karma


Xshred2730 karma

Rob, I know how much you love B horror movies. Do you think you would ever make an all black and white movie?

TheRealRobZombie69 karma

B&W movies are fucking great

Baxtriz26 karma

Saw you at Rock on the Range in Columbus last year. Amazing show! Best of the weekend!

TheRealRobZombie15 karma

thanks it was a blast

TheRealRobZombie15 karma

thanks it was a blast

Michaeldoeslife26 karma

What kind of advice do you have for aspiring filmmakers?

TheRealRobZombie45 karma

do what you love

JoeDurp21 karma

What did you think of the Munsters reboot by Brian Fuller?

TheRealRobZombie33 karma

didn't get to see it

arielassault20 karma

What is working with Patricia Quinn like? I adore the both of you!

TheRealRobZombie31 karma

nice funny lady. good times

nbfootball362415 karma

Would you consider doing a gig with avenged sevenfold?

TheRealRobZombie37 karma

We have done gigs together before. Good dudes

Zombietimm13 karma

Rob, We saw you at Mayhem Fest '10 in Detroit and your stage show was incredible!

How do you plan and design such an elaborate show? Is there a lot of practice for it work as perfectly as it does?

Thanks for all your hard work creating great music and movies!

TheRealRobZombie28 karma

it takes a lot of work to make things look easy

Basay46911 karma

why is it my local theater can carry some unknown church movie, Homerun, with only 1000 guaranteed in sales, but will not carry The Lords of Salem which would be souled out the whole weekend?

TheRealRobZombie21 karma

I don't know. ask the manager of the theater

SgtSweeney7 karma

What is it like working with your wife on set, especially when her parts are pretty...provocative? Has it ever made you uncomfortable? She is, by the way, super hot and you are super awesome!

TheRealRobZombie17 karma

it is fun

SgtSweeney7 karma

What is it like working with your wife on set, especially when her parts are pretty...provocative? Has it ever made you uncomfortable? She is, by the way, super hot and you are super awesome!

TheRealRobZombie17 karma

it is fun