Edit: alright guys I've been doing this for a while now. I think I'm going to call it right here. Thanks for all the questions I had a blast talking to everyone.

Edit: what's up guys I just woke up. It was a long ass night. I'm going through trying to pick up any questions I missed so if u still want to ask go right ahead.

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You guys want me to answer a few more questions? I got some free time if there's anyone left with questions. I'll be happy to answer.

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Would you shoot an American citizen if ordered by Obama?

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In the course of my 6 years in the military, I got to train with a few SWAT teams. A lot of their TTPs are questionable, but it is environment from what we deal with.

SWAT has a threat in a know or confined area, where as in combat the threats are everywhere. Still I feel like I did take a few things away from it and it wasn't a complete wasn't of time.

Maybe you should try to team up with some Reserve / Guard units in your area to train with. You will both learn something and broaden your skill sets.

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We're actually in the process of hooking up with the local guard unit to do some joint training.

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Good. Just don't tell them they are "lazering' someone when they point their muzzle at someone. We call it flagging.

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We call it BF (buddy fucking)

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Is it true that if you are stopping someone for a minor traffic violation, but then they go inside of their house or park and get out of the car at their house, you can't give them a ticket?

Also, as a SWAT member, have you ever been fired upon?

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In Louisiana not true. You can still give a ticket. And on SWAT fortunately no I've never been shot at or had to shoot at anyone.