Someone commented on my rage comic that I posted saying I should do this so here it goes.

Edit: Verification to come. Just trying to get a good enough picture.

Edit 2: Verification!

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TeamDas170 karma

what exactly is Victoria's secret, huh? what does she have to hide...

LiquidPhoenix139 karma

Haha I was waiting for this one. This is just my guess but I think the title "Victoria's Secret" refers to Queen Victoria. The secret is that, even though she was a prim and proper queen, she liked to wear lingerie underneath and be sexy. When they hire us they actually make us watch a cheesy motivational video about how all the girls who come into the store are looking for that thing that will help make them sexy and make them feel good about themselves and we're here to help them find the perfect match.

biotinylated40 karma

Hah! Actually most of the time I just want something to hold my boobs in, but I haven't had much luck with VS bras. They tend to be pretty, but not very functional. It's hard to feel sexy when the bra doesn't provide support. Would you say VS products are more about form than function? How frequently do you see customers of larger sizes (not fat, busty. Like 34E busty)?

LiquidPhoenix48 karma

Well the largest size we have in store is 38DD. I think we're starting to get DDD's in for all band sizes soon but that's as far as it goes. And we have bras for both. Some are for looks. Some are for function. Some actually do both. My gf's favorite bra is one I got for her from VS and it does both. She says it makes her feel like a princess because it's so pretty but it also provides the right kind of support. I'm not sure what the largest online size we carry is but if they have it in your size, I would definitely recommend a Body By Victoria bra. That's the kind her "princess bra" is. BBV bras are meant for great comfortable support. The feel like they're made out of memory foam and I think that's what does the trick. Another one my gf likes a lot is the Very Sexy bra because the padding inside it feels like it's made out of gel. But above all, I'd recommend going into one of the stores and just asking them for help. I can only do so much online, but in person they can give you a whole lot of help. I can't speak for other stores, but at our store, the customers always give huge compliments to the bra fitters for helping them out so much. Even the bustier women who we sometimes may not have the correct size for.

Edit: Sorry for the length. I got a little carried away.

oh_my_jesus22 karma

Looks like you are good at your job.

LiquidPhoenix18 karma

I try not to boast but yes. I am pretty good at what I do.

mwilso185 karma

I LOVE the Body by Victoria ones. It's the only wireless bra that's consistently carried, and I absolutely hate wires. They're soooo comfortable and still pretty cute. I would cry if they were no longer carried.

LiquidPhoenix8 karma

I don't see us getting rid of BBV any time soon. It's like the backbone of the franchise.

acslide2 karma

omg you are too awesome

LiquidPhoenix2 karma

Well, thank you. :)

LiquidPhoenix1 karma

I assume you're talking about me saying that the motivational video said we're here to help girls feel sexy and the wiki saying that it was meant to make it easier for men to buy lingerie for their women. Well, Les Wexner, the guy who bought VS from Roy Raymond, is the guy who narrates the motivational video. He changed it to focus on women so that's what he talked about in the video.

radiosporen1 karma

More commenting on your response to what Victoria's Secret actually is. There is no secret. It is a name.

LiquidPhoenix1 karma

Oh. Well I realize that but it's fun to make up a story. Also, working at VS that's a question I get a lot. So I have that answer on deck at any given time should someone think they're clever.

Civil71856 karma

Has any of it helped in the bedroom?

LiquidPhoenix144 karma

You mean other than my gf always having sexy lingerie to wear?

Civil71832 karma

Wll i mean like being around woman, have you recieved good advice?

LiquidPhoenix90 karma

Oh. Well my gf and I are usually pretty open with our sexuality. If either of us wants something to be done differently in bed we just say so and, unless it's too crazy, it's done. We watch porn every now and then and when something catches our attention we tell the other "I want to do that!" and we do. I feel like this is kind of a boring answer, but it's the truth. The only advice I've gotten from the girls I work with on that subject is 1: Do what she asks and 2: Ask her to marry you.

Archron020 karma

You really have to rub it in at every single instance, don't you? :D

LiquidPhoenix28 karma

Yeah. You know you would too. :)

intentsman48 karma

When it's slow, do you try on any of the lingerie ?

LiquidPhoenix245 karma

Do you even have to ask? Of course I do.

Jk. But there are occasional creepers who walk in and go up to one of the girls and say "Hey, You and my wife have about the same body type, so would you mind trying this on so I can see how it would look on her?" I always tell the girls to send them to me and I'll do it for them.

forgottenyellowbird2 karma

I work here and can confirm this. Many men have asked me my size and tried to coax me into trying lingerie on for them.. creeps.

& also for OP- it is so awesome that you are a male employee! VS needs more of them. You are also incredibly good at your job judging by your responses. Looking at boobs all day is not as easy of a task as some would think!

LiquidPhoenix2 karma

Thank you very much. :)

doglover333342 karma

Is it true that many of your clientele are gay men? I have heard this.

LiquidPhoenix192 karma

I have had 3 noticeably cross dressing and/or gay men come in and buy panties and bras before. We just treat it like it's normal. Smile at them, talk with them and help them like we would any other customer. I personally try to avoid any gender related remarks when talking with them because you never know if they still identify themselves as a man or a woman. So to avoid hurt feelings I don't say sir or ma'am or anything.

doglover333337 karma


LiquidPhoenix34 karma

You're welcome!

startrekking15 karma

Wow. You're awesome. :)

LiquidPhoenix11 karma

Thank you. :)

But_No_Irish30 karma

You will need to provide some proof, you lucky S.O.B.

LiquidPhoenix31 karma

Hold on one sec. Let me see if I can find it. Will a pic of a receipt with my employee discount be sufficient?

Edit: The receipt also has my eployee number on it. I'm guessing I should cover that up just in case right?

roastedbagel6 karma

Still working on that?

LiquidPhoenix15 karma

Just put it up.

roastedbagel13 karma

Perfect, thanks!

LiquidPhoenix14 karma

You're welcome.

westiferr30 karma

Why did you decide to work there?

LiquidPhoenix49 karma

Well, I guess I've always preferred to hang out with mostly women anyways. Don't get me wrong, I love hanging out with my guy friends too. But I feel like I can have a much better, sophisticated and interesting time with my female friends. So why not work around mostly women right?

Actually when they interviewed me, they asked me why I wanted to work there. My response was pretty much along the same lines of my reply to you, only I added "With guys, it's pretty much all about boobs and football. Don't get me wrong, I love those things too and I love hanging out with my guy friends. But..."

LiquidPhoenix105 karma

I think you're just jealous that you don't get to work with attractive women all day.

westiferr26 karma

Hey, I get it! I'm a guy and I'd rather spend time with women. My foster parents are a lesbian couple. After being around all women, conversation with men seems a bit unsatisfying.

LiquidPhoenix24 karma

Exactly. I grew up around mostly women too. But no lesbian parents though.

GameFace9221 karma

Well to be fair, working at VS is mostly about boobs too, just no football

LiquidPhoenix5 karma

Touche`. But in different context though. It's all about the context.

highway_skyline-28 karma

you're a reverse sexist, and you know what, that's worse

LiquidPhoenix14 karma

I don't hate men. I just prefer the company of women.

PounderMcNasty28 karma

How many boobs have you seen? What size bra do you wear?

LiquidPhoenix74 karma

I've never seen any boobs because of work, but there was this one time where a girl came out of the dressing room wearing only her bra so she could show it to her friends and ask their opinion. She acted like I wasn't even there. So I just kept going on about my business.

And I don't wear a bra. I'm a guy.

PounderMcNasty32 karma

Was it difficult to go about your business with a raging boner?

LiquidPhoenix89 karma

Lmao. Yeah, a bit. But I just told people it was a box cutter.

DkAlex61013 karma

Being a retail slave myself, this joke made me chuckle audibly.

Edit: I might even try out "Is that a box cutter in your pants, or are you just happy to see me" tomorrow.

LiquidPhoenix14 karma

Haha I'm glad I can spread laughter. Let me know how that goes. I'm interested.

margaretish27 karma

I'm a former [female] Victoria's Secret employee. I did an AMA about it too. We had a few guys at my store and they pretty much never interacted with customers.
Do you mostly stock or do you work the register too?
Do they make you sell the credit card? ...that card was the bane of my existence.

LiquidPhoenix34 karma

I mostly work the register now. Still do stock sometimes. And yes. That damn card. During the holiday season, I would get like 5+ a day and now they expect me to do that regularly.

fabioballin19 karma

Do you have any luck with girls there or are you gay?

LiquidPhoenix41 karma

I am heterosexual. I have a girlfriend whom I've been dating for 5 years. But I have on a few occasions had girls flirt with me there.

captain_kuro_12734117 karma

Are people uncomfortable with asking you questions?

LiquidPhoenix34 karma

That kinda depends. I'm a cashier and I work mostly in the perfume and make up section. When it comes to that stuff I think they prefer to ask me because they would like a guys opinion on a perfume they're about to buy. But when it comes to bras and panties they seem to not ask quite as often. I have noticed though that the younger the customer is, the more willing they are to ask me questions.

KappaSig32116 karma

As a fellow male associate of VS, I applaud and upvote this AMA. Pink Nation! But seriously, I can tell you all about our wonderful world of intimate apparel, array of fragrances and mists or the joys of 5 am processing shifts. Ask away.

My question to you: do you also do everything in your power to avoid straightening the panty bars prior to closing as I may or may not be admitting?

LiquidPhoenix10 karma

Lmao. Oh I'll openly admit to hating those damn panty bars. Those things scarred me.

My first day of work was a replenishment shift on BLACK FRIDAY! And that's not even the worst part. The worst part is they didn't have anyone else replenishing until I got there at around 2 or 3 PM. I shit you not, no exaggeration here, EVERY. PAIR. OF PANTIES. Was pulled out of the drawers and piled on top of the panty bar. They basically taught me how to fold the panties and roygbiv them and sent me on my way. Long story short, my first day was pretty much 5 hours of doing panties. Just me and 2 girls. All my managers know that I LOATH folding panties so usually they oblige and give me something else to do. But other times I'm not so lucky.

ParrotDrumStickBitch15 karma

What's the weirdest combination of products sold?

LiquidPhoenix33 karma

Well, we do sell this "Edible Body Icing" and "Kissable Massage Oil" and I always get a little weirded out when they buy that because I just can't help but think...this person is gonna have someone lick this stuff off of their body later.

jefenumero112 karma

What the craziest thing you have had to deal with?

LiquidPhoenix36 karma

A cross-gender customer came in one time with a bra from target that they had stuck a VS tag to, trying to return it. When I told them I couldn't do it, they flipped out on me, yelling at me, demanding to see my manager. It was so satisfying to say ok and have my manager come over and calmly explain that I was right. They threw a bit more of a fit and my manager threatened to call mall security and they left.

But I've heard horror stories from other stores. Like ladies getting mad that we wouldn't let them use our restrooms so they go into the fitting rooms and shit or babies being left in the fitting room.

GameFace9218 karma

Woah woah you can't just end on babies being left in the fitting rooms and no elaboration

LiquidPhoenix4 karma

Well that's all the story I have man. For all I know they could have just been rumors that someone was spreading. I never asked for an elaboration when it was told to me.

insanekid6611 karma

How do you deal with the constant erection?

LiquidPhoenix28 karma

Tuck it up.

pfefferminze11 karma

When I was in NYC the cashier asked me where I'm from and when I said Germany he said that he heard we have great beer, cars and women. Was that you?

LiquidPhoenix16 karma

I haven't been to NYC since I was 2. So no.

ericeric100109 karma

Do women often get creeped out seeing you work there?

LiquidPhoenix29 karma

Not that I've noticed. They just always say "Wow, I've never seen a guy working here before." Every. Damn. Day. But I try to make myself seem friendly so they don't get creeped out.

Kgb5299 karma

Is it a decent job? and how did you come to get the job?

LiquidPhoenix21 karma

I like it quite a bit. It's fulfilling on most days.

And I got hired there twice. The first time was a seasonal job. Pretty much what happened was my gf and I were living together and I needed a job really bad. So one day while she was shopping for a new bra I figured what the hell. The worst thing that could happen is they say no. So I filled out an app, turned it in, and less than a week later they called me in for an interview. The second time, I was looking for a new job because I was sick of my old one and my homosexual friend who was a manager at VS told me they were hiring. I told him I'd worked for one before and the next day he got me an interview.

Archron09 karma

Where did you work before this? I mean, did they need any prior experience to hire you?

LiquidPhoenix17 karma

No. The first time I got hired there my only 2 jobs before that were a lifeguard and a server in a restaurant. They just liked that I was strong and tall so I could lift heavy shipment boxes and clean up the backroom and set up the display manikins.

courtFTW8 karma

Are you trained to bra-fit?

LiquidPhoenix17 karma

Not officially no. But I do know how to do it. A manager one time told me I should apply for a bra fitting position. But I'm relatively certain they were joking. I don't think I'm allowed to do that. I think the only positions I'm allowed to work that aren't managerial is shipment, beauty rep and cashier.

intentsman7 karma

Do you get tips? Probably not, since it's not bartending or waiting tables.

LiquidPhoenix7 karma

No. And it's not commission either, contrary to popular belief. Just hourly. At least for entry level employees.

oh_my_jesus7 karma

If Victoria's Secret had a men's line, would you wear it?

LiquidPhoenix9 karma

Interesting question. I might, if it looked good, didn't have VICTORIA'S SECRET plastered all over it and wasn't obscenely expensive.

jlbraun7 karma

Why do you not allow men in the changing rooms with their lady? If I am dropping $500 on lingerie I am damn sure going to want to know how it looks on her before I buy it.

LiquidPhoenix12 karma

That's a bit of a hard question and not really my department. I understand your beef though. It would annoy me too. But you can have your lady come out and show you in the hallway of the dressing rooms if you feel comfortable. And when it's slower and there's no one else in the fitting rooms they might let you go in there to watch.

The reason for it I assume is they don't want guys looking in on the other girls in the fitting rooms and they don't want couples getting ballsy and having sex in the fitting room.

mkd8713 karma

I've actually never had a problem with being denied going into a changing room at VS with a lady (although this was one instance, but it was on a weekend with a decent amount of customers in VS). I asked politely if it was an issue if I went in, and the lady attending the fitting rooms said as long as I was staying in the fitting room then it would be fine. She didn't want me moving in and out of the fitting room so it wouldn't make other customers uncomfortable I assume.

LiquidPhoenix5 karma

I think that's much more reasonable.

jlbraun5 karma

Thanks for the reply.

I will however say that this policy has really steered me away from VS entirely when I buy underthings for the lady.

There are plenty of other stores that are fine with you being in the changing rooms and I tend to patronize those instead.

LiquidPhoenix4 karma

You're welcome. And I'm sorry to hear that.

If you had the time and energy I would suggest writing a letter to corporate suggesting a change. Hell, I might even actually do that if what you say about other stores allowing it is true.

TheFork1017 karma

What do women think when you help them find a bra? Are they surprised that you're a guy or do some not really care?

LiquidPhoenix9 karma

Most don't care. The only way they ever show they're surprised when they do care though is they "Wow, I've never seen a guy working here before."

I think I've put that quote into 3 comments now. I'm not exaggerating. I really do get it every day and it's usually every 3 to 5 customers I talk to but some times I get it less than that.

MrKrazybones7 karma

Is there a lot of drama with your employees?

LiquidPhoenix14 karma

No, not with ours, but I've heard that most other stores have a lot of drama. Any other VS employees out there wanna confirm or deny this?

rasGazoo6 karma

What made you get the job over someone else (a female)?

LiquidPhoenix13 karma

Good question. And to be honest, I should ask that myself just so I know for sure. But I think it was some combination of me being tall and strong, me being a guy and them wanting to make it look like they don't discriminate, and my resume/answers to their interview questions. Both times I got hired there I did my best to make my interview answers unique and memorable.

amitton136 karma

What's your favorite part of the job?

LiquidPhoenix23 karma

Knowing more than most women do about bras and panties and perfume. I like taking my gf into the store and showing her around and explaining the differences between everything.

But being that it's getting closer to summer now and girls are wearing shorts and skirts, I can't complain about the view either.

shitpplsay9 karma

What are some things you think more women should know before they buy?

LiquidPhoenix15 karma

Unless you're buying for a special occasion (I.E. Honeymoon, anniversary, etc), buy for functionality first, and looks second. A good way to get what you need from us is walk in and explain your situation, what you need and why, and we'll take care of the rest and make the best suggestions for you that we can. In my experience, about 90% of the time we get you exactly what you needed, if not something better, and about half the time something you didn't know you needed but now you can't live without.

Also, the Bombshell bra, aka the plus 2 sizes bra, is not only a push up to make you look 2 sizes bigger. It also helps create an hourglass shape. So for women with D's and DD's what they would do for you is, on top of making your boobs look bigger, they'd make you look a little more curvy.

schmidt-56 karma

have you ever caught someone getting it on in the changeroom?

LiquidPhoenix8 karma

No not yet. And I don't know about other stores but I think it's nearly impossible at ours because we always have an employee watching the fitting rooms.

superdiglett1006 karma

Does working at VS have any benefits? Aside from the visual ones...

LiquidPhoenix6 karma

Ummm I get 30% off and almost monthly employee gratis'. That's it for entry level employees though. I'm sure there are some sort of health benefits for those who make it their career. Is that what you meant?

FlyingButtresses6 karma

Do any other men work with you?

LiquidPhoenix11 karma

I've worked at VS along with 3 other men in the past, but currently I am the only man at our store. And just for the record, only 1 of those 3 men were homosexual.

James_Versus6 karma

How did you get this job and why did you choose to work at Victoria's Secret? Other than the obvious reasons

LiquidPhoenix22 karma

It wasn't really "I'm going to work for VS!" It was more along the lines of "I'm gonna go to the mall and apply to every damn store and whichever one calls me back wins." My gf was shopping there one time, I needed a job and I decided I'd give it a shot. Got hired and never looked back.

Benyamon5 karma

This creeped me out when I saw this, because I too am a male Victoria's Secret employee. We are a rare breed, my friend.

LiquidPhoenix3 karma

Indeed we are sir.

Drchains5 karma

Do you ever visualize the costumers in what they have just bought? Do you ever feel uncomfortable while working?

LiquidPhoenix24 karma

The only time I ever visualize anything is when a giddy giggling couple comes up to the register and buys one of the see through lingerie cover up type things. And then I congratulate the guy in my head. But it's never really anything dirty to me. Just giving a bro some mental karma.

And no. I'm completely comfortable working there. I like it and I think I help the store a lot in certain areas just because I'm a guy. Maybe I'm being a little cocky though.

pastavangelist22 karma

"lingerie cover up type things"

I feel like part of your job is to know what this is called.

LiquidPhoenix23 karma

Well in store they're called Baby Dolls or slips, but I didn't want to say that and expect everyone to know what I'm talking about and then have to explain. I guess either way I had to explain so it kinda defeats the purpose.

ryuukumori5 karma

How long do you plan on working at VS?

LiquidPhoenix11 karma

I'm not sure. I wouldn't mind staying on a while and possibly becoming a manager. But not indefinitely.

revjeremyduncan5 karma

What made you want to work in a women's undergarment/lingerie store?

Do any boyfriends/husbands give you dirty looks or get jealous that you are helping their wives/girlfriends buy sexy time stuff?

LiquidPhoenix7 karma

As I said to another question earlier, it wasn't really "I'm going to work at Victoria's Secret." It was more like "This place is hiring, I need a job, why not apply?" I wish my story was better but that's all I got.

And I've never noticed but I don't doubt that it has happened before. I have offered bra fittings to girls who had bf's with them. I'm sure the split second where they thought I was gonna be the one doing the bra fitting made them get jealous.

ninfan2004 karma

Does any guy who isn't a total perv have a shot at getting a job there? I've thought about applying just to see if I could actually get the job

LiquidPhoenix5 karma

Yeah. Absolutely. From what I can tell, most of the stores like to have at least one guy on their crew. My GM notices me all the time doing something most of the girls wouldn't like to do and she says "See? This is why every store needs at least 1 man." So go for it. The worst thing that could happen is you don't get a call back.

intentsman4 karma

Are you in a mall, or a standalone storefront?

LiquidPhoenix4 karma

Umm, I think it's considered a mall. It's a strip mall where all the stores are lined up along an outdoor path.

l3uddha4 karma

VS is the worst place you could ever get lingerie for your girl. They never properly fit bras. I'm a 28E, yet VS put me into a 34C. :( Let your girls boobs be happy, and bring her to a Nordstrom.

LiquidPhoenix11 karma

Well first of all this.

And, I understand your dilemma. You're a skinnier girl who is pretty busty. It's always hard to fit people like that. I for example am really tall and skinny but apparently every company that makes pants thinks it's a mathematical impossibility that someone who has longer legs than their waist is around needs to wear pants too. What I'm saying is yes VS isn't right for you because the smallest band size we carry in store is 32 (online it's 30) and the largest cup size we carry is a maybe a DDD, but that doesn't mean it's the worst place you could ever get lingerie. It's just not right for you. I do apologize though for your bad experience. :(

thecatsmasher3 karma

Do you get any shit from your dude friends?

LiquidPhoenix8 karma

Ha Actually no. One of them asked me to try and get him a job there. Mostly, they say things like "Dude, can you get me a discount there for this girl I'm seeing?" When I first got the job, they jokingly got down on their knees and started praising me saying "YOU'RE A GOD!"

TheWingnutSquid3 karma

Do you sometimes put the stores clothing on and act super gay just to mess with people? Im not trying to discriminate, but it would be kind of funny walking into victorias secret to a guy with a bra over his shirt act really really gay

LiquidPhoenix6 karma

Not when we're open, but when the doors are locked and I'm just around friends, anything goes.

acslide2 karma

What's your favorite VS perfume scent?

LiquidPhoenix2 karma

For ladies, my favorite is either Fabulous because it smells amazing or Noir Tease because it smells sexy as hell.

For guys, I like to spray myself with the Very Sexy Platinum. I've been told it smells like a well known Abercrombie and Fitch scent but I don't know for sure.

The10Horse2 karma

When i read this ama the responses are in liam neasons voice.

LiquidPhoenix3 karma

I take that as a huge compliment. Thank you very much.

HpyGoat2 karma

I heard that most or some of the models used in the VS posters and ads are actually cross dressing males or transsexuals. While working at VS, have you ever heard of these rumors and if you have, are they true?

LiquidPhoenix9 karma

I've never heard that but I'm pretty sure that's not true. My GM met some of them and she says they're lovely ladies. Not at all conceited like you'd think. The only rumor I've heard and cannot confirm or deny is that all of the models were just "picked up off the street" meaning they just walked in, said "Hey, can I be an Angel?" and they got the job.

Edit: Spelling.

Kivulini1 karma

Have you been to /r/ABraThatFits/?

They're pretty anti-Victoria's Secret because Victoria's secret doesn't properly measure women and often sells the bras that aren't really their size. What do you think of all this?

LiquidPhoenix3 karma

I know that one of the VS stores in my area is known for TERRIBLE bra fittings. Anyone who walks in is a 34C. But my store for sure does not fall into that category. My manager is super passionate about making the customer happy so she makes sure that we're doing everything exactly how we're supposed to. Not to say that other managers aren't passionate about it. She's just overly passionate.

So anyways, yes there are some VS's that suck at it, but there are definitely some that kick ass at it too. Like any other store. You know you've been to some Mcdonald's and thought "This place is ghetto as fuck" and been to others and though "Damn, this must be Donald Trump presents Mcdonald's."

2-1andlewis0 karma

How does the friend zone feel x1000?

LiquidPhoenix3 karma

I've been dating my sexy ass girlfriend for 5 years now, thank you.

kingaustin-4 karma

Would you rather fight a horse sized duck, or 100 duck sized horses?

LiquidPhoenix2 karma

Do either of these creatures have any other special abilities or are they just the same animals, different size?

meathammock-7 karma

How many times a day do you get guys like me? Pantie sniffers.

LiquidPhoenix9 karma

I have never noticed any. And not to ruin your fun or anything, but I wouldn't see the point anyways. These panties came straight out of a box and put onto sales floor. They won't have any smell on them.

Waddupp-9 karma

What is the usual conversation between regular employees and the models?

Also, have to ever banged one of the models?

LiquidPhoenix4 karma

I have never met any of the models. Nor has anyone in my store. The only person I know who has met one of the models was my GM and that's because she won a trip to one of the VS Fashion Shows.