Hello my lovelies! This is Kato of Steampunk Couture and SteamGirl! After many requests to do so via fan mail, I've decided to try doing an AMA here on Reddit so everyone gets a chance to ask me whatever questions they'd like. But I'm going to do one better instead of just typing an answer; I'm going to provide a big video response so I can answer my favorites! So ask away!


Hello! This is Professor Falconer, Kato's assistant. I'll be fielding a few questions as well on the off chance that you have any for me, only mine won't be by video response. I'll also be gathering the best questions for Kato and announcing the cut-off point for when Kato's got enough for her video, so look out for that!

-Prof. Falconer


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FranzVonSoxhlet16 karma

are you going to answer any questions?

Florixia5 karma

They forgot to read step #5 of how to do an AMA

"Step #5:

Click your live link thread when you’re ready to start answering questions. Hopefully there will be questions waiting for you. It’s important to reply directly to questions – that way others can follow the Q&A properly.

When you see a question in the thread look directly below it and hit “reply”. That will allow you to answer that person’s question directly and your answer will fall directly below it.

Continue this process throughout the thread. You can answer whichever questions you’d like and you can ignore any that you don’t want to respond to."

I've finally stopped waiting for the video, why would you choose this format instead of just a "Question" thread on your Facebook, blog, website(s) etc.? Silly.

SteamGirlOfficial-1 karma

Professor Falconer here, and I can tell you exactly why we chose this format: people kept requesting an AMA and this is how Kato is choosing to do it. It's a little unorthodox, yes, but this is one occasion where OP will deliver.

-Prof. Falconer

Renegade304CJ75 karma

I have a simple easy one, how tall are you?

SteamGirlOfficial6 karma

Kato is a towering 5'6''.

-Prof. Falconer

iamphloyd3 karma

Hi! I picked up a membership to your steamgirl.com site as soon as it went live, and I love it!

I only had one thing that I was interested in. Could you please release your videos in higher resolution? I LOVE the first one up, but was kinda unimpressed with some of the artifacting from the compression. That's all really!

Oh... always... MOAR!


SteamGirlOfficial3 karma

Hello! We're working with the site staff on that matter and we hope to get some higher-res videos available as soon as possible.

-Prof. Falconer

Fafnirsteeth2 karma

Kato,Professor Falconer what is your opinion on the tendency for people to sell 'steampunk' items when they are actually just following the rule of 'Just Glue Some Gears On It (And Call It Steampunk)' to use the title of a rather popular song. Does this annoy you that people are capitalising on ignorance and selling shonky merchandise in the process?

SteamGirlOfficial3 karma

I'm not sure what Kato's opinion is on the matter, but as for myself: I think that if someone is going to glue a couple of cogs on a hat and then call it steampunk and wear it proudly, go for it. Enthusiasm for something, so long as it doesn't hurt anyone, should be encouraged! If that person gets nothing but unfairly harsh criticism and negative feedback, they're more likely to just give up on steampunk altogether and label it a fashion for elitist douchebags, something I've seen happen far too many times. With encouragement and support from those in the community, that person can learn that steampunk is more than just gears and eventually develop a style that they can enjoy with a community that shares their enthusiasm.

But that said, selling that same hat while calling it steampunk is another matter. Merchants owe it to themselves and their potential customers to be informed about what they're selling, who they're selling it to, and to provide a quality item which reflects well on all parties involved. There's nothing inherently wrong with a hat that has some gears on it, but it needs more than just that; it needs the style of steampunk, something I can't even really put into words. But then again, I'm not Kato.

-Prof. Falconer

LovesScience2 karma

How steamy would you say your website is?

SteamGirlOfficial5 karma

You know how it's like when you're wearing glasses and you open the door to your dishwasher after it's just finished drying and you can't see anything because the blast of hot steam just covered your lenses?

Steamier than that.

-Prof. Falconer

amorworthi2 karma

Professor Falconer, how did you and Kato become friends? What prompted you to become her assistant? Congratulations on your engagement! Who is the lucky lady and how did you propose? And why bunnies?

SteamGirlOfficial3 karma

Hey, some questions for me!

1) We became friends a few years ago when we met through Dr. Steel's fan site, Toy Soldiers Unite. We got to talking and then eventually met when we were working on a Flat Stanley-esque game and I was next on the list of recipients. We went out that night, had some burgers and saw a movie, and since then we'd stayed in touch.

2) I was already doing some work for Kato for free because she's my friend and needed a hand. One day Kato said "Hey, why don't I pay you and you can be my official assistant" (or something to that effect) and I accepted! At first I was just handling fan mail, but now I'm her personal assistant and right-hand man!

3) Thank you! The lady (I'm the lucky one) is staying anonymous for now, but I proposed at Disneyland last Saturday. I tricked her into posing with me for a photo in front of the Partners statue and then dropped to one knee and popped the question. I'm happy to say that I got just the answer I wanted!

4) Because I'm a rabbit. Or because Kato used a picture of a rabbit when she announced me on her Facebook page and we've been running with it since then. Your choice.

-Prof. Falconer

Florixia1 karma

Who is behind the camera when you are in front of it?

SteamGirlOfficial1 karma

The photographer, obviously.

But seriously, Kato has an in-house photographer who prefers to remain anonymous due to some other work they do.

-Prof. Falconer

nionvox-1 karma

My bunny has a crush on Professor Falconer. He's not quite comfortable with his sexuality yet, poor fluff.

SteamGirlOfficial1 karma

I'm sure he'll come around. Tell him I'm flattered, but I'm engaged to a lovely woman. Break it to him gently, won't you?

-Prof. Falconer