Hey all, we'll be here for the next couple of hours answering all your questions!

As we mentioned, we're Lisa Marie & Jessica, Singers and songwriters for our band The Veronicas.

We have been making music and touring for the past 7 years, signed to Warner Music/Sire USA.

We have two studio albums 'The Secret Life Of...' and 'Hook Me Up' and we're currently finishing up our third (as yet untitled) studio album in L.A.

If you're not familiar with our music, you can check out our most recent music video 'Lolita' on YouTube here.

We are weeks off having our 3rd studio album finished, and have been working with writers, artists and producers such as: Toby Gad, Butch Vig and Nellee Hooper, Daniel Johns (Silverchair) and Billy Corgan (The Smashing Pumpkins).

There is a lot more information about us on our Facebook page so check that out too here: Official Facebook

Ask us anything!

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TheeVeronicas186 karma

  • Do you ever wake up and high five each other like 'hey we are the veronicassss yo'

TheVeronicas173 karma

YES. every-single-morning. - J

TheRealCyrilSneer117 karma

Who would win in a fight, you two or Tegan and Sara?

TheVeronicas331 karma

I think we would make out with them, before trying to fight them! - J

bluemoon-14109 karma

Do you have plans to release a dual album or a multiple volume album? You seem to have recorded a ton of material. Maybe a Life on Venus / Life on Mars duo?

TheVeronicas181 karma

That's actually brilliant. We're going steal this idea because you are a genius! So thank you;) We actually have written over 40 songs for this record alone, so that could be a real possibility! - L

WIlliam_Kogoi58 karma

If you are contemplating on changing the album title why don't you release an EP called 'Life On Mars' and then release your 3rd studio album?

TheVeronicas96 karma

Geez, you babes are way too savvy- sounds cool!-L

ishtus101 karma

You are in a room with only 2 exits. One is blocked by a poisonous snake and the other by a hippo. What do you do/how do you get out?

TheVeronicas571 karma

Mate, we're from Australia.. Snakes are no problem ;) - J

FozzieThaBear66 karma

Which one of you is the evil twin?

TheVeronicas182 karma

The one answering this......... we'll never telllll.......

Reddin115352 karma

What are your honest chances of coming to Dublin, Ireland?

TheVeronicas76 karma

Its the top of our wish list for touring! - J

victoriabuzz42 karma

Where do you see yourselves in 10-15 years? What's the wildest thing that's happened at a show?

TheVeronicas98 karma

In 10 - 15 years we're going to be in a swampy blues/ country band with each other our 5 kids and husbands touring around playing music every night. - L

GENOCIDEGeorge39 karma

No question here, just came to say that I've been a huge fan of you guys since I first saw you at the '05 NRL Grand Final.

A few weeks later The Secret Life Of came out and I fell in love with almost all of your stuff. I remember waking up early in the morning to put on Video Hits in the hopes that I'd be able to see some of my favourite songs, like Revolution, Everything I'm Not and When it All Falls Apart. I discovered so many new songs by new artists thanks to all the time I spent watching VH, and I have to thank you guys for that.

Hook Me Up was an amazing album (Popular, Untouched and This is How it Feels were hands down the best tracks), and I really hope Life On Mars keeps up to the standard you guys set ;)

I wish you both the best of luck in all of your future endeavours!

Much love from Melbourne!

PS: Jess, I've totally been crushing on you since I was, like, ten. Like, huge crush. I love you both to bits, but I've always had a thing for you, Jess :D

EDIT: Maybe I do have some questions.

1) Are you guys religious?

2) Has being Australian influenced your music in any way?

3) Do you often screw with people by pretending to be each-other?

4) Are there any bands you want to perform with?

TheVeronicas32 karma

This is such a sweet message! Thank you for the kind words and all the support. It means so much to us.

4/ We would love to tour with the following bands: - Tyler Bryant and the shakedown - Badflower - Anything Jack White touches - Meg Myers - Rival sons

WIlliam_Kogoi36 karma

If you could re-record one of your previous songs which would it be?

TheVeronicas73 karma

'This is how it feels'. It's still the one that takes us back to the exact place emotionally we were in when we wrote it.

Sugar_babydoll34 karma

WHERE IS THE RIOT GRRL POP?? SERIOUS QUESTION You guys have a strong grunge/rock aesthetic which has developed over the years and become prominent in your style. After a long break between records, i was expecting to see/hear more of that in your work, but was surprised that Lolita was still similarly dance and electronic heavy like your 2nd record. So my question is, how much of your day to day lives/style actually influence the SOUND of your music?

TheVeronicas52 karma

Incredible question!

The Veronicas has always been our PoP baby. Riot gurrl to me is a mentality, and we have approached this record with a rock mentality, even if the sonics are POP.

We are starting a Swampy/ country -soul/ dirty pop band after The Veronicas that will be far more influenced by what music we listen to on a day to day basis - J

TheSuicideSiren33 karma

I have a feeling the reason you guy are back in the studio is because you already finished your album and the label didn't like it. Which is exactly what happened with silverchair's Diorama. Are you guys back in the studio trying to make more music that pleases the label? I saw your comment about Major Labels ruining the Veronicas. And if this is true, I am sorry to hear that. I hope you stick to your guns and release ALL of it!

TheVeronicas73 karma

Its not because they didn't like the record, its because they have been through 3 different CEO's and 4 different A&R, there has been no focus across the board for the label. - J

Izzyeasy329 karma

So tonight was a special day for me, because i got my first kiss and this brings me to my question to you 2 :) at what age did you get your first kiss and what memories do you 2 link to that very special moment? Positive or even negative emotions? And keep up the beautiful work, your songs are just amazing :)

TheVeronicas68 karma

What a cutie! I hope your first kiss bought fireworks and shooting stars ;) My first kiss wasn't until I was 16 (Jessica by the way) and it was with the boy down the street! I was so scared, and he tried to grope my (non existent at the time) breasts. Haha. Superrrrr (not) romantic ;)
Hearing Frenzal Rhomb records brings me back to that time in my life! - J

sammyx61827 karma

Will you guys be doing meet and greets and soundcheck with the fans on tour!?

TheVeronicas38 karma

YES! X 1000000000

herplede25 karma

Do you have more fun when you're blonde?

TheVeronicas55 karma

Haha, I got ALOT more attention. I kind of like being dark haired and lurking through the shadows a little more though ;) I really do feel like I should be Blonde though! - J

HolaSoyCamila25 karma

So what happen if one of the twins get marry?, and want to live in... I don't know, maybe Nashville, MAYBE(any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental). And the other so far away... The end of The Veronicas?

TheVeronicas78 karma

Hahaha.... Marriage isn't going to end The Veronicas! Major Record labels will ;) -J

bedazzledqueeen24 karma

Do you think your relationship with fans would be different if twitter didn't exist? :D

TheVeronicas40 karma

Our relationship wouldn't differ, the only difference would be the availability of outreach to them. We would sit and write back letters to them all if we had to - J

ishtus22 karma

You realise how awesome your European fans are, staying up at 3-4-5am for this?! :p (personally I'm pulling an allnighter. Wouldn't miss this! )

TheVeronicas38 karma

YES! You're a babe. I'm sending virtual pashes your way! - J

bluemoon-1421 karma

If you could live in another time period, which era would you choose?

TheVeronicas36 karma

60's/70's- it was the best era for music- L

herplede20 karma

If you weren't musicians, what do you think you would be doing for a career?

TheVeronicas30 karma

Ocean biology, The study of deep sea creatures. Or a photographer- L

TheVeronicas2 karma

Jessica: I would like to study spiritual psychology, and holistic healing! I still am/ will.

HolaSoyCamila16 karma

This is the best idea, for the truly fans, thank you girls. ♥

favorite song of Lana del Rey? :)

TheVeronicas21 karma

We love you. Dark Paradise - J

WIlliam_Kogoi15 karma

Where is Lisa?

TheVeronicas46 karma

I'm right here babe, drinking coconut water & listening to the sweet sweet sounds of Amy Winehouse.

sworzeh14 karma

I'm a huge fan, but why has it taken so long to bring out new music?

TheVeronicas37 karma

2 words. Warner. Brothers. - J

Frajer13 karma

What is Billy Corgan like?

TheVeronicas26 karma

He's ten times darker, ten times more brilliant, and 100 times more of teddy bear than what anyone could ever imagine. - J

Oncewaslove12 karma

What was your relationship like growing up? What made you guys decide to do this for a living?

TheVeronicas20 karma

Honestly, music was in our souls from the moment we were born. It was a natural progression for us to use melody to communicate, even before words. - J

BasiaD12 karma

How would you describe each of The Veronicas band members in 3 words? ;)

TheVeronicas16 karma

Jungle - Weird/ weirder/ weirdest

ishtus11 karma

What would you do if, during a show, some crazy chick (for instance me) would jump on stage halfnaked?

TheVeronicas21 karma

Dance with you sista! - J

queercoffee10 karma

Does "Lolita" give us a good idea about what to expect from the new album? I love the direction you both went with that song and video.

TheVeronicas17 karma

Yes and no. Yes in the sense of challenging ourselves musically & what people expect from us, but sonically & lyrically the music will be very honest, more real and soulful.

hmmmonica9 karma

Jess, what's your favorite color?

TheVeronicas18 karma

Black. Like my heart ;) - J

milkycratekid8 karma

Jess - when are you coming back to Sydney and taking me to Golden Century for dinner?

TheVeronicas9 karma

Oh baby, you know me too well ;) - J

marlita-kirsch8 karma

Jess, do you regret any of your "boyfriend dedicated" tattoos?

TheVeronicas17 karma

No. Not a single one. I regret all the others though. - J

austrianVFan7 karma

In which cities in Europe will you play? (London, Dublin, Berlin, Vienna, Rome?)

TheVeronicas15 karma

ALL of the above please. Beer beer wine wine wine - L

HolaSoyCamila7 karma

Cold has to have a video!!!!. sorry but... (favorite song)

TheVeronicas9 karma

Hearts X -J

Lolskis7 karma


TheVeronicas40 karma

I mean nothing THAT crazy, just crowd surfed, broken a rib, fell over on stage, had fans break the barricade and rush the stage, passed out, got in fights, forgotten lyrics, made out with fans, got married to one of our band members, got divorced to band member, had a stalker arrested, pepper sprayed a man who was trying to get on our bus to 'kiddnap us', ate an entire packet of oreos after a show, and watched Jess get a tattoo of a cupcake. -L

LezGetFrenchToast6 karma

What is the most surprising thing that's happened to you as a result of your music/being famous?

TheVeronicas22 karma

The most surprising thing is always self evolution, opportunity to know deeper sides of yourself. Expressing yourself through creativity, and baring yourself for all to invest in, whether love or hate, is a surprising understanding! Also having the chance to work with/ meet so many of our musical inspirations/ hero's has been above and beyond our wildest dreams. - J

Franzy_origliasso6 karma

Could you write a song to us their Vfans?

TheVeronicas17 karma

We already have for this record;)- L

filleetoile6 karma

I love your acoustic recording of "Could Have Been"! I know that was a while ago, do you think it will be on the new record? ☮✌ ☆ ☪

TheVeronicas6 karma

It won't be, but we will absolutely be doing it live a random shows :) - J

AnselmoOrigliasso6 karma

What do you think about all of your fans? We inspire you? Did you write any song thinking about your fans?

TheVeronicas10 karma

You inspire us every single day. We wouldn't have the opportunity to create on a daily basis without all your love and support. - J

blackyye5 karma

Do you have plans to come Mexico again?

TheVeronicas6 karma

YES! This year we hope! - J

lovesprunghate5 karma

If you guys could collaborate with any other artist (living, dead, whatever), who would it be and why?

Also wanted to say how much I love you guys, and thank you for doing this AMA!

TheVeronicas10 karma

Michael Jackson. Or Jay Buchanan- L

alessyaveronica5 karma

Hey Jess and Lisa! Will Dead Cool and Mad Love be on the album? I really love both those songs!

TheVeronicas14 karma

YES! 'Mad love' is absolutely! Just finishing up production on it this week! And we would love for 'Dead Cool' to make it. Either way, we are going to do them both Live. - J

bedazzledqueeen4 karma

Did you ever imagine that you would impact peoples lives all around the world in such a positive way?

TheVeronicas14 karma

I don't think we could have been prepared or ever truly imagine how good it feels to know that people can get so much from the music we make. I believe the music we love and listen to helps us define who we are to ourselves and others. It has been a dream come true to have received so much love everyday - L

Whodafuqcares4 karma

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being nearly silent and 10 being deafening how loud can each of you burp?

TheVeronicas5 karma

Ladies don't do that! We are magickal mystical creatures - J

MariPassos4 karma

GIRLS, PLEASE, ANSWER ME OR I WILL HAVE TO GIVE R$10,00 TO MY BROTHER. He bet you wouldn't answer me ):

TheVeronicas7 karma

Well you're bother is a dumbass :) Hi X - J

Veronica4ever3 karma

Are you planning to do more these ustreams or ama?:) love u guys <3 Xxxx

TheVeronicas6 karma

We are aiming for one every few weeks! - J

Octolisa3 karma

Can you tell me if "Did you miss me" is still going to be on the album?

Lisa, do you think you could do a few Dead Cool Dropouts shows before going on tour with your own band?

TheVeronicas5 karma

Oh baby, yes!

And I would love that, it's tough though because Ty & I are both so busy with our own bands right now. But keep an eye out, you never know;)- L

AndreeaReyeez3 karma

JESS YOU ARE THE SEXIEST HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET!! tell me have you done something illegal this week? lol Q2: Will you marry me? I love you babe X Q3: If you had to choose between Lisa or Steve Buscemi, who would you choose? :D

TheVeronicas7 karma

Hahaha...Im a GOOD GIRL! ;) Yes to marriage. And I would always pick Lisa over everyone X - J

randomisty3 karma

I remember when you came to San Francisco in 2008 with Natasha Bedingfield. I yelled "I love you Jess!" and you smiled me at me... it was THE-BEST-DAY-OF-MY-LIFE. I LOVE YOU JESS anddddd LISA TOO

TheVeronicas4 karma

I love you too.. still! - J

WIlliam_Kogoi2 karma

Is there any song or video you regret making. Is there any unreleased song you regret not releasing officially?

TheVeronicas16 karma

The 'take me on the floor' video clip was the worst thing ever made. Other than that, no. -L

Veronica4ever2 karma

Cold is an amazing song. GOOD JOB! <3 love u xxxxxxxx

TheVeronicas3 karma

Thank you so much! It will be on the record -J

biancaarantes1 karma

jess why do you never answer me on twitter? :'(

TheVeronicas10 karma

Because once upon a time a girl named Bianca stole the boy I liked in 3rd grade, and Im still emotionally scarred from it. - J

Rubix19880 karma

Sure are a lot of 0 day accounts in this AMA. Almost like this is just a big publicity stunt.

TheVeronicas15 karma

Ummm hahahaha alot of our fans signed up today so they could talk to us, dickhead!