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MSmithBubbles1030 karma

OK FUCK!!! We made it. PAt fucked up our account so we had to make a new one

Westlund679 karma

I would love to see Bubbles host a kitty version of the Puppy Bowl

MSmithBubbles865 karma

what the fuck is the Puppy Bowl?

[deleted]444 karma

Hi Boys!! Quick question (and fuck me if you've been asked this before)... Who has the hardest time getting in and out of character? And.. who tends to stay in character after the camera's off?

MSmithBubbles1086 karma

No one really has a hard time. Cyrus is ALWAYS IN character.

dyl3p0411 karma

Did you guys ever lose kittens on set?

MSmithBubbles936 karma

not to date. No kitties were harmed in the making of TPB's.

tourettes221410 karma

Can you expand on the whereabouts of Steve French?

MSmithBubbles942 karma

Last I heard he was up in the mountains fucking bangin' and eatin' squirrels

Gay4Moleman392 karma

Is Ricky ever going to get his grade 12?

MSmithBubbles811 karma

No. Grade 11 is more than enough.

AridDinner359 karma

I'd just like to say it's your fucking fault I swear so much, cunts.

MSmithBubbles299 karma

have you joined Swearnet yet??

realrobbwells176 karma

Fuck yeah!

speak27348 karma

I don't have a question, I just want you to tell me to fuck off.

MSmithBubbles547 karma


SixPathsofPein343 karma

Season 8?

MSmithBubbles450 karma

When!!?? :-)

karafrakinthrace288 karma

Have you guys tried to talk Michael Jackson and Cory Bowles into being in the new movie you're working on?! I fucking miss Cory and Trevor!

P.S. TPB is my all time favorite show. I saw you guys on you Drunk, High and Unemployed tour too, it was decent boys!

MSmithBubbles282 karma

Would love to work with those guys again. Thanks!!

JewyLewis221 karma

Boys, huge fan of the show. I fucking love your guys' work and watch TPB at least once a week.

What's the deal with TPB the movie 3? And did I hear something about new episodes?

MSmithBubbles554 karma

TPB3 starts filming in mid-March. New episodes are......[COMMENT CENSORED]

ElDougler207 karma

First off I just have to say Rob Wells, your malapropisms are genius.

I am a huge fan and watch TPB often so I have a couple questions guys:

1) John Paul, was it your idea to constantly be holding a drink?

2) Mike Smith, did you decide to be the voice for the character who is yelling/cursing in the background during noisy scenes?

3) Where do you all reside these days? Dartmouth? Halifax?

4) I'm from NFLD and would love to hear your best newfie joke, please?

5) Lastly.. and i'm sure many other people may want to know this one, can you please tell us why did Cory and Trevor leave the show?

P.S. Anvil Fucking Rules

MSmithBubbles210 karma

1) yes 2) yes 3) Dartmouth 4) I don't use the word 'Newfie' :-) 5) you'd have to ask Trevor

dunkadooballz199 karma

Does Robb trip and fall IRL as often or hilariously as Ricky does?

MSmithBubbles525 karma

Mike: YES. He's a clumsy fucking bear.

realrobbwells519 karma

I'm really fucking clumsy, so yes unfortunately.

QuietClam196 karma

Mike, how can you see when wearing those coke-bottle glasses? Seriously, the things you do for your art...

MSmithBubbles502 karma

They give you an incredible fucking headache. +19.75


One question. Where the fuck is my damn trainset?

Can I score some hash?

realrobbwells241 karma

Clattenburg has your fucking train set. Hash is pretty dry in Halifax right now, if you find any let us know!

And_So_It_Goes___188 karma

Your show didn't really take off in America until the later seasons of TPB. With mediums like Netflix that have given audiences instant access to your material, have you considered developing a show with a set up similar to House of Cards or the Upcoming season of Arrested Development.

MSmithBubbles294 karma


friendsfoundmyoldone150 karma

Which line from TPB is most frequently shouted at you?

realrobbwells479 karma

"Hey Ricky, smokes, let's go!"

warriorfriar149 karma

What's been your favorite "secondary" character to write/develop in Trailer Park Boys? (Jacob, Phil Collins, Barb, etc.).

Also, the guy who plays Jacob was in most of the series as a minor character, but got a much bigger role in season 7. At what point did you think "we have to give this guy more screen time"?

MSmithBubbles460 karma

Sam Losco is a fun character to deal with. Fucking caveman.

Taodeist148 karma

When the fuck are you going to do a crossover movie with the Reno 911 crew?

realrobbwells181 karma

That would be interesting, I wonder how the fuck that would go over?

kevvallan147 karma

Who actually drinks the most between you three?

MSmithBubbles209 karma

it's pretty even!

phifeiras136 karma

What's your favorite Rickyism?

Which scenes were the hardest to perform (ie. because you couldn't stop laughing)?

I've randomly started laughing hysterically at work just by remembering the scene from Conky's episode: "look, Bubbles had an appointment for his cats so we brought him down and then these 2 idiots showed up here drunk as fuck starting shit mumbling something about shit wolves, then they pissed themselves and passed out, they're fucked you know that"

realrobbwells508 karma

Fire retarded, Rocket appliances, worse case Ontario, and my new favourite, water under the fridge.

those_droids120 karma

Does Randy Bobandy really have that athletic build when the shirt comes off?

realrobbwells361 karma

I thinks maybe there's something wrong with your TV, lol.

TroubleGoat98 karma

Can we expect the return of Kenny Bilko and company in future episodes of Archer?

realrobbwells141 karma

Hope so, we had a great time doing that show.

moe239597 karma

What ever happened to the shit mobile?

MSmithBubbles224 karma

It's still in one piece but pretty fucking ratty

Ninja4796 karma

Thanks for doing another AMA! Your show is the best show on TV right now, and I could ask questions all day, but here are a few I think many people would ask.

  • What was your favorite episode to film?
  • About how long do you spend filming each episode?
  • Do you smoke actual dope on set?
  • How different are your personalities, from those of your characters?
  • Who is the manliest: one of you, or Nick Offerman?

Thank you for any answers you throw out!

MSmithBubbles156 karma

Closer To The Heart 3-5 days No. Too difficult. Not very different. Julian with his big muscles.

iluvemmy96 karma

knock knock you cocksuckers! ..how much, if any, of the alcohol that you drink on the show is real? thanks!

MSmithBubbles339 karma

I have to say none for legal reasons.

realrobbwells262 karma

We don't drink any real alcohol while we're filming unfortunately, but we party hard as soon as we're done. Friday nights usually turn into a 'Big Dirty' party.

Pibil95 karma

How did the concept of Conky come about? Is he really still in the marsh or in a shoebox somewhere for posterity's sake?

Also, would love it if you guys made it out to the southwest/west coast one day!

MSmithBubbles168 karma

Conky was something I came up with when I had to write a spec script for the netwrok to 'allow me on the writing team'. Both season 4 Conky and season 7 Conky are residing comfortably in our office.

whisp0875 karma

Is Pat Roach really a financial advisor? and does he do your taxes for cheeseburgers?

realrobbwells153 karma

He actually was until recently. I wish he'd do my fucking taxes for cheeseburgers so I didn't have to give my accountant so much money.

rdstrmfblynch7971 karma

Before the show, what did you guys do to make a living?

MSmithBubbles306 karma

I played in a band called Sandbox, Robb sold bath tubs and JP was a male prostitute.

1967davey68 karma

Which is each of your favourite "drunk Lahey" moments?

TPB was the funniest show to ever hit television thanks to you guys.

MSmithBubbles212 karma

Guzzling that pint walking backwards to the car in CTLD is an all time classic

BenTK67 karma

How many times have you guys told Randy to fuck off?

MSmithBubbles157 karma

Mike: You can't count that high!

cdc42067 karma

The last video AMA you did, everyone seemed really annoyed and stressed, like you just wanted to get it over with. John Paul especially. Was there a reason why, or was everyone just tired from filming?

Huge fan of the show! Can't wait to see what else you guys come out with.

MSmithBubbles141 karma

No they told us we had to answer like 100 questions in 4 minutes or some shit so we were trying to speed through them. It was actually pretty fun.

[deleted]65 karma

Did you guys have any idea TPB would turn into such a big thing in your lives?

realrobbwells154 karma

Definitely not, many thanks to our fans, it's because of them that it exploded into this shitstorm!

yndrome63 karma

Hey boys! Just what the fuck is swearnet!?

MSmithBubbles107 karma

SWEARNET is an internet-based network we are starting because we are tired of getting fucked over by networks telling us what we can and can't say. Everything we do from this point on will go through the conduit of Swearnet. BUT we also shot a movie called SWEARNET which tells the whole story of how the network begins, that will be coming out everywhere in August. Get the fuck signed up at www.swearnet.com

realrobbwells45 karma

It's a feature film due out in AUG, and also a website that we're launching. We are actually doing a live to the internet pay per view event March 9th at 8 pm EST to help us shoot more content for swearnet.com

[deleted]60 karma


realrobbwells101 karma

We started just shooting sketches and short films for The Atlantic Film Festival.

I think we're coming back to Boston in November so bring it the fuck on!

robbinsalex55 karma

Madonna, Jennifer Anniston, Nelly Furtado, Fuck one. Marry one. Kill one. Go

realrobbwells212 karma

we'd love to fuck them all!

karafrakinthrace55 karma

One time I ate at Big Bubba Buck's Belly Bustin BBQ Bliss and someone had signed the "famous visitors board" as Julian from the Trailer Park Boys, have you guys ever actually eaten at Big Bubba Bucks?? (It's in Kentucky). I replied in a comment but I'll put it here too: http://imgur.com/DF2FV

Thank You!

MSmithBubbles87 karma

take a picture of it and I can tell you in 2 seconds

sammycats48 karma

Boys, Love your show! Have you ever played the TPB's drinking game while watching your own show? If so what are your thoughts on it?

realrobbwells70 karma

We haven't, heard it's pretty fucking intense though. Some fans have told us it made some of them sick, awesome!

MSmithBubbles68 karma

Never played it or really watched the show that much. :-)

idbonescully47 karma

How many cheeseburgers can Randy eat in one sitting? I think I could beat him.

realrobbwells153 karma

I've seen that fucker put away 6, for real! Pretty fucked.

AnalogParalysis44 karma


MSmithBubbles104 karma

He rubs expensive Moroccan hair oil into it.

mike10dude41 karma

is it true that MTV offered to do a american version of trailer park boys but you turned them down because of the censorship issues

MSmithBubbles59 karma

I'm not sure. It's possible.

justaskyourselfj40 karma

I only have one question for beautiful bastards. Is the clearing stick still alive and well or was it substituted by any old hockey stick you had?

realrobbwells62 karma

Any old shitty hockey stick or tree branch, what ever we had close by.

MSmithBubbles60 karma

not sure where the original clearing stick made it to!

torosFCP34 karma

Ricky; pick 1= jalapeƱo chips or pepperoni ??

realrobbwells95 karma

Fucking tough call... Honey Garlic Brother's Pepperoni, Halifax's best!

sirragealot12227 karma

Jp what's always in that glass of yours?

Rob who trims your sideburns

Mike how many kitties do you actually own

Thanks boys

realrobbwells52 karma

JP switches it up, Pepsi, Coke, Dr.Pepper, Root Beer.

Our hair person used to trim the burns, now I just do it myself.

Mike has only cat, Vince the Pince.

thashiznit211223 karma

are you guys friends with alex lifeson?

realrobbwells60 karma

It's fucked to even say it, but yes, we have all become good friends, Alex is one of the greatest humans on this earth.

innoko23 karma

Is Conky really dead?!

realrobbwells73 karma

You never know with that little bastard...

senile-animal19 karma

Did Patrick Swayze ever find out about the last season? And if so, did he think it was funny or was he a prick about it. Also did he care that Julian was obsessed with him in dirty dancing?

realrobbwells24 karma

He was definitely made aware of it, whether or not he watched it, not sure. We hope he laughed if he did, especially about Julian's obsession with him.

WorldTravelBucket15 karma

How many of the Rickyisms are written into the script, and how many are made up on the spot?

realrobbwells39 karma

It's a mixture of both. A lot of the great ones actually came from my old room mate Jonny. When he gets drunk, the funniest shit in the world comes out of his mouth.