Hey guys, Colin Means here, producer of Jose Canseco's new podcast 'Canseco Knows Best'. Jose will be here at 12 pm est, and I'm sure there won't be any shortage of interesting questions, or answers for that matter.

The first episode of the show debuted today. You can listen here.

You will find out shortly that Jose is indeed as eccentric in real life as he is on the internet. I know there was a thing with Morgan Freeman where someone was apparently posing as him, but I can assure you that the real Jose Canseco will be answering your questions.

If you guys don't troll too hard I think Jose may come back on a regular basis, but do what you must.

Twitter: @JoseCanseco, @colinmeans

EDIT: Here is Jose tweeting out the link: https://twitter.com/JoseCanseco/status/324897510365724672

EDIT: I'm on the phone with Jose walking him through the login steps, he'll be here shortly.

EDIT: Jose's taking a break, but he's enjoying your questions so he'll be back later. Keep firing away.

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Anna_Namoose702 karma

Would you rather take a fastball to the nuts or have to sleep with Madonna now?

jc72642434 karma

punch her in her nuts

harshrewind598 karma

I saw you this summer in Worcester, MA stumbling around wasted at 9 in the morning...was your time with the Tornadoes that bad?

jc72641302 karma

i dont get up that early

theamazingkort543 karma


jc72641428 karma

brad what a bad boy u have become

Gordie_Howe455 karma

Do you think Pete Rose should have a life time ban from baseball?

jc7264828 karma

best hitter ever they r using him as an example ,stupid bud selig

frankenbean344 karma

Depends. How long does a life-time ban last?

jc72641696 karma

well if your a fly one day.lol

thermhere382 karma

How did you and Rickey Henderson being teammates for so long not tear a hole in the space-time continuum? Ancient gravity?

jc7264953 karma

warp speed thats how fast he is he outran time

CDToole379 karma

How do we know this is you and not your twin brother?

jc7264914 karma

you dont

PharaohUB354 karma

Who was the best power hitter in the 90s that you don't think used Steroids? In other words, who would have been the guy everybody talks about if it wasn't for the Steroid era. Would it be Griffey JR? Who else comes to mind?

Brett_Favre_4359 karma

It's Griffey and it is not even close. Anyone who says differently needs their head checked.

jc7264897 karma

I agree I hope Griffey was not on steroids

givemedat206 karma

What size bat did you use in '89? Looked like a branch!

jc7264331 karma

it was 36 lenth 38 ounces

skinsfan5571 karma

You were always my favorite player as a kid, so when the Red Sox signed you as their DH in 1995 I was on cloud 9. I was so excited about the strike being over, and #33 playing for the Red Sox my dad saved up to take me to my first trip to Fenway (coming all the way from Maine!). First time ever at a major league ballpark, and the first thing I did was buy a Jose Canseco t-shirt.

Last year, I relayed this story to you via twitter (condensed for 140 characters) and asked for a birthday shout out. You responded and it still makes me grin like an idiot when I think about it.

I just wanted to say, that despite the PED's you are still one of my favorite athletes of all time. Even though your career in Boston was a scant 2 seasons, I'll always remember them as special.

jc726483 karma

thank u buddy