Are you curious? Ask me anything (AMA) Don't you belive me? See this picture:

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PaulMoadeeb1056 karma

I'd just like to take a second to point out, this guy is norwegian, and yet still had more complete answers in english, a language that isn't his own, than most celebrities do when they have an AMA. kudos to him x2

BendikHa525 karma

Haha, thanks!

adrianahasaids533 karma

Who the fuck has $81,500 in a purse?

BendikHa834 karma

Well, this old man at the age of 71 apparently does.

rauleuro251 karma

So, what can you buy for $81,500 in Norway? Dinner and a movie?

BendikHa124 karma

Basically the same you can buy in the US I Guess

tominabox1447 karma

Was it in the safe?

BendikHa691 karma

No, it was on the train

59179414 karma

Wasn't it actually $100,000?

BendikHa473 karma

No, it wasn't that much money

BoomerKing402 karma

I'm proud of your ethics man!

BendikHa339 karma

Thank you!

aloyfletch400 karma

Firstly, kudos to you for your honesty. Were either of you seriously tempted to take it?

Edit: Spelling.

BendikHa1297 karma

There was no temptation at all, I mean. It's not my money, and I haven't been working for it. So they're not mine to take.

Anablephobia_274 karma

Why hasn't someone already given you gold on reddit for your kind heart and proof via photo? Dang, congrats on being the world's most selfless student ever.

BendikHa404 karma

Thank you! It's nice to hear your thoughts

NJDevils1117 karma

You deserve it.

BendikHa154 karma


Horsejacker22253 karma

What's your favorite flavor of gummy bear?

BendikHa527 karma

The red ones

Kurohime236 karma

When you found the purse, did you automatically think to find it's owner and return it or did you consider keeping it for yourself?

If you had of kept it, what would you have spent on? Of course, after moving to Mexico and becoming Josè Gonzales. To avoid the cops, ya know.

BendikHa633 karma

Haha, what a fun question! Well, I didn't tought of keeping it, and if I had the chance of getting caught would have been to big.

Well, I might had taken a vacation trip to a varm place?

wizardkittens235 karma

Did you get a reward of some sort from the owner after you returned the money to him?

BendikHa704 karma

The law says that I can demand a 10$ reward for returning the money to the police.

JCXtreme140 karma

I'm curious about this law. How much money do you have to return for a $10 reward?

BendikHa401 karma

I've returned all the money, but if the money ain't criminal I can demand a 10% of the the money I found.

JCXtreme267 karma

Oh, so $8,150? Your first comment said $10, which is why I was curious.

BendikHa484 karma

Yes, about $8,150 not included taxes. Oh, I'm sorry. My mistake.

SleddedWisp99 karma

Did you ask for 10%?

BendikHa204 karma

The money is still being investegated, so not yet.

Sheryy123178 karma

are you single?

BendikHa254 karma

Haha, yep

jokrsmagictrick157 karma

what's it like in Norway?

BendikHa400 karma

Well, in the winter it's cold? Except for that I'm very satisified with living here.

Eminemfan46153 karma

What did the owners say to you when your returned it?

BendikHa327 karma

I haven't personally talked to the owner, but the police told me that he was very happy.

imessedupbad108 karma

you're a cute patootie, how does that make you feel?

BendikHa164 karma

It's nice to hear, thank you

Vmoney1337104 karma

Awesome job guys! Listen, what was your first thought when you saw the money in the bag?

BendikHa214 karma

First of all it was shock, it wasen't wad I had expected. I was looking for a simple ID, and maybe some make-up since it was a purse.

admaiora84 karma

TIL Norwegian teenagers are more mature and honest than 99% of grown-ups from other countries

BendikHa57 karma

Thank you!

faceplanted71 karma

What do you think of the facebook pages and blog posts, etc of people saying you should've kept it, for paying off student debts and such?

BendikHa158 karma

Well, it did not surprise me, but I never actually gave it a tought. Had I, it would been too easy for the police to track me up.

yyx958 karma

You are incredible. I don't know if you are aware how much of a positive, meaningful impact this story has on everyone who has heard it. You're what's right in the world, what's good in life, what makes it all worth while. Continue on, noble & kind sir.

BendikHa57 karma

Thank you for your positive response!

beerdigr53 karma

Didn't you consider to take it, even for a second? Some of it, at least? It really surprises me (in a positive way), that there are teens like you. Faith in next generation restored.

BendikHa106 karma

A lot of people have asked me that, but no. It did never feel right.

uhyeahh57 karma

Maybe a lot of people have asked you because they want to catch you slip up. So answer me this, did you ever consider taking the money?

BendikHa77 karma

No, never

mrsecretsanta42 karma

Do you have any tips for learning norsk?

BendikHa125 karma

I googled and I found this:

jamesey1035 karma

If someone gave you $81,500, what would you do with it?

BendikHa179 karma

I wouldn't be comfortable with getting so much money from someone.

TheTizer28 karma

God damn it, this proves that Norwegians are as morally just as they are sexy, and holy crap they are sexy.....CONGRATULATIONS SEXY NORWAY!.......goddamn sexy sexy Norwegians.....

BendikHa21 karma

Haha, thank you!

braveliltoasterette23 karma

Thank you for being a decent human being.

Would you like to meet the purse's owner? If so, what would you say or talk about?

BendikHa41 karma

I haven't thought about it, maybe?

Snak_The_Ripper21 karma

If you kept it what would you have bought?

BendikHa57 karma

A vacation trip maybe?

JamieOFlanagan20 karma

Did you, or did you not consider the fact that of you took the money then it could have been the start of an epic adventure involving gangsters, an old man, police, and possibly transformers. An adventure that could span across many continents in an adrenaline filled game of cat and mouse with planes trains and automobiles.

Then the dramatic love interest who turns out is just in it for the money who ends up screwing you over only to return to save your life when the gangsters finally catch up with you demanding there money. In which the love interest shoots the gangsters and you 2 run off into the sunset and live happily ever after.

Did this even cross your mind.

BendikHa19 karma

Never, but thanks a lot for a good laugh!

Idontpostfknmemes17 karma

Doing the right thing shouldn't be news, it should just be a normal human reaction, don't you agree?

BendikHa26 karma

Actually I do, that's why I'm surprised it spread.

dkragset15 karma

I know you! Cool :)

BendikHa16 karma

Hey, Daniel!

inte1ati12 karma

Well, there are a lot of questions about the purse. So I won't have any new ideas about that. However... 1. What do you do

  1. what are your plans for the future

  2. What type of music do you enjoy

  3. And would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or a horse sized duck?

BendikHa43 karma

Hello! 1.At my spare time I'm am a active poltican who is satisified with that. 2.In the future I want to take an education as a journalist. 3. I listen to almost all kind of music 4. Ducks, they don't kick like horses.

cherrywinkle3 karma

How hard was it to resist the urge not to take the money?

BendikHa39 karma

Not a problem at all. It wasen't my money to spend.

somekindofstephen2 karma

We talked about you in my class today, I brought it up everyone was pretty shocked. Most people said they would take some. I dont think I could either. I dont know what would prevent me from keeping it, no karma, no afterlife, no reason not to keep the money. I dont know why I just like to think its the right thing to do. Good for you for actually doing it

BendikHa1 karma

Thanks for the good response!

nic0lk2 karma

Did you at any point debate on keeping the money, or did you know from the very beginning that you wanted to return it?

BendikHa17 karma

I knew at the very beginning

nic0lk1 karma

What would you have done if you hadn't found the woman who lost it?

BendikHa7 karma

It was the police who tracked down the elderly man, not me

ActuatedSathman1 karma

Did you know what was in the purse before you returned it?

BendikHa6 karma

Yeah, I did. Since I decied to check the bag for an ID I gave it a look before I returned it.

1Karmatime1 karma

Please list some bad things you've done.

BendikHa3 karma

Wel, I curse?

Nicanor891 karma

Good job!!! When you found the money, did you guy wonder who you should trust?

BendikHa2 karma

Of course, before I haded the money over I didn't tell a lot of people

Cornish_-1 karma

Why did you return it?

BendikHa13 karma

I haven't been woorking for the money, they're not mine to spend.

Adaltis-3 karma


BendikHa23 karma

Because it was the right thing to do

Epic_Lobster-7 karma

Why in gods name do you roll the bottom of your jeans so high?

BendikHa16 karma

Because the jeans were to big