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barak18110 karma

Is the egg in the egg mcmuffin actually egg? Cause it doesn't really taste like one. If so, how are they cooked?

bd0730 karma

Yes we actually crack them ourselves for the egg mcmuffin eggs. There's an egg cooker that has 8 rings that you crack the eggs into. You put a cover on it and add hot water, and cook for 2.5 minutes.

Other eggs are made differently though.

XTblaster4 karma

I have a friend at McDonalds, Actually more than one. They all say how if someone orders a lot of food, they drop the buns on the floor, or spit on the buns. Why is this? This makes me never want to eat McDonalds anymore.

bd0733 karma

Well it's really a bitch to make all that food under 45 seconds (the goal time of making food). So we get in shit when we don't reach that. So getting alot of food at once actually sucks, especially when they're all special orders (no onions, extra sauce, etc) That's actually disgusting though that your friends do that.

Ran416 karma

Uh, obviously those 45 seconds should count towards a regular order, not a very large special order...

bd0751 karma

Yes, that's how it should be, you're right.