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Wow this thread takes a depressing turn half way down the page. I'm shocked some people are criticising the guy for 'freeloading'. It's not freeloading, it's getting the care everyone deserves. The American health system scares me

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I pay my taxes and I work hard, my family is pretty poor but I am trying my best to make a life for myself. I had to struggle through my junior and senior years. I cried a lot, it was very hard. I just couldn't seem to get proper diagnosis or treatment because of my lack of insurance.

If that's freeloading then so be it. I'll take what I can get, because when you're out of options, that's what you'll do.

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My issue isn't that I think people shouldn't be able to get insurance if they want it, my issue is that it will be required for everyone to have insurance, whether they can afford it or not

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I think it's a great idea. And no, in 2014 when it's fully implemented, if your income is low enough you don't have to pay to get coverage. Keeping the nation healthy keeps the nation productive. I sound like an Obama shill but I'm not, I'm just happy I have options now.

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What kind of proof do you want? I can take a hi reddit picture.. take a picture of my toothpick leg, hah.