I'm back on for Round #2!

Guys on IAmA... Basically I am asking Reddit to help me risk my lives to save the lives of a MINIMUM of 1,000 human slaves, my family, the Mbuti Pygmies of Eastern Congo. I am trading the worlds ultimate comfort zone of the USA for the worlds ultimate conflict zone. I've already seen over 120 slaves be free'd and placed on their own land for the first time in history. I've raised over $32,000 so far... I have THREE days to raise the remaining $17,500. HERE IS THE CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fight-for-the-forgotten -I'm answering questions... I'm thinking Reddit is going to help me get in the BIGGEST fight of my life! Thanks guys. I invite you to come over to to ASK ME ANYTHING! http://www.reddit.com/r/MMA/comments/1c4ve1/i_used_to_fight_against_people_in_a_cage_ufc_now/

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Hellshield8 karma

Two things : During your MMA career what series of exercises helped prepare you the most ?

Any other memories from the day those kids swarmed you in the village

Btw Thank you for doing AMA ! : )

TheManWhoLovesUs6 karma

Only good memories... In fact, that video helps erase the bad memories. Those aren't Pygmies in the video, they are bantu. The slavemasters kiddos. The day before I buried a 1 and a half year old the parents of these kids were responsible for! I had a lot of anger in my heart. These kids eased that!

Hellshield5 karma

I'm so sorry to hear to that : ( Didn't mean to bring up the bad memories. You have my utmost respect with the work you're doing and I hope your work continues to change things for the better for these people .

TheManWhoLovesUs14 karma

You are okay! I was just explaining... Here... Happy picture :-) My Pygmy grandpa who named me :-) http://i.imgur.com/Fs8Sa.jpg

TheManWhoLovesUs5 karma

as for a series of exercises... I really like just actually training. Like BJJ, Kickboxing, Wrestling... So bag work or actually rolling with an opponent or sparring.

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Possibly a stupid question but if you're paying for the slaves, what's stopping the seller from using that cash to go buy another one?

edit: dodged? Or is it really that dumb of a question?

TheManWhoLovesUs2 karma

Dodged? Absolutely not. We aren't technically purchasing them, we are purchasing land in a legitimate fashion from the slavemasters and placing the former slaves on the land, as free people, to be developed into fully self sufficient and sustainable people.

TheManWhoLovesUs6 karma

This is gonna take MORE than me... It's gonna take WE! Shooting for $50,000 to set ONE THOUSAND slaves FREE! Free them THEN sustain them! Water well and agriculture... Clean water FLOWING & fresh crops GROWING! Help a brother out? My one life lived in conflict is worth 1,000 lives receiving what we call ORDINARY comfort. www.indiegogo.com/projects/fight-for-the-forgotten

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How many Facebook likes does it take, per slave, to free them?

TheManWhoLovesUs10 karma

It takes $50 you can check it out on the crowdfunding campaign.

ArmyOfDix6 karma

Where/why are these people currently enslaved, and what exactly are they being made to produce?

TheManWhoLovesUs8 karma

They are slaves for salt, for bars of soap, for minnows... They are made to mine, farm, and transport HEAVY bags of charcoal through the jungle. Here is an example picture http://i.imgur.com/u7O7ZrC.jpg

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Hi Justin - Can you post a link here to where people can go to make a dontation directly?

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do you still have the beard? 'cause it's kind of dreamy. also, i used to work on behalf of NGOs and international non profits that dealt with human trafficking. i know how bad it is, just wanna say thanks for what you're doing.

TheManWhoLovesUs6 karma

I can't get rid of this beard! Look how much joy it brings! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ide5YjD6AhI

littlethistle3 karma

i remember that video!

how did you initially get involved in this project?

TheManWhoLovesUs5 karma

I heard about the persecution they were going through, it broke my heart, I felt I HAD to do something. On my heart I thought... "If not me... Who?" So two weeks later I was in the jungle... Two weeks after that I was family with them. :-)

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It sucks that Louis' AMA came out at the same time as yours. I don't have a question, but I suggest posting that video in r/videos and explain what you're doing to get some more attention for the cause. I don't know anything about MMA, but I think you're awesome and I hope you reach your goal!

TheManWhoLovesUs5 karma

Thanks so much!

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We got it squared away I think :-)