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Before: http://i.imgur.com/g0JYG0t.jpg

Post Operation: http://imgur.com/D9dO1B3,g0JYG0t,VxSvR41#2

After Recovery and proof for reddit: http://i.imgur.com/D9dO1B3.jpg

Background So I used to have a small skin bridge (google it) on my penis about 1/8th of an inch wide and was getting some pain in it after repeated sexual activity with the first girlfriend I was repeatedly sexual with. Long story short I did some research and found out removal surgery is $2000-$3000 and if I tore the bridge on accident I'd end up with more complications that can be permanent. Neither me or my parents could afford the surgery. I also found an article about how one man supposedly removed the excess skin himself. After reading legit surgery articles as well I decided I could do it myself since mine was so minor. The whole surgery only cost me about $100 including bandages.

Procedure First I got one last good whack in then showered using antibacterial soap all over the work area. I then put an iodine ice cube I froze on the skin bridge for seven minutes to numb and sterilize the area. I sprayed some numbing antispetic liquid on just in case and quickly taped my penis to my leg to hold it steady. I then used some sterile tweezers to put tension on the skin bridge while cutting. I used a pair of new sterile surgical curved iris scissors to cut at the head of my penis first. After the first cut I started getting shaky with the realization of what I'd just done and lost the flap of skin from the tweezers. I knew if I didn't hurry I'd lose the numbness so I took a deep breath then quickly cut off the second end. Going back I'd switch the tweezers out for forceps so I wouldn't lose grip of the skin bridge. After all this I put gauze and pressure on the wounds to stop bleeding then a couple hours later I replaced it with antibiotic and proper bandages.

Post surgery Surprisingly I had no pain afterwards except when I walked too fast for the first couple days (boxers also aren't recommended). The first night I had to sleep on my back but the second night I had no problems on my stomach. Bandages were the worst part because it hurts like hell to pull tape off your cock, way more than the cutting if you can believe it. I found that sticking the tape to some clothing first makes it come off easier later. I put fresh bandages and antibiotic on twice a day because getting infection down there scared the shit out of me. The only real pain during recovery was pulling bandages off. Two weeks post operation I was pretty much back in action with my girlfriend I just had to be gentle. 3 weeks later I was fully recovered and the wounds were barely visible due to using real surgical scissors and minimizing infection.

A few important Notes To do this surgery quickly and properly I walked through all the steps of surgery in my head many times before doing it. I made sure to think of every potential problem and better ways of doing things so I didnt have to think when I was actually performing surgery. Using proper surgical scissors is key, a sharp sterile instrument leaves a lot less scarring, bleeding, and minimizes pain/infection during recovery. I was very diligent to keep everything sterile and not to touch surgical instruments to anything non sterile. When cutting the amount of tension put on the skin bridge with the tweezers was very important in removing the right amount of skin. The balance of tension and depth of the cut determined whether I ended up with a nub, dent, or smooth surface on my penis. Mine turned out perfect, I just used my intuition on cutting technique from my experience with cutting rubber bands and other stretchy stuff. I read I lot of medical literature too.

Ask away! You may call me crazy but I spent over a month extensively researching the topic and walking through all the steps/potential problems in my head until I was 100% comfortable with everything.

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Parachik18 karma

Did you consult with a doctor or (depending on where you're from I guess) your insurance/healthcare system about how much the procedure would be and if it could be rebated? Did you consult a doctor about how necessary it was to have it done? Or was it all based solely on your own research? Its a relatively simple procedure I gather but its a hell of a risk to take. I hope you told somebody first so they could help out if anything went wrong. I'm glad it all worked out for you, man. Kudos

ragingmemeaholic19 karma

My insurance deductible is $1000 and it didn't cover the surgery anyways. I'm under my parents plan and they are self employed... I never consulted a doctor but like I said I read a lot of medical literature and it was very clear cut as to the consequences of tearing the skin bridge on accident versus a clean surgical cut. I read a lot of it through my school's academic database. My girlfriend knew what I Was doing and I was ready to call for help if needed but I knew I would be fine in terms of an emergency. My worries were infection and cutting the right amount of skin off. The $1000 deductible for an E.R. visit is a lot cheaper than going in on a planned doctor vist.

Parachik7 karma

That sure is expensive for something you can do yourself. Looks like you did a good job too. Is there a noticeable difference in sensation?

ragingmemeaholic3 karma

For a couple months it would be a little sensitive right where I cut it when I jacked off really hard but being a year later now it has felt totally normal for months :) Its not even very noticeable especially when I have a boner. I was amazed at how using real surgical scissors cuts down on scarring.

chandz15 karma

Yikes, I just realised this is what I had, however after some vigorous sexual activity, I found that the general area of copulation was starting to go red. This is when I found that I had torn my 'bridge' and I was leaking red stuff. Took a fair few weeks to heal, however all was normal after this. I named the event 'breaking my male hymen'.

ragingmemeaholic4 karma

The problem with tearing it is it can leave scar tissue which some people report gets a lot of pain at times.

SplitFigure13 karma

And here I was thinking I was proud of performing my own "surgery" on two badly ingrown tonails.

Much respect!

ragingmemeaholic4 karma

I do that too lol that was where I gained my confidence from. I have the genetics where I get a hook that grow out of my big toenail and I have to peel the skin back and trim it. I've been trimming my toenail differently now and I havent had to do it in a long time though.

ThrowAwayBridge2 karma

Throwaway account, naturally, but... I had a much more severe skin bridge, three different ones in fact including one of which was about a half inch across and two others much thicker than yours. I went through 20+ years, with the latter part knowing this wasn't natural and being afraid to do much interaction with others because of it. I learned what it was on the Internet but never had the courage to go in for it. Pretty humiliating experience either way.

So, one day some years back I decided I could do the procedure myself. Except, I also had no idea what I was doing and had no sterile materials or anything of that nature. It was a spur of the moment thing. I ended up using....... A toenail clippers. I just remember borderline passing out and my vision became pure white as I was going through it. No anesthetics, nothing at all. I tried to put an ice cube on first but don't think that helped at all. I did one bridge one day, another a month down the road, and the big one several months after that in two intervals. All using a toenail clippers and nothing else. Because of this method, I failed quite horrifically and now have pretty awful and apparent scars and skin residue on the head from each one. They are less visible if erect but still very much there. All I did to help the bleeding was tape a bunch of toilet paper on, and a bandaid. Now I still contemplate doing something to cut down the scars / skin tags a bit. Fuck circumcision and whatever else caused this and my parent(s) for not doing anything about it when I was little and acting like nothing was unusual. This issue is multiplied by me having pretty serious Fordyce Spots all around (a so-called "common" condition but not really). Have not had sex or done really any dating because of all this for fear of the other thinking its a STD. Terrible. At least I didn't get infection, I guess.

ragingmemeaholic1 karma

I'm sorry to hear that maybe you should go in for the procedure, it's probably a lot better in the doctors office than the way you did it.

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ragingmemeaholic1 karma

I am 22 now, I did it about a year ago. I think circumcision is unnecessary unless it fixes an actual health issue like phimosis. I also have a tight foreskin from circumcision and because of it I find masturbation without lube very uncomfortable. I have to wonder what never endings I'm missing too and how much pleasure I'm missing. I would not have my kids circumcised, if it ain't broke don't fix it! I think you should have the right to decide for yourself too. Think about this someone cut off part of my penis for no good reason and fucked it up before I even remember anything. It's up to the parents to teach their boys how clean their foreskin instead of just cut it off.

ragingmemeaholic1 karma

Oh and good questions!

vinnieb121 karma

I have the same thing. I had no idea that it was called a skin bridge. Lucky it hasn't caused me any pain and if I need it removed I hope Canadian healthcare can cover it

ChestrfieldBrokheimr1 karma

i have 1 too, honestly it gives me a fair bit of pain, but only if I haven't "preheated the oven" if you know what i mean.

I always thought that the doc just botched my circumcision. lol

vinnieb121 karma

I read that it can be caused by that, but it can also can occur to men who have never been circumcised, like me

ragingmemeaholic1 karma

In circumcised men it is usually cause by your parents not putting vaseline on your penis regularly enough after circumcision.

Choralone1 karma

It's called a frenulum (you have another frenulum, under your tongue).

If it's too tight, it's often torn by accident during one's initial sexual encounters. Yep, that stings like a bitch. It's a really simple snip-snip in a doctors office with some freezing and two little stitches (one on each side) to get rid of it before you rip it.

I've never heard it called a "skin bridge"

753861429-9518436272 karma

The penile frenulum is a small band of elastic tissue that connects foreskin and "shaft" and is there from birth. OP has a skin bridge on the top of his circumcised penis that connects glans with what is left of the preputial mucosa. This happens (mostly) when you decide to cut away pieces on your perfectly healthy children.

ragingmemeaholic1 karma

The legit surgery is very minor, is an outpatient procedure and you will be back in action within a week or two. I highly recommend getting it and by a real doctor.

DukeBammerfire1 karma

Really interesting stuff. Were you circumcised as a baby? I didn't look at the pictures enough to know. What would the consequences of ripping it been? How does something like this happen?

ragingmemeaholic1 karma

Yes I was circumcised, ripping it could result in permanent scar tissue and problems with pain in the area for the rest of my life. This is the main reason I did the surgery

Panigale_1 karma

Are you planning in studying medicine? Just because you mentioned that you read a lot of medical literature.

ragingmemeaholic2 karma

Nope I'm studying mechanical engineering. I am good with my hands though I have been doing mechanical work since I got my first tool set at 6 years old for christmas ;-)

Shannynh1 karma

Routine infant circumcision (likely the cause of your skin bridge): for or against?

ragingmemeaholic3 karma

Yes but its the aftercare by the parents. The parents are supposed to put vaseline on the wound until it heals to keep the skin from fusing...

trevor_from_the_bank1 karma


ragingmemeaholic1 karma

Have an upvote sir! I didnt know this subreddit existed althouhg I have no more self surgery plans.

FatChunk1 karma

Were you not afraid of making a mistake and severely injuring yourself, which in turn would have cost you much more (money and complications) than than the original cost for surgery?

Kudos to you anyhow.

ragingmemeaholic1 karma

A little bit but I wouldn't have done it unless I was totally confident. It's just two snips and mine was small, had no veins going through it, etc.

bonacheeta-1 karma

Did your dick gain any inches? :-P

ragingmemeaholic3 karma

It did grow a tiny little bit, it mostly curves less now