Soundgarden will be on tour this May: tour info

And we put out our first album in over 15 years last November: King Animal

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Thanks everyone! That was great! See you out at the shows.

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QueenJames1020 karma

Can you please bring back Audioslave? Please???

ChrisCornellSG1498 karma


courtmcc760 karma


ChrisCornellSG844 karma

No, I've paid the full price.

Stubbula593 karma

Will you and Eddie Vedder make some more music, please? I love both of your voices.

ChrisCornellSG835 karma


Nevertoogrungy502 karma

will you acknowledge my existence?

ChrisCornellSG1511 karma


bfisher91480 karma

How does it feel to be one of the only people Ringo Starr is following on twitter?! (Have you ever met him?)

ChrisCornellSG672 karma

Yes, I have met him. He is an inspiring individual.

CherryRedSixtySeven455 karma

Any chance of another Temple Of The Dog album?

I was at the Soundgarden show in Hyde Park last year. It was an amazing gig. When it started to hammer down with rain in the middle of Black Hole Sun the whole thing jumped up several notches vibe-wise, and stayed there for the rest of the show. Did you notice that, and what was it about the bleak weather that added so much to the performance and atmosphere?

I missed my chance to see you on the Down On The Upside tour back when I was a teenager. I just couldn't make the gig. Figured I'd catch you the next time around. It took longer than I expected. So glad you're back together.

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secondcityrocker289 karma

Hey Chris, so what's your opinion on people using their smartphones to record video at concerts?

ChrisCornellSG566 karma

I'm fine with it.

stackshotbill265 karma

Let's be honest, how awesome is Matt Cameron?

ChrisCornellSG448 karma

He's one of the best drummers/musicians ever.

LovededYouPiggy242 karma

Hi Chris! Thank you so much for doing this AMA.

  1. What are some of your non-musical hobbies?

  2. What would you want to do if being a musician didn't pan out?

ChrisCornellSG676 karma

fuck, I don't have any

Frajer226 karma

What is a Spoonman and what inspired that song?

ChrisCornellSG449 karma

spoonman is a real guy that is a virtuoso spoon player and brilliant entertainer, as well as a super unique and great person. he's in the video.

Gilgifax201 karma

If there is one musician in history you could collaborate with, who would it be?

Also, any tips on growing facial hair?

ChrisCornellSG644 karma

Its a catch 22, because the ones I would want to collaborate the most with I would be too afraid to collaborate with. For example John Lennon, how would you sit in a room and collaborate with him? I'd feel unworthy.

simple, just stop shaving.

OhhStargazer175 karma

Hey Chris...whats your favorite Jeff Buckley song?

ChrisCornellSG308 karma

I love the cover he did of the Big Star song Kangaroo

ikosheen2175 karma

When is Soundgarden going to tour India? You have heaps of fans here!

ChrisCornellSG540 karma

I would love to tour India, we'll meditate on it

MissTweedy160 karma

What songs do your wife and kids like to hear you sing?

ChrisCornellSG360 karma

the ones that are about them

courtmcc159 karma

What's the first song you learned on guitar?

ChrisCornellSG300 karma

sunshine on my shoulders by John Denver

chang-ed153 karma

Over the years what is the best venue you've played at?

ChrisCornellSG431 karma

sydney opera house

ClownSuitCowboy136 karma

Did your vocal style come naturally at first, or was it something you had to work at to refine when you began making music? And what was it like the first time you heard yourself recorded singing with a band, did you hear it and think you could someday helm a world-famous outfit like Soundgarden?

ChrisCornellSG199 karma

Singing to me was just about having fun. Its always evolving.

newdawnrising135 karma

Hey Chris,

What do you do to warm up your voice before a performance?

ChrisCornellSG368 karma

soundcheck, sometimes vocal exercises, sometimes nothing. the best warm up for me is singing the songs. or a quality cigar.

AverageCommentary133 karma

Can you pleasepleaseplease sing Right Turn when you headline festivals in May with Alice in Chains?

ChrisCornellSG234 karma

sorry don't know the song

haihappen2131 karma

What are your favourite sports teams? And to which music do you listen in your free time?

ChrisCornellSG596 karma

My son's favorite team is the Miami Heat and since he is the coolest person I know, I'm going with The Heat.

MidgetCommander129 karma

Hey Chris, if you could be in any other band, who would you be in?

ChrisCornellSG231 karma

the tubes

Oidisco118 karma

What was it like performing Black Hole Sun with an orchestra at E3 a few years ago?

ChrisCornellSG326 karma

hard because I couldn't see the conductor

deaddogseye81115 karma

Hey Chris. Over the years, Kim Thayil has mentioned a possible album of Soundgarden b-sides. Are you still going to put that out? Also, what are the chances of remastering Temple of the Dog?

ChrisCornellSG204 karma

for sure, don't know when, but its likely the next release we do.

ethereyes104 karma

What is your favorite perfume/fragrance?

ChrisCornellSG446 karma

lysol (and you can drink it)

suddengroan98 karma

what do you like to eat for breakfast?

ChrisCornellSG260 karma

don't eat breakfast

cosne1894 karma

What is the one song that is personally the hardest for you to sing and why?

EDIT: reworded

ChrisCornellSG246 karma

Every single song is different. Its not about range. Sometimes the highest ones are easy. The ones that are the hardest sometimes are the easiest because I focus on it so much. For example: The Day I Tried To Live.

leonard_cohens_pants90 karma

favorite super hero?

ChrisCornellSG246 karma

incredible hulk, he's just like my dad

ikosheen288 karma

What is your first memory of music?

Edit: Rephrased the question to make it grammatically correct.

ChrisCornellSG199 karma

a children's record that included the song "she'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes" when I was two and a half.

Nevertoogrungy87 karma

What are your favorite things to do on your day off?

ChrisCornellSG212 karma

being with my family

azapuk86 karma

Cats, dogs or other?

ChrisCornellSG375 karma

dogs or falcons

emy000985 karma

Have you guys (Soundgarden) started working on your next album yet? Is there even going to be another album after King Animal?

ChrisCornellSG220 karma

We definitely plan on making another album.

MannOfDiversity75 karma

What is your favorite Beatles song?

ChrisCornellSG171 karma

they're all my favorites

chark31175 karma

Which tour was better: your first official tour, where you first realized people were actually coming to see you guys, or your reunion tour

ChrisCornellSG150 karma

definitely the reunion tour

gelmottshall74 karma

Have you or are you planning on seeing Jurassic Park 3D?

ChrisCornellSG731 karma

I actually think 3D is ruining cinema.

themac1071 karma

What is your favorite song from Badmotorfinger?

ChrisCornellSG259 karma

Rusty Cage has the best mix.
Slaves and Bulldozers is definitely the most fun to play live.

imaac69 karma

Can you start playing Blind Dogs live?

ChrisCornellSG115 karma

We did it at the PBS Artists Den performance at the Wiltern for the first time in 15 years. Our friend Ross Halfin asked us to do it.

tishaneverminds65 karma

is it hard to ride a segway?

ChrisCornellSG196 karma

Much easier than I thought. They should make a high performance one.

UltramegaOK8862 karma

Are you going to record a new solo album soon? It will be cool!

ChrisCornellSG136 karma

yes, hopefully before the end of the year

Zrk252 karma

What album that you have worked on is your favourite?

Which side project did you find the most rewarding?

Finally, a local radio DJ claims you could sing the phonebook and still sound amazing. Would you be willing to try it? For science?

ChrisCornellSG113 karma

done it

JanetDR99l51 karma

Are you doing any more Songbook shows in addition to SG ?

ChrisCornellSG82 karma

yes, songbook lives on

Haluminescence45 karma

Hey there Chris, do you have a favorite kind of guitar? Either electric or acoustic?

ChrisCornellSG112 karma

I mostly play acoustics when song writing.
When I plug in I play my Gibson 335 Cornell Model

imaac41 karma

Is Beast ever going to be released?

ChrisCornellSG62 karma

yeah, it probably will be

ThePotatoWizard15 karma

Hi Chris, me and my friend are huge fans and we were wondering if you have a cat or like cats?

ChrisCornellSG82 karma

I like cats, I have a lamp made out of one