Hi, I am Morgan Freeman and my new movie Oblivion is in theaters and IMAX April 19th.

Ask me anything.

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OblivionMovie2127 karma

I would like to thank all of you for your questions. Have a great day!

eschaefer76941758 karma

What is it like being the greatest man to ever live?

OblivionMovie2794 karma

I wouldnt know because I am not Nelson Mandela

dispatcher_831050 karma

Movie you passed on, that wish you wouldn't have?

Role you've always wanted to play?

Huge, huge fan of yours, Azeem from Robin Hood will always outweigh everything else, even God, for me personally.

OblivionMovie1294 karma

I have always wanted to play Bass Reeves, a deputy US marshal in Oklahoma in the 1870s

wellsaidmucker1040 karma

If you had to recommend one book what would it be?

OblivionMovie1608 karma

I would recommend different books to different people. For a young person I would say Moby Dick. For a more romantic person I would recommend Great Expectations. For the very young reader I would recommend Black Beauty

TheNateMonster819 karma

Is it more fun to play as a "Good guy" or "Bad guy"?

OblivionMovie1524 karma

the bad guy. The good guy is pretty boring

paloorules13721 karma

How amazing was it to meet Nelson Mandela and how much did you enjoy making the film Invictus?

OblivionMovie1076 karma

It was amazing meeting a man of that stature and very intimidating. You dont know what you are going to say other than "I am very honored to meet you"

I enjoyed Invictus so much, everyone enjoyed it. At the last scene we just wanted to start again

freudian_nipple_slip548 karma

What actor or actress did you really want to work with but never was able to?

OblivionMovie1053 karma

Meryl Streep, but I still might

osubrandon259 karma

In the movie Deep Impact, you were portrayed as the President of the United States. Would you ever consider running for President or any other form of public office in real life?

OblivionMovie840 karma

absolutely and unequivocally not

CaptainRipp178 karma

What's your favorite band?

OblivionMovie612 karma

I like Steely Dan!