Hi reddit, Andrew Jenks here. I'm 26, I made the HBO film Room 335, the Zen of Bobby V as seen on ESPN, my MTV show World of Jenks is on Mondays at 11 PM EST, and I just wrote a book called MY ADVENTURES AS A YOUNG FILMMAKER.

EDIT / 2:45 - Winding down this AMA, I didn't know what this was going to be like but it was a ton of fun. Happy to do it again soon. Thanks to everyone who asked a question.

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candacecoffman11 karma

not a question, just letting you know that it is so refreshing seeing you interact with Chad. I work with autistic adults, so seeing your love for him brought me to tears. you're bringing so much needed publicity to this disability. you are a beautiful soul, Andrew. thank you.

andrewjenks5 karma

that's really sweet. thank you. goes a long way to hear this. u guys are truley the real heroes and admire you a great deal.

the43armada9 karma

I love the show. I am a huge fan.

How scared were you when Maino started choking you out?

Any plans in the work for future docs or shows?

andrewjenks7 karma

we started The All-American High School Film Festival go to www.aahsff.com really proud of that a lot of work coming out - scripted projects hopefully

maino is the man, but yeah when i couldnt breath it wasnt easy

TrueGritLook9 karma

Hey dude! Fellow HenHud alumn here! Not sure if you remember me, but I'm pretty sure my older brother taught you how to make a bong on the tennis team bus. So cool to see you're kicking ass.

Go sailors?

andrewjenks7 karma

i dont totally remember the bong - although dont doubt it - thanks for the love though man. i talk about how much growing up in that area did a lot for me in my new book (good plug, right?) thanks again

WhatTheSchmuck8 karma

Which story/stories on the show have had affected you the most? Have they changed the way you live your life in any way?

andrewjenks7 karma

for season 2 i live with Kaylin. She is beautiful. She is really smart. She knows fashion - and really knows it - not like a lot of the other 'fashion stars' on tv. she also has TWO ENTIERELY DIFFERENT types of cancer. She is going through chemo right now. Living with her and seeing that she doesn't feel bad for yourself has changed my life forever.....also, when i was homeless for 2 weeks, very life changing.

heyscotttt8 karma

Jenks, I saw your dance moves the other day while watching your show on MTV... I was completely mortified at what I was watching that and was at a loss for words. My girlfriend then showed me the video from my cousins wedding when I was dancing and our moves are horrifyingly similar. What can I do to improve on this?

andrewjenks12 karma

i think this answer is very easy: JUST STOP DANCING! That's what I learned. Just let people know: you can do many things...but hey, not everything. Or Slow Dance - we can all do that...right?

ottomatictom8 karma

Have any of your projects made you feel in danger?

andrewjenks10 karma

Yeah a few. I guess the first one that comes to mind is when i lived with an animal rescuer in Miami at C-9 Basin swamplands...15 minutes from South Beach....we would dress in camaflouge go at 3 AM, setup cameras that filmed for a full day and get footage of these mafia members illegally slaugthering horses, dogs, you name it. Walking around at 3 AM doing this was fairly scary.

DeathSupportSystem7 karma

What would you say is the highlight of your career so far?

andrewjenks11 karma

i have been VERY lucky to follow incredible people: old folks in a nursing home, a young homeless woman, guy with autism....so many people who normally wouldn't have a voice on mainstream television. i know that sounds cheezy but it very true.

ottomatictom6 karma

Have you ever had to stop filming for the safety of you or anyone else?

andrewjenks5 karma

yeah we've been attacked by all sorts of ppl, but i unless they broke the camera my main man @JonahCamera is known to never, ever stop. i admire him for it.

jaus166 karma

Love the show Jenks! I'm just curious as to what the selection process is when you're looking for a person with a story to document?

andrewjenks7 karma

i love telling the stories of underdogs or people that would never get exposure on mainstream tv. a lot of times we go out and really research. almost try to find ppl that have no interest on being tv. too many young people these days want to get famous through reality tv which sucks.

MicSing215 karma

I am a student at Penn State University and I saw the rally you held against student debt. I was wondering what do you think we could do as a country to bring down or eliminate the extremely high debt students seem to accumulate these days?

Also...you should totally come speak at Penn State!

andrewjenks5 karma

well our last congress was the oldest since WWII - they are the most well-paid nursing home in the country. i think it's on our generation to raise these issues, otherwise they don't listen. i will do my best to speak there!

nakedbobcat5 karma

Have you personally had any negative backlash from your show "World of Jenks"?

andrewjenks9 karma

some people on twitter will say nasty things for no real reason. sometimes people say "yo dude from mtv" which i dont really like. a few people think i have depicted certain subcultures in a way they didnt like. but i am very grateful and most people are very cool.

manskies4 karma

Is there anyone that you didn't want to or couldn't document on World of Jenks for any reason?

andrewjenks17 karma

kardashians. never. ever.

H-NAN4 karma

How hard was the pitch of your show to MTV? Your show is not like any of the shows they have.

andrewjenks5 karma

i think when i go and pitch something like that i make sure it's something i really believe in - which may sound cheesy - but to me its really important to go into a mtng with something you care about. and i think SOMETIMES that pays off. i also said i'd move in with a rapper which is certainly good territory for mtv viewership

sayitonemoretime4 karma

OH GOSH... Big fan.

After touring with Versaemerge and Seirra and living with Jessi, did you ever develop a crush on any of those girls? I always felt that you guys really connected, and if anything ever developed from those few weeks? Are you still friends? More than friends?

andrewjenks10 karma

hahaha people are saying the same thing now about me and kaylin from season 2. i deff have a fine line in the sand when it comes to that. many of the women i follow are STUNNING and really COOL but that's like grabbing a co-workers ass at the office. off limits! i do stay in touch with everyone.

f3z3 karma

Do you still talk to Chad?

andrewjenks19 karma

i talk to Chad all the time. Although he hates the phone! I have to remind him not to break up with his GF just b.c she likes justin bieber

TheAlaskanPipeline3 karma

Hey Jenks!

I have to thank you for creating some of the most interesting shows I've ever seen. Every single episode of WOJ changed my perspective on something or other. It was really inspirational to see exactly how completely different people's lives can be all inside of one country. Keep doing what you're doing and making the world a better place!

Have you spoken to Herschel Sims since he was kicked off the OSU football team? Your piece on him was one of my favourite episodes and I was really bummed when I saw what happened.

andrewjenks6 karma

thanks for the compliment. Sims is the man. He was a top 5 recruit coming out of high school and was doing great at OSU until he was kicked off the team. as you know herschel came from a real tough background. his parents abused him, mom in jail, etc. when i spoke with him he said he knew he made a mistake and had to bounce back strong. thats the type of person he is. he'll do well for himself. guarantee.

Albierio3 karma

Met you when you came to Temple University about 2 years back. World of Jenks is hands down one of the best shows on MTV.

Where would you like to see your career going? Would you like to continue to do World of Jenks while making features or just stick to the show?

Also, what caused the lull between the seasons? Was it simply due to filming or due to MTV not sure if they wanted to go forward?

andrewjenks4 karma

i have scripted tv shows and movies that i'd love to do next. i got into docs almost by default when i had no money and knew that a doc could be made cheaply and still be fine (many docs with bad audio, and shaky camera work can be very charming). lull btwn seasons: i spoke at 30 colleges, did mtvs election coverage, and wrote a book that is out now!!!! go buy it!!! or steal it from a book shelf, whatever it takes.

PsychMike3 karma

Andrew, I love your show, and I'm really excited to see you back on my TV. I work with adults with developmental disabilities for a living, and every day my job is rewarding in ways I can't describe. Seeing you interact with individuals like Chad and the experiences you two share really hits close to me. My question is: What is the most rewarding experience/emotion/feeling you've gotten from bringing Chad's story to light, in addition to bringing attention to the developmentally disabled population? Thanks a lot, Andrew!

andrewjenks6 karma

exactly the note you just sent me. honestly. anyone who works in this field or any field that i document, and respond saying that they think i am doing good...means the world. it's the highest compliment. so truley thank u

scottieknollin2 karma

I'm a young (26) high school Government/Economics teacher. While I feel like I've figured out some good, innovative ways to get the students interested in both the government and economics, they still feel like they don't have a voice or that their opinions don't matter. What's some advice you'd give them for their future, either government/economics related or just in general?

andrewjenks4 karma

its easy to think you dont have a voice these days b.c congress is so awful and everyone seems to have a voice on twitter or facebook. i would suggest them writing about something that matters uniquely to them. i think whenever ur really into something, you find a voice. and then maybe there is a way to have that work with a part of gov't that in any way captures their attention. interesting question.

Samanthayost2 karma

I know you probably get the whole "marry me I love you Jenks" from girls all the time, but you absolutely deserve it. You're such a genuine and open minded guy with no bias or judgement blinding you. This isn't really a question, but I just wanted you to know that you deserve someone great. What you're doing is setting such a good example for the younger gen, I hope to accomplish something like that within the media one day too. Honestly, thanks for giving me hope that good men still exist.

P. s. I know how it feels to be pestered by your mom for being single, hang in there you eventually become numb to it :)

andrewjenks3 karma

haha. one day i hope to find the woman of my dreams. maybe i already did?

TheAwesomeGuy212 karma

What made you decide to become a filmmaker?

andrewjenks6 karma

i lived in belgium and nepal off and on as a kid b.c my dad worked for the UN so i alwlays had a camera in my hand bc nobody spoke english! and then for whatever reason, i really developed an interest in storytelling. i dont love going to the movies, but i love, LOVE telling stories.

youaredunzo2 karma

Hey Jenks, Why did the Muslim American episode idea in season 1 get scrapped?

andrewjenks3 karma

we'd love to do that. i think at the time there was a few shows about muslim in ameria

schaffy2 karma

Couple of questions: 1) Do you have plans to someday do a mainstream documentary? (Like Oscar level status...) And if so, do you know what you would want to cover? 2) Having an amazingly awesome autistic brother has definitely made me a better person. Do you think that becoming so close with Chad has had the same kind of influence on you?

andrewjenks5 karma

my first doc when i moved into a nursing home at 19 played in LA/NY and was on hbo. we were sent out for Oscar but didn't win! haha. my second one was on ESPN. I love Chad to death. I forget he is autistic and i think thats the biggest thing i learned....nobody should define him as someone with autism.

nickcapone2 karma

I think I want to do something in the entertainment industry, like music, filmmaking, voiceover work, or all the above, but I'm not positive. How do I decide? Especially since the option of college is quickly approaching

andrewjenks2 karma

dont force it! let it come to you. get a good college education and take it month by month.

WhatTheSchmuck2 karma

Which musician/artist/composer would you choose to create the score/soundtrack that accompanies your everyday life?

andrewjenks4 karma

I would check out Elvis Perkins. One song for sure..."While You Were Sleeping" - i wanna fall in love with a nice lady and i never sleep at night so hopefully doesnt sound like a downer but i love that jam.

thatonecrazyperson2 karma

  • What was the most intriguing story you've done so far?

  • What is one story/film you would like to do but haven't gotten a chance to?

andrewjenks4 karma

follow someone in the Army. they haven't been easy to work with.

simplejaaaames2 karma

How was Anthony "showtime" Pettis off camera? He seems so quiet and it almost comes off as he doesn't like people. I like him as a fighter but I would be scared to death to walk up to him and start a conversation with him.

Also, how much control do you have with your show World of Jenks?

andrewjenks4 karma

mtv has been VERY cool with me. they respect that i made 2 movies before this and give me ultimate say over everything. obviously we disagree plenty but at the end of the day, it ends with me. also, it's not i am asking to do episodes of girls gone wild so that helps....As for Pettis, he is one of the nicest people i have ever, ever met. he is actually very humble and thus really quiet. it was tough to edit bc he is so quiet but his soul really shined through which is why i think so many people love it. that, and he has been kicking serious ass in the ring

SHUElite42 karma

Have you heard about Bobby V's new gig? if so what do you think about that? and also how has your life changed since being a sailor at hendrick hudson high school?

andrewjenks2 karma

Bobby V loves being the underdog - whether its taking the Mets to a world series in 2000 or something entirely random. It's what he's best at. my life since high school has changed in a lot of way but my 5 best friends in elementary school are still my 5 best friends today. come to think of it, theyre really my only friends.

ottomatictom2 karma

Where can I get or watch "Room 335"? I remember looking for it before but I couldn't find it anywhere.

andrewjenks2 karma

iTunes!! Playbook, X-Box, etc.

thatgirlnancy2 karma

Big fan and current film student. Do you think that the accessibility and affordability of online video sharing sites like Vimeo will cause a shift in the distribution and overall discovery of documentaries from young filmmakers?

andrewjenks2 karma

yes big time. it already is. many people now know my first film ROOM 335 from iTunes

sabou62 karma

Is there something you regret "not saying" to someone you followed? Or something you wish you would've done with someone?

andrewjenks6 karma

you'll see on Season 2 of the show i could have been gentler with Kaylin, i would forget how much chronic pain she was in

sabou62 karma

If someone were to follow your life, what aspect of it, of yourself, do you think could inspire more people?

andrewjenks3 karma

well, first off, i'd be very boring to follow - or you would just film me filming other people - but i do work really hard. its how i got even this far.

Cpace922 karma

Have you ever been to Texas? It's not that great, but I would love to meet you some day, you're such an inspiration!

andrewjenks2 karma

been to texas a zillion times: austin, ft worth, dallas, and many of the small towns....big state! lots to film there!

atwitham2 karma

Hey dude. It's safe to say I consider you a hero. The unheard voices you bring to the limelight is refreshing even if they bring sorrow at times. You seem to not just be able to get enough of what you're doing. Do you think your experiences have affected you more or affected the people around you more? You already seem to be a gnarly dude so I'd imagine you were this great growing up. What would be the most gratifying mark you leave on this planet?

Come visit Ball State man!

andrewjenks4 karma

thanks, i really appreciate that. thats a great question - i am not sure. i am sure ppl on the show have been affected in many different ways. i think the most gratifying thing for me is giving these amazing young people a platform and voice that they wouldnt normally probably have.

Glooose2 karma

What has been the hardest part of this season on "World of Jenks"?

andrewjenks3 karma

trying to do the best job of capturing who these 3 people are. every monday at 11 hopefully you can watch and take something out of these 3...but they are so layered, and have so much depth, it's tough to squeeze it all in sometimes.

_CT_2 karma

Andrew, first let me start off by saying I love what you do and I support it.

I would like to know there were ever episodes that never aired last season, and if so, why?

andrewjenks3 karma

yes! i once went a Glee like summer camp and after 2 days i realized the kids were too young and it was just too much.

ilove2shop132 karma

Andrew, I am a huge fan and have fell in love with Chad! What made you want to film someone with autism and how has it changed your view of people with autism? Nicole

andrewjenks6 karma

1/88 young Americans have autism. And I think Chad proves one should NEVER be defined by autism. he's so funny, has such a big heart, and has a huge year while we filmed him (from first kiss to prom to looking for a job and trying to sleep outside of his parents bedroom)

osmosisjones2 karma

What would you say is the best way to go about getting involved with working for someone like you? I share your passion for storytelling and have found most outlets I attempt to involve myself tend to be very corporate and monetary based.

andrewjenks2 karma

i started by going out filming my own project, editing it...cost close to nothing...then you have the corporate people asking you to do things! i wouldn't rely on anyone else...deff try and ask for help and find good people to work with...but sometimes, especially these days, you gotta rock n roll on ur own.

WhatTheSchmuck2 karma

What would you say was your biggest struggle as a film maker (in the process of getting this show, etc.)?

andrewjenks5 karma

i usually follow people who are in very vunerable situations. i remember when i lived in the nursing home i was filming a woman literally dying and you don't know when you are crossing the line....its a very tricky balance

andrewjenks2 karma

i have heard the word "no" so many times in my life. you have to get used to rejection. you have to get used to people saying it wont work. otherwise you wont last.

tfofmat2 karma

Sup Jenks? Favorite person from season 1? Still keep in contact with any (other than the obvious exception of Chad)?

andrewjenks3 karma

i keep in contat with nearly everyone from S1. 1 or 2 i guess i havent talked to in a few months but everyone else yes. i always tell them that at any point they can always call me, even if they feel like i didnt give them justice on the show. we can always talk it through.

hockeyfrog2 karma

You seem like you have a job that blurs the line between doing work and doing what you love. What do you love to do outside of documenting lives?

andrewjenks3 karma

basketball. only thing that gets my mind off things.

soxfan381 karma

Andrew, was Bobby V difficult to work with? He's known to be a major control freak. In your time with him did you see him as self absorbed or having poor communication skills?

andrewjenks1 karma

he means very well. he is also a baseball GENIUS. i know people get annoyed because he is so smart he sometimes doesn't communicate the best way. but if you get to know him, it's hard not to love him. but yes, certainly not perfect.

ndirish60121 karma

How does it feel to be one of the creators of one of the biggest high school film festivals in the country?

andrewjenks5 karma

students really deserve the chance to show their films to the world. so go to www.aahsff.com for more info and send ur film!

andrewjenks3 karma

wwww.aahsff.com feels amazing!!

69ingAllDay1 karma

Do you think this season of World of Jenks is going to be better than the first season? It's gonna be tough to beat the first one

andrewjenks4 karma

2nd season actually kicks 1st seasons in the buttox...not because of the ppl but the format. its now a FULL HOUR LONG, 3 people that are the same 3 ppl in every episode...you can really follow their story over the course of a year

_Proto_1 karma

How has your life changed since the show began? Do you think the fame has effected you in anyway? Lastly, what is the biggest message you want people to take away from the show?

Love the show Jenks, keep it up!

andrewjenks2 karma

fame - if you wanna call it that :) - doesn't change you very much in the sense that i get calls all the time from my friends that i have followed. many of these friends are homeless, or putting their life on the line for different reasons, or have a disability...so it certailny doesnt get to my head in that way. i hope people take away that we can have more TV that shows the greatness in many people.

ahsylA1 karma

You sir, are such a great role model for so many people. You seem sincere and kind to everyone you meet and I really admire that about you! Are you surprised by the success your films/show/book has brought upon you?

andrewjenks2 karma

giving certain individuals a voice (kaylin with cancer or chad with autism) inspire me...actually they give me a voice. i guess i am suprised in that sense.

Cpace921 karma

What are your passions and future goals? I'm already looking forward to what else you have in store for the people who look up to you.

andrewjenks3 karma

i have a movie and 2 tv shows i want to do next - both scripted but both covering topics that dont get enough attention....and of course, entertaining!!!

wikifreaks1 karma

How does one become as chill as you are?

andrewjenks2 karma

dont take urself so seriously! thats what i try and do. even though the ppl i follow are going thru some serious stuff

BCantaloupe1 karma

After this season of World of Jenks, if you ever get the chance, do you think you would ever experience something like this again? I have to say I love the show so far it's something refreshing to watch on MTV. I'm going to have to look for season 1. Sorry I missed it.

andrewjenks2 karma

very nice of you. i would consider it bc you learn so much personally but more important, its amazing to get these voices heard on MTV.

Ihateschool561 karma

Who have you had the deepest connection with on your?

andrewjenks1 karma

ummm kaylin and i are really tight. but honestly , not just saying this , i have a very different connection with everyone. sort of like asking who do u connect most with out of ur siblings, they're all different

nakedbobcat1 karma

Hey love your show! Who is the most rewarding for you personally to spend time with?

andrewjenks9 karma

living with danielle, the young homeless woman, and going to sleep every night on the street made me re-think life.

manskies1 karma

Is there anyone that you didn't want to or wasn't able document on World of Jenks for any reason?

andrewjenks7 karma

kardashians. never. ever.

AGallagher4101 karma

What's your favorite movie of all time?

andrewjenks7 karma

I love Good Will Hunting. Although Ben Affleck then premiered his film at a film festival the SAME EXACT TIME as mine. So mixed feelings. I thought Django was sick.

sheilawesome1 karma

I love love LOVE your work Andrew, please keep going. Do you have any advice for any aspiring film makers like myself? Come to UC Berkeley to speak pleeease! Thanks for doing this AMA! :)

andrewjenks2 karma

advice to aspiring filmmakers: find a topic you really care about, find a camera (even if it's your iPhone, we have used that for the MTV show at times when our cameras were out), and just do it. i think ppl think you have to find that lucky break. cheesy but true: a lot of times you create your own luck.

sdubbs3331 karma

Are you a fan of baseball? If so who is your favorite team?

andrewjenks4 karma

fan of all sports but by far and away i love the NEW YORK KNICKS. they are my boys. i am doing a tv show with one of them. with baseball....i am a lifelong Yankess fan but b.c of A-Rod and other reasons i am having a mid-20's baseball life crisis

devinito070 karma

I love the show! And what are some of the things you'll be doing on World of Jenks this time around?

andrewjenks3 karma

a.) we have a ton of fun. it is always entertaining. b.) i lived with a fashion desighner who is the shittt. badass. also has TWO differenty types of cancer b.) the funniest man i know, Chad, who also has Autism. c.) An amazing dancer D-Real....who lives in Oakland and lost his best friend and brother TRYING TO SHOW THE BETTER PARTS OF OUR GENERATION, ya know?

SeeTheAcc0 karma

Hey, first of all happy belated birthday!

Also: Did you do anything special for your birthday now that you’re rich and famous?

Also: What should I get my girlfriend for her birthday? She’s also a March 5th baby, but we’re both on spring break at our own homes studying for LSAT (her) and MCAT (me). So I’ll give it to her Monday.

andrewjenks10 karma

i haven't i had a girlfriend in a long time so i really wish i had a better answer. i do know you should one thing that is a guarantee win: so like dinner, roses, can't go wrong. THEN talk to friends (who will then tell ur gf that you were asking, which will really help), ask them, and get something unique that they suggest.