Legit airs on FX on Thursdays at 10:30pm. Its a critically acclaimed (a rarity for me) new series that Im incredibly proud of. If you havent seen it, check it out. If you're not easily offended, I think you'll like it. Follow me on twitter @theonlydjqualls. Also, I have NO IDEA of Garth's future on Supernatural. You'd have to ask a producer. Ill go back as soon as they call, provided Im not working.

OK, folks. It took 4 hours, but I think I answered everyone. If I missed you, it might be a duplicate question. Read the chat to see if your answer is somewhere. Everyone was on really good behavior. Glad, but kinda disappointed I didnt get to unload on someone. Thanks for doing this with me.


PS I dont know what kind of proof is required that this is me. My twitter account is verified, and I posted that I was gonna be here. I wear boxers (until my junk starts to sag), hate mayonnaise, have a dead dog named George, recently flooded loft. If I were going to impersonate another celebrity, it would NOT be me.

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Samanddeanwinchester521 karma

Dude, we're fighting demons and shit. You're doing a damn AMA??!!

MrDJQualls235 karma


MaxBeasley221 karma

Your character on LEGIT has Muscular Dystrophy. I, as someone who also has MD, began watching the show based solely on this [since there's never true representation of us in mainstream shows]. How did you prepare yourself for this challenging role? BTW, you are honestly the only actor who isn't legitimately disabled who is portraying a character with genuineness! Love LEGIT and the MD community loves Billy!

MrDJQualls322 karma

Thank you for saying that. You know, I dont really play the Muscular Dystrophy part. I try to play the human part. I think, how would Billy feel about whatever the situation is? Ive said before, I think people are merely the sum of their experiences. The muscular dystrophy is obviously a huge part of who he is, but he's basically a regular guy who wants all the same crap as everyone else. The physical limitations are the hardest to deal with, but when the camera cuts, I can stand up. That fact never leaves me and I know I have a certain responsibility to the dignity of all who have MD. I also have a responsibility to make everyone laugh. I think Im able to ride that line pretty well. I keep a keen guard on how Billy is portrayed, but everyone get their turn to be the butt of the joke on Legit. And, the writers make sure Billy gets his. Its only fair.

MrDJQualls159 karma

Ive been doing this for 2 hours. Im gonna take a break and return to go over everything to make sure Ive done well, then I think Im calling it a day. Thank you SO MUCH for your questions. Please continue to watch Legit or if you havent seen it, give it a shot. Back episode are free on Hulu and on the FX website.

If I didnt believe it was good, I wouldn't keep pushing it. FX gives you a lot of creative freedom, but you kinda cant live on the pay. (No offense, FX) Id take being happy with my work over pay any day of the week.

thundersr00k157 karma

This is not really a question. I just want to say Garth is my favourite Supernatural character and whenever I'm watching a show or movie I didn't know you were in, and you appear on screen, it makes my day 10x better. Thank you and I wish you well in your future =]

Party on, DJ.

MrDJQualls114 karma

Thanks a lot!

MrDJQualls130 karma

And party on!

TheDuskDragon133 karma

What was your favorite experience working on the set of Supernatural and Breaking Bad?

MrDJQualls412 karma

I love doing Supernatural so much, its hard to pick a favorite experience. I loved the episode where we were chasing the monster you could only see when you're drunk. Playing drunk and actually being drunk in a couple of scenes was fun. I liked souther comfort because Jared and I had so many scenes together for the first time.

Breaking Bad, Im really proud of that episode. It was a 6 minute cold open with no cuts. Doing that scene was a dance. We wanted to audience to think I was a cop, then doubt it, then think it, then doubt it...The New York Times rated it one of the 10 best moments of the series. That made me really happy.

Skyhawk1129 karma

Was it hard transitioning from spinning records to acting?

MrDJQualls299 karma

That is a popular misconception. DJ is my actual name. Ive never spun a record. Ive been an actor for 13 years and people still think that I used to or still do spin.

collettealyson93 karma

DJ, you are always so gracious when interacting with fans. I appreciate that you take your time out to do so on Twitter and reddit and at Cons. I was wondering how you find your zen or joy, to keep the positivity that you spread to us so often.

MrDJQualls164 karma

First off, thank you. My manager once said to me to guard my heart, protect that excitement I had at the beginning of my career, and guard the qualities that made people notice me in the first place. If you ever get to a point where you aren't grateful to be doing something you love and grateful that people respond to it, you're in trouble. I have moments all the time where I say out loud, "I cannot believe this is my life." Id be lying if I said I also didnt have moments where things get to me and I get down, but I try to keep them in check. Fame is weird. People write and say terrible things about you. People look at you in public when you are eating spaghetti like they are watching a zoo animal. It took a long time to get used to. That said, the positives outweigh the negatives. Im proud of my career because I got it by sheer force of will and I will never forget that.

Skissored25 karma

I've never seen a celebrity myself (living in little Edmonton), though I imagine it's hard to see someone so recognizable and not stare. As rude as it is, celebrities grace our lives daily in our media and I imagine it would be surreal to suddenly see them in person, needing to do a double and triple check. Once a person has confirmed it is who they think, it's difficult just to sit and say nothing especially if it's someone like yourself who is so loved and admired among your fans. It makes me beyond glad you're among the few that haven't let fame go to your head. Gerard Butler did an AMA the other day and seeing down to earth celebrities is so refreshing and held highly on this side of the internet.

Just wanted to say thanks.

MrDJQualls100 karma

Actors can only work if people like yourself will support and love us. I am aware of this. I don't forget it. Like I said earlier, I have moments when its hard to take. Once I was in NYC and I got a call that my dog was on life support. I was walking down the street, bawling my eyes out and some fans stopped me. I explained the situation and they clearly didn't care, they wanted pictures. I took them, but I was not happy about it.

Being famous isn't a natural state of being. It's a big mental adjustment. In my mind, I'm myself, the guy who grew up in rural Tennessee with a dream to do something bigger. I totally understand why people freak out when they see me in person. People see me on their TVs and then suddenly, Im at Walmart and they think, what are YOU doing in MY reality? It's weird. I get it. I've had a ton of fanboy experiences in the last 13 years. When I met Lily Tomlin, I was FREAKING OUT inside. She made the Incredible Shrinking Woman, a childhood favorite. Also, when Slash from Guns n Roses said he was a fan of my work, I went numb and said a bunch of dumb crap.

Knozis88 karma

The New Guy was a hilarious flick. What is the vibe of the set when working on a teen sex film?

MrDJQualls281 karma

The New Guy really wasn't a teen sex film. No one has sex in the movie. Its more an anti-bullying/bully revenge movie. I did it because I was bullied mercilessly in school. I used to think about killing myself often in my teen years to escape it, that's how bad it got. Thank God Im afraid of pain or Id be a goner. I did The New Guy to exorcize some of those demons and to give others who are bullied 90 minutes of escape and fantasy. And, because they offered it to me, it was a lead in a major motion picture and they paid me a crap load for it.

puredemo32 karma

And, because they offered it to me, it was a lead in a major motion picture and they paid me a crap load for it.

I remember an old interview you did, you said the other cast members were making fun of your beater car, like you weren't allowed to drive a beater when you're the lead in a film.

Just curious, what car(s) do you drive now, after a decade plus in the industry?

MrDJQualls243 karma

I have an 11 year old Mercedes. It only has 43K miles on it because most of my work has been on location. When it was 10 years old, I started putting aside what a monthly car payment would be. I use that money to buy art. I recently bought my first Warhol. Its smarter than spending your money on a flashy new car. A car is a huge part of your image in LA. That is something I choose not to involve myself in.

I will drive that car until the wheels fall off, then hopefully buy another and drive that until it dies.

MrOddBawl5 karma

You are so chill and down to earth, I bet you are a lot of fun just to hang out with. If I ever meet you can we go to the pub and grab a few beers? On me.

MrDJQualls10 karma


i_poop_cheerios86 karma

It's not cheating because it's your dog :)

You know? Because it's your dog.

We get it..

MrDJQualls115 karma

Its amazing how much Ive heard that. If I said it never got old, Id be telling a 12 year old lie. Road Trip started my career and it occupies a soft spot in my heart, always will. That said, I have a love/hate situation with that line. I hear it less now, but for like 5 YEARS after the movie was out I heard it at least once every time I was interacting with strangers in a public place.

donttelltheboss59 karma

well that's because the delivery was too perfect! I can hear your voice in my head because of that, it sticks man!

MrDJQualls63 karma

That made me laugh! Thanks for that!

heidems7366 karma

I also want to Thank You so much for making my 14 year olds day when you wished her a Happy Birthday on Twitter!! She was so excited!

MrDJQualls80 karma

My pleasure.

Frajer61 karma

What is Vanilla Ice like?

MrDJQualls166 karma

I think he prefers Rob VanWinkle. He was in a kinda angry place when I met him, which I totally understand. Ice, Ice, Baby was years ago and he's tried to get away from it to do new things. Its been a struggle for him. I had to fight singing the song when I was around him, though. It just kept popping into my brain to hum or whistle it. I cant remember, but I think I was able to contain myself.

damagedgoods7779 karma

I would have played under pressure. That would have been way too much to resist.

MrDJQualls111 karma

That's what I was humming.

trekkiechick57 karma

Hi DJ! I was wondering if we'll see you again on season 9 of Supernatural. Everyone in the Garth fandom is really hoping that nothing bad happens to you, but with a show like Supernatural, that's pretty rare.

MrDJQualls105 karma

I love the fandom. Love Garth. Have no idea what the writers are planning for the future. Even if I never do another episode of SPN, Ive had a blast and love (and occasionally, fear) the fans.

I love doing the conventions and for those who ask why Im not doing a convention they are attending, its because I wasnt invited to that particular one. I haven't turned down an invitation, yet, because I feel like its my responsibility to show up and interact with people who love the show and what Im doing on it. Ive had convention date "outs" written into the contracts of all the jobs Ive taken since I began Supernatural to make sure I can accept all invitations.

all-spn55 karma

Loved you as "Rat" in "The Core". Was it hard to be so emotional toward the end of the movie or were your really caught up in the frustration of your character?

MrDJQualls69 karma

Thanks. That movie is special for me because I met Alfre Woodard during filming. She and I have remained close for over a decade. As far as the emotional stuff in the film, I actually find crying and those types of extreme emotions easier to play. If you connect into a situation, and imagine how you would feel if it were really happening, it just kind of pours out. I actually have to fight to control it. Comedy is SO much harder than drama. It puzzles me why dramatic actors are praised on a higher plane than those known for comedy.

Petchy801152 karma

Hey DJ Qualls, thanks for doing this AMA I love your work on Supernatural, and I want to know what it's like working with Jared and Jensen? Thankyou!

MrDJQualls113 karma

They are like your bratty brothers. They tease you, fart all the time, but they love you deep down.

TheRealKaveman48 karma

  1. What kind of diet are you on to keep that amazing figure? And

  2. What do you think happened to your character on LOST after the series finale?

MrDJQualls155 karma

Im on the childhood cancer diet. The chemo I was on sped up my metabolism. Also, I had it during a time when my bones were growing. They lengthened, but never widened. I have the frame of a very tall 14 year old boy. As far as Lost goes, I was working on another show when they ended. Also, I wasn't asked.

TheRealKaveman98 karma

...ah. I do believe I'll be reading people's wikipedia before asking such questions in jest from now on. Thanks for the honest answer, in any case!

MrDJQualls90 karma

Lol. No worries! Thanks for the question.

DisturbedPuppy14 karma

Childhood cancer has such weird ways of effecting the body. My roommate had cancer when he was a teen and because of that he has a short torso. He's got the arms and legs of a 6' tall man but he's only like 5'7"

MrDJQualls44 karma

This is a pretty common thing. Chemo cannot tell what's a good fast growing cell and what a bad one, so it kills them all.

Heavenstar143 karma

I don't have a question. I just want to say I think you're awesome and I have such a crush on you. (:

MrDJQualls74 karma

That's sweet of you to say. I like being loved.

davist102837 karma

Loved you as Leo on Big Bang Theory as well as The New Guy. Is Eliza Dushku as hot in person as she looks?

MrDJQualls91 karma

Thanks! Yes, Eliza is a natural beauty. She's also really fun to drink with.

rcpm1236 karma

You always seem to do your best to stay in touch with your fans, especially on Twitter. Have you/would you ever date one?

MrDJQualls90 karma

Thanks for noticing. Yeah, I pride myself on doing my best to respond to fans. If they take the time to reach out to me, I feel I owe them at least an acknowledgement. Dating a fan? I've never done it, but never say never. A fan is just a person who likes your work, that you haven't met yet.

MontiacMoxie36 karma

DJ - What is your favorite vegetable?

MrDJQualls131 karma

Im a big fan of the artichoke. No wait, corn on the cob is my favorite, Then potato, then, artichoke.

No wait, Okra. Fried Okra I could eat all day long. Okra, then COLLARD GREENS, then corn on the cob, then potato, then artichoke heart.

Skissored37 karma

This must be your secret to looking permanently 21, I don't think you've aged a day since The New Guy.

MrDJQualls225 karma

I love you right now! Its actually a combination of genetics and dermatology. I take really good care of my skin. SPF 30 every day, alternate a non foaming cleanser and a mild scrub and once a year, I get a little injectable filler in my smile lines. Thin people get serious smile lines at an early age, so I have mine fixed.

How's that for AMA honesty?

Accent1230 karma

Hi DJ! Thanks for doing this! You've been involved in some pretty epic shows like Breaking Bad and Lost. Out of all the projects you've been involved in, which one has been your favorite? Was there any particular one that you did not enjoy working on?

And hey, I actually liked All About Steve.

MrDJQualls68 karma

I liked All About Steve, too. Im not really sure why the critics went after it like they did. Oh well. Favorite TV show is honestly Legit. I have freedom like Ive never had on any other show and I really love the cast and crew. Supernatural is next on the list because its turned into such a thing in my life.

Ill be honest with you, there are two times when I didnt have a good time on a show. I didnt have fun on Big Bang Theory. I liked the people, but a sitcom format was something Id never done before. Im from the single camera world. It was tough to adjust to it. Im a perfectionist and I white knuckled that whole experience. If I did it again, Id probably have a different outlook. The other was Numbers. I did an episode of that show. I cant remember why I did it. I didnt like the character. I must have been bored and ready to work. That happens sometimes. There was also an actor on that show that made it less fun. It wasn't David Krumholtz.

Accent1210 karma

Thanks for your answers! I appreciate your honesty. I have to admit I haven't seen Legit yet, I don't have cable. Next time I'm at my girlfriends place I'll make sure to check it out.

This made my day! Thanks again!

MrDJQualls41 karma

Its on Hulu and the FX website for free. Check it out.

PamelaLove27 karma

Hey there, DJ! Just wanted to ask you what your dream role would be if you were ever given the opportunity to perform it?

MrDJQualls106 karma

I just heard they are making a movie of Good Times. I would like to play JJ, but Im not black.

In the real world, I would like to play Billy Bibbit in One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest on Broadway or the West End. I had an offer to do it in London in 2005, but a mistake in my work permit killed the deal. It broke my heart. Its one of the few times Ive cried about something work related.

RobLives4Love26 karma

Hey DJ. I have no question - just wanna tell you I think you're awesome... And, well, if you wanted, I'd let you have your way with me.

MrDJQualls163 karma

I know who you are. Thanks, Rob. I appreciate the love and the offer. I stopped have sex with strangers when I became an actor. I no longer needed the income.

scoot23ro22 karma

Gilligan's Island the remake! how about it? it could be huge

MrDJQualls74 karma

Im in. Id make Gilligan a little smarter, though. Id also like him to be gay. There were no gays on the island. Id also make Marianne black. The professor could be Asian, but I dont know if that is racist.

Pat94918 karma

Has sitting in a wheelchair all day not moving affected your body in any way?

MrDJQualls108 karma

Sitting a wheelchair hasn't impacted my body in anyway. I sit on the couch all day when Im off work. Its similar except I can scratch my balls when they itch when Im on the couch. I cant move my arms when the camera is rolling. That is hard for me. Im an arm talker.

jimmynovak18 karma

What's it like working with Mr. Fizzle?

MrDJQualls64 karma

Mr. Fizzles is my hand, so Id say its pretty easy. I have a lot of experience working with my hand.

Sickeninglysweet17 karma

Just droppin by to say I can watch The New Guy any day of the week. It's great! Thanks. =)

MrDJQualls14 karma

That is cool of you to say.

MontiacMoxie16 karma

One of my favorite movies is Lone Star State of Mind. I loved all of you guys in that film. I can re-watch it forever!

MrDJQualls22 karma

That is up there with the most fun Ive ever had on a set. It was sort of a magical experience making that movie. I take a lot of joy when people find it and respond well. Its pure mindless comedy. That's why we made it.

sopholley15 karma

Hey DJ! You excited to come back to England for Asylum 10? It'll be great to see you again

MrDJQualls30 karma

I cant wait to get back to England. Aside from the convention, which is a blast, I lived there for 6 years. Its like a mini homecoming. I get to see old friends, eat foods that I miss, and visit old hangouts.

scoot23ro15 karma

are you a former model for such designers as Calvin Klein and Prada?

MrDJQualls46 karma

Probably before you were born and before gravity started pulling at my body. When looking like you did drugs (but didn't) was fashionable. When people woke up and realized that acid washed jeans were terrible and when TLC and Salt n Pepa were on the radio. Yes.

Stupid_Llamas15 karma

Can we ever expect a Road Trip 2?

MrDJQualls88 karma

Lol. I don't think so. I think the Hangover movies picked up where we left off. I owe Todd Phillips a lot, though. He started my career. He found me at a local audition in Atlanta and plucked me out of obscurity and pushed me into slightly less obscurity.

Iseeburritos13 karma


MrDJQualls36 karma

Good question. Ill be honest with you. Memphis Beat got the ax because one of our actors wasn't happy. Our ratings were good, but not high enough for TNT to justify bringing the show back in light of some complications behind the scenes. It was a great time in my life and introduced me to my second home, New Orleans. For that, I will always be grateful. I also got to work with one of my dearest friends, Alfre Woodard.

mhutson711 karma

Hi DJ! Why did you decide to become an actor? And how did you get into the business? TIA!

MrDJQualls35 karma

I became an actor because from an early age, maybe around 6 years old, its all I wanted to do. If I couldn't do that, I wanted to live in New York City and work for a newspaper like Clark Kent and Peter Parker.

I got into the business by auditioning for a one line part in the movie Road Trip. The director, Todd Philips saw something in me and asked me to read for a lead role. I got it and it changed my life. It was a lucky break, but years went into that break. I sharpened my skills for years in local theater. If I wasnt ready when I got the opportunity, it wouldnt have happened.

Im also a FIRM believer in saying what you want to happen out loud. I did it to become a working actor and I still do it today. I also say out loud when Im thankful or afraid or happy... Im not sure what it does, maybe it focuses you, but that really works for me.

imjustanape11 karma

Do you have any "first day on set" things that you like to do? And what do you do as you're reading through a script for the first tim?

Obligatory 'love you on Supernatural' comment!

MrDJQualls20 karma

My first day on set, Im always nervous, especially if Im guesting on someone else's show. When its my show, like Legit or when Im made to feel like a regular, Supernatural, Im very relaxed. I do my best work when Im relaxed because it makes me feel free to explore and find moments.

When Im reading through a script, it sort of sounds like music in my head. I can hear the cadence of the dialogue. If that doesnt happen, I usually ask my management if its bad or Im crazy. It's usually bad material. I think my instincts are decent, but Im not always correct.

heatherondo11 karma

I hope you aren't insulted by this, but you're not the conventional looking actor, i.e you look like the rest of us, not photoshopped. You always play the most interesting characters, you're refreshing, and I've forgotten my point, damn muscle relaxer! lol

MrDJQualls28 karma

I appreciate that. You're right. Im not a conventional looking actor. It's tougher for us to break through, but once we do, we get more interesting characters. Right now, we are seeing a bit of the death of the character actor. The parts are getting smaller and fewer. Major movies stars and now getting those parts. They have aged out of the pretty, lead character and are moving into those roles. I think movies, in general, are of less quality than they used to be and that has pushed people to television. The work is just more interesting.

I count myself lucky that I got into acting when I did. Its a different landscape now. I feel like I get my fair share of work and at least get a crack at things that I respond to. I credit this to the fact that every job I take, I give all of myself, even if I know its not great. I also give much credit to my manager of 13 years, Brian. He pushes me, advises me, and has the same belief in my talent that I do. Probably more belief.

Zanza4Hire10 karma

What was your favorite role to play for a TV series you appeared on?

MrDJQualls26 karma

Its 100% my character on Legit. I get to really explore some great stuff with him. The character has movement limitations so Im challenged to make my scenes interesting or compelling or funny just using my voice and facial expressions. Theres no physicality to play with.

jokerman9710 karma

DJ you are one of my idles!! How is it working with jim jeffries??

MrDJQualls31 karma

Thanks! I love Jim to pieces. He and I have become good friends. I couldnt have predicted that. I turned down Legit initially because I felt like I couldnt be vulnerable around Jim. I thought he was the guy from his stand up. He also didnt make eye contact with me when I read with him for the pilot. I was proved wrong, though. He's a really caring guy. He can also be a total asshole, but I overlook that. When he's going at me, I just say "You can't hurt me, Jim." It works for me.

Purplecurtains8 karma

How is it working with Jim Jefferies?

Is Legit going to have a second season?

What is your favorite role?

I ordered a hoodie and UPS is delivering it, its currently 10 minutes away but it says it will be here tomorrow when it originally said it would be here today. What gives?

MrDJQualls23 karma

I waited for 4 hours outside my building once waiting for a computer to be delivered by UPS because the window was all day. My loft is in a secure complex and my name isn't on the intercom thing. It sucked.

We should know very soon about Legit getting a second season. Its looking good. Keep watching. We need you.

I love Jim. I went into more detail on another thread.

dinosaurenthusiast8 karma


MrDJQualls37 karma

Ive never had a project that wasn't made or a pilot that didnt air. Ive had a couple of movies that went straight to DVD, but I knew they werent great. I take projects based on a number of factors. Do I like it? Are the people interesting? Is the location somewhere I want to go? Does it pay well? If it doesnt pay well, will there be any upside to doing it like creative freedom or a chance to try a new kind of character?

I can say this, I learn something on every single job I've taken. Even the ones that dont turn out the way I would have liked have a place in my development as an actor and a man. I think that's true for anyone. We are basically a sum of our experiences and how we chose to interpret those experiences.

sifichickk8 karma

As someone who's disabled (visual impairment) I want to say thank you for not playing Billy as a moron. Too many times the disabled person becomes the butt of the joke and it really does harm to people's perceptions of who disabled people are. You're helping to give a true face. I also love that the show pulls no punches. Billy is treated just like anyone else. He isn't babied by his brother or Jim. He's just treated like anyone else. Which is what most of us want & is rarely shown on tv & movies. Especially in comedies. So thank you very much.

Thank you also for taking your time & talking to fans on Twitter. It really does mean a lot to fans when our favorite actors respond back. You sir rock. :)

BTW the offer is still open to eat ice cream and watch Legit together. :P

MrDJQualls9 karma

That offer is always on the table. And, I thank you for seeing what I was trying to do with the character. I got just a couple of negative remarks from actors with disabilities before the show even aired and I thought "oh my GOD, this isnt even out, and people are passing judgement." This has changed and I think most people have embraced it.

Obviously, with such a seriously advanced disability, we had to address it, set it up, and while its a factor in certain moments of the show, we play Billy just as we play Jim and Steve. Im stoked that we have a series regular character with a disability living out his life on primetime tv.

TheDEW7 karma

Do you plan to stick around here on Reddit?

MrDJQualls5 karma

Jury is still out. Im kind of overwhelmed right now. Ive been doing this for 4 hours to make sure 90% get answers.

bitsyvonboomboom6 karma

Hey. I had quite the crush on you after seeing The New Guy back in the day. I think I even wrote your name on my bedroom wall, which I then had to cover up so I wouldn't get in trouble with my Mom. Good times.

Also, thought you were great in 'Earl. So sad when it was cancelled!

MrDJQualls8 karma

BEST COMMENT EVER! Ive always wanted to be someone's childhood crush.

rdlln6 karma

What sort of a role are you dying to play?

MrDJQualls12 karma

I answered this earlier. Billy Bibbit in One Flew over the Cuckoo's nest on Broadway or the West End. Its my dream role. I got an offer to do it in London in 05 but some work permit complication screwed it up. Cant tell you how badly that stung. Literally 5 days before I was supposed to leave for a 3 month run, I was replaced.

Shannynh6 karma

How was working on Law & Order: CI? I really loved that episode, you were so awesome in it.

Also, your character in Road Trip reminds me so much of my brother, I ugly cried about the french toast.

MrDJQualls13 karma

Ugly cry is one of my favorite expressions. I really loved working on Criminal Intent. The character was pretty complicated by the TV standards of the day. Vincent D'onofrio was a treat to work with. Ive worked with him since and he's still amazing. He's also a funny, charming dude.

jangels1015 karma

First, I think your acting on Legit is some of your best work. You seem to have stayed so grounded and down to earth. Who in your life or what situations in your life, do you contribute that to?

MrDJQualls4 karma

Thank you. I agree with you. I think Legit is probably my best work to date. Its the only thing Ive ever done that doesnt pain me to watch, other than maybe Hustle & Flow. I tend to tear myself apart.

As to what keeps me grounded? Please, my friends and family look at me and treat me like anyone else walking around. I also have an innate sense of decency and humanity that keeps me connected. I look at myself as a guy with a cool job. That said, I have moments when I get a little ahead of myself. Karma usually smacks me around and I get the message.

megazver5 karma

Is Craig Ferguson the best talk show host like he seems he is? What's being on his show like?

MrDJQualls9 karma

He's amazing. Most of the other shows are kind of scripted. He is completely off the cuff, at least with me. We act like children when we're around each other. I love Craig. Being on the show is my comfort zone as far as talk shows go.

jharris6345 karma

Yeah DJ!!! Ok my question is if you are coming back to Supernatural, would Mr.Fizzles potentially be coming back?????

Also, has SPN changed your life in anyway??

MrDJQualls22 karma

I have no idea about Garth's or Mr. Fizzles' future on SPN. You'd have to ask a producer. As far as it changing my life, yes it has changed things. Cult fandom and fame is different than what I'd experience prior to being on the show. People seem to cry easier in my presence, which is sweet, but freaks me out a little. People call me Garth instead of my name. Brazilians seem especially confused when I dont have 8 cell phones and dont drive and El Camino.

MrDJQualls15 karma

I just answered this, but will do it again, just for you. I have no idea when Garth will return to SPN. Mr. Fizzles is in a drawer in my nightstand. He's on standby also.

heatherondo4 karma

i signed for reddit for this,I'd been shunning various social medias....you bad influence!

MrDJQualls10 karma

I signed up to reddit for this, too. I actually have to be forced to join any social media. I dont know who to blame, but Im actively looking for someone. I like twitter. Its a way to reach a mass of people without much trouble. I dont like facebook, though. Its a little too personal.

rancemo4 karma

Have you ever been haunted by Zak Guthrie?

MrDJQualls14 karma

I dont know who that is. Is he Arlo Guthrie's father or son? Is Arlo Guthrie the person Im thinking of? I honestly dont know. I guess the answer to the question is "No."

I think I talked to my dead grandfather once. That was weird. It was before I ever tried drugs, so I think it might have actually happened.

kmagurno224 karma

Hi DJ! Big fan, can't wait to meet you in New Jersey in May! My question is Supernatural related. I was just wondering if you could tell me what your favorite scene was to shoot while working on Supernatural? I loved you as Garth! <3

MrDJQualls22 karma

I like the scene where I was running from the shojo a lot. That whole sequence was fun from breaking into the brewery to getting thrown through that glass wall.

No, wait. The scene where Dean hurts my feelings about Bobby in Southern Comfort is my favorite.

sopholley4 karma

Also, what has been your favourite moment on the SPN set so far? Thanks for doing ths!

MrDJQualls9 karma

I answered that a few questions ago.

Sully7894 karma

What's it like working with Jim?

I remember you were on Talking Shit, is Jason Auer as horrifying as he sounds?

Loving Legit, thanks for the AMA!

MrDJQualls12 karma

He's actually a really nice dude. They love busting his balls, and he deserves it at times. His decision making skills are not the best. He's like a pet that has some brain trauma. You still love him, even when he pisses on the floor.

HijinxtheVet4 karma

Is Zach Braff as glorious in person as he is in my dreams? Also you were amazing in Hustle and Flow.

MrDJQualls5 karma

I like Zach. He's always been very cool to me. Thanks, I will always love the experience of making Hustle & Flow. Taryn Manning and I became friends during that and we still hang out 6 years later.

mikah13373 karma

Hello! I absolutely love you in Supernatural and The New Guy! I'm sort of an EverQuest nerd so it was especially excellent seeing it referenced.

So, here's my question: Which is easier and/or do you enjoy more, movie films or tv episodes?

Thanks for doing this!

MrDJQualls13 karma

Easier? Nothing is easy in the entertainment business. That a huge misconception. Getting the job is impossible. The hours are insane. The people in front of the camera and behind the scenes are crazy. The people who run the talent structure (agents, mgrs, lawyers, PUBLCIST) are crazier than we are. And, I love it all.

I prefer TV because its more of an open ended thing. It had the potential to run for years, so you let your guard down and form relationships in a way you dont on a film. You also have more time to develop and watch your character grow and become a more human being.

rdlln3 karma

Hi DJ, thanks for chatting with us. Do you rely solely on your agent when it comes to reading scripts or do you sometimes look for material on your own on say Twitter or The Black List site for example?

MrDJQualls7 karma

Everything that is submitted to my management, I see. The projects have to have some sort of financial backing or Id spend my life reading material that may not go into production. If the project isn't already "set up" Ive occasional attached myself to it, but that is rare and usually comes from established writer or new writers that show promise and have someone in the system pushing them.

KingsofHell3 karma

I know you like Warhol and Lautrec; do you have any other favorite painters/artists?

MrDJQualls16 karma

There is a local LA artist named Shannon Crawford. He's an amazing painter. Google him. I own 3 of his pieces. Bryten Goss was, in my opinion, a modern master. He died really young. I had a chance to buy one of his paintings, didnt, and regret it. He was a really sweet guy. I met him through Danny Masterson.

I love all the old masters. Painters who worked during the late 14 to early 1600s, both celebrated and obscure. Their works speaks to me. It manages to be stoic and celebratory at the same time. There is a spirit of joy that is pushing through the constraints of the religious and social constraints of the day. Any art that does that, appeals to me.

Lautrec is probably my favorite. I was moved to tears in front of one of his painting once. Im standing there, alone, at the Art Institute of Chicago looking like a crazy person. Embarrassing.

ambc633 karma

Hey DJ, just wanted to thank you for being awesome in Legit. I had seen Jim Jefferies' special a few years before the show started, and i loved that the pilot episode was his lets-bring-our-MD-friend-to-a-whorehouse story. It was as funny as it could have been.

Also, whats it like having John Ratzenberger (known aliases: Hamm, PT Flea, Abominable Snowman, School of Moonfish, Mack, Mustafa, John the waiter, tom the construction worker, and Gordon the Guard) play your dad? The hoarding episode had me caught between real feels and real laughs the whole time. Great episode.

MrDJQualls4 karma

John is a television legend. He's a great addition to our cast and we love him. He's also a conservative who is anti gun control. We have interesting debates on our set about that kind of stuff, also over best burger, best taco, who is smarter, funnier...The Legit set is not for the timid. You will leave work crying if you cant hold your own.

theriv3 karma

  1. If you weren't acting then what would you be doing?

  2. Favorite experience as an actor?

  3. Worst?

  4. Favorite book or movie?

  5. What is it that got you into acting and sent you to that first audition? was it a certain actor you were influenced or motivated by?

Thank you very much for doing this.

MrDJQualls11 karma

Id be a jeweler or a lawyer.

Winning Sundance with Hustle & Flow was pretty cool. Also, I get to see the world with this job. Dont just get to see it. I spend months filming something in a place I dont live. I get to learn a new place like a local. Not bad.

I had some problems with the director of the New Guy. He was being pressured to do things I didnt agree with. I refused to do them and we clashed. I like the movie, but there are things I would have changed. I see choices that were made, which I fought at the time and feel even stronger about now. Hows that for honestly?

Favorite books. Fountain Head and East of Eden. Hands down. Movies: PeeWee's Big Adventure, The Color Purple, Rudy, Incredible Shrinking Woman...so many. Im a fan of film. Its why Im an actor.

A big motivation for becoming an actor was being bad a sports.

BooksOnFire3 karma

I think that people with disabilities are often portrayed on tv as very one dimensional. I've really enjoyed watching Legit for several reasons. Your character Billy clearly isn't a savant or an innocent guy or an angry guy. He's comfortable in his body and he can be a nice guy or a dick depending on his mood. The show doesn't gloss over the things that come along with a physical disability such as transfers and portable urinals. The show has clearly made an effort to hire actors with disabilities. The show portrays friendships between people with and without disabilities realistically. What have you learned in the process of making this show? Thanks.

MrDJQualls3 karma

Thank you so much. I went into detail about this on a couple of other threads. I appreciate that you get what we are trying to do with the character.

EliseMcg3 karma

As a Portlander I was really sad to hear that Legit had to move after the pilot. While you were in Portland did you have any crazy experiences? Or do you have any stories?

MrDJQualls8 karma

Something bat shit crazy happened in Portland that I cannot tell you. We still laugh about it today. As far as Legit moving from Portland. It was never going to shoot there. Its set in Venice and we need the beach and palm trees. We shot the pilot there so we could use the Leverage crew and facilities. FX gave us a tiny budget and we couldnt shoot the pilot in LA.

jillleigh993 karma

Hi DJ! My question(s): what was your high school GPA (if you don't mind my asking)? I ask because I just got mine today, and it sucks. Also, what is your favorite kind of cake? I'm going to make you one for your birthday when it comes. I'm LOVING Legit, keep up the good work! Love, Jill

MrDJQualls4 karma

I dont remember my high school GPA. My college one was 3.6. Red velvet cake is my favorite and has always been (Im southern). Second is straight up vanilla with vanilla icing. The traditional birthday or wedding cake turns my crank. Im a cake person.

Thanks for watching Legit and keep watching.

MrOddBawl3 karma

Rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck? And why?

Side note I really hope I get to meet you at a con one day Just so I can shake your hand.

MrDJQualls8 karma

Id rather fight a horse sized duck. Ever seen a video of a gang of chihuahuas going nuts on something. Scary shit.

Birdieputtmaker3 karma

Hi DJ! You're awesome :) I was wondering what advice you would give to aspiring actors?

MrDJQualls10 karma

Thanks for the compliment. I get this question a lot. My advice for aspiring actors is to get in locally. Start out in community theater. Study film and television. Sharpen your skills where you live. Then get a local agent who can direct you to regional auditions for film and tv that are shooting near you. The parts will be small, but it will add credits to your resume and give you experience. Or you could get lucky like I did and book a lead on location. That changed my life quick.

Elliestorm3 karma

Oh! I forgot to say you are such a cutie pie in Supernatural!

MrDJQualls5 karma


GetLikeMe3 karma

No one, and I mean no one, can replace Bobby Singer, but I appreciate the effort.

Real talk: Is Jim Beaver exactly like his character? And are Mischa, Jared, and Jensen as funny as DVD bloopers make them out to be?

MrDJQualls7 karma

No one has replaced Bobby. He died, someone had to do his job. Period.

Everyone is funny. Ive hung out with Mischa socially. I like him. Jared and Jenson are pranksters. I have better onscreen chemistry with Jensen, but Jared and I have more contact off set. Jim is somewhat like Bobby because Jim is playing him. In real life, he's more quiet and has a dry sense of humor. He's also a really sweet, warm guy.

Kaylarmarie3 karma

I figured it out! But seriously can I take five seconds to tell you that I love you? Holy crap.

MrDJQualls9 karma

You can take longer, if you'd like.

PrincessGeek3 karma

Hey, I loved you in Road Trip and Supernatural. I think you are a great actor! My questions are: What is your favorite color? And how do you feel when you're being asked for an autograph? Is it still weird? (I would feel totally weird.) Greetings from Holland!

MrDJQualls8 karma

My favorite color to wear would be blue. Maybe red. Although, I tend to stick to blacks and greys. My favorite color to see would be like acid orange or green. I think its because my favorite flavors are orange and lime.

wholegrainsaywhat2 karma

I love you in supernatural.

Do you know your smile is amazing?

MrDJQualls4 karma

Thanks! I have actually heard this frequently during my life, but I dont see it. Im not a fan of my face when Im smiling. I hope people are responding to the fact that its genuine. When I smile at something, my whole body feels it. Im kind of a joy addict.

doomer5292 karma

love ya on Legit, miss you and Jason Lee on Memphis Beat. You will always be Broke Dick to me. love your work

MrDJQualls3 karma

Thanks? I've never heard someone say "you will always be Broke Dick to me." Im not sure how I feel about that. But, Ill take the love anyway I can get it.

Heavenstar12 karma

I don't have a question. I just want to say I think you're awesome and I have such a crush on you. (:

MrDJQualls7 karma

I like hearing that, thanks!

Latitude662 karma

"dude, we are not going to jump my dad's car!"

"i boinked her"

are my favorite two lines!.. thanks for what you do. Great to see your doing well in your career! Keep up the good work.

MrDJQualls7 karma

Appreciate it. Im stoked to be working (and still alive) after all these years and all the shit Ive done.

CiD77071 karma

How strong is your kung fu?

MrDJQualls2 karma

Weaker these days. Im 10 years older.

Helen_A_Handbasket1 karma

Any relation to a Randy Qualls? He'd be about age 50 or so...

MrDJQualls2 karma

No relation.

scoot23ro1 karma

well he didn't even say bye! see ya DJ

MrDJQualls4 karma

That's because Im not done. Im trying to answer as many as possible. Its been almost four hours now.

jessassaurus1 karma

Do you have custody of Mr.Fizzles? :O

MrDJQualls2 karma

He's in my nightstand drawer.

jessassaurus1 karma

Hey :) Probably been asked but what sparked your interest in acting? :) Also you are awesome :D

MrDJQualls2 karma

I answered this a couple times. Look around the chat if you want.

RenaissanceGrrl1 karma

Hello DJ! Boring part of the comment that everyone is more or less saying: love your work, you seem like such a lovely, witty person (based on twitter) and generally delightful. Insightful (hopefully, anyway) question part: Garth said he had Mr. Fizzles because "[his] lady has twins." Any chance that we'll ever see these characters? What do they look like in your head, and how old are the twins? Does she/do they know about Garth's day job? Most hunters seem to have a "don't get attached" attitude, so if Garth is making a relationship work, I'd be curious to see it played out. =) Hope to see you at next year's SPN VegasCon! <3

MrDJQualls2 karma

I honestly have no idea who you will see on the show or when, if ever, Garth will return. Only the writers and producers know. I find out when they call and send me scripts.

Thanks for the kind words and questions.

As far as Vegas con or any other con, you have to talk to Creation about that. I can only go where Im invited. This year Im doing New Jersey, Vancouver, LA, England and Germany.

The_Schield1 karma

Which films are you producing/have produced?

MrDJQualls2 karma

I produced two indies. Comic Book Villains and Last Day of Summer. I have a couple of other things going soon.