Hey Everyone its Alien Ant Farm (Tye, Dry, Mike, Terry) this is something new for us, but we wanted to give you a chance to speak directly to us and ask us anything you like. We have a new record "Always And Forever" we are wrapping up now that you can pre-order on the link below through Pledge Music which is allowing us to have control over the project and music. Alot of plans in the works with touring, new single, merchandise and more. We cannot thank you all enough for all the support you have shown us and hanging in there for this new record its been a long process but we are very proud of what is to come.

NEW ALBUM PRE-ORDER: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/alienantfarm


Facebook: www.facebook.com/alienantfarm

Twitter: www.twitter.com/alienantfarm

Chat Ended: Thanks everyone for checking in, this was something new for us and we will be doing it again very soon. Official sites, and pre-order details for the new record are posted above. See you all on the road this year... Dryden, Mike, Tye, Terry (AAF)

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artegos1125 karma

the only song I know from you guys is "smooth criminal". not trying to be a jerk, but does it suck to know that to non-fans the only thing they know about you is a cover?

bignasty410744 karma

Idc if I get flak for this but IMHO that song was done better by them than Michael Jackson

terryaaf507 karma


tyeaaf107 karma

Thanks my kid does too!

tyeaaf438 karma

I'm happy if people know about us regardless of how. Of course you want people to know and love all of our stuff, but we'll take it!

TheBigHairy81 karma

I actually really enjoyed their music video for the song Movies. Definitely worth a watch, and doesn't take itself seriously.

terryaaf105 karma

That's our 'swag'... haha.. I said that..

Frajer425 karma

So was Annie okay?

tyeaaf213 karma


raziphel197 karma

You guys kind of dropped off the face of the world for a while there. What have you been up to lately?

tyeaaf182 karma

Working on a new album titled "Always And Forever" that should be out this summer. You can go to pledgemusic.com to pre order it.

ent_bomb292 karma

Is the title based on how long it took to put together?

drydenaaf70 karma

aaf always and forever

terryaaf92 karma

Well,,,,,,, Lemme tell ya,,,,,, It goes way way back to 1902,.,,,,,, (Old man voice)

Swimtothemoooon163 karma

Tye, can you talk a little bit about that 6 String Fender? How did you get Fender to make it? Why haven't they made more? Do you still have it?


It is just about the coolest bass made ever in the history of ever!

tyeaaf125 karma

I went to a NAMM show I think in 2003 and asked someone if they would be interested in making a bass I had designed, and the guy said yes. I gave them my contact info and the meetings started after that. then I went to the guy that built it and we made a template off of the bass I had made. It took him a couple of months to finish but it turned out great.

HankHill425152 karma

What was the phone number (310-288-7268) in the truANT booklet to? By the time I tried it, it had been disconnected.

mikeaaf144 karma

we used to leave goofy messages n deliver pizza.

officialalienantfarm121 karma

We are logged in.

natezilla7383 karma

test test

officialalienantfarm211 karma

Its working.

ThePwnR4nger80 karma

Hey guys! Thanks for doing the AMA. My questions to you guys are 1) How do you stay motivated as artists to keep making music after commercial failures and bad luck, and 2) Why did you decide to get back together after all of the bad stuff that happened to you guys as a band and individuals?

terryaaf126 karma

I can answer both at once! Dedication.

tyeaaf85 karma

For me I love the music regardless what it does with the public. I mised playing and writing the music.

TheDriveWithin74 karma


You probably don't remember but when you played at Mohegan Sun you were nice enough to make my life by inviting me out to get a drink with you and friends after the show! I bought you an Amstel and you said you had owed me a beer next time you come back! It's been Three years! Whens the next tour!?

tyeaaf115 karma

This summer, and hit me up, I'll buy you that beer.

Jussky67 karma

From where did the name Alien Ant Farm came out?

terryaaf150 karma

Oh that was just my daydream about planet seeding by entities from other dimensions. bored at work stuff

tyeaaf43 karma

Terry thought of it at work. I wanted to called the band Master of the Universe, but we would have had to change it anyways.

[deleted]58 karma


tyeaaf35 karma

I don't I wish I had it though

hlfx45 karma

to Dryden , How has been your recovery from the accident you had years ago? Do you have any post accident effect until this day?

and well THANKS for making such great music and Im waiting for the new music , you guys rocks!

drydenaaf47 karma

Off and On With Pain Issues. My first two top vertebrae are fused together. i guess i'm super lucky, a little unlucky

gkburr33 karma

I'm glad to see you guys are still around. What was your favorite band to tour with and why?

tyeaaf91 karma

Papa Roach because they were the only band that could keep up with us as far as party and craziness. As far as listening to a band play every night I would say 311

mikeaaf19 karma

  1. cuz we get good monitor mixes n soundchecks, n catering! plus we get some good stuff to light on fire n inhale

VintageElise31 karma

If you guys had to name one band and say "this band is one of the greatest bands of all time". What band would it be?

Have a nice day. :)

tyeaaf130 karma

For me probably Mr. Bungle

terryaaf65 karma

SLAYER!!!!! lol

mikeaaf34 karma

The Police. n E Street.

smoomoo3130 karma

The These Days video where you guys crashed the BET Awards. Was that real or staged? I always loved that one.

mikeaaf44 karma

the shit was fo realz yo

terryaaf34 karma


DrTinyCat27 karma

Hi, your AMA is the first that I've wanted to come out of IAmA lurking and ask a question! Firstly, I'd like to say that I think your interactions with fans through facebook/skype has been great and it's refreshing to see a more popular band try to get more personally involved with fans.

My question deals with the level of independence you have when producing your new album. There have been a lot of Kickstarters recently for self-funded albums, but is that true for Pledge Music? Is the money from Pledge Music completely funding the album, or is that only part of it? In other words, are you independent now or is a label still helping out for the album? The rewards are great for the Pledge Music (I snagged a liner note) but I'm confused on exactly what the money is being used for.

Thanks for venturing to reddit! Also, try for the 9:30 club if you'll be touring down in DC. Baltimore is too far! I'll try to send some pictures I took of yins from last year your way.

edit: I forgot to fangirl! I've listened to you guys for over a decade and every single album you put out I just love; I swear to god I've listened to ANThology hundreds of times. There is something just magical about your singing style, heavy sound, and emotion that I can never tire of. I missed seeing you at HFStival due to the accident, but you coming to Towson a decade later made the 12-year-old in me very very happy. Also, I bought Up in the Attic! I'm sorry more people didn't.

tyeaaf56 karma

Thanks for all of the love. We are on a label and we recorded a record with Johnny K, and we hated it. The Label tried to turn us into a pop band to sound like Katy Perry. We put our foot down and are trying to get off that label. So we are now 100% independent and the pledge music money goes to recording everything from scratch again. Plus ordering merch and to pay for everything in the packages like the vinyl records, etc.

ReadMyPosts26 karma

Love the video for Movies. How was it working with the late great Pat Morita?

tyeaaf43 karma

Crazy! He was a pot smoker and that blew my mind!

Einarth22 karma

Were you honored to cover michael jackson? Did you guys get to meet him ever?

terryaaf43 karma

Never got to directly... But his peeps got with our peeps... you know how it goes... haha

tyeaaf28 karma

Totally, but never got to meet him. It was amazing hear the stories about what he had to say about our version. When we went to the tribute concert and was amazing hearing about how he felt from all the different friends and family members.

VitalFroogle22 karma

What was the craziest thing that happened at a concert?

terryaaf57 karma

Dryden bit the head off of a honey glider

tyeaaf47 karma

In Chicago a girl lost a finger because of a shoddy barricade.

Zoyd11 karma

Holy fuck, did it get ripped off or how did it happen?

tyeaaf13 karma

The security had to jump out because of the crowd was pushing and when the barricade hit the stage her finger has in between the two

mikeaaf27 karma

a girls finger getting cut off in the barricade. n some dude getting stabbed. no bueno. n also there was this time where we totally rocked!?

slammoslammo20 karma

Tye pissed in an empty water bottle at a show in San Francisco. He then threw it into the crowd and it hit my shoulder. Ew.

tyeaaf21 karma

That doesn't sound like me. it was probably not real.

Shadowkittenx19 karma

What was your favorite song you guys ever performed?

terryaaf50 karma

Smooth Criminal!! kidding

terryaaf67 karma

Prolly Stick n stones or something..

tyeaaf36 karma

I like performing Universe and Goodbye. I'm a big Pink Floyd fan so I dig that kind of songs the most.

mikeaaf32 karma


Bonans18 karma

I love you guys! Thank you for "Movies" and " Flesh and Bone". You guys kick ass. :D

tyeaaf12 karma

You're welcome ad Thank you

dickbat18 karma

Hey guys. I have been a fan since I saw you perform on Letterman in 2002, I think it was. Dryden had his face painted. I've shown the Busted DVD to a few of my friends and none of them really thought it was as funny as I do. Probably too many ballsacks. Anyway, I have a few questions.

What caused Terry to quit the band a few years ago?

What are Alex and Joe up to now?

What ended up happening to the Dead Celebrities/Ghost In The Flesh?

Does it frustate you that many people still primarily associate the band with Smooth Criminal? To most of my friends you are "the Smooth Criminal guys." You've put out several albums with a ton of great songs, do you feel like that one cover overshadows them?

I remember having Mike's AIM screen name when I was in middle school and it was the coolest thing that I could talk to a member of one of my favorite bands. Thanks for that, that was cool. You're the last of my favorite bands that I haven't seen, I wasn't able to catch you in Chicago last time, please come back soon!

tyeaaf19 karma

Terry and I both quit because of fighting with Mike. Joe is jamming, teaching music, and raising a family. It does a little, but then again almost all artist are just that "one song" band if that. I love that people know us regardless

rikashiku17 karma

Are you guys tired of people asking if Annie is ok?

tyeaaf31 karma

YES! That is really unoriginal and I love originality. Too bad the majority of the world doesn't

XSaffireX16 karma

OMG! I love you guys!

I don't really have a question, I just wanted to be the first to say that :)

terryaaf19 karma


Sloth-Lord16 karma

Do you still have that shitty haircut?

tyeaaf16 karma

My hair is always shitty

squidbill15 karma

I caught you guys during the sno core tour in eugene. You gave my brother and I autographs on our hoodies. I think you hugged us too. We spent the next month putting AAF stickers on everything we owned. You guys are the ones who got us into going to shows and I just wanted to say thank you and that Tye has a killer "whoo!" In smooth criminal. Are you guys coming to eugene any time soon?

tyeaaf11 karma

Thanks man. I'm not sure if we'll be in Eugene because the tour dates are not finished yet, but I'm sure we'll get close.

Skarpator15 karma

I've always been a huge fan. So my computer crashed last year and I lost all my music. Literally 20 minutes ago I started listening to Anthology again after almost a year! I checked your facebook page to see if you guys were ever gonna tour again, and what do you know you're doing an IAMA right now! I feel like some planets aligned or some shit.

Okay so anyway, are you guys gonna tour anytime soon? East coast please.

terryaaf15 karma

Summer hopefully... and that is trippy

mikeaaf15 karma

sorry to hear about ur computer.. too much of bad kid activities will do that.. we'll be around in the summer, hope to see u out there foooo!

tyeaaf8 karma

We are going to start touring in July and probably won't stop for a couple years

JiggerJay13 karma

Hey guys, congrats Terry on your recent surgeries. Had this pre ordered a while through the facebook link you guys posted up, so excited.

When are you guys looking at touring again properly, and especially in the UK? The Gig scene is still pretty strong here, and you guys could be a big pull here.

terryaaf17 karma

Hopefully this summer!! And thank you!!

Eff3ction12 karma

Have you ever put out a song and a few months/years later come to severely regret it?

tyeaaf20 karma

The only song I regret putting out was State of Emergency on the Up in the Attic record. I wish we would have put All Your Crimes instead.

the_rev_2811 karma

Which one of you was responsible for writing "my dad's dick was my veiny vessel into this world!!!" at groovemaster studio?

tyeaaf7 karma


Splooge_Bob11 karma

I miss the days of seeing you guy at number 1 on TRL for what seemed like an Eternity!

terryaaf15 karma

Meeeeee Tooooooo!!!

codevinsky8 karma

Why the fuck have I heard "Smooth Criminal" on the radio every time I've gotten in the car in the past week?

tyeaaf13 karma

Sorry that song will never go away

Irish-Insanity8 karma

You guys have been quiet for a long time, what have you been doing?

tyeaaf11 karma

Working on our new record "Always And Forever!" pledgemusic.com to pre order it and help us finish it.

drydenaaf9 karma

Recording and writing. Lovin and livin. Album to be released this summer

appleflop7 karma

Smooth criminal was pretty neat, any other songs you would love to cover?

tyeaaf21 karma

"Easy Lover" by Phil Collins and Phil Bailey is one we recorded already and waiting to finish. Just have to find that right guest.

drydenaaf7 karma

My LEgs Are Clean

porkbuttsandtaters6 karma

I saw the lead singer at the bar/restaurant I work at in Chicago a few months ago, and he was meeting a girl he met at a music store. She walk in totally dolled up, wearing sky high glittered heels. So my question for you, mr. Lead singer... Did you hit dat?

tyeaaf7 karma

Yes he did! A 100 times and still wants to.

muppethead6 karma

What's your opinion on the state of rock music today?

And on a more personal note, do you find it harder to be musically creative as you get older, or do you think musicians get markedly better with time?

Have always liked your band, will definitely pick up your new album. Cheers!

terryaaf5 karma

Well I can say the new music we are making is IMO some of our best.. If everyone likes we shall see

Direbane6 karma

Still listen to Anthology a lot . Great to hear you guys have new stuff out. =)

mikeaaf7 karma


terryaaf6 karma


RCTIDsince854 karma

Are you guys all 100% healed from that bus accident you had a few years ago? How has this event impacted the band?

tyeaaf5 karma

No. We will always have those injuries. Bad and Good. Makes you realize how fragile life is, but gave everyone PTSD.

JohnnyChimpo613 karma

In regards to the song Flesh and Bone, are you guys religious?

tyeaaf4 karma

Not At All!